T-Pain Announces That He Will No Longer Use Auto-Tune

Singer/rapper T-Pain to ditch auto-tune for new sound technique he calls "The T-Pain Effect."

In what may be the most shocking Hip Hop news of the year, singer/rapper T-Pain announced earlier this week that he will never again use the highly popular, vocal manipulator auto-tune.

Instead T-Pain explained that he will now use a new vocal technique called “The T-Pain Effect.”

"I vow right here, right now, to never use Auto-Tune again," T-Pain explained to AllHipHop.com. "I'm onto something that I think is bigger and better called 'The T-Pain Effect.'"

Although auto-tune has been around for quite some time T-Pain played a vital role in bringing the technique into mainstream Hip Hop.

T-Pain is expected to go into more depth on what exactly “The T-Pain Effect” is on June 7th at the Electronic Entertainment Expo. He will be working directly with audio technology company Izotope to develop the sound. 

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  • Jared

    he said in an interview that he hasn't started doing the T-Pain Effect yet.... He is still doing Auto Tune but he will stop at the beginning of 2013. rEvolvEr was not The T-Pain Effect.

  • Anonymous

    The T-Pain Effect = AUTOTUNE!!! Same damn thing you've been hearing for the last 5 years! It's an attention grabbing hoax ppl.. rivaled only by Y2K and May 21st Doomsday

  • Evan Nielson

    Ugh. T-Pain is such garbage now. I felt Rappa Ternt Sanga and Epiphany. Ever since then, all he has put out is garbage. Especially his new mixtape. Besides about two songs, that shit is straight garbage. T-Pain needs to stick to auto-tune and focus on being an R&B singer. His "rap" is bland and unbearable. Tallahassee flow? At this rate he's gonna be like Young Buck, on the corner selling blow.

  • (yup) this nigga swinging yall

    tpain effect and autotune = the same damn thing there's probably a 2% pitch difference This is like when vanilla ice said that ice ice baby and queen and david bowie's under pressure were completely different songs...

  • YeahYOU

    Fact: ROGER TROUTMAN USED AS A VOCODER not auto tune. Auto tune is a cheap short cut for guys like t pain with no skill to play an actual instrument and sing in key (i.e. TEDDY RILEY) oh let me guess "fuck roger troutman" "fuck teddy riley" "your a hater"... Who fuckin cares if you dont wanna hear it dicklips. T pain exemplifies everything wrong with music right now. He gonna stop using auto tune for the t pain effect? yippee :/ this was nothing more than a plug for his new venture...he running game and from the look of the almighty internet muppets...yall are fallin for it hook line & sinker just like you do everything else. hip hop hooray

    • Anonymous

      since you probably never heard t-pain sing with his real voice, I'll not call you a dumbass! but the dude can really sing!

  • chickenrahmin

    if any of you even knew what autotune is, you'd know that it's not a technique and that he's never gonna stop using it. it's used mostly for pitch correction, a way to fine tune vocals and make sure they are perfect. creating the effect he uses is Abusing it, not just using it. so if he's going to stop doing that, cool. saying he's going to stop using it all together though is just fucking stupid. his producer and studio engineers would never allow it.

  • Meh

    T-Pain? At E3? Is anybody even gonna pay attention to him? LOL That and thanks for the misleading article...

  • da1

    I only clicked on this to see if he was going to start singing with his "REAL" voice. I guess thats not going to happen.



  • Nico 3

    There are only so many ways you can distort your voice.

  • JMT

    fuck tpain either way hes gonna suck and he always will, fuck auto tune, fuck new era hip hop.

  • Jose Vasquez

    How is this the most shocking news when he's just going to use some other shit? I agree, Nate Dogg was a thousand times more serious than this shit. He will never be Nate Dogg by the way.

  • Anonymous

    Pretty sure this new 'effect' will sound just like auto-tune, just might have one small difference.

  • Jeremy Orr

    Im seeing a few negative comments on here, I personally think thats good bc he aint trying to be like everyone when other rappers were CLEARLY doing what he was 1st (new era hip-hop) and ppl forget dude can actually rap a little. He sound way better IMO than some of these rappers im hearing on the radio!


    well then your fuck

  • flashpoint

    oh yippy..he's found a way to be even more fackin annoyin

  • hellrazor

    fuck t-pain, i dont consider him to be hip-hop at all

  • GEt outta here clown

    "In what may be the most shocking Hip Hop news of the year," Really? Did I miss something? I wasn't aware of T-Pain being considered Hip Hop... And Autotune is what made this fag rich, so he better rub on the genie's lamp to wish for some miracle.



  • DOA

    This Death of Autotune, moment of silence

  • nibs

    what a joke of an artist and fuck hiphopdx for such a misleading title. he's ditching auto tune for something that everyone will call auto tune because it will sound the same

  • Anonymous

    so hes making his own custom auto-tune effect and naming it after himself? hes probably gonna try to sell it and profit from the t-pain effect

  • Anonymous

    he looks like an ignorant nigga with that stupid ass chain.. guy better get the reinventin or be back on the street in no time ha

  • r

    Look at this guy, can't sing so he always tryna find different ways to cover it up. Fake ass guy

  • Anonymous

    you have to constantly re invent yourself if you want to stay relavent in the music industry which is a hard thing to do.. wasnt a fan of the oversaturation of auto tune but after the late great roger troutman, hes probably one of the other best to ever do it

  • Anonymous

    autotune with a different pitch lol

  • amp

    no news has been bigger or shocking than tha homie Nate passing, rip

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