Kendrick Lamar Confirms His Appearance On Dr. Dre's "Detox"

The Compton native reveals he has several confirmed spots on Dre's mythical album and explains their musical chemistry.

Kendrick Lamar has revealed that he will make several cameos on West Coast veteran Dr. Dre’s oft-delayed album Detox. Speaking with MTV News, the Compton, California native shared the news and explained that he and Dre have a unique chemistry in the studio.

“Me and Dre, I want them to hear it on Detox. I’m confirmed, a few times,” he revealed. 

On the musical side, Kendrick says that they bond with one another over commonly shared experiences in having a similar background.   

“I mean, as far as the music, we’ve got a chemistry in the study that’s matched to me. Alongside with the music, we just talk about stuff, talk about life in general. Because it’s a side of Dre that the world never seen before, which is really my story and my life that I’m putting out in my music,” he continued. “And I think that’s why we clash together so perfect, because he sees a good kid in my city the same way he grew up. So we can talk about certain situations that he never talked about. I think right there, it’s a blessing to me to have a personal relationship with him, not just the music.”

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  • ox

    am sorry nipsy is wack

  • ox

    I hope he doesnt put weskilifa or some young punk on this album. whenever this joint drops, i it might not sell that much here in America, it will be big in Europe and Asia.......I put money on it


    WHO? that why the shit gone be wack

  • Evan Nielson

    Bring in Warren, Kurupt, Daz, in the vault Nate Dogg verses, Soopafly, DJ QUIK, and call it done. Fuck Jimmy Iovine. Dre stays sucking his cock.

  • Evan Nielson

    Kendrick is cool, but where the fuck is Dom Kennedy? Nipsey Hussle? Jay Rock? Dre is slipping big time on the new west artists. Snoop was right in his radio address the other week. It takes a combination of the West's ol school g's with the new school hype. From everything we've heard, it sounds like Detox is going to be an Eminem/Dre fap sesh with pop artists.

  • yugang

    Im more excited for kendrick lamar's section 80 album than detox. Dre might have all the control over k. dot's vocals for detox but im sure as hell glad that he DOESNT have any control over kendrick's own music. I hope kendrick is smart enough NOT to sign with aftermath and stay indepedent building his brand like tech n9ne did. If the supposed dre-produced records actually make it on section 80 then im good. That'll make up for detox

  • Nate Gawd

    Andre's son isn't on the album-- he overdosed. Nice job, "Dad." Now go take your testosterone, human growth hormone and steroids and lift more weights you fucking fraud.

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    News, News, News: T-Pain confirms his appearance on Detox. HAHAHA!!!

  • Nico 3

    Confirming and actually being on the finished product are two different things. I'm sure hundreds of people have recorded songs for this mythical masterpiece, but in the end, most won't see the light of the day unless their name happens to be Eminem, Snoop, 50, Jay, or Wayne.

  • QiD Ent

    New freestyle up. Check it out. This is fire!!!

  • javon

    Who the fuck isnt on Detox...might as well call it DR. DRE RAP WORLD COMPILATION ALBUM

  • Its Um

    It's funny that all these artists saying they're working with Dre with this project, the only people that I've seen in these Detox videos are Em, Snoop, and those artists who sang the hooks. A lot of these artists needs to stay quiet till it has a release date and when its release, cuz the songs they did for Dre could easily have been cut, if ain't on their album then its ain't worth mentioning.

    • Anonymous

      Its what they do to keep themselves relevant! Think about what this interview is actually saying. "hey im on detox". And? Dont go that road KDot. the industry is really over dre. lets get some new kdot though. this dre dude HURTS new artists these days, not help.

  • Good luck kid

    because that shit ain't ever coming out... better hope to earn a spot on the next Dr. Pepper commercial.

  • Anonymous

    New Exclusive shit: The Essence (Nick StoneR):

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