Ice-T's "Something From Nothing: The Art of Rap" Trailer

UPDATE #2: Ice-T's anticipated film featuring Kanye West, Snoop Dogg, Bun B, Lord Jamar and others will reportedly be in theaters this June.

Between starring roles in New Jack City and "Law and Order: SVU" and his wife Coco's new reality TV show Ice Loves Coco: Baby Got Backstory, Ice-T has become one of Hip Hop's accomplished actors. Now, the west coast rapper is stepping behind the camera for the first time with a new documentary titled The Art of Rap.

According to Billboard, Ice-T has enlisted 50 different emcees, including Eminem, Kanye West and many others, to discuss the science behind their lyrical craft. He said that the current influence of pop music in Hip Hop led him to want to make a film discussing the serious art of rhyming. 

"I've interviewed 50 emcees - everybody - [from] Kanye West, Ice Cube, Eminem to Melle Mell, Grandmaster Caz," explained Ice. "The Hip Hop scene [has] bec[o]me so pop. I was like, 'I'm gonna do a movie about real rappers and what inspired us.' Maybe that'll hit a reset button on the game and let these kids know it's not just about a pop record. Rap can do a lot."

The Art of Rap also features appearances from rap veterans like Ice Cube, Melle Mel, Grandmaster Caz and Immortal Technique. A trailer for the film can be seen below. 

(June, 2011)

UPDATE: A spokesperson for Ice-T has revealed that Something From Nothing: The Art of Rap will be in theaters this June, 2012. The film will be reportedly rated R, according to a promotional poster.

UPDATE #2: The trailer for Something From Nothing: The Art of Rap has been released. Watch the trailer below.

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  • marika goeritz

    I am originally from the biblebelt and my hometown was murray ky which was located in dry county and nobody lock there doors at night and it was around 40 miles north of Nutbush tennesse the were Tina Turner was born and it was in also a dry county but the only non black people there were police. The grey hound bus I took when I had relocated to California 13 years stop there and before arrive at the depot it drove pass a worn out shack were a black country blues looking dude playing a guitar while whiskey container was at his side. He looked very animated and did not look at all like any black man of 1999 but instead he gave of a romantic vibe of a old american traditional. I had been clean from drugs from months and had not a drink for two days but I felt enormously high by the sight of him and I had anxiously try to find my camera I did not find until it was too late. I regret not daring risk a possible risk to my body if I of got off the bus and had successfully to blues man pic. I bet you this guy was childhood friend of Tina Turner.

  • sara miller

    I love I-Tea and coco and any thing they do seems to turn to gold, I like the fact that the seem so approachable

  • sara miller

    I would love to be able to read I Tea's book , not to mention see the movie, but where I live they don't even know who I-Tea is. Could you send me a list of places I could buy it?

  • Anonymous

    what an idiot fofr mentioning eminem. eminem hella pop as crap

  • Anonymous

    Ice t && every other rapper in this movie. Is the real deal;;; Fuck wayne & all the other wanna that popped up out of know where. They talk about the same op shit that.. the op gees already done did && rapped about!! They need ti find a NEW! FUCKING TRAIT! THEY AINT SHIT!!!!!!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Fuck young money.. weezy.. drizzy.. suck my dwyck.. pop hop no thanks.. real recognize real.. fakes get stomped on.. no room for fakes in HIP HOP.

  • Anonymous

    i'd pay to see this. bone thugs and jaz o better be in here along with rakim and kane and slick rick

  • More Swag Than A Mothafucka

    Fuck Ice-T he didn't even interviewed Lil Wayne, Drake or J. Cole, who the fuck this nigga think he is!? How the fuck you pick up Immortal Technique over Lil Wayne!?

    • anon

      Lil Wayne is everything he's trying to say is going wrong with Hip Hop. Ice is trying to show the roots, Lil Wayne especially is molding to the pop scene. Drake is almost there and J.Cole is headed that way.

  • Anonymous

    Nice to see he aint interview no wack pop rap niggas for this, closest is Kanye West but I'll let him slide cause he kept in true for a minute with his early production and first 2 albums

  • More Swag Than A Mothafucka

    It ain't hip hop if it ain't Lil Wayne. This bitch Ice-T is trippin

    • Anonymous

      hip hop is in danger of losing its soul young bloods need to look back and realise what hip hop was is and represented to the first hip hop generation and make sure they dont destroy that legacy

    • Zhemo11

      you must be the bitch trippin if you think Lil Wayne is hip hop. he aint shit.

  • Sourheadband420

    Word up to the Homie Ice-T for educating the youth about this thing we call hip hop. I'm looking for this. I think that Ice-T should drop this on Facebook the same day as the theaters so that more people have access to this movie kinda of like The Bob Marley flick dropping on 4/20

  • Doug

    Just look at the admiration on Immortal Techniques face for Ice T in that still! That pretty much sums what I want to say up. Real heads know this represents greatness in hip hop!

  • Nigerianboi

    salute to ice t for dis documentary,i think itz necessary,i remember watchin old hiphop documentaries like "beef" really puts hiphop back to perspective for niggaz who've forgotten wat its all about


    I'll be first in line to see this shit...

  • grim genius

    hip hop has become so pop??? so what do you call the fresh prince, tone loc, young mc, mc hammer & vanilla ice then??? i bet someone is going to catch feelings from this comment lol smh

    • grim genius

      it's just that my interpretation of pop hip hop is the black eyed peas, flo rida & tinie tempah

    • @grim genius

      Tone Lc was funky though. I miss that nigga

    • Anonymous

      That wasnt pop that was rap. vanilla Ice rapped about how cold he was and Young Mc said bust a move that was a rap. Fresh Prince of Belair told a story saying parents dont understand...whats your point they were good rap records. Mc Hammer said Have you seen her and u cant touch this

  • Anonymous

    While Im at...Souljah Girl eat a dick

  • hiphopFAN

    this is must watch for every hip hop fan, im glad to see immoral technique in this

  • K.O.L

    Salute 2 the OG! This gon be ILL!

  • TonyViera

    Ice-T is the man!!! cant wait to see this everybody need to see this to realize what are the real Hip Hop!!!!

    • Anonymous

      this film is for the kids. TAke note all of you gucci-mane , drake dick-riders, wacka-fuck-face fans out there. THIS IS HIP HOP

  • Anonymous

    I respect Ice T more then 99% of rappers When he saw that Gangsta Rap was going outta style, he didnt hop on know faggot ass bandwagons to stay relevant, he just stopped and found another job (one that probably pays him alot more to Old school Rappers playing Cops on TV>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Old School Rappers trying to stay relevant in music by trend hopping

  • IAmControverse

    Ice-T will always be a pioneer of hip hop and I can't even imagine his disgust when he looks at the electro-euro-garbage that is now even poisoning hip hop. I felt like I needed to comment on this because not enough of this generation seems to get that people like Ice-T are the reason we have hip hop today, and y'all are on here dissing him. Yall better check your head and remember that we wouldn't even be on THIS SITE if Ice-T and others before some of our times had made the moves and records they made. Real hip hop>>>>>>>>>Whatever yall are smokin

  • Anonymous

    you can't hip-hop died in the 80's with you guys NWA, busy bee, roxanne, ice-t, public enemy you guys were dope talkin bout real life unlike those bozos dat came after RIP golden age hip-hop

    • Anonynous

      What about Ice Cube and Dre after N.W.A what about old Snoop Dogg, or Eminem and Immortal Technique? were they not good for you or some shit lol

  • New001

    matta fact the only real rappers he mentioned was kanye and em..

  • New001

    ice t a fool for dissin soulja a while back but ice t is a horrible rapper as well

  • Young King

    YES! that's what's up and on such a big scale than documentaries like this are usually released on.. i strongly advise all these faggots from my generation that are purely ymcmb, lil b, mmg, big sean, soulja boy etc fans you new motha fuckas need to see this yo. S/O the OG Ice T for making this. SALUTE!

  • luis

    soo ummm does anyone when is this coming out???

  • Sam Wartenbee

    Fuck yeah. Ice T has done a lot of Hollywood shit, but he's never compromised his music for it. I'm glad to see him returning to his roots. PS - Take that, Peter Spirer!

  • Obi Patrick

    This is just the documentary the world needs to once and for all stress the importance of writing MEANINGFUL, CLEVER AND WELL CONSTRUCTED lyrics. I want this shit to go global, CNN, FOX NEWS, i dont give a fuck because as long as niggas still care about lyricism, hip hop shall never die and simple rhyme niggas like Wiz, Lil Wayne and Gucci Mane and go back to sweeping floors..

  • ice

    i'll be buying this dvd

  • Ryan

    pretty sure its Diabolic, not Diabolique

  • Guest5900 We Killin It - Barton Block "Like" us on facebook @

  • Anonymous

    ice t triple OG bulletproof real nigga cop killer or tv cop he still the realest.

  • nignog

    looking forward to this, ice-t the O.G!

  • TYler the Creator

    Ice T a sucker, i saw that fool at the mall yesterday, and I said what! and he got scared, and I smacked Coco butt, and he aint do nothing, he lame for dissing my boy Soulja, that was uncall for, but Soulja soned him on youtube tho.

  • Dallas Champ

    Ice-T is well respected in hip-hop from fans to fellow rappers. This is a must see movie.

  • Devin Williams

    YEEEAAAH when is it comin out tho?

  • nibs

    dope idea. too bad nobody will watch it, and even if they do it will be filled with republicans disguised as rappers, including ice-t, that will say nothing useful or intelligent.



    • Anonymous

      True. I'm looking forward to this documentary. Originally I thought this was gonna be just about the origins of rap in NYC. But now there where a lot of LA rappers on there too, which is cool but if it's about rapping in general you should have some Bay area rappers eg Too Short, E-40, Spice 1. Southern rappers(other than just Bun B) Outkast,Ball & G, Geto Boys etc. And Mid west, Twista rather than Kanye as he birthed the whole fast rapping mid west style.

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