T3 Reflects On Recording Slum Village's "Get Dis Money"

The Detroit rapper recalls the studio session for one of the group's first official singles.

Former Slum Village member T3 reminisced on recording one of the group’s first singles, “Get Dis Money,” included on 2000’s Fantastic, Vol. 2. Speaking with Neastra Music Group, the Detroit, Michigan rapper dubbed the song a “classic” and backed up his assessment. 

“‘Get Dis Money’ is a classic record for a lot of reasons. It was at that time in the late ‘90s, a lot of dudes was doing a lot of records about money. Because you had the ‘Benjamins,’ a couple other records,” he explained “So we wanted to do the hip-hop version of that. And basically, Dilla found this sample from this Herbie Hancock Sunlight album. It was classic because it had these melodic vocoders on the record, and basically, he took that sample that added this funky bass line. Back then, people were still doing what we called multi-pitch bass lines, and basically, you 16-note it and it’s on the MP or whatever.” 

He also recalled writing the song with J. Dilla (aka Jay Dee) and Baatin. “Me and Dilla, we sat down in the basement and we formulated the hooks. And back then, we always did hooks where we did these chants like ‘Hey, hey, hey.’ We always did stuff like that where it had this swing, this stop-and-go type of chants,” he continued.

“So I remember me and Dilla doing our verse, and then we later grabbed Baatin and what was funny was that we made him do five verses to that song. One thing, sometimes, what Dilla didn’t like is that Baatin sometimes didn’t stay on subject matter. But to me, that’s what gave us that swing, that Baatin was always the curveball. You didn’t always know what you was going to get.”

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  • Bowski

    Man I know all good things must come to an end, but that Slum Village and Little Brother breakup has me buggin till this day. It took me years to recover from the Tribe breakup, and EPMD hasn't been quite the same since their break up. It's hard to understand what the hell happened & deep down I feel like T3 will get it right w/El & bring it back again. But like Daddy03 said it's kinda hard to see T3 in the same "Cool" light especially after all that was said by his partner in rhyme. We'll see though....

  • Guest

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  • daddy03

    After seeing how Slum Village ended, its hard to look at this man the same, especially after what Elzhi and the previous Slum Village dj said about T3. Then again, who are we to judge? we weren't there.

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