The Beatnuts & Tha Alkaholiks Working On Collaborative EP "Liknuts”

The two groups are joining forces for an EP set to drop before Beatnuts release their upcoming album "Planet of the Crates."

The Beatnuts and Tha Alkaholiks have announced their upcoming collaborative EP titled Liknuts. Before they release their upcoming album Planet of the Crates, Beatnuts members Psycho Les and JuJu revealed that their joint EP will hit stores. 

“We got an EP coming with Alkoholiks called Liknuts, so look out for that. That’s gonna be before The Planet,” Les told Splash! Mag.

JuJu added that their album Planet of the Crates will be finished in the next few months. “Next month or two after we finish this tour, we’re going to go back home and finish it up,” he said. “We already got a couple of joints that’s done already. We’re going to do like two or three joints tonight.” 

HipHopDx will keep you updated.

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  • Bowski

    I was wondering what these dudes were up to, glad to see they're still in the game. A Liks & Beatnuts combo is gonna be sick. I noticed Juju only mentioned Tash in the interview, I hope this EP will involve the whole Liks crew.

  • DMV Dave

    Could be classic if the 'nuts got those "Watch out now" beats & Tash gets back to the punchlines ... & a Madlib beat or two wouldn't hurteither!

  • Anonymous

    juju is the most underrated rap nigga ever. drops the fattest beats and he merks em flawlessly. fucking incredible spitter/producer. never made no wack shit, and carried psycho les who been wack on the mic since their 2nd album. i wanna see a juju solo album, thats a real live nigga. beatnuts got so many classic beats, the lack of respect sickens me. real legends in the game, psycho les gets props for being a real nigga and a dope producer.

    • Fe

      Don't sleep on psycho yo.. dude's the funniest most entertaining mind in rap... maybe next to odb.. but cheuh.. psycho .. (sandwiches..!!?!?.. cumon duude..) (add mf anywhere you'd like in above statement)


      Yeah, thought I was the only one who said Ju Ju was pretty nice. His style is blunt and to the point.

  • NOK

    This is great news! Wasn't the Liks and DPG suppose to make a collaborative effort back in the day, but never happened?

  • saint

    I ALWAYS SAID THIS SHOULD HAPPEN. and now it's true. 15 years late, but it's happening.

  • Hannya

    Yeah i guess Nutlicks woulda been worse....

  • Anonymous

    man this shit would have been fire 10-12 years ago... seems like all the old dudes trying to revive their careers by making a pt 2 of a successful album or clicking up with another old group (i.e. wu-block, etc) but the name is GREAT - its worth working together and making an album just to have that name my nigg

  • I'm At Work And Bored

    ahahahahaha, Liknuts. That is awesome

  • son of a sax

    Its about time!!!

  • kennyken

    2 favorites, this is gonna be interesting.

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