Kendrick Lamar Confirms His Appearance On Dr. Dre's "Detox"

The Compton native reveals he has several confirmed spots on Dre's mythical album and explains their musical chemistry.

Kendrick Lamar has revealed that he will make several cameos on West Coast veteran Dr. Dre’s oft-delayed album Detox. Speaking with MTV News, the Compton, California native shared the news and explained that he and Dre have a unique chemistry in the studio.

“Me and Dre, I want them to hear it on Detox. I’m confirmed, a few times,” he revealed. 

On the musical side, Kendrick says that they bond with one another over commonly shared experiences in having a similar background.   

“I mean, as far as the music, we’ve got a chemistry in the study that’s matched to me. Alongside with the music, we just talk about stuff, talk about life in general. Because it’s a side of Dre that the world never seen before, which is really my story and my life that I’m putting out in my music,” he continued. “And I think that’s why we clash together so perfect, because he sees a good kid in my city the same way he grew up. So we can talk about certain situations that he never talked about. I think right there, it’s a blessing to me to have a personal relationship with him, not just the music.”

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