Waka Flocka Flame Disses Jeezy At Hot 97's Summer Jam

The Brick Squad chief lashes out at Jizzle during his performance.

During his performance at Hot 97’s Summer Jam this past weekend, Waka Flocka Flame fired a not-so-subtle shot at Jeezy. Before launching into his smash “Hard in the Paint,” the Atlanta, Georgia rapper spoke out against the Trap Star.

“These niggas talkin ‘bout ‘The Real Is Back,’ nigga. If it ain’t Brick Squad it ain’t real!” he shouted.

Waka was referring to Jeezy's new DJ Drama-hosted mixtape The Real is Back , released on May 28th. He later denied that he was dissing any rappers, tweeting, "Yo 4 da record I anit taking no shots at no 1 kill that #sqaud."

Watch footage of his performance below where he takes a jab at Jeezy.

Yo 4 da record I anit taking no shots at no 1 kill that #sqaudless than a minute ago via TweetCaster Favorite Retweet Reply

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  • Anonymous

    i feel bad for jeezy. gucci, waka, ross all stole his flow and style and blew up off of it. wasn't nobody rapping like this till that trap or die mixtape came out

  • Kevin

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  • Andrew Sass

    LOL if it ain't brick squad it ain't real. FUCK you Flocka sucks. If I was him I would hang myself with razor wire.

  • jason, stop flaming

    jason, stop flaming on every video dick ridin cheesy pop songs like how to love. stop dissing nas and eminem. get your head outta your ass, you 13 year old fag!

  • Millie Jc

    wacka flocka is a slobby ass nigg.

  • antswagglive

    i been lookin through comments and allot of u niggaz dont kno what u are talking about .... jeezy is like 2pac compared to waka and gucci they both cant rap and jeezy's flow is hard he's a str8 lyricist his wordplay is rediculous .... waka just mad that jeezy's mixtape is better than his album .... ross is a fraud and i think sumbody is writing his shit .... basically these niggaz hating on jeezy because of his sucess in the rap game ..... jeezy has 3 platinum plaques every album he come out with is better than the last shit even trap or die 2 is better than any gucci album and waka album and any ross album .... ross doesnt have a platinum plaque and gucci doesnt either ...... jeezy has more fans than all of them ... they r str8 haters

    • Breal456

      I hear where u coming from but rick ross did go platinum off his last album.. Jeezy but his music aint got nuthin to do wit why he said that.. jeezy dont keep it real ask the real cte about it..

  • Quuer Rap

    Top 5 Gay Ass Rappers 1.Drake 2.Waka 3.Lil B 4.Gucci 5.Drake - he gets on 2x's because of supreme gayness.

  • Anonymous

    why cant mother fuckers get it through their head...WAKA CANT FUCKING RAP! hes screaming into a mic and repeating a bunch of shit! Hes a fucking retard.... if you listen to waka flocka then you might as well be addicted to heroin....and dont give me that "hes real, he puts on a good show" cuz ive heard all that shit. he fucking sucks. him gucci and soulgia. if you like them fuck you, your killing rap music for the rest of us real people.....bitches

    • Anonymous

      hahaha i dig it. fact of the matter is drake has completely logical songs and wordplay. hes one of the only dudes bringing it today thats all im saying. Its got soul unlike waka and those faggots.

    • Anonymous

      Real rapper...drake? gtfohwtbs son

    • WTF?

      "real rappers like drake" You had a point then that just stopped it

    • Anonymous

      real rap is anything with soul dude. waka jus says elementary shit. He is jus screaming on the fuckin mic and has someone do a catchy hook so people listen to it. real rappers like drake, kanye, wayne, royce, common, talib, and anyone that has logical thought and wordplay is considered real rap brotha

    • Anonymous

      couldn't agree with you more

    • Ikenna Berkley Jones

      Wts ur definition of this so called REAL artist or music?????

  • Anonymous

    Why havnt you guys reported on the Eminem and Royce diss of Waka and Gucci? Its way more obvious

    • Osiel Salas

      You fucking serious??? Drake a real rapper?? He's a fucking r&b singer that can spit a few mediocre verses.

  • Anonymous

    Everybody knows Gucci singed this lame because his mom was the manager. smh She is the only one who wears the pants in that family..

  • cash king


  • rap

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  • uncle c

    thats a bitch move right there



  • Bigga

    fuck waka he's a pussy he knows jeezy would MURDER HIM!!

  • tbkgsx1

    ha! i rember stay strapped lol jeezy killed gucci all gucci comeback jabs were week real talk n waka has no lyrics at all all he does is yell bricksquad all the time n wakakka haha gay ass shit

    • Anonymous

      so is yours... it's "WEAK", not "week".

    • Anonymous

      your spelling's WEEK too hahaa

    • dmy

      What's up jeezy and what's up ke-ke then weak ass niggaz couldn't hurt my pinky trying to kill a kid nigga what you thinking stop Gucci breathing you must be dreaming somebody pinch me cause um not sleeping black man found slain and um not weeping no surrender fuck retreating spy's in the operator I smell treason I never killed the man cause I had no reason dope game hard and you still hadn't meeching I never killed the man cause I had no reason The dope game hard and you still lil'jeezy pussy. Gucci killed jeezy several times and wasnt scared to say his name etheir unlike jeezy with his sneek disses..and what happend to jeezy man gettin killed by gucci and no retailiation....wait jeezy did drop 24/23 6 years lata lol

  • Anonymous

    really? waka flocka lame talking down on jeezy? cmon son...

  • mayne




  • hipps1064

    The SOUL of Hip Hop is gone. As rydersix10 says. Make a good beat to bob your head too, don't say shit worth mentioning, and make tons of money. No more will true MC's get what they deserve. Too bad for the Big Krit's, Bobby Creekwater's, and Cyhi Da Prince. Message to all up and coming artists, get tight beats and mumble or scream on the mic. You will make it.

  • CLM83

    "Kobe Vs. LeBron" Fuck outta here with that shit.

  • Jose Vasquez

    That sounded like a diss to me. Somebody take him out, please!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • rydersix10

    I bump Wacka Flocka's music in my car. Fact is you don't have to be super lyrically talented to make a hit record anymore. The reason why, is because the producers and the technology of this era is so good that all it takes really is a hot ass beat..and your gonna wanna blast the shit in your car. Regardless of whatever the rapper is saying. If the beats were as hot as they are now in the 90s then you wouldv'e seen the same shit happen. Wack artist wouldve been getting hot just off of a good beat that they purchased. Wacka,ross,lil wayne, and jeezy are shining now. has anyone seen Nas or Jay Z Lately???. as good as they are their irrelevant in todays era of hip hop. thats just how it is now. If nas and jay got on some hot ass beats like wacka and ross get on then they would still be at the top. simple as that

    • hellrazor

      you need your fuckin hands cut off for writing such BULLSHIT like that.

    • Duke

      fact is in the 80s and 90s beats were too good for these retards to jump on. its not a "hot" beat now its a "hard" beat as in drums and bass. as long as you cant hear the words or they are repeated 100 times so its catchy then it's a hit.

    • hanaswerrme

      yeah u are right sometimes i wanna bump jeezy,wacka,plies,gucci when im in that mode but sometimes im feenin for real rap krit,cole,nas it's neva about being one dimensional

    • Yup

      "Do you really listen to music or do you just skim through it?" No...let me take it BACK!!! "See that's what the fuck is wrong with [ya'll]. You like to listen to [Hip Hop] but you can't HEAR it!!" Fuck a Wacka!! And while I'm at it...Fuck a Jeezy too. Now THAT'S real!

    • Alex Brewer

      Fuck you

  • hipps1064

    Now I am asking.

  • hipps1064

    Please give a better example.

  • hipps1064

    Kobe vs Lebron.... really. I'm just sittin' hear chillin' with this rolly on my arm etc..... Normal Jeezy garbage. One of the best songs he ever did was Trap Niggaz. Storytelling people can follow. None of that iced out shit.

  • Phillip Barnett

    ok young cat u asking 4 it remeber the song kobe vs lebron u want your career to end

  • Hipps1064

    I can't believe I am writing on hear, but seeing some of the comments I have to chime in. First of all every rapper you guys are talking about have no lyrical skill. Jeezy shines on very few occasions, Gucci is lame as fuck, Ross has a twenty word vocabulary, and save the best for last Waka takes out all they're trash. This shouldn't even been given the time to discuss. What happened to good production, strong lyrics, and creativity? Oh wait a minute, I know.....strong beats, shitty lyrics, and stupid people who don't know better. Ya'll are killing Hip Hop. What you wanna be when you grow up? You wanna be thugs? You wanna be prankstas? You wanna sell drugs? You wanna be gangstas? That's what silly boys are made of.

  • WigZ

    i think jeezy prolly real...idk...idk da nigga...but i do prefer waka's music over jeezy...even though waka say he aint got lyrics....but then again im from the "Wu" era.

    • Andrew Sass

      @ Angel Xavier LOL more Lyrical then the Wu. WOW you must be a Soulja Boy fan to then.

    • Big Dynasty

      You are young bird anyway. What the fuck you know about real rap music. Bitch was just born in 1992

    • Big Dynasty

      @ AngelXavier De PeAta, Yo that is the dumbest comment I heard. Waka Flocka more lyrical then Wu Tang! Nigga shoot yourself and turn in your Ghetto Pass!!! You must be crazy for real!

    • Angel Xavier De Peña

      Waks Flocka's more lyrical than everyone of those old niggas in Wu-Tang though

    • Cage

      ^^ Exactly... If you were from the wu era this shit would get no play.. waka doesnt just say he don't have lyrics, he proves it time and time again. god dam that nigga is trash...

    • jeezy

      nigga if u from the wu era you should know better

  • Anonymous

    Wacka... Who shot ya????? HAHAHA

  • ....come on

    Really come on dude

  • rydersix10

    this bitch just wanted a summer jam moment. something that was gonna get us fans talking about him at summer jam like people talk about jay z. flocka knew what he was doing. didn't work dude. try getting a tad bit more lyrical and then maybe you can get a summer jam greatest moment.

  • war22

    Wacka vs Young Jeezy ?? ... lmao Benzino is one of the wackest rappers out there but compared to them 2 retards he's a GOD...

  • ShowTime NY

    Journalism. How quickly the media forgets about their role in 2Pac and Biggies Death.. The whole East coast vs West coast Beef.. First of all" The Real is Back" Is more associated with Jay-Z.. The Real is Back/ The truth is Back.. something Since he took that Phrase and Incorporated it for a period in his music. Like he did Hollah Back, Yah Heard Me etc. And Since Jeezy is a Fan thats where he probably got the title. And how many people besides Jeezy & DJ Drama fans are even aware that He named his mixtape that. Furthermore, Almost every rapper in the game have said the Real is Back..And after viewing the clip it just seemed like a General Statement directed at everybody but to nobody in particular. Cmon man you reaching.

    • s

      shut the fuck up you know damn well its a shot a jeezy you so fucking stupid it aint even funny calculator azz nikka

  • Bryan Moore

    Not that I like Jeezy or anything, but who the fuck is Waka to diss anyone, he's trash, can't write lyrics worth shit.

  • Rainx

    The people claiming Jeezy's a fraud are hilarious. Then who's realer? Wacka? Ross? Gucci? Lmao...please. Dude has actually done it..he's been there. I mean the guy's part of one of the most notorious organizations in the country, and knows 1st hand about "white". Unlike rappers who just claim to be blood or crip to look tough. And I dont even support this kind of thing really, but Jeezy's a real dude The guy's put out 3 solid albums. How has he fell off? Because his album gets pushed back? Because if that's the case Wayne stays getting his albums pushed back, and he hasn't made a great album since Carter 2 Fell off? Hilarious...just admit you're a Jeezy hater. None of Jeezy's "enemies" have had as much success as Jeezy. Ross just now got hot and that's only because of hard BMF style beats. Otherwise no one would care

    • bruh yea

      jeezy is real but he aint all that shit he claim yeah he sold but he was bmf's artist so he hung out with them nikkaz and held some shit on the side but at the end of the day he was only the artist who big meech pushed so hard to get signed by puffy in that group(bad boy was funded by bmf from the early go)and when meech and the whole bmf went down jeezy moved away from them like he never knew them so he aint all that real in fact all these rappers is actors don't get it twisted real guys get killed or end up in jail doing double digits.be'lee dat 100

    • Coolin

      Gucci is realer, unless of course you are a hater. Bloodraw, Jeezy's own boy said he was a chump and never did anything other than ride the coat tails of BMF as an artist. Now he tries to ride Jay Z's coat tail.

  • Anonymous

    I wonder why this already has more comments than the articles about the real, underrated rappers where some of them couldn't create 28 respones in a week. GTFOH I bet 90% who are commenting under this article are some closet Waka Flocka Fame fans themselves and diss him undercover to avoid any insults. Otherwise you motherfuckers should explain why a propably made up gossip tmz shit news receives more attention than some real ass hip hop? And then you bitches got the nerve to complain under the article, talking about how shitty and garbage these cats but all of you refuse to support underground cats who are working their ass off. And, big suprise, look at the sales. Seems like mainstream fans, who are dissing all the time, saying they don't know the value of real music, ACTUALLY buy records from already rich people, while you fuckers download CD's from rappers who need the money to make sure they can do more music. The mainstream fans aren't complaining about other artists, you pathetic 'fans' are the reason hip hop is on an all time low and quality artists struggle to sell a few records.

  • Rick Ross the Bawse

    Niggas admit it, Jeezy been finished since Gucci came up, he ain't done shit, then he took shots at Rozay and got his career ended. You know its pathetic when fucken Waka be dissin you. Jeezy shoulda stayed in your lane nigga your career is over. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • G

      @faggot bawse I dont care much for officer Ricky but you sound like one them niggas he talkin bout. maybe go learn some english.


      @ rick ross the bawse the only nigga livin in they momma basment is u nigga bet u that same superguccirap retard you got no life just posting on this bitch 24/7 bet you never seen pussy if it depended on ya life hoe azz nikka now go jack off on officer rickys poster

    • Anonymous

      lol @ rick ross's hunger

    • Anonymous

      You right, people are just mad that this man has worked in a regular job, trying to feed his family and then he became rich as fuck and one of the most successful rappers out there. See why they always talk about his past? They can't hate his hunger for success. Jealous people who probably aren't able to make a living for themselves.

    • Rick Ross the Bawse

      Nah nigga you got it wrong. Gucci sucks ass and Lil B is a bitch made faggot. Rozay got the game on lock and has hot songs. Unlike most niggas, I don't give a shit what the nigga was doin before, he was workin to feed his family CO or not, dont matter to me. Too many yall niggas and internet wankstas be talkin shit but the same niggas knockin Ross for havin a job are the same ones at home livin in dey mom's basement. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      I bet you, SuperGucciRap and the non-existing Lil B groupie are all the same person.

  • Anonymous

    never thought i'd see the day where jeezy actually looks like a cold blooded lyricist. but in comparison to wacka flocka flame, thats exactly what he is. jeezy is like rakim the god compared to that gutteral dirt bag nigga. if you own the flockaveli album you have a small brain and a bleak future. bow bow bow bow hard in the paint and you wonder why certain people look at hip hop like its a fucking joke. these crack babies falling for the same dumb niggas on the same lex luger beats over and over again. jeezy catalog is bulletproof, boy delivers cold albums time after time. flocka only popping cuz kids are brainless.

  • blaw

    waka flocka's music is so bad. honestly he and a bunch of other fake ass rappers are what's wrong with hip hop today

  • Anonymous

    ...umm both these niggas suck anyway

  • oNtHeReAl

    This keenan-n-kel looking fatboy knows whats good for him with that tweet. Who is gonna go at Young Jeezy... check his track record, and im not talking about music career. On another note, i hope TM103 follows TM101 (Certified classic) and isnt flooded with those lex luger beats



  • Coolin

    Seriously though, Gucci and Brick Squad/Waka can say whatever they want about CTE and Jeezy. All this talk about Jeezy and Slick being badass is unfounded talk. The last time Jeezy tried Gucci his boy got killed. Jeezy's own boy has dissed him saying he is phony. Am I making any of this up?

    • Anonymous

      You are not making anything up Jeezy is a fucking fraud. I have always said Gucci is more real than Jeezy but Gucci's music is trash!!

  • Anonymous

    Blatantly dissed jeezy and/or CTE cmon man u shouted out my nigga mixtape title like be forreal

  • gwalk

    waka just jealous this tape is better than any brick squad tape.

  • Duke

    i bet waka is terrible at bball. probably never played. he's too fuckin fat.

  • Miguel Ortiz

    they both suck anyway who cares?

  • Benny Dub

    Oh damn! How did I wander into the pop section of the site?? Anyway... This is right up there with BDP and Juice Crew...or Ice Cube and Common...or Jay-Z and Nas... These dudes are probably frenemies...crack heads posing like crack dealers, lying about how much crack they sell...now THAT'S hip hop!! GTFOH!!!!

  • Guest

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I8r8377zGew&feature=related We Killin It - Barton Block ********* WEST COAST STAND UP ! ********** "like" us @ www.facebook.com/bartonblock


    Man I fuck wt CTE hard and I fuck wit Freddie Gibbs cuz Im from the Mid West Chi Town all day and even I can chew the whole Brick Squad Myself and thats no bullshit.

  • Doug Nichols

    This reminds me of a stupid kid calling another stupid kid stupid.

  • kinghueber

    jeezy and gibbs would chew waka and gucci up instantly, prolly not even a real diss tho, waka should be smarter than that

    • Cold Kickin Ass

      LOL at nibs' comment...

    • nibs

      yeah thats true with a name like waka flocka he probably is wise and has a keen foresight you ignorant fuck. did you even consider that sentence before you clicked "post"


    man sit yo dumb ass down

  • Hannya

    Unless Jeezy responds then its not a diss.

  • Anonymous

    I dont even think that he meant it to be a diss, it barley is one as it is. He was just being silly waka like usual HipHop DX always titling there news wrong to start beef smh

    • Anonymous

      cmon son why would he say the real is back , why ? just when jeezy dropped it , fuck waka , his low iq ass should fucking be banned from rapping

    • hiphopdx is a joke

      yea hiphopdx just makes up shit to get attention. they say he dissed jeezy but in the same article waka says it wasn't a diss. DX makes up headlines just to get views. fuckin pathetic

  • Micah

    this is not a good move but that seems to be what flocka tends to do all the time

  • hip hop

    i wonder if people will stop bitching about rock the bells after watching this garbage

  • Zodiiak

    this dude Waka Caka Lame cracks me up hes sooo garbage hands down one of the worst to ever get on the mic and hes always tryin to get at somebody kill urself son brick squad is garbage compared to CTE jeezy slick pulla would kill the whole bricksquad and them niggas just signed Freddie Gibbs hang it up trickSquad

  • kennyken

    oh shit, trap music hit's the stage...

  • Anonymous

    brick squad? like seriously? whos in brick squad? gucci locked up most year, every year, that frenchie dude with the dreads? haha. nigga please

    • Tracka

      This is what Hip Hop is all about... This started way be in the day. Before there was a DJ named Kay Slay. Before LL rocked the bells but remember Pac and Biggie came before Jay. It ain't a battle if you don't have nothing to say. Now will all the real MC's come back out and play!

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