Royce Da 5'9 Content With "Hell The Sequel" Being Released Now & Not Years Ago

In a recent interview Royce Da 5'9 states that he's glad that he and Eminem matured as artists before releasing "Hell The Sequel."

On the night of Slaughterhouse’s concert at Los Angeles’ House of Blues, spoke with the four rappers individually about their progress and upcoming projects.

Detroit rapper Royce Da 5’9 of course shared his thoughts on his joint project with Eminem, Bad Meets Evil: Hell The Sequel. He revealed that he’s glad the project was released now because it gave both rappers time to mature.

“I think had we done it back then I don’t think it would have been as good as now. Just because both of us are a lot more mature. Everything Joey just said about himself, me and Marshall are. More mature,” Royce explained. “We kind of like owning are craft even though he’s been owning his for a long time. But I’ve did a lot of maturing. Marshall’s clean, sober, thinking very clear. Everything is like real concise with the lyrics, precise.”

Although Royce explained that the album will be a much better project now because of how both he and Eminem have matured he’s still surprised at how much buzz the project has received thus far.

“I was actually surprised at how many people is actually looking forward to hearing it,” said the rapper. “I thought the buzz would be bigger back then since that was a whole different age range of kids back then, but it’s a lot of young kids that still want to hear it. I was kind of surprised at that so I think it’ll make the proper impact. I don’t know if I’m gonna make any predictions, but I’m just curious to see what people think.”

Bad Meets Evil: Hell The Sequel will be released next week on Tuesday, June 14. 

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  • Brenda

    What a stupid thing to say. Better now as opposed to when em was at his creative apex? So far none of this bad meets evil shit sounds like what bad meets evil should sound like. It just sounds like left over recovery shit with royce verses. Huge let down every time a new joint comes out. I used to love these dudes. smh

  • guest We Killin It - Barton Block

  • Whoolio

    Eminem can't do anything right nowadays: whatever he does, people will cry about it. Seriously, i feel sorry for some of Marshall's fans.

  • Anonymous

    The whole thing leaked already like 3 days ago now

  • Ed0n

    So many males with vaginas on this site.

  • Andrew Sass

    Royce is fucking sick and Slaughterhouse is better then any other rapper in the game today. Cant wait for the Success is Certain album on July 26th and that Bad Meets Evil on July 14th. If you hate on Royce then you might be the reason you think rap is dead. You don't know shit about rap. Also cant wait for that Random Axe cd to drop.

  • Cass Tech

    Is Royce 59 IQ metric or english?

  • Anonymous

    Royce is Em's Dicksucking House Negro Fuck A Laughterhouse Proof RIP

  • Anonymous

    ok why does royce ALWAYS wear shades??? its weird!! does he have a crooked I? no pun intended.

  • jake

    Agree to disagree Royce. Em from 96/97-02/early 03 is why he's one of the GOATs. Unfortunately (while he's shown a few signs here and there) his drugged out stage has changed him for reasons not even he can control. This album would of been sickest in 97-2002

  • 518

    "owning are craft"? Are these editors fucking stupid? It's "honing our craft" you idiots

  • Anonymous

    Quit your coonin' Royce, though they don't call him 59 IQ for nothing. Em's "boy" loves white meat!

  • Zach

    Hate to break it to you Royce, but Bad Meets Evil isn't about maturity at ALL.

  • Ganjarelli

    These guys must not be aware that the EP just leaked anyways, unless you want to wait for the fourteenth. Bangledesh track is the shit. And Royce wanted me to tell all you haters that he's only leavin you in charge of 5 things. That's: Suckin a dick, suckin a dick, suckin a dick, suckin a dick, suckin a dick! Also: Shut-up faggots. Just quotin the source here, dont kill the messenger now.

  • Bob George

    How it feel to be SLAVE again, Royce Da 59 IQ with those sweet ol' dicksucking lips? Nobody gives a fuck about this clown-- he's had way more than enough chances to prove himself up to the game-- but Em's has racial guilt and brings field negro up to the Big House. Doesn't mean we should care about this or Laughterhouse trash. Random Axe FTW

    • ?

      What the f-ck you talking about? It's fu-ckin music you dumb devil cave boy. Shut your racist a-- up

    • lol

      What and people know who random axe is? fuck outa here royce is making a name for himself i know white girls who now listen to him....random axe is the shit too but how u guna say no one cares about royce when in reality no one knows random axe unless theyre an underground head? lol

    • No Namw

      You're an idiot.

  • pienman

    dis is crazy..felt the interview & how everyone had there insights on a couple of things that are happening currently

  • Anonymous

    Royce has had Ems dick in his mouth for nearly 2 years now, that's gotta be some kind of record for givin dome surely wonder if his wife gets jealous with him constantly talking about how awesome he thinks Eminem is

    • Anonymous

      But this is getting ridiculous. Dope if you respect some people who've made it and signed you. The thing is, you gotta be able to make a name for yourself. There's no interview where doesn't mention Em.

    • shut up

      every fuckin rapper ever in the game always gives props and respect to the person who signed him... quit comin up with stupid reasons to hate

  • Anonymous

    proof obie trice royce 3 niggas em put on that spit fire. i wanna see obie back in the mix, i'd love to hear obie and royce on some joints. royce is a pro, niggas can shit on his lack of success all they want, if you value lyrics, you respect royce. simple as that. em putting his boy in a big spot cuz he can, it's rare for a mega star to look out for anyone other than themselves so i salute slim personally.

  • Anonymous

    @Anonymous -- that's your computer, dumb ass. Also, @HHDX, it's "owning OUR craft," not "owning are craft."

    • Jon

      You, HHDX and Royce are wrong. It is supposed to be "honing our craft". Why the fuck would Royce say owning our craft? Of course you own your craft, assuming you wrote your own lyrics and rapped them.

  • Whitey On The Moon

    Em's LOSER House Negro-- what the fuck else is he gonna say? Proof RIP, without his lips on Em's cock Royce da 59 IQ wouldn't crack five figures in sales. And we'll see that again if he tries to release another solo album. Laughterhouse is Ojibwa for BATTLE RAP CORNBALLS.

  • Anonymous

    the fuck is wrong with this website, why do quotation marks always turn into question marks and shit??

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