Game Calls Dr. Dre The "Greatest Hip Hop Producer Of All Time”

The Compton native praises Dre for his skills in the studio.

Game is currently prepping the release of his star-studded R.E.D. Album, but his favorite artist to work with on the project was none other than Dr. Dre. The Compton, California native explained that he relishes any opportunity to collaborate with the West Coast veteran.

“The best person to work with is probably definitely Dr. Dre,” he said during an interview with FUEL TV’s “The Daily Habit.” “He’s always been like a father figure, older brother. And it’s just like going back to school and somebody really putting in the time to help you with your work ethic.”

Though he took a break from working with the former N.W.A. member, he’s glad they had their time apart. “It was five years, but I kind of think I needed the break. I matured a lot, it helped me grow. I had a lot of time to reflect on my life and my career and to go out there and do it myself,” he continued. “But being back with Dr. Dre makes it a lot easier. He’s definitely the greatest hip-hop producer of all time, and one of the best producers of all time. No disrespect to Quincy Jones, but Dre’s great.”

R.E.D. Album is slated for release on August 23rd.

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  • Anonymous

    u didnt even mention havoc fucker!

  • opinions are like assholes

    so here goes one.. not even top 5, maybe top 10 pete rock rza rick rubin Marley Marl DJ Quik DJ Jazzy Jeff Premo timbo dre stoupe

  • retarded

    game you should just suck his dick and get it over with, rap about that....

  • Anonymous


    • hah

      the same loser who actually pt JD on the list at #5 and rza at #12, Hes proly like 13-14 just got all those names of his older brothers cds but doesnt really know shit about hip hop

    • Anonymous

      Lol puff daddy is a well renounded beat thief why on earth would he be on anyones list.

  • HipHopNation We Killin It - Barton Block

  • west coast

    Dr. Dre has been producing before NWA.

  • Melvin II


  • Anonymous

    pimp c > dr. dre better at rapping, lyrics, AND production

  • kingkong

    oooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh maaaaaatttttttteeeeee ffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuukkkkkkkkkkk SWAG asss faggot its aftermath in this bitchhhhhhhhhhh

  • DeAngelo Staples

    Dr. Dre is the most overrated producer of all time. When Dre was with NWA, DJ Yella helped him laced those tracks. When he was on Death Row, Daz, Warren G., Colin Wolfe, Greg Royal help with his tracks there. Aftermath, Mel-Man. There are too many producers that helped change the musical landscape of Hip Hop to give Dr. Dre the overall greatest producer rating. If Dr. Dre is so great, why does it take him so long to drop an album and when he signed one of the greatest emcees to his label, he had to release him due to creative differences?

  • mario

    dr dre the greatest hip hop!!!What about the of cuban links , 36 chambers, wu tang forever, supreme clientele,liquid swords,iron man,tical...

    • Anonymous

      RZA had the best run and no other producer will ever recreate that.Dope ALBUMS! (not a couple of songs here and there) after dope ALBUMS.

  • ben

    Any MC who represents the west coast will say that Dre is the best producer; the same way that east coast MCs will consider DJ Premier to be the best producer.

  • west coast

    This is ridiculous. People need to really do their research before they talk. Dr. Dre has been around since the early 80's. He's been producing his own tracks, scratching-he started out as a DJ, sampling and all that. Check out the catalog before Eminem, then comment. Hopefully, you'll be more informed then.

  • Jonel 'Shaq Deisel' Howard

    Game is all over Dre man...what's the deal??

  • fuckwackrappers


  • hip hop

    go download this mixtape support real hip hop

  • G'd Up From The Feet Up

    Dr. dre is up there But to be honest I lived in cali my whole life and i wouldn't even put his as #1 from the west coast thats Dj Quik. Come to think about it I might even put The Alchemist and maybe Battlecat above him.

  • Jose Vasquez

    One the real though, Game talks like he's obsessed with Dre. Remember that track with Busta Rhymes on Doctor's Advocate, homie was crying...

    • Anonymous

      Yeah I agree, Game acts a little too gitty when talking about Dre. His CD was "Doctor's advocate". Ye something weird going on with that Fo sho.

  • b

    Why people never mention Marley Marl, practically invented that funky boom bap sound G rap, biz marky D Rakim, Master ace, Big Daddy Kane and shan's classical hip hop sound, early Tragedy Khadafi..ect

  • Rick Ross the Bawse

    Niggas on here need to get off J. Dilla's dick. He was alright but cuz the nigga dead all of a sudden all you niggas claimin he was a god. No way does he even touch Dre.

    • Anonymous

      LOL not to jump on the wagon and re-say what's been said. BUT, your an idiot, Dilla's music is great, mad unique, crafty, and brilliant. Number two, Dilla passing away didn't create dick riders, it brought attention to him in some way for a lot of people to recognize him that might not have came across him before. And that was a good thing because a lot more people could appreciate what he's done musically. Very unfortunate that his death had some way brought people closer to his music but regardless it doesn't change his music, He was a great producer.

    • Anonymous

      @Rick Ross: You sir are pussy. Jose is correct If either you, or lex died tommorow no one would care. No Tribute concerts, no critically aclaimed CD's. On the tombstone It would say " He tried his best but couldnt make the bar" That also goes to the other fags talking about dickriding a legend because his dead.

    • Lenon

      Agree with Jose. These cats are fly by night.

    • Jose Vasquez

      If Lex Luger died today, nobody would be on his dick. Trust me, there's a reason why so many like him.

  • Jose Vasquez

    Of course Game would call Dre the Greatest Producer of All Time. I have to go with J Dilla, DJ Premier, and Pete Rock. Kanye is awesome at working with samples, mastered that shit.

  • NastyNas4Life

    J DILLA! :]

  • xomen

    Wutang and RZA plus preemo all day over this westcoast and eminem producer!!!

  • G'd Up From The Feet Up.

    *edit my comment below* lol don't get me wrong Dre is a great producer, but the greatest of all time?????

  • G'd Up From The Feet Up.

    lol don't get me wrong Dre is a great producer of all time????? that title has to go to Primo. To be honest I live in cali. and imo he ain't even the best on the west coast. that title goes to Dj Quik.

  • Jon

    Y'all can debate until kingdom come whether Dre is the greatest or not, but he is the best when it comes to mixing/mastering. Take Kush as an example. Average lyrics but good beat made better as it was mixed by Dre.

  • Anonymous

    kanye best producer SWAG

  • Anonymous

    Everyone saying that dre dont produce his shit is talking out they asses. Theres more to producing then just making a beat. Even if Dre uses other peoples beats, he still touches it up and makes the song. Haters will always be haters and will never get anywhere in life.

  • rideonemjixxer

    best exectutive producer, but not producer. still D.R.e was mostly done by scott storch. i need a doctor, alex da kid. dre hs put out major artists and helped push them to stardom so for that he will always be a legend, but best producer, no. ...track for track. hate to say it,but Kanye is the best of all time. he does it all. compare track records and i promise kanye has more hits "he" produced.

    • rideonemjixxer

      actually i was never said scott storch was better, just that dre has had a ton of help so to say hes the best is a bold statent, especially from game, who says some of the most outlandish shit in hiphop. as far as kanye, in the lat decade i can think of tons of cuts hes produced. how many of dres can u name? hes a legend, yes but not best of all time.

    • Anonymous

      I need a doctor is new and irrelevant to Dre's catalogue. But aside from that I agree, something fishy with the way Dre produces, always someone in there helping him. I can't really identify if Dre produces much of his hits, definatley not on his own atleast. But as a fan no one can say that about a producer cause you will never see how it goes down. Same with Puffy, Puffy 'apparently' had something to do with some monstrous hits but who knows how much he partaked in the process of making the beat. Kanye is alright, not the best, by any means.

    • Anonymous

      You are high! Who has Kanye Blown up? Where the Fuck Storch now? Exactly!!!!!

  • dockevoc

    Dre's % is the best of all time. He got 15-20 bangers for every wack track. Best ratio of all time. Period.

    • ur stupid

      uhh just to name one, BIG - kick in the door, throw that jam on anywhere in the world and watch the crowd go nuts, fag

    • Anonymous

      These fools are blind! Most of these fools are hating on some East Coast BullShit! Young up and comers don't dream about working with Pete Rock or DJP! What DJP track is an International Banger? NONE?

  • Anonymous

    From NWA to Snoop To the Eminem To 50 cent! This Mutha-Fucka produces HIP HOP MOVEMENTS! No One Touches Dre! You people keep bringing up all these names like RZa Premo havoc and Pete Rock but I guarantee if you asked them who wasa the G.O.A.T they would say DRE! Hell even Kanye said he got his drum Style from Dre!.....................NO ONE TOUCHES DRE! and if you still wanna Argue Look at the Dudes Catlogue and All His Platnium Plaques!

    • D-Train

      Dre is a very good producer and has a long body of work but what about Sam Sneed, Mel Man, J-flexx and Bud'ha they helped him mold his sound....The Pittsburgh cats been doing it with him for a min...These cats ghost produce for him..... RZA Had a sound like no other and so does premier....More cats try to jock their style more than anyones..Personally to say who the best producer or rapper is crazy to me, I like different producer for different sounds.....

  • Anonymous

    My Top 5 are: RZA Premier Havoc Pete Rock Large Professor I can't help notice that everybody dickrides Dilla now that he's dead (God rest his soul) and that sickens me.Also no one mentions DJ Muggs, a guy that always did his thing, with a very good work ethic and most importantly he never sold out.He has many years in the game and he's still relevant.He's my honorable mention.

    • Anonymous

      pharcyde and slum village are dope. period. Music is good or it's not good to my ears.

    • D-Train

      You are taking about album sales vs good music, Dre is a pop star and made pop records.....A great deal of his loot came from 50 and eminem and snoop and their all pop stars....... Premo and the others listed are underground producers, they will never make brake the bank cause a label would never give them the opportunity......To street and to underground...

    • dockevoc

      Well said. Those Slum Village and Pharcyde cd's were wack as fuck and now that he's dead people act like the shit was poppin for years...

    • Anonymous

      The marketing department does that.Look at Lil' Wayne, Eminem etc.

    • Anonymous

      All those guys are good. None of them could push an artist past Gold!

  • Canibus Man Lover

    Canibus is one fine ass fella!

  • IDK

    i might consider Dr. Dre more of the best EXECUTIVE producer, but not a normal producer bcuz he takes credit on a lot of other ppls beats. and btw, how the fuck is this even news?? of course Game thinks of Dr. Dre the best producer bcuz he loves to suck on his and the whole N.W.A's dicks! i consider RZA, DJ Premier, Pete Rock, and even Buckwild (one of the most underrated producers in of all time in hip-hop...and yea, i rate him higher than fellow D.I.T.C. member Lord Finesse) better producers than Dr. Dre

    • IDK

      how the fuck are they not on Dre's level??? i mean, RZA, DJ Premier, and Pete Rock produced FULL albums BY THEMSELVES!! Dr. Dre, however, needs some producers to help him out on creating his albums! so, like i said, he's more of an EXECUTIVE PRODUCER, not a PRODUCER!!! he may have more popularity on his work than the producers i mentioned, and he probably does make the producers he chose to make his beats worth something, but in the end, does he put 100% on all of his productions?? fuck no! probably 90%, but not 100%! and that should put him below Primo, PR, and RZA, who all contributed on their productions fully! Dr. Dre is nice and all, but i just cant see him as the #1 producer who uses other ppl's work to push himself (and them) to stardom

    • Chronic

      Co-sign @Anonymous

    • Anonymous

      People always try to say that BS! That Dre takes credit from this guy or that guy! BUT THAT GUY CAN'T DO SHIT WHEN THEY ARE NOT WITH DRE! Like Jay-Z "They tried to say they made Hov! Make another Hov" We still waiting! FUCKOUTTA HERE WITH THAT BULLSHIT! ALL THOSE GUYS YOU MENTIONED ARE NICE BUT THEY ARE NOT ON DRE'S LEVEL!

  • Rival X Jordan

    Bullshit! I find Hi-Tek beats better than Dre's. Premo, Pete Rock, Q-Tip.

    • Rival X Jordan

      what's blowing up have to do with anything. We talking about skills as a producer. Just cause they push artist past gold or whatever don't mean shit. At the end of day. Those producers i named overall better with skill.

    • Anonymous

      Neither is PR, QT nor DJP!!!!

    • Anonymous

      I like Hi-Tek a lot, but he is not blowing anybody up!

  • That's Right!




    • Anonymous

      you can count that white boy straight out!!

  • Nick

    My list: 1. DJ Premier 2. J Dilla 3. RZA 4. Pete Rock 5. Dr. Dre Honorable mentions: Lord Finese, Erick Sermon, Large Pro, No I.D., Kanye West, Just Blaze.

    • Jose Vasquez

      good list, shit I would even put Dan the Automater on there from Gorillaz, and Hi-Tek for Honorable Mention

  • The Real

    Dr. Dre is not the best producer at all... He doesn't produce most of his beats he just puts his name on them. Ask Focus, ask Scott Storch, ask a lot of people. The beats he does make himself are trash with the same BS piano loops. Dre is just so popular because eminem was always name dropping him at the height of his career and sales. RZA is by far the best not Dre.... RZA will bring in other musicians but he makes all his beats himself and he has way more classic the Dre. 1. 36 Chambers 2. Cuban Linx 3. Liquid Swordz 4. Wu Forever 5. Tical And so on... RZA also does music scores too and he does it all by himself. No one is fucking with RZA.


    they call dr. dre the greatest producer of all time?where ist the music?????????

  • Ganjarelli

    My favorite producers of all time: 1. DJ Premier 2. Dr. Dre 3. J. Dilla 4. Pete Rock 5. RZA

  • BJuice25

    This is news? My dick just got 4" bigger. So what?

  • QiD Ent

    New freestyle up. Check it out. This is fire...

  • Big Log

    Here we go again, must be the weed these nigga smoking, Game whatever you on get off that, Dr. Dre, is mos def one of the best Producer, but where the hell you get off talking of all time, nigga please get a life and try to make a hit record please and shut the hell up.

  • praise

    I my opinion Dre hasn't done enough beats for American eascoast Mcs...Not even sure if the guy even created that sound he is credited for bringing to the forefront but the guy hasn't done enough work period!! compared to for example, DJ Premeier, RZA. Hopefully well see Dre back on form in the near future

  • Anonymous

    i swear the game wants to fuck dr. dre

    • cmon son

      he is such a dickrider, all he ever talks about is N.W.A and Dr Dre. make some classics and stop being a dick rider all the time I have never ever seen someone name drop as much as him he wants to be accepted by those dudes so bad

  • mazin

    the game is a legend, every album he made went platinum, he did not flop and is still on his roots, am definatly copping R.E.D..west coast

    • @cmon son

      yea "son" .. Game been a legend since doctors advocate

    • keepin it real

      Documentary is most definitely a classic and Doctors Advocate aint 2 far behind. Throw in one of the best diss records EVER jus for good measure in 300 bars... U sound like a g-unit Stan bitter the dude left haha. He aint a legend yet but come on man

    • cmon son

      A legend? STFU cmon man...dude has NEVER EVER dropped a classic album!

  • Jeff

    I respect Dre and everything he's accomplished. But, to call him the greatest producer is an overstatement. What tracks has he actually produced by himself? Without the help of Elizondo, Batson, etc? Dre has incredible mixing and engineering skills, but needs a team of people around him to stay relevant. This is evident by the two singles he's released, none of which are produced by him. His drums bang though, just tired of the same ol' piano riffs.

  • Anonymous

    This is Easy! Of Course Dre's the G.O.A.T! Only one that comes Close is Premo! Get the Eff outta here with Lord Finesse, Pete Rock, J Dilla, Havoc, Madlib, E-Swift, Kanye West, Large Pro, No I.D., Buckwild, True Master, Diamond D, Showbiz, Erick Sermon, Kev Brown, Tyler, the Creator! They aint On Dre and Premos level!

    • Anonymous

      J Dilla is the best HIP HOP producer. Not fucking pop, I'm talking about hip hop in its raw form. Dre is probably one of the most financially wealthy hip hop producers and at the rate he charges for his beats he should be, but at the moment when people make top five lists placing him in the same league as Swizz Beats, then there is no way on earth he is the greatest hip hop producer of all time. I even heard Dre used to go to Dillas studio to see him work.

    • Anonymous

      RZA's genius is unparalleled.

    • Mosmoi


  • Anonymous

    ok well game is a dick ridin stripper

  • saint

    The RZA, Lord Finesse, Pete Rock, J Dilla, Havoc, Madlib, DJ Premier, E-Swift, Kanye West, Large Pro, No I.D., Buckwild, True Master, Diamond D, Showbiz, Erick Sermon, Kev Brown, Tyler, the Creator >>>>>>>>>>Dr. Dre's "co-producers">>>>>>Dr. Dre

    • Lenon

      Take Tyler the Creator out of this list and we have a deal. Dude needs to put in TONS of more work in the game to even be considered on anyones list. Don't get caught up in the hype man.

    • Anonymous

      You've fucking lost your mind.

  • swagger

    Tracks produced by 9th Wonder using samples [227] Tracks Produced by Dr. Dre using Samples [441] Tracks produced by Kanye West using samples [293] Tracks produced by DJ Premier using samples [869] Tracks produced by Pete Rock using samples [290] Tracks produced by J Dilla using samples [319]

  • J

    LOL Game bringin up Twitter in the interview...

  • cave

    Game top 5 dead or alive.. RED cant wait

  • forget about dre

    not even close... plus don't you have to put out albums or music or something besides hype every year

  • Anonymous

    Of course Game would say this about Dr. Dre. Is this really article-worthy?

  • Anonymous

    fuck Dre give me premo and marley marl

  • Anonymous

    since when is dre producing he always produce with other people or hiring ghost producers

  • top3

    1. Drumma Boy 2. Lex Luger 3. Zaytoven

  • Anonymous

    game is coo but dre is such an undercover fag pac was callin this punk out over 10 years ago! gauranteed guys like him and kanye are SO gay!!!

  • Maxim Caetano L

    best rapper atm go cop the album 2 support real rap

  • Marcel Robinson

    cant wait 4 RED!!!

  • Marcel Robinson

    He's right. Dr dre is the best, if not top 2.

  • Anonymous

    not surprising Game said that.

    • Smitty00

      Was thinkin the exact same thing. The Game = the Biggest dick rider in the game. Doesn't even matter who. I hate how you cant listen to a Game song without hearing 3-4 shout outs to other people per track.

  • detox

    what makes Dre so great is the fact that he doesn't use samples anymore. And he uses co-producers all the time. he's beyond all these beat makers, he's a real producer.

    • huh?

      i dont need the credits to know that under pressure was a sample, whether it was officially released or not we've all heard it now and tru hip hop heads know the sample from kraftwerk and its been over killed. the only reason dre isnt goin to use it now was because it leaked and got all negative backlash. if it had never leaked it would be a single probably, buy either way DRE STILL SAMPLES and almost always has, chronic 1 and 2 = samples, interpolations whatever, using other peoples shit basically

    • detox

      Shut it, Under Pressure wasn't released so you don't know the credits. Dre doesn't interpolate, his co-producers do dummy. Come on retards, smarten up. Trying to discredit me with discredited shit.

    • Lenon

      Dre interpolates. Look this word up. He basically has musicians replay samples. So yeah, he still samples.

    • detox is never comin out bro

      dr dre doesnt use samples anymore? uh did u hear under pressure??!! definetely a sample and he didnt even sample an old soul or funk or rock record, he sampled a hip hop record!

  • Conner

    Premier,Nujabes,Large Professor,Madlib,9th Wonder,J.Dilla,Rza,Stoupe,Kanye,Havoc,Hi Tek>>>>>>>>Dr.Dre

    • Anonymous

      Amen to that brother. Pete Rock especially. The Game needs to stick to rapping and leave interviews alone.

  • Anonymous

    is this really news worthy? everybody already knows game is on dre's dick for life

  • Anonymous

    yeah fucking right. Dilla, RZA, Premo, Pete Rock > Dre

  • Lloyd

    I respect Dr.Dre but he surely isn't the best hip hop producer of all time...He isn't better than J.Dilla,Premier,Pete Rock and shit even Nujabes :P so I'll have to disagree with The Game...i mean Game -_-

  • BeatsByDre

    Dr. Dre is nice but he needs to stop messing around and go back to his roots, what made him one of the greatest of all time in the first place, back to making them dope ass headphones!! For real. They're expensive, but so are Bose and Sony. It's worth it.

  • The Ice Cold Phenom

    Game is smoking too much chronic. Dr. Dre isn't the best hip hop producer of all time but is in the top 5. It's between DJ Premier, Rick Ruben, and Marley Marl but it depends on who you ask. My pick is Premier.

    • Chronic

      @StickyDoulja you a idiot,premo got 3 beats on Illmatic,1 beat on Ready to Die,3 beats on Reasonable doubt,he did not make those albums,he only contributed cuts to the albums,he didn't even exec produce any. And he didn't turn Jay Z,Nas,Biggie,Royce to stars.Em put Royce on,Diddy put Biggie,and he damn didn't put Nas and Jay Z on,all he did was contribute beats to their albums like any other producer,he didnt discover any or exec produce them. And i'm not saying premo aint successfull,but dre is more successful.and asked any rapper they'll tell you Dre's beat is the hardest to come by,most rappers cant even afford it.

    • StickyDoulja

      @Chronic.. Youre an idiot. Dre doesnt do anthing himself anymore. DJ Premier is better than Dre by a mile 1. DJ Premier doesnt rap, so thats kinda hard to compare. 2. Premo turned Nas, Jay-Z, Biggie, Guru, Royce da 5'9" and more into stars 3. He has been around since the early 80's so yea thats 3 decades in the game 4. Im not gonna name all his hits. Real fans know what he has done. 5. He has done Illmatic, Reasonable Doubt, Ready to Die, Death is Certain, all his Gangstarr albums 6. If he isnt successfull, then why do tons of artists (including Game) try to get tracks produced by him? Why do you think its so hard to get a Premo track? Cause everyone wants one Dont be an idiot and spew out shit like that if you dont know what youre talking about

    • X

      @ Chronic... Your last statement is very untrue.. DJ Quik is a Multi-Instrumentalist, The Neptunes, The Ummah (Ali, Q-Tip, Dilla), Pete Rock, Outkast (production wise, every so often) and various other unknown or less publicised producers...

    • Chronic

      Dre >>>>> all those other producers. Yall just cant admit it.put them head to head: {1}Record sold(i know yall will say sale dont mean shit,but in reality it actually mean shit) {2}Other artist they've turn into stars {3}Longivity {4}Number of hits {5}Number of Classic album produced {6}Most succesfull. And dont even say he uses co-producers,who doesn't?,just go check original record credits you'll know.there is no one producer that plays all instrument,they all got who plays piano,guitter etc. For them.

  • dontgiveafuck.

    was it necessary to make an article about it ?? and i wont talk bout all the mothas in here who are gonna make their top list about their favorites producers ! pathetic !

  • fdadf

    dre is good when he wants to b good, when hes making head phones, making dum albums about planets, and making some corny cheesey beats hes greatest. He needs to stop being a fuck face get his head in the game like snoop called him out on and get back to the essence of what made dre dre. he fucks up shit at interscope or theyd have obie who was a rid. good rapper with a sick flo, and stat quo, eve, busta, joel ortiz, even rakim the master. why they leave i doubt eminem pushed them out, it was dres faggot steriod ass.

  • LOL

    RZA, Preemo, Pete Rock >>>>>>> Dr.Dre

  • Anonymous

    maybe not the best of all time but 1 of them! I still think Dj Premier, Pete Rock, Large Professor and J Dilla are on a much higher level than Dre! no disrespect to Dre though!

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