Mobb Deep to Collaborate with Rick Ross

Prodigy tells MTV that the Mobb recently linked up with Rick Ross for a new song.

Last night at Hot 97’s annual Summer Jam concert, G-Unit soldier Lloyd Banks brought out fellow Queens rhymers Prodigy and Havoc of Mobb Deep for a performance of their classic song “Shook Ones Pt. II.” During the event, MTV caught up with Prodigy, where he revealed that the Mobb had recently linked up with Summer Jam 2011 headliner Rick Ross for a collaboration.

Don P explained to MTV News that the Infamous/Rozay collab was already in the can. He said that Havoc and he are planning to unleash the track on the duo’s next LP, which they are planning to release later this year.

"We did a joint with Ross,” said P. “It's in the stash right now. It'll probably be for the Mobb album. It's kinda crazy too…We're looking forward to maybe, like, September. End of August, September - we're shooting for around that time. We know they need that new music out there, something for the streets. We gotta feed the streets."

Prodigy also added, “It's a lot of different things happening in hip-hop. That's a good thing. You got different types of sounds, but you know we gotta keep what makes us going. We gotta keep our sound alive, that dark Hip Hop. We're gonna keep that alive."

Rick Ross also talked about his respect for P during a visit to RapFix Live on May 25. He said that not only does he enjoy Prodigy and Havoc’s music, but that he also appreciated Prodigy reaching out to southern artists, particularly former Cash Money rapper B.G. on H.N.I.C.’s “Y.B.E.”

"I respect him, most definitely, as being a boss, making your own decisions," said Ross. "When he was released, he gave me a call a few days after that. We spoke on the phone maybe once or twice. It was a genuine conversation, us touching base, making sure it is what it is. We most definitely put a record or two on the table. Just to be frank, I was always a fan of the homey, H.N.I.C. I always respected when I saw that. The B.G. collaboration he did with the South, that was big for me. So I was always a fan of the homey and when he made this move in a way, so you had to respect it. So look for a Rozay and Prodigy record in the future."

The full interview with Prodigy can be seen below.

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  • prundorf

    "you have got to be fuckin kiddin me. Really?? Really, Prodigy?? I have just LOST SOO much respect for Mobb Deep I can't even explain it. First of all, you're Mobb Deep, one of the realest groups ever, and you're gonna do a song with Officer Ross?? HUH?? SECOND OF ALL, you're crew is G-UNIT???? 50 is ALL ABOUT loyalty, how the fuck is this supposed to fly?!! Prodigy, you done fucked up for real dog. WTF are you thinking??? Great way to tarnish your legacy, stupid fuck." SO TRUE!!!

  • Bowski

    Wow so much hate but we can't justloose it just yet ya'll. Look I feel a lil tight about the collab too but wait, P just said the 2 magic words I've been waiting to hear, "Dark Music". That's all I wanted to hear, now maybe just maybe they might force Rick Ross to step up his bars and spit some realness within this caliber of mc's. It might not be all bad, although on the flip side they might be doing this because Ross is a money making attraction & they basically want in like when they signed to G-Unit. They better not mess w/Lex Luger for beats or nothing like that though, I'm still holding onto an ounce of hope.

  • NY

    I've lost faith in Mobb Deep after Murda Muzik but then Prodigy spent time in jail and he was talking about hooking up with Nas again to make classic music but the first song released "Dog Shit" was horrible the flow is too slow the lyrics are little above average just because the average is worse then normal. Now a track with Rick Ross just lost all of my interest in their comeback. Rick Ross is a perect example of whats wrong with hip hop, his rhymes are simple, his flow is so slow and the beats used are simple easy beats that are bad. R.I.P. the good days of Mobb Deep (The Infamous, Hell on Earth)

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  • Name of the song

    An Officer and a Gentlemen...

  • justin bieber

    whats next mobb deep and souljah boy

  • Lady gaga

    name of the song is: A Cop and A Convict


    I heard that bitch 50 be also on the record LMAO All those 50cent cocksuckers in here are emotional because Ross blew the fuck up when 50 try to stop his career like he did to Ja LOL Only dissapointing thing about P is 'the book' and signing to G unit

  • WTF!!!!

    you have got to be fuckin kiddin me. Really?? Really, Prodigy?? I have just LOST SOO much respect for Mobb Deep I can't even explain it. First of all, you're Mobb Deep, one of the realest groups ever, and you're gonna do a song with Officer Ross?? HUH?? SECOND OF ALL, you're crew is G-UNIT???? 50 is ALL ABOUT loyalty, how the fuck is this supposed to fly?!! Prodigy, you done fucked up for real dog. WTF are you thinking??? Great way to tarnish your legacy, stupid fuck.

    • PeoplePlease

      True that... All that illuminati conspiracy fake industry tough guy talk he put out and now he has stooped to this level. Prison pushed him all the way over the edge...

  • Whoolio

    Instead of hating, just wait until the actual record materializes... Goddamn! Gotta love this "still stuck in the 90's" mentality.

    • Anonymous

      You gotta be able to put out dope shit in this time when you give your shit a new kind of sound. But this is and will be just whack.

    • Anonymous

      gotta love this HIPHOP IS EVOLVING mentality which is BULLSHIT , hiphop can evolve but not DEVOLVE ON SOME BULLSHIT and i will wait for this , but with this interviews mobb is giving i can't except dope material

  • Anonymous

    Boss and Mobb Deep, honestly" this sound's like some fucking hardbody crazy rap shit.

  • Anonymous

    nooooooooooo!! this is killing me.. the collabs should be banks, rae, nas ect

    • Whoolio

      If Prodigy and Havoc are reading this, take notes! This is how it's supposed to be: letting some random ass internet user tell you how it SHOULD be instead of doing whatever YOU want...

  • Hopit

    G-Unit artists collaboratin' with Rick Ross? That's goin' to be interesting.

  • Obi Patrick

    Lyricism is dead when I hear about shit like this, wack niggas collaborating with ill ass heavyweights like Mobb Deep. First the book now this? Hip Hop's legacy is dying at a rapid rate...

    • uhh really?

      where were all u mothafuckers in 2005, mobb deep been feel off and had to sell there souls to the devil and g unit just to made mediocre music that doesnt sell!



  • David James Robinson

    Hope they have an epiphany and throw this record in the trash.

  • Anonymous

    Wannabe gangstas collaborate with another wannabe. Nothing new. The only difference: The third one got money.

  • Anonymous

    as a long time mobb deep fan this is sickening

    • internet hater

      y is this so shocking and sickening? mobb deep and rick ross = not cool, selling out but mobb deep and g unit = cool, not selling out im failing to see the difference, what bout when they did songs wit 112 that was keepin it gangsta??


    God is awesome, come and read and listen to the Bible, and play Christian Games. God bless you and your family

  • Fuck em

    Fuck Rick Ross, how bout not doing a callab with anybody. Has Mob Deep really fallen off that bad. Can they not hold down a track by there selves anymore.


      Exactly, man...doin tracks with who is "supposedly hot at the time" just looks desperate. And to make it 100 times worse, you try and link up with Rick Ross? Huh???? How is this even happening?? How is 50 okay with this? What the FUCK is wrong with Prodigy, man..I don't understand it. NONE of this makes sense.

  • Anonymous

    The Snitch and The Fake!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    they should throw a 50 verse on there and blow some minds

  • Anonymous

    50 stays losing

  • justin

    what the fuck is going on with g-unit? lloyd banks is doing songs with dudes from ja rule's click and now this?

    • wtf

      wtf r u talkin bout justin, is ur last name beiber faggot. so llyod banks should quit fuckin wit mobb deep cause they doin songs wit ross?? thats what ur saying rite, ur lame as hell and shoudlnt even be listening to hip hop bitch boy

    • Dessalines Isaac

      It's called maturity and unity, something that was at an all-time low when 50Cent was relevant. it's good to see artists putting their differences aside in order to bring music to their fans. The rich and successful seldom concern themselves with trivial and minor things like stans/fans do.

  • Anonymous

    mob deep much blessing but really these cats had there time to shine,so why are people puting so much attention to there situation pun intended.they got a great catalog but really who cares.rick ross is a good artist so i see why they would hook up to do a record.these people are only human yall there mistakes,lies,deceit,whatever is only a product of being in the flesh no man is perfect we all have done things in are life that we are ashamed or should be ashamed of.blessings to the mind of people on this earth because mentally we really go backwards when we think a man should be

    • Anonymous

      Because P just got out, and people are excited about new music from them. That's kind of obvious isn't it?

  • BrowardFuckinCounty

    Was this a condition of P's parole? That he has to make records with prison guards? Smh... Fuck "Rick Ross"... faggot ass, jive ass motherfuckin' pig. Nigga makes South Florida look like shit. How niggas gon' kill Pac and Biggie, and let this bitch ass nigga walk around???



  • BigDan

    Damn, these cats ain't bout to kick 50 in the gut by signing to Maybach are they? Just them doing a song with Officer Ricky has to give 50 indigestion.

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