DJ Premier Hopes To Reunite With Chubb Rock, Confirms Slaughterhouse Work

Premo says he's "definitely" on Slaughterhouse's major label debut, and lists a former Crooklyn Dodger as a hopeful collaborator in near future.

Legendary Hip Hop producer DJ Premier famously worked with emcee Chubb Rock (along with Jeru The Damaja and O.C.) on 1995's "Return of the Crooklyn Dodgers" from the Clockers soundtrack. In a new interview with England's DJ 279, reposted at the, Premo says he hopes to work with Chubb again.

In recent years, Chubb Rock, who mentored The Lady of Rage in the early '90s, has been working with Maryland emcee Wordsmith. The pair released Bridging The Gap in 2009.

Having just produced "Second Place" for Slaughterhouse member Royce Da 5'9 from his Success Is Certain album, Premier told DJ 279 "Definitely," when asked if he would be working on Slaughterhouse's Shady Records debut. For the quartet's 2009 album on E1 Entertainment, Premier's HeadQuarterz studios in Midtown Manhattan was where much of the project was recorded.

Listen to the 23-minute interview here.


  • nibs

    Premier is probably the best producer of all time in my opinion, and should be in everyone's top 5. But damn he sounds like such an asshole egomaniac every time he talks

    • Anonymous

      Not everytime, but it's shines through sometimes. Still, as said, he has a status that justfies it, cosidering how much he's done for hip hop. It's a natural thing that comes with success.

    • Eddy.

      He certainly has some weird opinions and comes across as a bit of a cock but his production clears all that from my mind (And so it should!).

    • ED Amsterdam

      Trust me, Premier is far from arrogant... He IS REAL HIP HOP without the BS!

    • Anonymous

      Most of the time he's down to earth, but sometimes I get the impression that he feels his work and place in the history of hip-hop is underappreciated.

    • Ama Hussla

      wow really that's how you feel?? to me premo is one of the most humble dude's in the game.. i've never seen/heard an interview with him being arrogant lookin forward to all these releases

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