Lil Wayne Discusses MTV2 Unplugged Performance, Covering 2Pac

With his MTV special airing this Sunday, Weezy sheds a little light on his performance.

Lil Wayne is currently gearing up for the debut of his “MTV2 Presents: Lil Wayne Unplugged” performance, but before the special airs, he’s addressing his detractors. Weezy recently spoke with MTV about those who might change their opinion of him once they see him in action.

“I’d say thank you very much and please tune into my ‘Unplugged’ and understand why I was given the opportunity to have an ‘Unplugged,’” he said. “I believe that the ‘Unplugged’ stage is a platform for you to show and prove to people that don’t know too much about you. Actually, people that may have thought otherwise about you.”

He also explained why he chose to cover 2Pac’s “Hail Mary” during his performance. “I chose the Tupac song ‘Hail Mary’ because I thought that it was very similar to my situation that I was just recently in. I was just incarcerated and ‘Pac was incarcerated. There’s a whole bunch of similarities between ‘Pac and I, and I just thought it was the perfect song. I had to give a tribute to the people who did what I do so much better than I do.”

Catch the special airing this Sunday, June 12th at 9pm ET on MTV and MTV2.

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  • real talk

    wayne makes music for people like me, those who like to go to party, make money, and fuck bitches.... anyone who doesnt understand that is probably still trying to listen to that 'lyrical' shit.... sorry but that lyrical shit doesnt bump in my car. i aint hearing nobody bumping no lupe in a car in my hood. with that said... you guys can see why a lot of people fuck wid wayne

  • whendiditbecomecooltodisrespectlegends?

    I swear these idiots are so disrespectful fucking 12 yr old kids that ain't no nothing bout respect smfh can't wait to hear this just so I can laugh at the wackness of it

  • guest We Killin It - Barton Block ********** WE LOVE ALL THE HATE WE'RE GETTING *********** HAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  • BlazeDatIshUp

    I can't believe this glorified crackhead who can't rap for shit covered any 2Pac song... He's not in the same league as Pac and should not be comparing himself to a legend... Songs like Hail Mary should not be covered by anyone unless they can actually rap at a certain level.

  • glap

    lil Wayne only sells so much because idiots buy his music and dont look into other hip hop that has flow and originality. pac was a rapper and a philospher and a gangster who barley had a good record deal, Lil wayne makes millions talking about the same repeating sellout bullshit, all 90s rappers that are dead would hate mtv rappers

    • YourDad

      If only we could go back to the 90's when Pac was talkin about how fucked up the government was and how we'd never have a black president, and he was making movies with Jim Belushi. I love Pac as much as anyone else , but stop acting like he's the Jesus Christ of hip hop for Christ sake(pun intended). All you lil fags bloggin about how gay wayne is should just stop wasting your time writing about how much you hate him.He's gonna sell out all his concerts , his album is gonna break record sales, his songs are gonna be played out on the radio, and youre still gonna hate his ass. So keep it movin, blog about how much you like whoever it is you think is dope, and stop hatin, it doesnt help your cause.

    • Anonymous

      fuck that clown ass nigga pac

  • Moe

    This is ridiculous wayne and pac are completley different


    Aaawww..Dam these phony SumBitches tryna come up of pac now!!...lil wayne,solja boy,rick ross!!!..FALSE PROPHET ALERT!!

  • hellrazor

    first soulja boy remakes juice and now this fuckin faggot...these cunts have no respect and are not content with turning hip-hop into a minstrel show. they gotta keep finding new ways to shit all over it

  • Contrarian

    At this point, it is like Wayne is just trolling.

  • Anonymous

    Lil Wayne was in jail and 2pac was in jail; end of similarities.

    • lol

      dont forget, when pac was young, he used to do ballett!!! true fact!!

    • Yeaaa

      lol Glowstreet31 said it all, lil wayne is a sellout n he would always be a dickriding baby loving fag, real talk but I'll admit before when he first started rapping, he was iight. But even then you couldn't compare him to Pac, they're not just on the same level, maybe Kendrick lamar or jeezy or Big Krit but nah not lil wayne

    • GlowStreet31

      Tupac has sold 30 million copies in the US, Lil Wayne has sold 10.Pac was a cultural icon, Weezy is a sellout and a fag. People hated on Pac cuz he spitted the truth, people hate on weezy cuz hes wack.Pac was a real thug, weezy is a fake ass blood.When Pac was 14 he was hustlin in the streets, when weezy was 14 he was on Birdman's dick. Want more?

    • bug

      the fella your a fag the only similarites is their both black

    • Anonymous

      waynes discography > pacs discography

    • Anonymous

      Pac was a classic artist. Wayne only sells like a classic artist, but has mediocre skills.

    • The Fella

      Tupac was a multiplatinum selling artist, Wayne is a multiplatinum selling artist. Pac was a cultural icon, Wayne is a cultural icon. People hated on Pac, People hate on Wayne... Pac was a fake Blood, lol...

  • matyn

    Oh no you didnt! why lil wayne!? just why...the only way you can be good and stop being hated is rap properly about life... @matyn213

  • Anonymous

    In before "he is nothing compared to PAC" blah blah blahhh

  • Guest We Killin It - Barton Block "Like" us on facebook @

    • YourAJoke

      If you you hate, why you watching? Like a crowd who boo's a star from visiting team just fuels the fire... you watching and spending time commenting gives him recognition. The opposite of Love is not hate, it is indifference...

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