Maino Reveals Cover Art, Tracklist For "The Day After Tomorrow"

UPDATE #3: Maino alos pushes back his sophomore LP to February 28th.

Maino has announced the release date for his upcoming sophomore album The Day After Tomorrow. Planning to drop a new mixtape before the album’s arrival, the Brooklyn, New York rapper is eyeing October 4th as the official street date for the LP.

“My album is dropping October 4th, it’s called The Day After Tomorrow,” he told Cheddar DVD. “We’re just getting ready for the second round." 

With his latest single “Let It Fly” featuring Roscoe Dash picking up steam, Maino plans to capitalize off the track’s success with the release of a new mixtape. “It took me a minute to get the right record out there, but it’s a national look for me. It’s not a local record,” he continued. “It’s a big record, it’s gonna be. We just droppin’ this week and then we’re doing another mixtape, keep the streets down and staying on cheddar.” 

Maino dropped his debut album If Tomorrow Comes... in June 2009. The LP spawned the single “Hi Hater” and the platinum-certified “All the Above” featuring T-Pain.

(June 2)

UPDATE: E1 Entertainment, formerly Koch Records will release The Day After Tomorrow with Maino's Hustle Hard Music Group imprint. Maino released his 2009 debut, If Tomorrow Comes... on Atlantic Records. The two labels will reportedly work together on this release. Atlantic and E1 have previously partnered on releases from B.G. and Juvenile.

(July 5)

UPDATE #2: According to HHNM, Maino has delayed his upcoming album The Day After Tomorrow to January 31, 2012. The LP was originally slated to land in stores today (November 22).

(November 22)

UPDATE #3: HHNM has revealed the cover art and tracklist for Maino's The Day After Tomorrow, now due February 28th.


1. Intro
2. Never Gon’ Stop
3. Make That Money
4. Nino Brown
5. Need A Way Out (featuring Mista Raja)
6. Unstoppable
7. Gangstas Aint Dead (featuring Push Montana and Mouse)
8. Cream (featuring T.I and Meek Mill)
9. Let It Fly (featuring Roscoe Dash)
10. That Could Be Us (featuring Robbie Nova)
11. A Dream
12. Heart Stop
13. Heaven For A G
14. Messiah
15. Glad To Be Alive
16. Day After Tomorrow

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  • Fish

    Definitely lookin forward to this one> his first album was great and his mixtapes are even better. Fuck u if u dont like Maino.

  • mr718

    His debut aint sell that much but it was a good album but remember he had a Platinum selling single that made up for it and Hi Hater was the biggest song that year!!! Now this album I already heard like 3 bangers it gonna sell cause nowadays only big names sell so I wouldnt consider him a failure but if he cracks 75-100,000 that would be impressive... So stop hating cause he be doing mad gutter music still and joints for the ladies... #NYALLDAY

  • Nico 3

    No doubt this will be his last album. It's one thing to have consistently low sales, but still have a buzz (Ace Hood), but when nobody talks about you, and your album's been delayed forever, it's time for a mercy killing.

  • benny negro

    i guess he couldnt afford the lil wayne verse on cream

  • Anonymous

    maino a real nigga ill support him till the end he dont need loads of big name features like some people

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • WU

    Is anyone actually buying this? Last time he did 18,000, this time he will do about 5000...You need to create a fanbase before you put out albums or they will always flop.

  • Anonymous

    I don't know about maino. I've only heard one good maino song and that was off the smack video it wasn't that great but it was bettter than that shea Davis song

  • Anonymous

    cover looks like a cover for a album of love ballads. this doesnt really look gangster maino

  • Anonymous

    Juve lost his mainstream career when he stopped working with Mannie Fresh and started with his new producers but most of them were very influenced from dance/electronica music and that isnt really that popular in the US.

  • dentaldamboy

    This guy would MURK Jay-Z in real life or on the mic. Jay-Z doesn't want it with any rapper that has talent. Jay has pretty much lost every battle in which he has been involved. Th truth is hat Jay ain't shit. He makes simple rhymes for little kids. Who do you think listens to garbage like Yung Forever and On To the Next One. Those are some basic songs. Jay hasn't made a good album since Black Album. But most of his fans don't care. They don't pay attention to the music at all. They just like him cause he's rich. All Jay Z fans are a bunch of gold-digging bitches.

  • So Icy Boi!

    I forgot ma dads fav hip hop album Chingy - Jackpot. YOLO swag

  • So Icy Boi!

    dis nigga Maino is da best rappa from New Yorc. dis album gon be great but not classic. YOLO swag best classic albums: 1. Gucci Mane - The State vs. Radric Davis 2. Waka Flocka Flame - Flockaveli 3. Soulja Boy - The DeAndre Way 4. Lil Wayne - Tha Carter IV 5. Drake - Take Care 6. Nicki Minaj - Pink Friday 7. Birdman & Lil Wayne - Like Father, Like Son 8. Gucci Mane & Waka Flocka Flame - Ferrari Boyz 9. Lil B - I'm Gay 10. Tyler - Goblin

  • Mr Flamboyant

    Young King seems very pissed. Why? I don't know. It'll be alright, nigga. Maino just isn't that good. Actually he's not good at all. He doesn't make good music. He's a real right dude from what I've seen. He's a good stand up cat. But that means nothin as far as your mc skills to show and prove. I'm glad he's not one of these industry niggas seemingly. But a few others aren't either and they have skills. He doesn't. (shoulder shrug)

    • Young King

      Naw i'm not mad at all why would i be mad.. it's not like the nigga pays my bills.. i'm just tryna get a point across like dudes always got sum'n to say an they be talkin like maino is really the whackest rapper outta NY it's like c'mon.. u serious b? but it's whatever i'm sure maino will grow an get better it's just gon take some time.. i mean tupac wasn't dope when he "FIRST" came out but now look he's easily top 5 an i'm not comparing i'm just sayin.. another example joe budden when he 1st came out.. WHACK, now he's easily top 5 DOA..

  • Young King

    WOW.. so many hatin ass motha fucka's haha you niggas keep sayin maino is the worst rapper from NY.. niggas MUST, have forgot about mims, red cafe, french montana, diddy (has ghost writers, jim jones haha yea gtfoh.. i bet most of you bitch asses are judging his music solely off of fuckin "Hi Hater" that's one record bitch, his debut album was dope.. i'm glad to see a real nigga make it in the game who don't bow down to the industry bullshit. this album should be dope, i already heard a lil bit of "gangsta's ain't dead" that record is tough.. but yea you fuckin internet dudes crack me the fuck up knowing damn well not na one of you pussies would say shit to that man's face. so stfu an go hug a cactus faggots.

  • Anonymous

    no shade to maino though. ive never really checked his shit out so i cant judge

  • Anonymous

    can someone tell these dumb ass hip hop fans that being real does not automatically make you a good musician.

  • gasface

    A 37 year old rapper coming out with his SECOND fucking Album......Interesting.....Because he's a real street nigga & has served time in the pententiary is the ONLY reason this non talent ass motherfucker has a deal with Atlantic or E1.....Fucking Pathetic!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Lame-o...Lookin like one of the wild hogs from Princess mononoke in that album cover pic...


    now that crazy real music now i'f it was some gay ass youngbull with a dance he would have been in store's next week.

  • Thank You

    This guy is terrible. Lets hope 2013...

  • younet

    this guys career was over before it started...NEXT

  • Anonymous

    Dropping Nevuary 35th

  • LOL

    This guy is one of the worst NYC rappers ever, he is a disgrace to NYC and has zero talent. And lastly who the fuck cares about this?

  • Nico 3

    When E-1 delays your shit you know the ship is sinking.

  • Anonymous

    Im not hating on dude because that's not my character but I think this dude needs to really be original. He has some hits and is definitely making more money and more famous than me but to be honest, I don't think unless he makes higher quality music that there will be a good "time" to release an album! Common is coming this year, Nas, Then the GOOD music Collabo, Then Big Krit and Kendrick in 2012, Then TI in 2012, and then Wale and J.cole with 2nd or 3rd singles of the album and then probably another Jay Z and Kanye in 2012 and not to mention the other sub par rappers in between that I don't mind listening to that have more skill than Maino. That money driven only club rap is dying out now! People want more creativity and substance and sounds that people aint heard before. Then in terms of the lyrics, they want some lyricism now. It's coming back around! It's going to be a drought for wack rappers! I'm not saying he's wack, I'm just saying I don't see any true skill or a solid voice that makes me want to listen to his shit! He can make that dough and do his thing but it's just not going to change the quality of the music!

  • t

    most of u have prob only heard mainos more recent music which i think is weak too,but if u go back to 06 07 when he first was on the mixtape scene he actually had some pretty good songs that had me checkin for him for a lil bit but ever since he got that atlantic deal and the hi hater single goin he hasnt been the same to my ears, overalll he has done more than anyone would expect in having a platinum t pain single but i wish he would get back to the new york style i discoved him on,fame changes every artist it seems, even nicki manaj had a dope flow before wayne got ahold of her

  • Amboy Pitkin

    5th OF NEVER is when anyone is checking for this retard's wack-ass.

  • Anonymous

    correction: WORST RAPPER EVER, PERIOD. you're welcome.

  • Brook Dale

    WORST BROOKLYN 'RAPPER' EVER... for starters. That dude is legitimately brain damaged is no excuse-- guy should be loading UPS trucks or bagging groceries or working on a farm... that ** ANYONE ** is encouraging this dogshit is unfathomable.

  • Anonymous




  • Sensaye252

    I don't know how he got on. But he's weak. He must've done a favor for someone along the way. This nigga can't wait to take his shirt off. He's like the rap version of the fuckin' kid from Twilight.

  • Fish

    lookin forward to this album, although I prefer Maino on mixtapes than albums.

  • Anonymous

    Do even three people give a shit about this NO-TALENT ass? Maino is quite possibly THEE worst MC from Brooklyn to ever make more than one record so at least that's an achievement.

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      shut the fuck up you must of been raised with alot of money and never been threw the struggle to no what its like he is the realest in the game listen to the words dorky ass sissy


    yall saying the homie gucci wack but this dude gets a pass GTFOH

  • ano

    wow fuck all yall hatin, get off waynes dick, get off ludas dick, screw all them mainstream fake ass rappin bout nuveau and bitches wannabe rappers, maino, juelz santana, jeezy, those 2 are basically the realest in the game, untouchable, b ut ur all so caught up in the fairytale shit ur fav fake rappers are spittin ur too blind to see what REAL MUSIC is. If tomorrow comes is the best album to date, listen to floating and celebrate, dopest tracks ever

  • Ron

    Maino called Jay-Z old ass, then his album come out and sold 12k first week and never seen him in public talking about Hov again ever since

    • Anonymous

      you people are just stupid maino is the realest in the game he dont rap about other peoples life like everyone else but i bet you lames like rick ross the cop

  • Don Maximus

    It's a shame that hip-hop has degenerated to the point where faggot C.O's like Rick Frause, and bitch ass white boys like Feminem get love and respect, and a real life reputable gent like Mainie has to deal with consumer indifference... Biggie and Pac must be crying in their graves. Big up, Maino. Real niggaz who live this shit know your bars ain't fairy tales, Sun. When you drop it, I'ma cop it. Word up. DB4D

    • Young King

      Yo @Don Maximus i agree 99% wit everything you sayin man.. except that shit about Em you can't knock him nobody can..he's easily the illest rapper who's currently rapping still him slaughterhouse, lupe, cole, lamar, etc. all those cats.. can't knock Em.. an i refuse to knock maino.. he's better than ost you internet nigga's think.. his verse on "chopper down remix" killed that better than anybody. check his mixtapes an his debut album is dope niggas gotta listen.. but this is 2012 you so called rap fans these days are biased an hypocrite's an mostly "internet" thugs actin all hard when you niggas wouldn't bust a grape in a fruit fight.. so please miss everybody with all that hatin bullshit an do somethin constructive with your time on hhdx an listen to an comment on your favorite artists songs instead of taking time out of your day to hate an express your hate on the ones you don't damn..

    • Anonymous

      what the fuck is a frause? was that supposed to be clever?

    • Anonymous


    • Sensaye252

      Why is that in the "hip-hop" world, being a criminal or a ignorant fuck somehow equates to being 'real'. To me, real is someone who is themself and doesn't front like they're something they're not. These guys like Maino, Rick Ross, etc, how can they be 'real' when 90% of the time they're rappin' about their cars, jewelry, all that extravagant bullshit. You think that's real? I mean, even if they do have all those things they rap about, they're still human beings. Where the human side of it? You never hear these niggas rappin' about REAL ADULT shit, they just rap about what the dumb ass teenagers consider to be 'real', because those same listeners never been through no REAL shit. Eminem is one of the ONLY real rappers, as far as subject matter is concerned, because Eminem shows you all facets of his life. A guy like Maino or Rick Ross would never have the courage to make fun of himself or expose their weaknesses they way Eminem does. Them niggas are too drunk off their own ego to ever talk about anything except how great and 'real' they are. You never heard Eminem claim to be 'real'. You know why? Because real REAL motherfuckers never have to say it.

    • B

      Just because Manio is a real niggs don't mean he's a good rapper. He has street credibility be he's wack. I do agree with you on Rick Ross tho. It's sickening what the game has come to when the police running around acting like he the biggest drug dealer of all time when in reality he's a fat fraud. In the words of Ice Cube: "To many nigga's hustling not enough nigga's rapping"


      he can be real as they come but he wack on that mic nigga

    • Anonymous

      only IDIOTS reason in a pipe like you. there is nothing like realniggaz in 2011 homie wake ! if Nas can collabo with Rose or Jadakis can fuck with Rose who are u to judge them? Stop the narrow thinking son, get off the block and experience the outside world..this ain't 1990 anymore

    • ItsTheTruth

      So you're saying that Maino raps about the shit he lives, and that real niggas can relate to. Did you forget that almost everybody knows Eminem's life because he raps about it? His daughter, his loss of friend, his drug habits...You don't think that's shit people can relate to? Sounds like ur hating on Em's mainstream shit, but check the record books...Em's got 2 diamond certified albums, that's not a fluke. But I agree, rappers like rick ross shouldn't have gotten a pass. Neither should lil wayne for being a fake blood, and for also kissing other men on the lips. I just don't see where Em fits in, how is he fake? He's one of the realest rappers out there, not to mention in you'r favorite rappers top 5.

  • Saratoga N. Blake

    Maino is a retard; did he read ANY books in prison? Get the fuck out of here with with shit and put your goddamn shirt back on. Better watch your mowf with that "national" shit too because you gonna look even dumber when the garbage doesn't even sell five figures.

    • Anonymous

      His album flopped last time, even Ace Hood ousold him...just having street credit or criminal past doesn't guarantee success anymore

  • Nico 3

    About the only thing Maino has been doing was pretending to beat up a white kid on MTV. I won't trash his new shit till I hear it, but based on his first album, he's lacking what it takes to push him to the top.

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