G-Dep Explains Why He Turned Himself In For Murder After 17 Years

The incarcerated rapper also speaks on his substance abuse problems.

Former Bad Boy rapper G-Dep is currently facing life in prison if found guilty for a murder he committed in 1993. Speaking with XXL, he explained why he turned himself over to authorities after years keeping silent.

“It was an ongoing thing. It wasn’t one of those things where I said, Okay, I’m going to just do it. I was thinking about it for a while,” he said. “That day, I did an interview for this public-access show. Right after that, I decided to just go ahead to the precinct. I remember, in the precinct, when everything transpired, [the police officer] gave me a phone to call my daughter’s mother. I was like, ‘Yeah, I’m going to have to go down for this, go through the system and all of that.’ So that was the first taste of just realizing that it’s a wrap.”

He felt that his crime was always haunting him and that he couldn’t continue with his life without admitting his wrongdoing. “I felt like I was going to go through the same thing again—being happy, enjoying food and family—and I still didn’t handle what I thought I needed to. The reason why I probably did that at that time is I wanted…I couldn’t really continue to move on. I couldn’t move on and keep trying to satisfy myself if I didn’t deal with that.”

G-Dep also reflected on his substance abuse problems. “I remember, one day specifically, I was in the house and just looked at my surroundings and everything, and it just felt like I was a whole other person. I think that was probably the worst I got, just letting it all go,” he continued. “I think I really didn’t pay attention to the profession I was in. I kind of always was trying to medicate myself, trying to feel nothing. I knew I had a job to do, and once.”

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  • Anonymous

    fuckin nigger needs to quit lyin; homie you did it cause your broke ass was fucking cold outside and in prison you get 3 meals a day you fuckin broke ass lyin PIECE OF SHIT

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  • Chairman Broward

    This nigga must be out his motherfuckin' mind. There's literally a million other ways to make amends. I swear, man... negroes never cease to amaze me! That said... good luck, Dep. Special Delivery was hot back in '01.

  • Anonymous

    I bet all the dummies are thinking he's stupid for having a conscience, but that's the sign of a person who wants to grow, so I got mad respect for G-Dep (for turning himself in...)...basically wanting to redeem himself. On the other hand, fuck the police and the system, cuz I can be remorseful in other ways. Either way the person he killed is gone, so at this point a change is necessary in his life, but I can't go to prison. It does not not help you grieve, nor can you help anyone else for that matter. To the government, it's a cage for the "animal",not a place that redeems your soul. Good luck G-Dep, but I wouldn't turn myself in for shit.

    • Ket mamau

      Any nigga who turns himself in to do life is an idiot. And anybody who thinks thaat supid shit is noble is a fucking idiot, too. Who the fuck is gonna feed this nigga's fam while he's upstate? God? You motherfuckers are fucking retarded! 10 years from now when his daughter's 16, and gettin' trains run on her by the whole damn project, this nigga gon' be in Clinton with a clear conscience. Fucking dumb ass niggas, man. Perennial fucking losers...

  • Anonymous

    I can't speak on his choice.. but money runs the world, i hope he gets a light setence.. anyways just yesterday i read the news about this dude from florida, he had over 50 driving violations (even hiting a cop!). he killed 2 people via a hit and run. after he agreed to pay the families 150K each, he didn't go to prison or shit.. what kind of fucked up shit is that? celebs and rich get free passes all the time. someone like puffy killed someone 17 years ago.. just the man and keep it moving. ...smh.

  • A True Example

    G Dep is a real nigga for doing what he did. I mean it was wrong to murder in the first place but showing remorse is not a sign of weakness, but a sign of wisdom. He felt guilty because he knows the value of a human life. More criminals should follow his example. However the fact that he has a daughter and a woman who shares a bond with him (nice way of saying baby mama) makes me wonder why he didn't consider their feelings first? I mean it's a little selfish to deprive a little girl of her father just so you can sleep at night. I hope for her sake the judge lets him off with a light sentence, maybe a 3-5 with a lifetime of probation?

  • trooth

    i respect him for what he did...if thats what he wants then so be it.. but how is spending the rest of ur life in prison gonna make u feel better about it?? i think he'll regret this.. but i dunno..i've never killed anyone.

  • Big Log

    Man i read some of these post and was like this is crazy, only G-Dep got to live with G-Dep man, he did the right thing now he can let got of all the guilty and pain go, that a real man for you man, i respect that G-Dep find that peace that wasnt there before, now that he let that go.

  • Anonymous

    rrespect. this dude had the chance to blow up, sad his career got fucked up by this shit

  • fabo45

    Because he is a Homless Washed up rapper who only had one song

  • Christopher English

    Dumb asses watch movies and listen to music and think that it's easy to kill someone. Yea it easy to pull the trigger... but there will always be repercussions.. even if you don't get caught. This man has a "soul" and it was weighing heavy on it. You might not have done it (shit most dudes who pull triggers in offensive manners on the streets are cowards anyway) but don't knock this man for doing what he think has to make things correct. Only god can judge him...

  • Sensaye252

    Wow. Probably the realest thing a rapper has ever done. Anyone who calls him stupid for doing this doesn't understand the feeling of carrying a burden. In a sense, going to prison is the only thing that could free him. There's a lot of cowards that have serious sins on their soul, that are just laughing it up and whistling past the graveyard. But life has it's ways of bringing you to justice one way or another. Peace and blessings to that Brother. I hope he finds peace in his heart, and that the family of the victim can sleep a little bit better at night. One.

  • JoeM

    This dumb racial slur... You deserve this shit.

  • Anonymous

    Dep is doing this only for him self to get a piece of mind. what about the victim and the family 's victim i dont hear Dep speaking on that.....

    • truth

      I dont see how life in prison is gona help u get a peace of mind...u got a daughter to feed n u decide all dis stuff jst 4 peace...think abt your family G-dep and the victim's family not jst u...u thot it was easy to be a gangsta ???? REALY?????

    • Anonymous

      @ Anonymous: i dont fuck with ross or wayne. so why you bring that shit up. makes no sense to me

    • Anonymous

      If he didnt give a shit about the victim/family he never wouldve turned himself in. Yall need to stop watching rick ross/lil wayne videos and step back into reality.

    • Rasta Bhymes

      Yeah, but getting a piece of mind in this case has everything to do with him regretting what he did and making up for it the best he can. I suspect he feels horrible guilt and no doubt feels for the relatives of the victim, but isn't speaking on that, at least publicly, out of respect for the family.

    • TQZ

      Yeah, but getting a piece of mind in this case has everything to do with him regretting what he did and making up for it the best he can. I suspect he feels horrible guilt and no doubt feels for the relatives of the victim, but isn't speaking on that (at least publicly) out of respect for the family.

  • Up North

    Hard to have an opinion on this one. Mainly cause I know for a fact I wouldn't confess to something that may cost me the rest of my life. Shit, I still haven't told moms about little simple shit I did when I was little. I guess I'll say I hope he's doing it for the right reasons, whatever those may be.

  • Anonymous

    Dont know how anybody could hate on what he did. He owned up to his mistakes and accepted his punishment like a man.

  • damn

    uh, damn. Kwestro . com

    • Youmuthafuckasispussy

      You niggas sound like bitches. Drop you soft ass faggots in Marianao, Port au Prince, or Tegucigalpa somewhere, and you will get your eyes plucked out, and skullfucked. Ain't shit sweet in this world. The fuck outta here with all that kumbaya shit.

    • herewegoyo

      No, committing murder is "dumb". To realize it was wrong and have the balls to man up is called humility. Something too many young cats sorely lack.

    • Douches must die

      The fuck he is, you're the moron here. This separates the lil boys from MEN. Dude took responsibility for his past mistakes on his own, and I for one respect him like hell for it. Hope he gets a decent sentence and is able to sit it and continue and enjoy the life after that, without this burden.

  • thomas mitchell

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