Release Dates For Jay-Z & Kanye West's "Watch The Throne" Revealed

UPDATE #4: Hov and 'Ye set off the month of August with their collaborative LP.

Jay-Z and Kanye West are currently recording their upcoming collaborative album Watch the Throne, but a rumored tracklist has already hit the net. According to DOTR (via RR), the LP supposedly includes 10 tracks and the sole guest appearances come from Beyonce and Bruno Mars.

Notably absent from the album are previously released street singles “H.A.M.” and “That’s My Bitch” featuring La Roux’s Elly Jackson. Check the rumored tracklist below.

1. Lift Off (Feat. Beyonce & Bruno Mars)
2. Murder To Excellence
3. Illest Motherfucker Alive
4. Why I Love You So (Guilt Trip)
5. That Shit Crazy
6. Living So Italian
7. Who Gonna Stop Me
8. Whole Lifetime
9. We Are Young
10. Anthem

UPDATE: UHTN has confirmed that the leaked tracklist is legitimate, though more tracks will be added to the project. 

[June 6]

UPDATE #2: The cover art has been revealed for the project, which can be pre-ordered at in a standard or deluxe version. Riccardo Tisci, creative director at Givenchy, designed the album art, and the LP is now officially slated for an August 2nd release. 

Additionally, the standard package will feature 10 songs while the deluxe will include an additional four tracks. The production will be handled by Kanye, Jay-Z, Swizz Beatz and No I.D., while the single "H.A.M." will make the final cut as will "Lift Off" featuring Beyonce.

Watch The Throne cover by Riccardo Tisci. Pre-order album at than a minute ago via Twitpic Favorite Retweet Reply

[July 4]

UPDATE #3: The production credits for the release have hit the net. Check the tracklist below.

01 No Church In The Wild f. Frank Ocean (prod. Kanye West & 88-Keys)
02 Lift Off f. Beyoncé (prod. Kanye West, Mike Dean, Jeff Bhasker, Q-Tip & Don Jazzy)
03 Niggas In Paris (prod. Hit-Boy, Kanye West, Mike Dean & Anthony Kilhoffer)
04 Otis f. Otis Redding (prod. Kanye West)
05 Gotta Have It (prod. The Neptunes & Kanye Wwest)
06 New Day (prod. The RZA, Kanye West, Mike Dean & Ken Lewis)
07 That’s My Bi**h (prod. Q-Tip, Kanye West & Jeff Bhasker)
08 Who Gon’ Stop Me (prod. Sham “Sak Pase” Joseph, Kanye West & Mike Dean)
09 Murder To Excellence (prod. Swizz Beatz & Symbolyc One)
10 Welcome To The Jungle (prod. Swizz Beatz, Mike Dean & Ken Lewis)
11 Made In America f. Frank Ocean (prod. Sham “Sak Pase” Joseph & Mike Dean)
12 Why I Love You f. Mr Hudson (prod. Mike Dean & Kanye West)
13 Illest Motherfucker Alive (prod. Southside, Kanye West & Mike Dean) *
14 H.A.M (prod. Lex Luger, Kanye West & Mike Dean) *
15 Primetime (prod. No I.D.) *
16 The Joy f. Curtis Mayfield (prod. Pete Rock, Kanye West & Mike Dean) *

* denotes bonus tracks

[July 19]

UPDATE #4: The official release dates for Watch the Throne have been announced. The digital version of the LP will arrive on August 1st, while the physical retail edition lands in stores on August 5th.

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  • Anonymous

    HARPERSIDE VOLUME 6 - 08/09/2011!!!!!! HARPERSIDE VOLUME 6 - 08/09/2011!!!!!! HARPERSIDE VOLUME 6 - 08/09/2011!!!!!! HARPERSIDE VOLUME 6 - 08/09/2011!!!!!! HARPERSIDE VOLUME 6 - 08/09/2011!!!!!! HARPERSIDE VOLUME 6 - 08/09/2011!!!!!!

  • Hip Hop Surge

    Download Full Album(Watch The Throne): HipHopSurge.Com

  • Paulius Malinauskas

    i like jay and kanye but this album is total crap

  • Fenrir

    download album here!

  • Hip Hop Surge

    Download Full Album (Watch The Throne): HipHopSurge.Com

  • Anonymous

    I just hope this whole album doesnt have the content of "Otis". I mean if this is supposed to be a great album that means it will have to have more than just how much money, cars and houses both Jay and Kanye have and how many times they can "buy out the bar".

    • Brief

      Dude, u that same cat who keeps posting this same shitty ass comment. Don't listen to them then. fuck. Stick to ur Celine Dion albums then...

  • datNIGGAJ

    By the way... This album will NOT live up to the hype. NO FUCKIN WAY that would be possible. It'll likely be a GREAT album, but prolly not classic and shit. wtfwtfwfwasssimyob.

  • datNIGGAJ

    Who in the FUCK just said ILLMATIC had AWFUL production?!!! Whoever the fuck it was needs to wake up outta that DREAM state and apologize to HIPHOP!!!

  • Lynn Green

    I love The Interracial Rom-ance! It is so nice. My boyfriend and i both think so. lol. I know him via (HotBlackWhite.)(C0M)---a nice place for black white singles, to interact with each bounds or extremes in front of true love. Check it out or tell your friends.

  • T.o. Kgamanyane

    Em is about controversy if he had not sworn @ his moms he woouldnt have blown..yaa yaaa he lyrics r good for battle rap otherwis he is hollywood... controversy+drugs....

    • miles b

      naw man thats just not true man. the bottom line is that lyrically em has top 5 talent. he has mastered the multi-syllabic rhyme scheme and if you go back to his first album and infinite, youll see he is extremely lyrical and real and thats why he blew up!

    • Anonymous

      co-sign , yeah Em is good for a good fix, or rap battle hype, but not really in a legendary sense -not to take anything away from him, he's great, he's very entertaining, but if he were black (tyler the creator, brotha lynch, tech n9ne) his style wouldnt be acknowleged or accepted by the masses like Em(numbers dont lie)...SN: if jay-z were white he would've sold waaayyy more albums than Eminem....truth

  • Anonymous

    a good cd doesnt need a million collaborations on it fuckin mason/Illuminati pawns need to stop hip hop is bein takin over by these 10 percents im startin the "movement" of bringin back talent killuminati dis jbird bitch, all up in that ass

    • Jesus cuz Jbird aint cool no more

      look faggot. i got many nicknames and if your gonna steal one steal Johnny Fag Stomper. not jbird or Jesus or GOD. thanks [: try not to get hit by a bus or a landing 747

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  • Anonymous

    "Let's see, right now, G. Rap, Nas, Eminem," Kool G told SOHH when asked who would be in his dream rap group. "I can't ignore the fact that that boy Eminem is incredible. He's lyrically incredible. Anybody that's ever sat and fronted on this dude's talent is like, come on, man. Stop playing me. I'm a [hip-hop] nemesis and even I can't ignore the dude's talent level. I would say my man Jay-Z. We're talking lyricists right here. I'm talking real heavy weights"-------Kool G Rap. ""Nas did so much in the earlier part of his career that it holds weight," G. Rap added. "Nas and Jay-Z gotta definitely be in there. I think Eminem has shown and proved enough that he deserves a spot in the category of legendary lyricists including myself"-----Kool G Rap. Niggaz stop bitching over Em, dude is a top 5 MC without doubt!

  • Realest Nigga

    Lol@Niggaz and faggots who think Jay>>Em. Jay-z takes the backseat to Em in every category(Flow, Rhyme, Wordplay, Metaphors, Lyrics, subject matter, Sales, Fanbase...etc etc). Em>>>Jay...Hang yourself !!!!

  • Jeff Mason


  • Mandy Sandy

    damn, niggaz r still hatin on jay! and kanye but guess what? dat'z not gon stop them from releasin diz album. and stop bringin up dat faggot feminem. he'z wack and jay-z! shitted on him on renegade. feminem'z versez were awful. no1 iz playin dat fag meetz homo album eitha. dat shit iz 1 of da worst albumz diz year. watch da throne will murder fag meetz homo. check da 1st week numbaz when they come out. and stop bringin up nas. jay! finished hiz azz on takeover and now naz ain't sellin recordz and haz 2 pay thousandz in child suport and taxez. fuck dat washed up rappa. and jay! killed him on black republican and success. jay-z! iz king and kanye iz next in line. both released classic muzik dat'z betta than 95% of other rappaz. so u cuntz can keep yellin "gay-z" and "iluminati" and "gayfish" all u want but you and ur favrite rappa will neva b on jay-z! and kanye'z level. deal wit it bitchez! "screamz from da haterz, got a nice ring 2 it, guess evry supahero needz there theme muzik" RNGMB BITCH! FUCK DA HATERZ!

    • comachonvargas

      MANDY 1) Make improvements in grammar and spelling a priority for sure 2) 'Renegade' is the definition of someone getting obliterated on their own track... Jay hasn't spit a verse as good as Em's first verse his entire career [Jay on Young Gs/Dynasty intro is close] 3) The term 'ethered' is now coined for when someone gets crushed in a battle... can you guess why that is? It ain't because Jay won that one 4)Jay got dominated by Esco on Success while at the same time proving himself to be a straight biter by jacking the eminem line to start his first verse... even more Nas subliminally dissed Jay ON HIS OWN TRACK with the 'worst enemies want to be my best friends line' 5) Jay hasn't put out a good album since Black Album... half the emcees on GOOD music can go bar for bar with HOVITO nowadays 'Rip the freeway Shoot through memphis with money bags Stop in Philly order cheesesteak And eat beans fast Then take it back up top Remove the fake king of New York You show off I count off when you sample my voice I rule you'

  • AP

    Why is it when people talk Jay albums they dont never mention American Gangster??? It was a damn good album! Yeah most of the time it was about sellings drugs but it still felt refreshing. Also good production and lyrics.

  • don g fan

    Witness the new king of the midwest

  • slim91tariq

    you guyz i don give f*** about who's better than whom but you gotta go and listen to Renegades and what???? em killes jigga....

  • TEZ

    why every time someone bring up em or nas when there's a jay z article p.s if em was black nobody would care

  • JFranks

    FINALLY an album to look forward to thats coming out real quick

  • mymomma

    @Lawrence Allure was a banger! who has had a greater influence on the rap game pop culture and social media? JAY. mmlp and sslp were the only classics by em. jay is hands down top 5 dead or alive. he is a black icon, somebody that people aspire to be. he is a philanthropist and makes magazine covers Warren buffet. and in the end of the day he will most likely shit on your favorite rapper. he has destroyed careers (obviously mobb deep but also look at a post-takeover nas. he is ruined) and has created many more (kanye jcole jay elect wale). not to take anything from em he is an amazing artist in his own right, but to compare the two is ridiculous.

    • Anonymous

      Lawerence said 50 is better than Kanye. Kill yourself

    • Anonymous

      Finally another person that thinks Blueprint is overrated and Jay's only classic is Reasonable Doubt. But back to Jay vs Eminem. The only areas Jay are better in is delivery and flow. Eminem is much better freestyler, battle rapper, diss track writer, more meaningful, creative, better rhymes and wordplay, etc... Wanna go into classics? Jay has Reasonable Doubt, Em has Infinite (most lyrical album ever = instant classic to me, even if the production and delivery isnt that great), SSEP, SSLP, MMLP, and the near clasiscs Eminem Show and Hell the Sequel. But why are we even arguing about this?? The article has nothing to do with Eminem...

    • Kenneth

      MyMomma SOCIAL MEDIA ????? You are an idiot. Em social media exposure is more than the world can handle. The dude is the popular guy on FB(dead or alive), most viewed Rapper on Youtube, most followed rapper on Twitter, His fanbase triples that of Jay...WTF are you saying ?? And how many classics do jay have ? 1(Reasonable doubt), Blueprint is overrated, Black album is just good. personally, i prefer American Gangster to Black Album. Forbes is a business Magazine and Jay is a Business man while Em is not, So the warren Buffet line is BS. Btw, Em makes more magazine covers than Jay. How many Rolling stone covers is Jay on ? Complex ? XXl ? Vibe ? Spin ? Etc...Get your facts right. If you feel Jay destroyed Nas, why did jay join forces with him ? Em Vs Jay is debatable, they are the best around, who is better is clearly based on opinion....Personally, i prefer Em. STFU!!

    • Lawerence

      Your comment is an obvious reflection of how stupid you are. How many classics do jay have ? 2 as well(Reasonable doubt and arguably Blueprint). Em is also a top 5 MC(Best alive). Em is not just an icon, but a voice of a generation, He's music biggest icon at the moment..82nd greatest artist of all times by rolling stone(Jay did not make the top 100), MTV #7 Greatest pop icons of all times(Jay #8), Billboard's artist of the decade(Even with 5years hiatus), BET best rapper of the 21st century, VH1 #1 Hip Hop act of the 2000's and many more which i can't stress. Em is poet, an story teller, unlike jay, who brags about his riches and bite other MC's lyrics and call it homage. Em magazine issues sell 10x more than Jay's own. Em Gave just 50cent who is 10x better than Kanye. btw, Em destroyed careers as well, Benzino ! Jay he is an amazing artist in his own right, but to compare the two is ridiculous !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    • smart dumb niggaz

      and if that's the case what are either of you gunna do about it except talk about it in the comments section of websites???? enjoy n appreciate life....

    • Anonymous

      @truth: You are dead on it my man!!! Everybody debating over bullshit issues instead of focusing on the real!! I have to agree by the end of this year or early next year the N.W.O. will be in full effect!!! By the way you forgot to mention how much of a fraud Obama is!!!!

    • vic

      LOL yep cus the NWO totally exists :D please go back to school and get some common sense, clearly its not so common nowadays

  • Arok

    "The three-yearly OECD Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) report, which compares the knowledge and skills of 15-year-olds in 70 countries around the world, ranked the United States 14th out of 34 OECD countries for reading skills, 17th for science and a below-average 25th for mathematics." --published December 2010 Maybe this plays a part on why people think "H.A.M. aka Hard as a Motherfucker" is clever. And why they can talk for an entire group of people (i.e. "We buy rap album bcoz of lyrics not beats.") You're so into lyrics but you can't spell or write for shit. Please save yourselves and open up a book or do things to stimulate your mind throughout the day.

  • Nico 3

    However it turns out, it's probably going platinum.

    • Anonymous

      nice quote i told you cats along time ago there aint no stopin me

    • E

      It ain't all about economy so the fact that these wack emcees is making G's don't bother me. Honestly, my number one policy is quality, never sell my soul is my philosophy.

  • Dj

    **Illmatic** not My bad !

  • Dj

    Lyrically, BME is definitely Gonna beat the shit out of Watch the Throne, production means nothing folks, Illamtic had awful production, but still the GOAT. We buy rap album bcoz of lyrics not beats. MBDTF had a genius production, but wack and uninspired lyrics ruined it totally !! Greatest Story Never Told(Saigon) is still my best 2011 lp so far, BME comes second.

    • Anonymous

      dude one love was one of my favorite tracks! The beat is amazing, and the chorus goes too smooth with it.

    • Anonymous

      Illmatic had great production apart from 1 or two tracks (One Love, One Time 4 Your Mind,) and they were still alright. And yes Lyrically this won't touch the BME album and the BME album will overall be better most likely, but production does matter. Just not as much as lyrics.

    • dylan

      1)Illmatic did not have awful production. 2)Kanye's MBDTF was in no way filled with awful and uninspired lyrics 3)You got to be fucking kidding me with this fucking bad meets evil shit, i mean really? Okay eminem sounds better on HTS than recovery and it's a return to his shady ego but come on, it sounds fucking terrible with the exception of 3-4 songs on that ep, WTT!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      WTT will beat BME only because its an album and not an EP. They actually tried compared to eminem and royce who were just joking around int he studio. if they had actually made an album it would be filled with dre and premier beats with even better lyrics...

    • Anonymous

      You're an idiot.

    • midnighter

      Respect your opinion but please do realize that Illmatic is considered by many esteemed music journalists and fans alike to not only be a classic in terms radically transforming the art of lyricism but also in terms of raising the bar of how sample based production should sound and be used to make a cohesive album.

    • Eric

      Who is "we"? Speak for yourself. Not everyone is the same as you.

    • Barisua Kenneth Ngbor

      tempoclash: An album does not need to be 10/10 from start to finish to be a classic, I remember deleting Change Cloths and Allure from my black Album playlist the minute i heard it, but am still jamming The black Album till today and forever !

    • nignog


    • tempoclash

      Emperor stop talking shit.. U dont kno nothing either. Illmatic is the closest a hip hop album came to perfection

    • Emperor

      Illmatic's production is not awful, but compared to other classics like reasonable doubt, The Chronic, Slim shady Lp, DoggyStyle, Ready to Die..etc etc, Illmatic takes the backseat.

    • Crystal

      Illmatic, awful production ... Now I've heard that as well. Some dudes never stop surprising me on this site.

    • Matt Tompkins

      At first I was about to clown on dude because I've always held production above whatever the rapper/singer is doing...but I can't think of an album I got under the reasoning "This will have awesome beats" ...Actually, the first that comes to mind is Deeper Than Rap by ROSS. mmmmmmmmMAYBACH MUSIC

    • tempoclash

      Illmatic had awful production??????????? i just threw up in my mouth

    • Anonymous

      @Rival X Jordan Q-Tip, Pete Rock, Dj Premier don't mean the production is great. Just Blaze, Dj Khali, Dr Dre were all on Em's Recovery, but the Production was still weak as fuck. Paid in Full(Rakim and Eric B) had weak production as well, but that album was the landmark for higher standard of lyricism !

    • Barisua Kenneth Ngbor

      Q-Tip, Pete Rock, Dj Premier don't mean the production is great. Just Blaze, Dj Khali, Dr Dre were all on Em's Recovery, but the Production was still weak as fuck.

    • Rival X Jordan

      Illmatic had awful production. Are you freaking nuts. Q-Tip Pete Rock Dj Premier. Yeah no offense but that was dumb comment.

  • Kenneth Ngbor

    @Lsn22s: Em>>>Jay Easily. Top qualities of an MC Story Telling/Lyricist----The whole world knows Jay is no where close to Em when it comes to Lyrics Rhymes/Flow----When it comes to wordplay, Nah, No even BIG is close to Em...I believe you know this too. Em raps full circles around Jay. btw, Jay-z >>>Nas.

  • Rens

    "The Joy" was a G.O.O.D fridays track in 2010!

    • Anonymous

      n its one of the best rap songs to come out in the past 4-5 years n jay z n pete rock have NEVER done a track together until that so of course its gunna be on the album

  • Anonymous

    wheres the promotion wheres the single?? i dont think this is coming out in two weeks...

    • Anonymous

      ???? mbdtf had 2 videos, a mini-movie n 2 singles on the radio every 2 hrs when it came out... there has been nothing for watch the throne except that garbage ass ham song aside from the leak today

    • G-Noside

      My Beautiful Dark Fantasy didn't have very much promotion either, so I still believe the release date is valid

  • Barisua Kenneth Ngbor

    The illiteracy on this comment thread scares the living shit outta me. HIP HOP IS NOT ABOUT PRODUCTION !!! If hip hop was all about production, then Dr Dre and Kanye will be the GOATS. 70%(Or more) of why folks buy hip hop Lp's & Ep's is primarily bcoz of lyrics not BEATS.

  • Barisua Kenneth Ngbor

    The illiteracy on this comment thread scares the living shit outta me. HIP HOP IS NOT ABOUT PRODUCTION !!! If hip hop was all about production, then Dr Dre and Kanye will be the GOATS. 70%(Or more) of why folks by hip hop Lp's & Ep's is primarily bcoz of lyrics not BEATS.

  • Eric

    I'm starting to feel like DJ Premier is being disrespected here. I'll definitely give it a listen due to Q-Tip, Pete Rock and RZAs involvement in the LP but Lex Luger's "H.A.M." is so terrible that if the other tracks resemble this track whatsoever it'l be complete garbage.

  • Barisua Kenneth Ngbor

    Duh,Jay has 2 classics not 3. Black Album is not a classic in any way !

    • Anonymous

      Blueprint wasn't either.. the lyrics were nothing special. The production wasn't classic either but it was very good. Reasonable Doubt is awesome though.

    • Anonymous

      you are the so hurt that album was crack

  • H-DUB

    This Board is not serious anymore, maybe never been. Maybe a "Rumour" Board at all. Updates 1-25 for every News??? Why did you post a July Release Date a while ago...why can´t you just wait till you get reliable Infos from the Label? You bother me big time...

  • Mack

    jus started messing with kanye 3 albums ago cause his commentary I felt started to suit my taste's never really been a jay fan but he sounds good on the few tracks i heard not sure I will cop though.

  • mymamma

    nas and eminem stans are unbelievable. when jay writes a verse and when he references something else done by another artist he becomes a biter. the other day i was listening to PSA and my brother called him a biter for "HOV. not DOC but similar to the letters no one could do it better". WTF! when he makes a song like hard knock life or empire state of Mind he is called a sell out. if those records are sell outs, then what do you have to say about Biggie's whole carreer? shut up Jigga haters. he's top 5 dead or alive, has 3 classic albums, and will go down as the most successful MC ever. what more can I say?

    • Anonymous

      "Em ran out of shit to talk about (for the most part) after Eminem Show"---What do jay really talk about ?? Same old bragging shit and all.

    • Anonymous

      Lsn22s---Not long ago, you said TES is just a good album. Now you say its up there with MMLP which is a classic...Get Real dude. Btw, what about SSLP ?? Forgot that ?

    • Lsn22s

      Let's get this straight...Eminem has ONE classic....MMLP....TES was up there too...and u guys can't be serious...Em's subject matter is GARBAGE most of the time...his flow and wordplay is great but he usually DOESN'T SAY SHIT!!!! I can't listen to whole albums of nonsense, and Em ran out of shit to talk about (for the most part) after Eminem Show...and u guys mentioning D12??? HA! Those dudes are so fucking trash i don't even like speaking on them...I mean, jay vs. Em could be considered a matter of personal taste, but compare D12 to the emcees that have rocked with Jay...Beans and State Property? Kanye??? D12 wishes they could compare to those guys...I could go on but I have other shit to do...maybe later...and real quick to the kid who called me a faggot or whatever, slow your roll you fucking crab, it's the internet...I can disagree with you if I want, and I even commented on my mistake, but you were SOOOO heated you had to type in that little venomous jab a dick or whatever calms your butt-hurt self down, kids these days...

    • Anonymous

      @tempoclash, TES is not a classic b/c you never listened to it, So, your comment is irrelevant. Buy TES, listen from 1-end, you will realize that's Em's crowning achievement. Peace...

    • Lawerence

      tempoclash: An album does not need to be 10/10 from start to finish to be a classic, I remember deleting Change Cloths and Allure from my black Album playlist the minute i heard it, but am still jamming The black Album till today and forever !! Thats a dumb comment you made there !!!

    • Anonymous

      @tempoclash You nut head, Some fans consider Eminem show to be his best. An album does not need to be 10/10 from start to finish to be a classic, in that content, Blueprint is not a classic either nor a Game changer. Is GRODT 10/10 from start to finish ? Did it change the Game ? Is stankonia 10/10 from start to finish ? Did it change any game ? Is black album 10/10 from start to finish? Did it change any game ? Stop acting like you know best, you obviously know nothing..Got that ???

    • Emperor

      Em Shits on Jay...100x

    • tempoclash

      The Eminem Show is a classic?????? Was that album a game changer?? 10/10 from start to finish?? No!! Please will people stop confusing a good album with a classic LP. Illmatic, Ready to Die, The White Album, Electric Ladyland, The Velvet Underground LP are classic albums! The Eminem Show is DEFINITELY NOT! Get it???

    • Rival X Jordan

      Jay-Z shits on Eminem.

    • Anonymous

      @Lsn22s---Jay has more good songs than Em ??? Ok, We can do this, Lets compare their weak albums. Encore>>>BP3. Relapse>>>Kingdom come. Recovery>>BP2. Lets compare the great ones... SSLP and Reasonable Doubt ?Hmm, Two great albums...No idea MMLP>>>Blueprint TES>>>Black Album Collaboration albums Devils Night>>>Best of both Worlds D12 World>>>Unfinished business Nuttin To Do(First BME)>>>> Collision Course The only reason why you feel jay has more good songs is because you listen to him more, and hey, grown folks listen to Em too. As far as who is a better Mc, thats a personally opinion. They are both great Mc's, Jay talks more about himself(Money, cash, hoes, riches, brags) not "larger than life perspective" as you claim, in fact, that should be a vice versal, Em is the one that speaks more about reality !!

    • Dj

      @Lsn22s: Em>>>Jay Easily. Top qualities of an MC Story Telling/Lyricist----The whole world knows Jay is no where close to Em when it comes to Lyrics Rhymes/Flow----When it comes to wordplay, Nah, No even BIG is close to Em...I believe you know this too. Em raps full circles around Jay. btw, Jay-z >>>Nas.

    • Barisua Kenneth Ngbor

      lsn22s: Em>>>Jay Easily. Top qualities of an MC Story Telling/Lyricist----The whole world knows Jay is no where close to Em when it comes to Lyrics. Rhymes/Flow----When it comes to wordplay, Nah, No even BIG is close to Em...I believe you know this too. Em raps full circles around Jay. btw, Jay-z >>>Nas.

    • Barisua Kenneth Ngbor

      lsn22s: @Lsn22s: Em>>>Jay Easily. Top qualities of an MC Story Telling/Lyricist----The whole world knows Jay is no where close to Em when it comes to Lyrics Rhymes/Flow----When it comes to wordplay, Nah, No even BIG is close to Em...I believe you know this too. Em raps full circles around Jay. btw, Jay-z >>>Nas.

    • Barisua Kenneth Ngbor

      @Lsn22s: Em>>>Jay Easily. Top qualities of an MC Story Telling/Lyricist----The whole world knows Jay is no where close to Em when it comes to Lyrics Rhymes/Flow----When it comes to wordplay, Nah, No even BIG is close to Em...I believe you know this too. Em raps full circles around Jay. btw, Jay-z >>>Nas.

    • Lsn22s

      my bad I misread....I thought u put "including infinite" even still Jay > Em EASY...Jay & Nas is much closer of a comparison.... Jay just has so many more good tracks than Em...not to mention Em raps about bullshit half of the time, just saying wild shit that rhymes cuz it sounds good...Jay has been speaking from a larger than life perspective and dropping intelligent bars for a minute, even when he goes easy he stays on some grown-man shit... I put it like this...Em is for the kids and rebellious youth, Jay is more for the grown folks and move-makers...

    • Barisua Kenneth Ngbor

      @Lsn22s---Excluding Infinite..Don't you understand English ? 3 in terms of SSLP, MMLP, TES faggot !!!!

    • Lsn22s

      Ha! infinite is NOT a fucking classic...not by a LOOOOOOOONG shot there kid...

    • Barisua Kenneth Ngbor

      Btw, 3 classics out of 11 albums is a bad record. Em has 3 outta 6(Excluding Infinite)

    • Barisua Kenneth Ngbor

      Em and Nas>>>> Jay-z. Em has 3 classics as well, Nas too.

  • Ramnjit Singh Boparai

    A Nas feature would just have been a good gesture for Jay. Finally put the beef to a rest for good and just let people know its all about good music now nothing else

    • Anonymous

      Where have you been for the last 6 years?

    • Lsn22s

      That beef has BEEN over...Jay was featured on Nas's "Hip Hop Is Dead" album and Nas was featured on Jay's "American Gangster" album...what more do they need to do to squash it?

  • Ramnjit Singh Boparai

    I wasnt sure about this Album but track 6 has me sold. WU-Tang Forever mothafuckaaaaaa

  • tonystorm590

    can't wait to hear this album this is gonna be epic


    nigga fuck watch the throne nigga watch that pussy cuz the next nigga jacking off in aisle 5 by the lays chips sectiong waiting to fuck that dobbystyle when she putting them bags in her trunk .how i know you ask? im dat nigga in a 4 xl fubu t-shirt that spends all day at wal mart waiting for your bitch to check out then i give it to her rough.


    this country is done by the end of the year the dollar will fall and usa economy will collapse

  • JFranks

    16 tracks? Impressive. Well, it should be.

  • Life Accordin' To Dutch

    ..and i quit tryin to make a point to Delusional Nas fans abt his mostly lack of greatness...these same nigz will say dum shit like Jay "had" a run..dummie u on a Jay post talkin abt the most anticipated album of the yr featuring Jay-Z..Nas aint had an anticipated album since "hiphopisdead" which feat JAy..idiots..and before that he had been washed up too..Jay was still winnin..fuc yall been at..Nas concerts be damn near empty and he boring as shit...fuc all these Nas fans be at..still talkin abt illmatic when half yall wasnt even listenin to rap back then..i was..and guess what..he didnt run shit then either..Big came and took the crown..Nas never had a run..he had a season..them are very different things

    • Anonymous

      THE NaS/JAY-Z BEEF IS OVER. STOP ARGUING. I don't even like 90% of Jay's post Reasonable Doubt stuff and think NaS is alot better but come on... This is just stupid.

    • comachonvargas

      LSN Who cares about sales and being someone else's boss [and Jay was the Def Jam CEO NOT Nas' boss btw]... look @ CREDIBILITY in the rap game... Nas took the crown of NY with Ether no doubt... Jay was trying to hold back tears when asked if Ether was a hot joint on Hot 97[the very station that blackballed him - check out Angie interview]... Memph bleek told Jay point blank that Nas got him after hearing Ether once... you see that nas/jay interview with Sway where they got asked about Ether/takeover? Jay calls takeover a figure four leglock like he delivered the death blow... then Ether comes up and the conversation immediately ends [Nas calls it a napalm bomb and jay looks uncomfortable as hell] Did Jay no harm? Has J responded directly to another diss since Ether? NO... the old jay would have wrecked some dudes... the post-Ether jay took lumps from cam, jim jones, game, dame, beanie, DMX, prodigy etc... please People say ether is all name-calling... jacking big lyrics? em toasting jay on renegade? jay trying to hop on classic Nas tracks? jay taking the blame for un rivera's stabbing? jay first coming up with foxy and jocking the firm? jay's shady business tactics and disloyalty? MUST BE ALL MADE UP... morons The greatest thing about ether is that it had EXACTLY the effect Nas wanted it to... it shook up Jay and thrashed his ego and he has not been the same emcee ever since Btw... following Ether Jay claimed Nas owed him royalties since he 'brought his career back'. Nas response was 'you going to give me royalties for Takeover? How you going to diss someone and claim they owe you something when you respond? What was I supposed to do roll over and die? YOU HAVE TO LIVE WITH ETHER FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE

    • Lsn22s

      At the time, Nas seemed like he was really goin in on Jay...but in the end, Jay still wins...the Nas diss NEVER even SLIGHTLY affected his sales, popularity or otherwise, hell, he eventually became Nas's BOSS...and Super Ugly was easily the most vicious diss in that battle, Nas cracked jokes but Jay had more REAL shit to say about him...people try to make it seem like Nas killed Jay in that battle, it's soooo NOT the time it was pretty even...I even remember going to a show that year and a couple of artists asked on stage "who do yall think is winning this Jay & Nas battle?" the crowd was slightly in Nas's favor...the two artists on stage were like "Damn, this is the only place we been that sided with Nas on this one"....that was a Red n' Meth show by the's easy to look back at it and say it was a win for Nas, but it was really a David vs. goliath thing...everyone likes to see the underdog win, and Jay was the biggest dog out, so a lot of folks took their dislike for Jay's position at the top and joined it with support for Nas just because Jay was super-mainstream and Nas was kinda falling off at the time....if you listen to all of their disses I think Jay had harder bars by far...I understand a lot of folks love to hate Jay, but in reality Nas did him no harm, he just came back harder than expected so people latched onto the spectacle...sad but true

    • comachonvargas

      DUTCH Nas mostly lacks greatness... you see even though Nas' catalog SHITS on Jay's all day Jay should be considered a legend sure... but really? Nas has 8+ platinum albums, 20 million+ in total albums sold, the greatest hip hop album of all time, 4 classics, greatest diss record ever, probably the most sampled/influential artist ever, I could go on and on And as far as being anticipated... what kind of promotion does Nas have? NONE? What kind of mainstream exposure does he have? BARELY ANY... Jay is constantly striving to stay in the limelight hopping on whatever track he can with whatever rapper/producer is hot at the moment... and Jay owes so much of his career to Kanye it ain't even funny... Blueprint/BP2/Black Album highlights are tracks produced by Kanye, and WTT is almost exclusively Kanye production Hov needs constant promotion and bitchmade trend-hopping to stay relevant... Nas stays in his own lane WITH NO INDUSTRY SUPPORT and has two of the most discussed singles this year MITCH Greatest songs in the beef? 1) Stillmatic freestyle 2) Ether 3) Eye for an eye freestyle HOV got smashed even though Hot97 was blackballin Esco at the time... please

    • MITCH

      @NAS ,have you heard 'takeover'?? jay pretty much threw Nas' career in his face , so really, its more like this takeover >>>>> NAS' whole career

    • NAS


  • They forgot a King

    *shrugs* No Nas...

  • Life Accordin' To Dutch

    "i played Chicken with a MAck Truck/Yall muhfuckas would've been moved"...I cant believe its nigz in 2011 that dont believe American Gangster was a classic...its unbeleivable..where do yall live at..def not Chicago and who tha fuc is still trying to compare Eminem to anybody in the game who is relevant..i dont giv a fuc how many he records he sells..that boy been washed up...and when exactly did Jay lose a step or KAnye..last i checked Ye' dropped a certified classic..what u fucs who continue with these dumass arguments dont understand is..classics are not crowned by #dirtybackpackers..they are chosen by the street..them records that u hear whole neighborhoods bangin is classics..whole cities..when u walk up in the club and nigz is playin whole albums..them are classics..not that bullshit that u only play in yo basement when u by yourself...they are certified...

  • Anonymous

    Kanye and The Neptunes producing one and the same track? Ill!! Not quite pleased with two Swizz Beatz tracks though. By the way: 16 tracks? I did expect less than that.

  • ItalianJob

    One name: Mike Dean. Pay attention when you are reading

  • Fuck This

    Bad Meets Evil is KING!!!

    • Vic

      Look I love eminem and royce but to be honest with you BME was pretty bad by their standards, they used good rhyme patterns and their flow was on point but they talked about utter nonsense most of the album. People need to realize there is alot more to lyrical ability than just good rhyme schemes, you have to be saying something with those rhymes and thats why I already know I would rather listen to WTT than BME

    • Barisua Kenneth Ngbor

      Yeah, lyrically, No one is on Em and Royce's level, but production wise, i think Watch the Throne will be better. 70% of why we buy hip hop albums is because of lyrics not BEAT !!!

    • Anonymous

      well said dojo! cannot compare em styles way different.. if you talkin pure lyrical ability tho, first dude was right

    • dojo

      you cant compare these two one is so lyrically driven and watch the throne is feel good music

  • Mr Flamboyant

    Eh... I hope it's decent.

  • G


  • Anonymous

    this shit has to be dope. expectations are gonna be way up though, hmmmm

  • That Nigga In His Basement

    You foolish blind SHEEP! I only return to warn you of the lies and evil these two are feeding you! The evidence clearly reveals Kanye West and Shawn Carters devotion to the elites and how they are working in conjunction with the PUPPET Drake to harness the power of the underground rabid mole people of the Disshytdefgonbehot Kingdom! The signs are too OBVIOUS! Notice the track called "Welcome to the Jungle." Waka Flocka Flame had a similar line in his verse on the track "Fuck The Club Up." Club rhymes with Rub. My ex girl use to give some damn good back rubs before she left me for my weed dealer. She probably given him hot sensual rubs while getting lifted on some good ass trees now. Now I'm broke, bitchless, and can't buy kush. BITCHless? That's my BITCH?! These facts and flawless research scientifically prove These two only plan to consume your souls so the elites can harness the power of the underground rabid man-eating mole people! Seek the truth you SHEEP! WAKE UP!

    • Freemason 33degree

      god damn kuzen u right,what about niggas in paris i know john travolta had that movie krakers in paris where they fought al-qeada or more precisely al-ciada ,jay somehow must have connected the dots when he was promoted to 7 degree freemason how i know u ask ? i was there i was the one that fucked him in the ass to move up two levels,we let kanye pass 3rd degree by giving the whole room blowjobs then we made him eat our assholes.

    • Anonymous

      I wanna smoke what you got!

    • LOL

      This site is off the charts sometimes. I swear.

    • Anonymous

      Your name serves you well. That's why no one gives a fuck what you have to say.

  • Da1

    Something tells me this album may be the worst album of both these dudes careers. It will still go platinum though just off of hype. They might push out a hit or two but I don't think the album will be on legendary status, cause thats what cats are expecting. However this is jay-z and kanye west so who knows?

  • 0mg becky look at his butt

    yeah the cover got some weird secret shit in it

  • Gooch burr burr

    they paid big money to some italian designer faggot to design that crappy ass cover ,fuck man give me photoshop and ill do better for 100 bucks

  • Jack Merridew

    at least they have mike dean kanye west this fag can't hold a candle to this musical genius

  • Wacko23

    Illest Motherfucker Alive (prod. Southside, Kanye West & Mike Dean* Shout out to Bricksquad i see sizzle got a track on there

  • Edwezy

    Where the fuck is D.J. Premiere? I've been waiting three damn albums for him to put his cuts that he did with Premiere on there...its starting to piss me off

    • bad kid from a good home happen 2 primo...maybe his sound is not what kanye's looking 4 right now...i know kanye adding production like how he's doing on this album with the other dudes coulda been great with primo beats...who know's maybe he'll work with him on the solo joint like that...

  • released hook

    niggaz in paris look at us we black n rich we the niggaz in paris on the eifel tower screaming why 2 niggaz gotta have all this power ha? we the dark skinned niggaz in paris ha we the dark skinned niggaz in paris

  • we outch here mah nigga

    im def downloading this shit,aint gonn give more money to these sell out niggaz but im'a bump they shit and burn 10000 copies and sell em 5 a pop ha ha ha fuck kanye west and jay z illuminati take it in da ass for success niggaz

  • G

    Damn! only one RZA joint.

  • shane

    Any one else thinking that for this shit to be a so called new "classic" kanye would have to be close to the same level as jay z lyricaly or he'll just b carrying him. And from all the knaye songs i've ever heard he's always been a slightly above average rapper who says funny shit. Like i'm not trying to hate but for it to be as good as it should rather than be on his latest shit jays gonna have to be close to reasonable doubt status(obviously not content wise just overall greatness wise). only reason i expect that is because this cd's been hyped like the miami heat. But meanwhile lyricaly kanye's never been at that level his whole career.

    • bad kid from a good home

      ^^agreed. kanye is def an avg 2 above avg rapper n jay hasnt performed great thru n thru an album since black album...but i think 4 this record 2 be succesful cuz i doubt it will be a 'classic' they both have 2 execute the concepts of the songs excellently n the production has 2 be great...i think the production is gonna be the thing that shines more than the lyrics cuz it did on mdbtf n that is kanyes best produced album in mines n hella people opinions n the sound on wtt will probably just be an extension of that which means great'll def be jay's best collab album if anything n i hope its better than his last few solo's

  • Hip Hop Head

    What?! They been hypin this up for so long and its only gonna have 10 tracks?!

  • Anonymous

    Watch the throne..$WonDough$ gunnin for that spot

  • Right On

    i dont give a fuck about watch the thrones bullshit jay-z is sick kanye west is a faggot straight up. I JUST WANT THAT JAY ELECTRONICA RELEASE!!!!!!

  • buckeyewu

    I was excited to see the RZA and Pete Rock working on this project. HOWEVER, I'm more excited to see that Mike Dean's name is attached to several of these tracks.

    • buckeyewu

      Damn Jo, I had not idea he was involved with Dark Twisted... That explains a lot. Dude is right, Mike Dean is like the Dre of the South. Actually that could be said about most of the old Rap-A-Lot producers. John Bido and NO JOE are legends too.

    • joe

      yea mike dean and jeff bhasker are a huge reason why my beautiful dark twisted fantasy came out as good as it did

    • keys open doors

      ^^^^true shit that white boy's mixing is incredible he's like down south's dr. dre when it comes to his beats were always good so im hella excited bout that 2

  • Nick Crookshank

    Niceeeeeeeeeee! He decided to cut Bruno out.

  • Anonymous


  • ezduzit...

    looks like livin so italian is off the album...niggaz on that got 2 sit in on the listening session said it was 1 of the best songs played smdh...probably couldnt get sample clearance...i think w/ the production line up n the descriptions ive heard of sum songs n samples that r being used its gonna sound a little like mdtf n maybe tba which r sonicaly 2 great albums...i just hope it aint all beats n theres sum substance in the lyrics not just money clothes n hoes which im sure is the topic on quite a few given the song titles n what weve already heard tmb n ham particularly...their both better than that...all in all its probably gonna be 1 of the better rap albums 2 drop in 2011...all the rest steady getting pushed back...dont compare an ep 2 an album wtt is an album theve been working on 4 months now so it more than likely will be better than hell which was put 2gether in short time i believe if they worked on a lp it wouldve been great n much better than what was released...but thats just me

    • ezduzit...

      niggaz in paris was titled originally that shit i was def. right about living so italian being off the album now...i hope they release it whatever else didnt make the cut like a good fridays type thing or another good marketing idea 2 build up anticipation

    • ezduzit

      no its not...niggaz in paris is an original title of a so italian sampled opera song con te partiro n had nothing to do with it on forum there was a link in the news bit about the listening session jay held a week n a 1/2 ago

    • lol

      name got changed to niggaz in paris

  • LoL

    what did they change the name of livin so italian to again?


    shit want get no play in the ride just being real

  • Tha Real

    You can already tell this'll blow that bullshit Hell: The Sequel out the water. Tired of that whiteboy's corny obvious one liner metaphors and his nasally screaming. This'll surely make up for that bullshit.

    • keys open doors

      no i actually didnt son...thats ur opinion of eminem thats point was the comparisons...u missed that? yes? no?...allow me 2 clarify...i wasnt talking about any artists in particular after i said what i said bout the albums n the 4 artists...u see it now? i was talikg bout the fans who always compare other artists n albums with their narrowminded view of what hiphop is supposed 2 be not letting them do them...never spoke about skills or lack there of...expanding hiphop is necessary n is happening already just like it happen to rock...rock was dying in the 80's n there was different 'genres' of it then til grunge came then n exploded n sold then that died out n alterntive became popular so n so forth..point is let them do what their doing as artists...if u dont like it dont buy it dont even download it illegally support it in no way...other than that dont compare n dont complain...ur opinion is just yours tha entitled 2 mine

    • Tha Real

      ^^^ homeboy, you must've missed me sayin CORNY OBVIOUS ONE-LINER METAPHORS AND NASALLY SCREAMIN. Em's transparent lines and lack of creativity in sound isn't gonna expand hip hop. Sorry.

    • keys open doors

      wtt is an album...hell is an ep..1 is out already the other isnt...thats where the comparisons should stop...2 different collaborations 4 different artists...i dont get it?? is it cuz they all rap they should be compared....yall really gotta let this genre of ours expand sum like rock has n stop being narrow minded..thats the same reason why all the rappers talk about the same shit cuz the fans r narrow minded if u switch a lil bit ur 2 pop or ur gay all of a r crazy now a days

    • BILLY

      the funny thing is no matter how great this album is, eminem stans will still say hell: the sequel is better, and they'll pinpoint/nit-pic every single flaw to try and prove that, ....#losers

  • IDK

    The production list sounds appetizing....but why so many producers in one track?? Oh well...with so many ideas in one track, the production better be fucking top-notch awesome, or else it'll be a huge disappointment if the beats suck ass.

    • Nick Crookshank

      I don't think another album will reach MBDTF's production. Not in this decade at least. That album was ten years ahead of the rap game. It deserved album of the year.

    • Eddy

      Kanye has a big production team, if the production is half as good as MBDTF's then i'll be a happy man.

  • Eddy

    Neptunes, RZA, Mike Dean, Kanye, Q-Tip, 88, Pete Roc, No ID and Swizz? Sounds promising. (I know Swizz is usually wack as fuck these days but the work he does with these two always seems good.

    • flyerthanuravg.

      heard a swizz was a banger...thats all i can say...wasnt even supposed 2 hear it...if that was an indication of what the album standard is than the other tracks r just riduculous n probably hotter than his production

  • anonymous

    Jay-Z on a RZA and Q-Tip track pure madness

    • 7 deuce n a quarter

      thays the same shit i said...finally jay is getting around 2 working with guys he shouldve done tracks with in the 90's in his n their hay days respectively...if wtt aint good i'll be shocked...i hope it has replay value 2 not just a hot 1 right now like how both they last albums was 2 me

  • Anonymous

    gonna be some mc hammer poprap shit not one track that kanye produced himself

  • Anonymous

    who Mike Dean... he all over this joint.

    • IDK

      I love Mike Dean's production in the early 90's when he was producing a bulk of Rap-a-Lot's albums. A real legend of Houston hip-hop production.

    • Christopher English

      Mike Dean is one of the Legends who've done a lot of work for the Geto Boys and Rap-A-Lot

    • The MG

      He used to produce a majority of songs for Rap-a-Lot, alongside NO Joe.

  • Anonymous

    Kanye should go back to his college drop out days.

  • flyerthanuravg.

    i dont know hat all the hate is about seems juvenile but i can say that i heard 1 song mixed n allthat off this album n that was a banger...n dude askig why do rappers still get neptunes beats why not? plus its neptunes n kanye n theyve never collabed as far as producing together which should be real interesting especially if chad hugo was there 2 cuz pharell by himself can get whack sometimes...anyway i think this can be a great album hasnt been much of anything dropping this yr so i anticipate this cd

  • Angel Xavier De Peña

    Why are rappers STILL getting Neptune beats?

  • drPHiiL

    I wish they added Talib Kweli and had Hi Tek produce a song or 2.or..3

  • Dj

    What iswrong with you people? How can you hate on this when no real official single has come out yet? Stop bein fuckin haters. Id admit that kanye is different at times and didnt really like his 808s album. But if he sounds pop sometimes it doesnt matter cause hes an ill producer and jay-z well hes top 5 dead or alive. Reply haters, i have all day you cunts

  • fourohone

    88 keys produced No Church

  • yawn

    Yawn. People saying Hell The Sequel is shit is pretty retarded.. First Off... Its not even an ALBUM. Its an EP. And they were not even planning to make this EP. They just made some tracks and suddenly it became an EP. Besides.. That faggot with that 1 eyebrow thinks that lighters is the best song??? Thats the worse song.

  • Gary Rue

    Guarantee that WE ARE YOUNG track has a sample of PAt Benatar from Love is a Battlefield 'We are young , no one can tell us we're wrong" . That's what I'd flip for that title !

  • Tools

    Busta Rhymes can effortlessly spit one verse that eclipsed anything either of these tools have ever done.

    • Busta

      fucked his part up on Look At Me Now when he was performing it at the BET awards, he ran out of breath.

    • ultrakid

      bustas a f*ckin clown, plus jay already beat him when they freestyled back when they were in high school....NEXT

    • Ddot

      I've seen him do it live on several different occasions over the course of 10 years...i didn't watch that BET shit (cuz BET is all a bunch of demeaning garbage)...what happened?

    • Busta

      can't do that shit live, the BET awards proved that.

  • Ddot

    Godfuckingdamnit. I'm fed with this goddamn 'ft. Otis Redding, ft. Curtis Mayfield' bullshit. those are TRUE music legends, and neither would ever allow themselves to be a feature on your fucking shitty album, you talentless douchebags. Stop disgracing the legacies of legends who have passed. You are taking a filthy dump onto their memory.

    • lol

      the feature tags while boost those artist older albums sales. people will not have to worry about asking whose voice is that a sample of, since it clearly says it.

    • hey

      hey faggot ddot, you know they do that for legal reasons right?

    • Mu

      Wow... Jay-Z and Kanye West are TALENTLESS?? I don't agree with the features tag for songs that simply contain samples of soul singers, but to say that Jay and Ye don't have talent is pure fuckery. Let me guess, you're like 45, right? Bitter old fuck

  • Daniel Gregory

    And for all you lame haters saying Hell: The Sequel will be better than this album I'll have you know that this album will include MORE tracks plus it will come in a beautifully designed gold accented case unlike Hell: The Sequel. Another thing this album will do better is the fact that it features two superstar rappers( jay z & kanye) collaborating as opposed to just one(eminem) on Hell the sequel. Nobody knows the other guy Royce 59 whatever his weird name is. Lastly the only good song off Hell the sequel was Lighters! The rest of the songs were unintelligible meaningless fast passed songs. I couldn't even understand what they were saying. Smh

    • Barisua Kenneth Ngbor

      Eminem>>>>Jay z. Royce>>>Kanye. Kanye is only a genius producer, Jay is a mediocre lyricist who bites lines from other MC's !!!

    • George Lafflin

      How did you get cute girls to posse with your unibrow goofy ass. and if u don't know who royce is then like the guy above me sad you know nothing about hip hop. royce was just as good or better than eminem on that whole album, just because eminem is better known and sold more doesn't mean anything. if that was the cause people like gucci mane wouldn't sell a damn record and groups like immortal technique would be platinum sellers. but people today don't know shit about good music.

    • Anonymous

      says the faggot with justin bieber in his display picture, why is there so many little gay boys on this website these days? where they come from?

    • Donny Dickshinski

      no make fun of someone when you just fucking creeped on a random persons likes on facebook

    • marcus vick

      bro i looked at your facebook page and all of you likes are honestly the gayest things i have ever seen fuckin rihanna, gucci, britney spears, lady antebellum, twilight, and justin bieber... i don't know if it's a joke or not but it is still gay as hell. plus your posing with 2 ugly ass bitches and you have the bushiest eyebrows of all time. anyways hell the sequel was meant to be a lyrical display not a pop album. royce is well known and respected in the rap community kanye and jay are good too but that doesn't mean it's gonna be better. you are just one unibrowed dick sucker who likes to suck jays balls while you finger kanye up the ass

    • wow

      i agree there's a lot of faggot ass haters in here, but you're just as bad, what the fuck do you mean "no one knows who Royce 5'9 or whatever his weird name is"? you obviously don't listen to that much rap, and shave your monobrow dude.

  • Daniel Gregory

    I "fucks" with the track list presented above. I'm glad they're including more than 10 songs on the album plus the 4 bonus tracks. OMG and im totally loving the exclusive packaging for the Deluxe Edition. Definitely going to worth the money.

  • Anonymous

    no one cares if you like jay z kanye or like it in the ass listen to jbird and revive hip hop

  • Mandy Sandy

    hahaha! look at all these niggaz hatin. diz album'z gon b a classic and one of da best of da year. way betta than feminem and hiz man whore who u cocksuckaz keep praisin. jay-z! and kanye r da best rappaz in diz rap shit. they love da hate and they use it 2 put out some of da best muzik n history. u faggotz can scream "gay-z" and "iluminati" and "gayfish" all u want, but dat ain't gon stop them from makin hitz and money! they'll b here 4eva bitchez! and stop hatin on h.a.m. dat shit iz classic. give em propz 4 killin a lex luger beat betta than say, pussy mane. lol. once diz album drop, u betta hide yo kidz and family. shit'z gon take ova and will kill fag meetz homo on da chartz! just watch! RNGMB BITCH! WATCH DA THRONE > FAG MEETZ HOMO!

  • Jefferey Mason


  • Aria

    This is gonna be shit man... Kanye can't rap at all... what's his issue with all this luxary wanna-be creative stuff he's been putting out lately. This shit sucks ass, get back to HipHop motherfucker. And wtf is wrong with Hova? You for real? HAM was straight shit... Bad Meets Evil punched the shit outta this duo... Look out for Detox and Nas' album, fuck kanye west

  • gutter man

    of course beyonce had to be on it- cornball ass suckaz with the golden food tray cover from a rich old white dudes dining room

  • Powerphi

    I'm dissapointed that H.A.M. made the album, and That's My Bitch is not the most tasteful song that I've heard.

    • Ceasar

      yeah h.a.m i admit wasn't jigga's best song, but that's my bitch was the shit. And like the dude above me said, its only a bonus track so if you don't like it then pay less money and get the original you dumb fuck

    • it's

      only on the deluxe version as a bonus track, if you don't want it to be on your copy get the regular edition. Fuck, it's not that hard.

    • Anonymous

      That's the thing. Some people really believe "taste" and "hip hop" can't be synonymous.

    • Mu

      I hope ur joking dude... if not, if you want "tasteful", go pick up an Adele album. This is HIP-HOP

  • Nick Crookshank

    This album was gonna be dope as fuck, but due to Eminem & Royce beating them to the punch, we're satisfied. I mean I'll still cop it, still listen, but it's gonna have to live up the The Sequel.

  • Greg Hunter Jr.

    This should be amazing. But I do find funny that Frank Ocean is on track with the words Church and Jesus considering the fact how OFWGKTA attacks Christans and they're all aetheist Lol but it should be amzing 2 hear I just hope they paid attention to Eminem and Royce da 5'9 on their album. watch the throne should be best album of the yr.

    • drPHiL

      Not everyone in OFWGFKTA are athiests Frank ocean believes in god and so does Mike G some other members idk but the rest are athiests but it IS kinda wierd how hes on both songs that are religion related

    • Greg Hunter Jr.

      Isn't that a good thing they Bruno cokehead Mars off the album? He's not good anyway. But anywho I'm tried of ppl hatin on these two sure Jay has put out some lack luster albums and Kanye last twp albums weren't worth the $$ but Jay has the record for most #1 rap albums:11 Made 3 Classic Albums: Black Album, Blueprint 1, and Resonalbe Doubt. And went toe to toe with alot of rappers n no Nas didn't destroy the guy Jay puted a hella of a fight with the take over. Jay is Mount Rushmore with Big,Pac, and Big L. Kanye on the other hand is very well crafted in my opinion. But his personal issues have affected his music badly. But seriously how many of yall brought College Dropout, and Late Registration? @ great albums Kanye isn't goin win the most lyrical rapper award but he's an amazing talent that produces (most copy the way he do it) and raps. So please STOP HATING instead give them the benefit of the doubt because its you all who are still goin to buy the album. N let hate replies begin in 3 2 1

    • 1700 or Nuthin

      what amazing is these wack motherfuckers left his gay-intercourse mate Bruno Mars from his album. im predicting the average reception will be 2.5/5

  • 1700 or Nuthin

    Gay-Z vs Gay Fish? Its some Lil B shit now!

  • lazyass

    buying the bonus just for the joy..... pete rock all day

  • gutter man

    i'm about to put Bad Meets Evil up my ass if anyone wants to watch, then I'm going to get it jam it up there more with a Eminem branded dildo.

    • gutter man the real one

      Let me apologize, that dude was the fake gutter man, the real one (me) is about to live stream a circle jerk while listening to Recovery if anybody wants to tune in!!!!

    • gutter man the real one

      that gay ass comment by some piece of shit wasnt the real gutter man. the real gutter man dosnt make weird gay comments caue i aint gay like that dudes father.

  • Hiphop aint coming back

    this thing aint gonna be shit

  • $$mik

    we haven't heard one official release from the album and its dissapointing? hmm

  • Chicasal

    This thing has disappointment written all over it.

  • Anonymous

    more money more pop crap!

  • Jake

    Bad Meets Evil > Watch The Homos

  • Vanno Davis

    sweet baby jesus will be my favorite song i can feel it

  • gutter man


  • Fuck That Shit

    Bad Meets Evil bitches!!!!!

  • kaos

    Stop reading too much into a goddamn track list. Who knows if it will suck or if it will be fire? Geez.

  • Waka Flocka Flame

    Yall niggas waitin on some big time disappointment. Kanye n jay album gonn put niggaz to sleep.,,, thise niggas soft as charmin toilet paper n thT will show on this joint. Y'all niggas need to cop my mixtape-> Salute Me or Shoot Me 2. Belief that

    • I choose....

      shoot you

    • gutter man

      Daniel Gregory is a cross dressing gay man and this will be the highlight you say- yeah, the highlight of your gay orgy soundtrack. frat boy.

    • Anonymous

      Waka, we are missing you on RYM. Come back bro.

    • Daniel Gregory

      You're wrong Buddy! This album will be a highlight of 2011 and will hopefully include world-class lyricism and diverse themes and motifs. Kanye always delivers high quality material and I predict this project will be no different

  • Jerz Inevitable Success Davis

    How the fuck is Frank Ocean on 2 tracks no 1 really kno who dude is shit is weird. Sounds like its gonna b dope tho, it sure is gonna sell alot of tracks. CHECK OUT THE MUSIC

  • Anonymous

    imma kill myself when the album drop

  • Anonymous

    i knew HAM wasn't gonna make the official cut, it still go hard doe

  • Anonymous

    expected The Joy to be on it from the beginning. Definitely one of the best 5 hiphop songs released last year no doubt

  • insider

    this album will be straight cheeks ... watch

  • Bmoreborn84

    Y'all that are on here typin real tough huh? Bottom line is that jay n nas are both the truth. PAC n BIG.....the truth. They all fabricate mad shit, that doesn't mean they arent all hip hop legends. I will cosign rhyme sayers tho. RA, freeway, apathy,etc are some of the illest goin right now. Real talk tho,comment on the music and kill all that tough guy bullshit on ur computer. Come on cuz, y'all actin immature for real. BALTIMORE CITY= realest city on the planet

  • Anonymous

    sounds like a shitty album but dont worry jbird is takin hip hop back from the white man, oh shit what? jbird all up in that ass

    • Anonymous

      How you gonna talk shit on them when they're making millions just by mentioning an album release while you're on Hip Hop DX trying to promote your shitty music on soundcloud? Bitch, you can't even AFFORD YOUR OWN WEBSITE. THE FUCK OUTTA HERE. JUST GO. DON'T EMBARRASS YOURSELF FURTHER.

    • Brian Andrew Smith

      HAHAHAA, this shit was fucking terrible.

    • Anonymous

      that would piss me off if this wasnt on a jay z/kanye news post and you didnt look like justin beiber with less body hair jbird gettin all the way in that ass cant stop wont stop eh eh eh eh

    • Donny Dickshinski

      J Bird is a horrible CT rapper.. just stop

  • drPHiiL

    Nas,Talib Kweli,Jay Electronica,Lloyd Banks & J. Cole would be good features on this album..... atleast 2 of them i dont see the banks one happening but i can dream lol

  • Daniel Gregory

    "Niggas in Paris"? I'm guessing Jay Z was the one who crafted that title. It doesnt sound like something Yeezy would title one of his tracks. Regardless, this album is going be to exquisite and well received by the masses. Much love to Yeezy and Jigga

  • Dennis Reese Champer

    I find it strange that the 2 tracks Frank Ocean are on both seem very sac-religious

  • Weird Nigga


  • Mr Flamboyant

    Hope this album is good. For some reason the title "niggas in paris" cracks me up. It says so much without saying a lot. Can't be mad at that. Just give me a good product. That's all I ask. (patiently waits for Greneberg to drop next week)

  • Anonymous

    This album will be great. The rest of you can continue on with who you think is better, me, I like diversity.

  • Anonymous

    Wow Dr. Dre, ANOTHER album ready to be shipped by Kanye and Jay. Where Detox, LOL!

  • Just please stop bitchin

    THEY BOTH LEGENDS. Now everybody shut the fuck up about who you wish ya daddy was damn. They both squashed the beef on stage in front uh millions, yall keep the shit alive isa low-down gah-damn dirty mothafuckin shame.

  • Vic

    This is missing "Living So Italian"

  • Anonymous

    Finally a Mr Hudson feature on a Kanye song. Hudson may be a goofy white British guy but he is a hell of a producer and a singer.

  • kuku

    damn, why only 10 songs??? that shit better be from heaven

  • Life Accordin' To Dutch

    Niggaz who say Nas discography is better than Jay's are HIPHOP illiterates..what city or planet is that true..Nas has whole dud albums in his whatever time a Jay album was niggas be dreamin this shit in yall heads and say it because you want it to become fact one day..yall makin up Jay classic lists without American real Jay fan would think abt doin tht shit..Nas made a double album that went wood and sounded like boo boo..Jay double album got classics on it..Jay records got classics on em'..all of them..even KIngdome Come got The Prelude..and Beach Chair..fucouttahere..if Jay had as many wack albums as yall say..he would've been dead..instead he on top..still makin hits..real hits..not fabricated history..put Jay top 25 songs up against Nas top he even have a top 25..

    • Anonymous

      You all fail because it's music and not worth debating like you're scholars of something. You like Nas? Cool. You like Jay? Cool. Both made hits. Both made shits. Move on, you fucking tweeners. Go do something productive.

    • Mr Flamboyant

      Oh yeah...Shout out to the homie comachonvargas above. He put it the best and I ended up echoing everything he said. The thing that kills me is Jay-Z is the biggest Nas stan/dickrider ever in life. He wanted to be dude. He wanted dude to big up him forever. Then he turned around and dissed him for attention... hell he went and pursued his baby mama for yelling out loud. That's some fag ish truthfully. But why the debate bad..."debate" with who is better between the two is always a mystery to me. It's not even close. Not to take anything away from Jay-Z...he's a definite as far as the hall goes cause he's good at what he does... well what he did originally. Now...the nigga is a great businessman who is overstepping his boundaries in the game on the mic now. Hopefully dude is hungry as Swizz says on this album. But Swizz is a dick rider so...

    • Mr Flamboyant

      LOL at this dumb ass nigga Dutch. Since when is American Gangster considered a classic? Because it came after a damn coaster/weed plate/frisbee known as Kingdom Come? He should have been purged and faced lashes with a scourge and hot iron for dropping that and the rest of the post Black Album bullshit. Street Disciple wasn't a proper double disc album...hell really none released ever are. Jay Z can say the same as well running on us with that double disc full of fillers and trash. One CD and you have a solid album. That ish was doo. Jay Z wanted Nas to be on Reasonable Doubt and damn near every release up to the Blueprint where he dissed him. We all know how that resulted...LOL!!! The title of the song that blazed him became a gatdamn verb. (Damn... you got ETHERED!) Capital P said it best on his Hail Mary freestyle about Jigga... "Nigga we been selling records back when you was suckin Nas' dick to get a verse on your first album"... Boy the number of blind sheep walking the world is pitiful. Illmatic is the GOAT hip hop LP and It Was Written kills a LOT of competition and even all of Jay-Z's albums. Go make up your bed, you stupid nigga.

    • Kill

      Nas when be considered the G.O.A.T. when the time comes...he's better in every aspect than Jay.

    • Chris

      Jay-Z was murdered when Either came out. Nas is lyrically better than Jay-Z, has better albums then Jay-Z, and overall is one of the best, if not the best rapper alive. I like HOV but Nas is 10 times better

    • comachonvargas

      Dutch said: 'does Nas even have a top 25?' I do try to respect differing opinions, but really? You jay stans thought Hov would last forever and with some good reason... he had quite a run for real... but everything post-black album has been average [AG] to sub-par [BP3] to straight weed plate (KC). But Nas? Put Illmatic and It Was Written against any two CDs of any hip hop artist in the history of the game. Nas practically invented the term CLASSIC with those albums... but where was Jay? Oh thats right... he was sampling Nas' voice and giving the firm props while trying to get on ANY Nas record he could And people dreaming that Nas is a legend? Ask Jadakiss, Styles P, eminem, kweli, j electronica, snoop, kanye, FUCK ASK ANYONE... Nas is a GOAT contender for real And you need to get real about Jays catalogue... Vol3/BP2/BP3/Kingdom Come are weak and American Gangster being classic? Please... Jay used the Frank Lucas concept to convince delusional stans like yourself into believing his triple beam pipe dreams... Jay is hanging at bar mitzvahs and doing corny Jamaican accents [Young Forever] while Nas is getting back with Raekwon and Mobb Deep Jay has straight GARBAGE verses on his resume as of late... Monster? So Appalled? HAM? Oh how about i do it for hop hop with Nas and Luda? Listen to that track and tell me who takes it... Luda shits on Jay and Nas calls himself the greatest ever while Jay drops some bullshit half-assed MC Shan impersonation... utter wackness And for the record... Jay is the biggest closet Nas stan of any emcee living... but god knows he would never admit it after GODSON dropped that napalm bomb and the whole ROC was running like roaches

    • Special Ed

      Blah blah blah is all you keep blurting out... Classic this, Top 25 that!! That's your opinion, but you haven't shown how Jay's plethora of songs surpasses Nas' diamonds... In my opinion, Jay does popular music that one can dance to in the club and all that, music that's easy to rap along to, music that's easy to find, and music that's friendly to the ear... Nas challenges you ear, his music is complex and one needs to sit down to understand it... You may even need a dictionary or go back to the history books to get his message... In conclusion, Jay is for the easy-going, relaxed, party-type people who don't want any trouble (this generation's B.I.G), and Nas is the professor, his music teaches you something, it queries everything you ever believed (This genernation's KRS, Chuck D, mixed with some Tupac)... That is my opinion... I love both artists and listen to them both... What I'm trying to tell you is this, stop hating and embrace both artists... You may learn something.. They stopped beefing a long time ago and you still on this???? lol

  • r

    Alot of rhymes on this album will have been ghostwritten... believe that

    • Anonymous

      If you really believe no one has ghost written for kanye, I really feel sorry for you

    • Life Accordin' to Dutch

      "go sit yo stupid ass in the corner"..who tha fuc would Kanye or Jay Z let write for them..such dummies

  • wttdrop

    New Tracklist: 1. Lift Off 2. Niggas in Paris 3. PrimeTime 4. New Day 5. Living So Italian 6. Otis Redding 7. No Church in a While 8. I Can't Stop / Spazz / Murder to Excellence 9. Sweet Baby Jesus 10. Love You So Deluxe Edition Bonus Tracks: 11. H•A•M 12. Power (Remix) 13. The Joy 14. That's My Bitch

  • Anonymous

    This newage rap shit is such a fad.... it won't last very long

  • 2pac is a clown

    2pac is a clown ass nigga who needed to diss the greatest emcee to ever spit on the mic, the Notorious B.I.G. How niggaz believe he spits the truth are either deaf or brainwashed to believe he's the best just because they live on the west coast. Fuck Pac, that nigga named himself after a satanist (Machiavelli is synonym to evil, check out some of his philosophies). Enough of the YMCMB bullshit too. Just because I don't listen to Pac doesn't mean I like YMCMB or radio rap for that matter. Rhymesayers spit the truth. Also let me spill the truth out on your favorite conspiracy theorist rappers Vinnie Paz, Immortal Technique and Lowkey. All of them are frauds. But that's another story.

    • Ceasar

      Pac was the greatest of all time, without pac there would be no Eminem, no 50 cent, no lil wayne, and NO HIPHOP. and your talking about 2pac was fake and biggie wasnt?, biggie was fat ass bull shit rapper, he talked about he wants to go to hell. Pac was the greatest hands down, if you dont agree with that, then you can go fuck yourself

    • nignog

      fuck biggie and tupac, rakim was/is the goat manugguhz

    • Homietowa

      Yeah fuck you Clown, u are a bitch for sayin that shit homeboy... Tupac = a very talented actor and universally adored Rap Icon. Who the fuck are you?

    • Ramiro

      Lol calling Pac fake when Biggie was one of the fakest out there. Shoot at two cops then you can talk about what's real and what's not. I guess Brother Ali is also a fraud with his Uncle Sam Goddamn. Rhymesayers is sick though.

    • Anonymous

      If you were born in 96 you cant talke about a rapper that was in their prime before you were born. Additionaly, simply summing Tupac up as a gimmick rapper proves your age. Tupac is revered world wide, not just in the westcoast lol. Tupac is your favorited rappers rapper...

    • Sikander Kahlon

      Fuck U Muthafucka... PAC was the best.... Biggie Was A Faggot...

    • LiQuid

      I agree most of them rappers are frauds!

  • aarontodavis

    I hope dis is worth it cuz I didnt really like BP3 and thought my beautiful dark twisted fantasy cud've been better so I hope dey bring it..dnt dumb it down, put out wateva "commercial singles" u got to but 4everything else, go hard. I feel like sometimes dey jus rap jus to rap and arent as hungry and creative as dey used to be..Hopefully dis albulm will live up to its "title" cuz right now Wayne's got da throne lol (musically and lyrically but there r others who r coming up)

    • aarontodavis

      808's & Heartbreaks isnt nothin to brag about either lol its betta than Rebirth but definetly Kanye's worst work..I agree Kanye's the better artist but he's lost a step..Wayne makes so stupid music but still has hard punchlines and always makes hit songs. Ppl r anticipating tha carter 4 as much as Watch the Throne, we'll jus have to see who sells more

    • Anonymous

      REBIRTH, MY NIGGA. REBIRTH. That's all the evidence I need to prove Wayne is shit. "He didn't go hard lyrically." Kanye NEVER has 'gone hard'. When's the last time you've heard him just put on a drum line and went off? NEVER. He crafts stories, not "LIFE'S A BITCH SO I FUCK IT DAILY" line that you consider is 'going hard'. The fact that you're going off of what MTV says makes you that much less credible. Tell you what, go suck off a shotgun till it cums in the back of your throat. How's that for a metaphor?

    • aarontodavis

      I'm not sayin dat Wayne is da better artist than Kanye (cuz he's not), Im sayin right now he's on top..every true Kanye fans knows dat Kanye aint da same rapper dat made great albulms like College Dropout, Late Registration & Graduation..MDTF is a great cd wen it comes to production but as far as lyrics and songs, it's not great. Ye barely went hard on any of his tracks and jus featured like a billion ppl..Lyrically, Wayne's punchlines, flow & metaphors on no ceilings was jus ill..U proly didnt like it cuz u cudnt comprehend his punchlines becuz even other rap artits & MTV (panels) said No Ceilings was mixtape of the year wen it came out

    • illmaticbridge

      @aarontodavis Sorry, but in no way is wayne slightly musical, let alone compared to Ye. Regardless of what you have to say about ye lyrically (and i do think he is superior to wayne in the sense that ye actually has some strung together, thoughtful verses that add up to a complete song, unlike wayne who throws out completly unrelated punchlines), it is simply undebatable who is a more musical artist. Ye is an incredible producer, and the soundscape on mbdtf is surreal and untraditional. and by the way, no ceilings was trash

    • aarontodavis

      MBDTF dropped last yr.Wayne dropped 6 foot 7(if u dnt think dat shows any lyricism or dope flow, u dnt kno wat MURDERING A TRACK REALLY MEANS) end of last year and it blew up dis year..He hopped on Ace Hood's Hustle Hard and look wat big dat record got? hopped on Kelly Rowland's motivation, look how big dat record got? Then he also hopped on I'm on one too (even tho dat song didnt really need him) wen Wayne hops on songs, dey instantly become "commercial hits"...tha carter 4 is prolly the most anticipated albulm of the yr..if u think Wayne aint lyrcial, listen to no ceilings or any of his past mixtapes and da new 1 he's gonna put out

    • Wu-Tang Forever

      Sorry but you lost me when you used the words "Wayne" and "musically" in the same sentence without mentioning Kanye...

    • Mu

      Wayne's got the throne musically and lyrically? Did you hear the beats on MBDTF?? If you think Wayne's on top lyrically, your standards for lyricism are pretty low

  • ke sahn

    i felt so inspired by what my teacher said he said id either be dead or a reefer head im not sure if thats how adults show speak to kids specially when the only thing i did was speak in class ILL TEACH HIS ASS

  • ready to die ?

    Living So Italian will be the best track on the album.

  • ke sahn

    Im tired of people riding tupac's dick like he the hardest person to ever walk the earth. Pac went to art school, he aint as thug as everybody make him out to be, he created a character like alot of these other rappers, he wasnt all thugged out before he started hanging around suge. Pac aint never robbed nobody or sold no dope, he wasnt a criminal or a gangbanger. he was in fact a genious and a political activist but yall niggaz need to quit wit that bullshit like Pac was hollyer than thou. like everything he said was absolute. fuck outta here. pac aint god and niether are any of you other stupid motherfuckers so quit all this fuckin illiminati talk. cant u see thats some shit the kkk want us to believe, black people cant ever be supportive of eachother, always hating on the next nigga,

    • Anonymous

      realest shit i've read in awhile. ppl need to realize in order to really pay homage to the man, they have to tell the truth about him so we can learn from them. i think he would want that bcos he believed in telling it as it is and not sugarcoating stuff. as great as he was he had some faults and i bet if he could do alot of stuff over again, he would do it differently.

    • Anonymous

      Again, now that alot of time has passed, and Tupac is dead, it is so easy to pick apart his legacy, a tradition that often backfires when logic is applied. Yes, Tupac went to a prominent school. No, Tupac was not a gangbanger. Yes, Tupac saw more trouble around Death Row. No, you do not know all of what he went through before that. Yes, he was a political activists. Yes Tupac was an actor, thats a no brainer. No, Tupac was not fake, he was a rapper/entertainer, something alot of your favorited underground punchline rappers cant wrap their heads around.

    • yeeepp

      ^^ co-sign...ppl dont realize pac was just an actor, a very very good actor, but still just an actor...infact thats what made me a fan of his was when i first saw him in JUICE ,not his albums, well except for "Me against the world"(that was a classic), but other than that i liked his movies more than his music, The thing that makes ppl say pac was "real" was because he got shot and lived through it(the first time) but no disrespect to him but those are facts...RIP

  • framed

    Inspired by Basqiaut my chariot's on fire everybody takin shots hit my body up im tired build me up to break me down then build me up again they like hov we need you back so we can kill ya ass again

    • Knuckles

      LOL at the ^^^ Roc la Familia was a banger? OK. See that's the description of any LP that is very damn suspect and you can't explain why you like it or consider it nice. A banger. Nigga that CD had about 5 good moments on it. The intro. This Can't Be Life. Squeeze 1st. Soon You'll Understand. Daddy Where Have You Been. Yeah... that's a banger all right. BP3 was ass. Kingdom Come. ASS. American Gangster. Half ASS but ASS cause it was depicted as a concept album. I do agree with your vol. 1 statement... the songs on there that were great were great... the wack ones were supremely wack. Whatever.

    • Anonymous

      @comacho how many guys who have put out as many albums as is have quality cd's. no not all were classic but ppl 4get the hits he had on vol 1. a million and one, imaginary player, streets is watching, friend or foe 98, who you wit, face off, where i'm from, you must love me. i admit kingdom come was wack but black album and roc la familia are bangers. and bp3 i don't think anyone calls it a classic but its an ok cd

    • comachonvargas

      Guy above: Jay has the best discography? WOW I will concede that RD/Blueprint/Black Album are classics with a few not-so-great tracks here or there... but Vol1 was kinda weak [remember I know what girls like?], vol3 was REAL weak it just got a pass because of big pimpin, blueprint 2 was nothing special at all [Jay still smartin from ether on the title track], Kingdom Come was LAME [no explanation needed], and BP3 was SO overrated [Young Forever J? Really?] Sorry to say but Nas' discography eats Jay's alive, not too mention that Jay's best CD was quite arguably inspired by Illmatic... actually... Jay's flow was very much inspired by Esco... and It Was written is better than ANY jay CD

    • Anonymous

      It's safe to say that Jay-Z has the BEST discography within Hip Hop.

    • Anonymous

      Exaclty, one of the most well-rounded discographies ever.

    • Mu

      Thanks for writing out a few bars for all the Jay haters out there... I gotta think that anybody that hates on Jay is 20 and under cuz from what a remember, Jay has had a damn good run in terms of putting out consistently solid albums.

  • Anonymous

    im buyin it, fuck it,want that deluxe cover, got a mean cd collection

  • jake4.0

    dey coming out wit condoms cool!!!

  • god body

    in the words of joe budden "we got less fans & more critics" lol. every comment on here is pure internet thuggin

  • fuck jayz

    cant wait to download this and burn 100 copies sell em 5 a pop in one day

  • Anonymous


  • Pancho Villa

    Nice Aug 2nd realease means ill be bumping this in approximately 2 weeks :)

  • Anonymous

    Eh, this will be a good download to play for a week or two before it gets tired. Jayz/Kanye West havent released solid albums with replay value in a loooooong time.

    • Anonymous

      Anonymous is completely right. People call albums classics nowadays because they some have a few really good songs, but as a whole they're average and forgettable. You find yourself listening to 4 or 5 songs all the time.

    • EddieMurrrphy

      i'll take graduation over 808's and heartbreaks any-fucking-day of the week. maybe late registration too. i never jerked off to that album like most nerds did. if you were diggin maroon 5 back then, you deserve a swift kick to the sack of junk

    • Joe King

      hah @ thinking MBDTF is anything less than a top 10-20 hip-hop album of all time. also at the idea that Graudation isn't his worst album. TCD and LR are great...I'd put them in the top 100 or so of all time towards the bottom. Also this album has a song called Living So Italian...AOTY confirmed.

    • Anonymous

      @ Mitch This album is gonna kick butt but based off HAM i dont think it will be better than MBTDF

    • Anonymous

      @ Mitch - Youre naming single songs. Im saying they dont release replay worthy ALBUMS. Dark Twisted Fantasy was some metrosexual rhymes about shopping and bullshit I could care less for. Yeah, the production was top notch but the actual songs were forgettable. I listen to everything these guys put out and the only albums I would call classic from these two are Reasonable Doubt, Blueprint, American Gangster, Black Album was almost flawless, College Dropout and Graduation. The rest of their albums are pretty predictable and forgettable.

    • mitch

      My beautiful dark twisted fantasy is a masterpiece ,also you say jay hasnt released a solid album in a long time? every single from Blueprint 3: DOA= grammy , run this town= grammy, empire state of mind= grammy ,on to the next one= grammy ...sounds pretty "solid" to me, maybe not by hip hop standards, but musically/commercially, its a winner. and Watch the throne is gonna be better than both of the albums combined

    • Almar

      Dark Twisted Fantasy aint Replay worthy?

  • Ramanath Jha


  • Ramanath Jha

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  • J.T.

    The track titles scare me a bit. I support Jay and Ye but the song titles make it seem like all they will be talking about is Money and bitches which is of course OLD ASS NEWS. I dont got a problem with having 10 songs as long as its at least 45 minutes or somewhere around that. Lyrically these guys need to murder this shit and make everyone forget HAM even existed.

    • Mu

      1. If you REALLY listen to both of these guys, you'd know that they have way more to offer lyrically than "money & bitches" 2. As a fan of hip-hop, you should know that the song title does not have anything to do with the quality of the music. When you pre-judge an album based on song titles, you're REALLY reaching for something to hate on

    • Joe King

      Naw those song titles are perfectly fine and some are pretty funny (Living So Italian, Illest Motherfucker Alive). It shouldn't really matter anyway. Names don't matter.

  • this

    shit is going to be fucking crazy, can't wait.

  • Anonymous

    dey talkin bout watch da throne haha please ymcmb got dat shit on lock runnin da radio where dey outdated shit at lol h.a.m? nigga baloney lol

    • Mu

      So... you think that good music is what gets played on the radio in 2011?? What are you like 10?? hahaha

    • Anonymous


  • Dopefiend

    H.A.M. was shit i don't think the album will be that great

    • Joe Frasier

      If you read the track list and heard what Talib Kweli said, you should not be worried if you didn't like HAM(I didn't), because that song is nothing like the actual album.

  • da1

    I wish there were more songs on their, Atleast 14. It's like one song more then a EP. Both guys have more then 12 grammys, both are consitant with platinum sales. The expectations will be high. This should be on a Speaker box/ Love below level.

  • anonymous

    haha i like how shady gets all the hate for doing a song with bruno mars and these guys do it and it aint so bad..... its aight tho im a fan of these guys hopefully jay steps his game up tho i kno kanye will be dope after MBDTF

  • Mr Flamboyant

    Man I have a feeling this LP is just gonna be a bunch of delusions of grandeur and wackness. Hope that I'm incorrect. But Jay-Z has been a fail musically since the Black Album (Kingdom Come and Blueprint 3 were supremely wack, American Gangster average as all get out) and Kanye makes overhyped and extreme albums with his best songs omitted from the release (Chain Heavy, Mama's Boyfriend). Late Registration > MBDTF. I just hope it's nice. I'll get it a chance and hope that it's worthy. No words for the cover. It is what it is. Not bad but not good either.

  • ILL

    If yal hate these niggaz so much why do yal bother clicking on the article and then type paragraphs about how much yal hate these niggaz?

  • Jack Merridew

    ahahah bruno mars and that bitch beyoncé they should make love together and give birth to a bunch of rats they're like the worth thing that happened to rap with backpacker rappers, skinny jeans trend and that lame fuck david guetta

  • Lsn22s

    Good to see some official info on this, will be a day-one purchase right there...trying to cop that deluxe version myself. I honestly think the cover art is kinda dope, the gold cover with the intricate border design? That makes me think of royal shit like crowns and thrones...I mean, what do you guys want, it's a damn cd would be dope if it was some sort of metal case with a raised design, at least that's what I'm hoping, although metal might be a bit much...

  • nuc

    that album cover looks like the cheap plastic tiles you put behind kitchen sinks,,,,,,

  • Tempoclash

    wow that album cover is rank!

  • Christopher Currie

    they need to reach out to: Big daddy kane, KRS-One, Rakim, slick rick..

    • Jack Skill

      Naw, Kanye & Jay need to hook up with MF DOOM & Madlib/Madvillain, Pete Rock, Edan, Wolf Haley, Hodgy Beats, Q-Tip, Mos Def and Nas.

  • Anonymous

    i have a question. so all you guys saying they're apart of the illuminati, what's your point? so what do you want ppl to do? rise up and overthrow them? what are you all doing in your lives? how much money are you making? what are you doing to fight this "evil" you all talk about all the time. you say we need to wake up and see the light, ok fine. once we see the light, then what? lmao. niggaz trying to diagnose shit but aren't providing a cure.

    • Anonymous

      but i don't buy any of their records. so what else is there to do? how will me boycotting them make my life or my ppl's life better? i've read books about all the ppl u mentioned above. why don't you go read about the illuminati. despite what you think they are not devil worshippers. please tell me exactly what makes the illuminati so dangerous. please give me facts and not rhetoric. thank you

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    You people who are complaining about Bruno mars...c'mon now I know you know better than that. Bruno Mars and Beyonce are only on the first track. Hmmm I wonder what that means. Its obvious they're only gonna be contributing to the hook. Have you ever heard a singer do anything more on a Kanye track? Besides Brandy maybe. You people are acting like Bruno Mars took over the whole album. Just let Kanye do his thing. He knows what he's doing a lot more than you haters. That's why he's pushing 6 figure whips and you listen to his CD in your corolla

  • The Ice Cold Phenom

    "That's My Bitch" is kinda dope. I'm surprised it didn't make the standard album package.

  • Eddy.

    Pretty poor artwork, I could have done that on Microsoft paint. August 2nd is fine by me though, surely people didn't actually believe the july 4th rumour?

  • Anonymous

    In before the Illuminati comments.

  • Ryan Schultz

    First of all bad meets evil was solid an had some pretty good moments lyrically..... if history tells me anything watch the throne is going to be legendary!!!!!(if you dont like jay an ye why are you on a page about their upcoming album. i dont understand hating in the first place let alone going out of your way to do so.....)

  • Anonymous

    Sigh people are clueless... NO, Jay and Kanye are not getting the idea from Bad Meets Evil and vice versa. BME was formed in 1999 but announced their EP AFTER the Jay/Kanye. So niether really copied. And to the people calling the BME EP wack.. you don't know hip hop.

  • Kaycee Dike Swizzson Blood


  • The Terminator

    since it seems they're tryna copy Bad Meets Evil, they should name themselves, Fad meets Ego!

    • Siyabonga


    • G

      LOL your a fucking idiot, this is an LP, Bad Meets Evil was some wack side project, Eminem will never compare to Kanye so go kill yourself for comparing the 2 based on a tracklist.

    • lol

      are you fucking serious? this was announced before that shitfest you call "bad meets evil" you fucking stupid stan, go hang yourself

  • bola

    CHECK IT OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • TC8989

    I Have The Royce And Em Ep Already Surprised You Guys Dont *Shrugs* Its Pretty Dope Not Amazing But Good Bad Meets Evil>Watch The Throne easy tho both projects wil get overhyped and disapoint any1 who knows better imo

    • FuckAllYall

      BME shit`s on anything these 2 dummies can make, kanye sucks, and jay lost it, fuck outta here with this bs cd that was sposed to be released last year ..why you think they keep pushing it back, the lyrics are straight doodoo

    • Anonymous

      Bad Meets Evil was wack as fuck, this album will be at least 500X better.... if you think Bad Meets Evil was even okay you're stupid, Eminem sucks

  • Austin Heath

    ...Bruno Mars?

  • Why?

    Why is it that every time I come on this site I have to see these two ugly muggs faces?

  • Guest5900 We Killin It - Barton Block "Like" us on facebook @

  • Madd-Moe

    Errr. its Gonna be H.A.M !!

  • Anonymous

    New tracklist: 01. faggot money ft. Drake 02. brooklyn money 03. chicago money 04. don Jay and don West ft. Bono from U2 05. i have big guns and money ft. Rick ross 06. i'm a hustler with a lot of money 07. we like money ft. Lady gaga 08. we like money remix ft. Guci Mane and Wacka flocka Flame 09. its all about guns and money ft. Justin Bieber 10. h.a.m. (hard ass money) ft. Wiz Khalifa

  • Anonymous

    we've been waiting for this shit for this long...and theres only 10 tracks? what the fuck man. 2 dudes like that could easily make a disk with 18-20 songs

    • !

      Whether it's a label decision or not, I think short albums are better, more efficient and there is no place for average songs. I prefer a perfect 10 tracks album than an unequal 15 tracks album.

    • ?

      But we're talking about jay-z, no label is going to tell him what to do

    • Johnathon

      you probably don't know this but most major labels these days won't let you make a album with more than 13 tracks.. Thats the reason albums are so short now and days.

  • Hmmmm

    So many Jay z stans it makes eminem look unpopular on site. Jay z has Been horrible for how many years yet still gets worshipped. I remember listening to him on the carter 3 and Wayne produced some of his worst verses of the album and i thought "Jay will destroy him here" and he produced a equally horrible verse. Also on swagger like us, I hope he enjoyed getting pounded by everyone else on the track. Most overrated MC of all time Jay is.

    • Anonymous

      LMAO @ Jay being whack. He still goes over your head.

    • Anonymous

      Lol Jay is so wack now. Its embarassing. RD = Classic Blueprint = great but apart from those.... And people in the comments saying the BME EP was wack?? And then say they're going to look forward to Jay-Z and KANYE? Sigh...

    • Anonymous

      Yet and still you clicked on the shit to read about Jay....Ain't nobody forcing you to listen or read about Jay if you don't like him that much don't fuck wit him dick head

    • Raw Business

      Why you talkling like Yoda?

    • Anonymous

      No he is not, but he sold his soul to the illuminati, those that direct and control the small percentage of the hip hop which you hear on tv and these various other outlets. These artist's receive big promotional and finacial support just so they can hold a dominant influence on society, popular music and culture. Keep the people blind making the young hip hop nation their newest slave.

  • Mu

    You got damn internet nerds need to stop it. Imagine Jay-Z and Ye feeling like they have to copy what Em and Royce do, GTFOH. Here's a thought... what if both projects are both dope??

  • Anonymous

    I love the way this is supposedly copying bad meets evil when it was clearly in the works before bad and evil was even brought up. Hopefully they aren't copying bad meets evil though because it was horrible.

  • coleworld

    judging from these track names theyre all going to be like H.A.M. wtf is this, release some real hip hop, not some young money-like bullshit.

    • nunya

      How many fuckin red bulls you drink before you posted that dumbassness? How in the living mother fuck can you tell they all sound like ham by the name of the tracks? WTF is this Obvious Day at Camp Stupid. So many fuckin retards in here I don't even know what to say.

    • Anonymous

      The internet made them feel important.