Eminem & Royce Da 5'9 Praise Odd Future, Frank Ocean

The Detroit, Michigan rappers show some love for the up-and-coming crew.

Eminem is praising Odd Future for following in his footsteps. Marshall recently spoke on OFWGKTA, commend them for their boundary-pushing releases.

“I think that from the stuff that I've heard — I haven't heard a lot from them, I still have to go check out everything that they're doing — but I've heard enough to know that it feels like they're pushing boundaries and buttons, and that's definitely one of the things that I'm familiar with, especially when I first came out," he told MTV News. "I love it, I love the fact that they're doing that. And the dudes can rhyme."

His Bad Meets Evil partner-in-rhyme Royce Da 5’9 echoed his sentiments, praising resident R&B crooner Frank Ocean. “I'm a big Frank Ocean fan," he said. "I'm feelin' the whole group. I'm with Em, though — I haven't heard enough of them. I heard more Frank Ocean, for some reason. It seems like he's standing out, for some reason."

Em also explained that being in the studio keeps him from keeping a finger on the hip-hop pulse. “If somebody has got a buzz and somebody is making noise, I'll go check 'em out,” he said. “Sometimes I'm late getting to the party, sometimes I'm right on top of it as it's happening. It's hard, I think, when you're creating music and you're in the lab like me and him are a lot."

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  • Myan McConico

    smh @ these rap fans nowadays. always talking about how their favorite artists (nas, em, mos, etc) would NEVER co-sign OF, and when they do they got more excuses than a n*gga going to jail. if you don't like them, cool. but stop saying how either your favorite artist(s) are better than or won't co-sign whoever you don't like just because YOU don't, because when they do you lookin' extra molded. just trying to help you save face. go outside sometime. *watches for some random commenter to comment on something other than what i said*

  • Anonymous

    Shitty hypocrites on this site. On every damn article they complain about popular artists but don't stop posting dumb comments and the artists they 'hate' got more comments than all the other real hip hop cats combined. Look how fake these people are. Support your favorite artists instead of complaining about other ones.

  • Anonymous

    I fuck with Odd Future because they don't conform to radio bullshit and actually value creative control. They're kids, they're gonna act like kids whether people like it or not.

  • The Ice Cold Phenom

    Frank Ocean is dope


    O by the way I have Bruno Mars taped up, tied up in my trunk and I'm about to hit a deer LOL


    Hating Odd Future is totally Gay to the upmost. I love the contrast they have with all this bubblegum Airplanes rap. They Raw, dont give a fuc ,having fun and dudes can really spit. They be saying it all sounds the same... well what about these radio hits that all sound the same and dumb you down. Dudes defending Airplanes as hip hop?? Get the fuck outta here. If you are girl its Ok

    • Ryan MacQueston

      this is all true... im not even a fan of these guys... but that's all true. & they're the best thing to happen to the mainstream hip hop game in a long time


    The funny thing is that everyone in Odd Future is doing what they love and they could care less what 'bloggers' say.. They are doing bigger things than all of you.

  • JJ

    Yo fuck Odd Future. Em is my favortie rapper but that dont mean imma start liking odd future coz em does! Seriously though i think he was just being formal. Like what is he supposed to say? Oh no I hate Odd Future, they suck, theyre nothing special?

    • Louie

      When have Royce and eminem been the type of dudes to be polite because they didn't wanna start some shit? Man, Royce would've said "them dudes are wack as fuck" if he didnt like them. Royce is that type of dude, he don't care. And if Em wanted to be polite he could've just said "I ain't really heard their music" but he said "I love it" Odd future is respected by your favorite rapper. Face it.

    • JJ

      I desperately would love to suck Eminems dick

  • NJ

    The fact people are still saying the dudes can't rhyme is just plain ignorant, the amount of originality and creativity that goes in to their music is off the scale, like their subject matter or not.

    • Anonymous

      "like their subject matter or not." many have done it before and have done it better. I'm not saying there wack but they're not very good either

  • Louie

    Dudes are mad that their favorite rappers co-sign Odd Future! Ahaha! Sensitive ass rap fans wanna kill themselves now.! Dudes talk all this shit and say this dude is better and this dude is better than odd future, but those same dudes say odd future is the shit. Ahaha! "true hip hop fans" must be on suicide watch right now.


      dude thats fucking hillarious introspect and true LOL all emotional hating on Odd Future behind their screen LOL for real

  • Anonymous

    Free Earl! He is the best rapper in the click. I listen to the entire GOBLIN Album. I like Tyler for being different. Most mainstream artists never rap about Rape and other difficult subject BUT once you get pass that. He is not the best rapper. Em tackled dark subjects in his music like the song KIM. It was coherent. Some of Tyler songs are not, just rambling. He must work on that shit.

  • Ight so

    Some people diss Nas for saying Odd Future..man fuck it

  • Erik Armando Villarreal

    i dont see why people hate on OF so much.....there creative,have good lyrics,original,and most of all great delivery....i think people dont like them because they talk of "weird stuff" and do "weird shit".......no there doing something original and just being there selves......arnt u guys tired of all those corny music videos of showing rappers showing off there cars and ice and bitches????its time to upgrade hip-hop,we cant keep living in the past.......oh and by the way i dont like lil wayne solja boy and all those wack rappers.....

  • Stuey

    these two wish they could compete with prince po & pharoahe monch, but then of course they'd actually have to switch up the flow. odd future is straight up corny

  • Travion Coker

    Niggas in OFWGKTA can spit.. Don't even bullshxt on that.

  • Jose Vasquez

    They're alright. Okay. Not bad. At least better than Soulja Boy. That's not saying much though.

  • eggtree

    earl sweatshirt>the rest of odd future

  • Mads Degn Gregersen

    people tend to forget that of is like 7 rappers deep or something, so even if you dont dig frank og tyler, theres a lot of shit that goes unheard of. Mike G for example, is one of the best rappers of the group imo, but he is pretty underapreciated

  • Zack Stevens

    I Just love OF, & I am gay as well!!

  • Negro

    More fucking wack shit!

  • guerilla jones

    thats why these garbage monsters keep treading water,cause established artist keep co signing them to bridge to the younger generation!!NOTHING about ODD future deserves to be mentioned in a interview except for...who?but in this NEW hip hop landscape sewer shit seems to rise to the top alot more often then it use to...

    • Aquze

      The reason they're getting mentioned is because Sway, and MTVNews has interviewed them. So anybody who comes through for a chat recently has got the question. Add an enormous internet buzz, amazing live shows, harsh lyrics and polarizing personalities (BOOM) thye're in the game. They make very good music, and people need to check their discography before critiquing, praising, or commenting on anything they do.

  • ark

    I don't know what's the big deal. I thought Tyler's album was mediocre and weak lyrically.

    • Anonymous

      i can name a single artist that can amp up a crowd by themselves like OF (a whole group) can: every single artist. so shut that shit up.

    • The MG

      "Name another group of people who can amp up crowds of people like OF does." Wu-Tang.

    • Malcolm J. William Ault

      It's not ALL about lyrics bro. If you want nothing but ill lyrics go listen to Canibus 24/7. Odd Future brings raw passion and energy to the game. Name another rapper who dives off stage 20 times in one show while performing. Name another group of people who can amp up crowds of people like OF does.

  • Nick Crookshank

    I bought Goblin. Tyler is fucking insane. He deserves it all. Shady should sign his ass. He's young, good and can actually fucking rap. What else do you need?

    • cinavenom

      If Shady signed him it would ruin him. He would be doing duets with Lil Wayne and Rihanna in no time. Shady style.

  • Shady 2.0.

    i think K-Young is better then Frank Ocean

  • Nathan

    Why is it always frank ocean I hate that shit Tyler Needs his props

    • Rational Person

      Tyler needs his props?!?! Are you trolling? He had nearly constant media exposure for the months running up to the release of Goblin. It was a damn story every time he farted or coughed. Journalists were falling all over themselves to apologize for his (mediocre at best and uncreative) offensive material and compared him to RZA. Feel however you want about his music but don't act like he hasn't had more than his fair share of attention.

    • Anonymous

      Fuck you and Tyler.

  • Sensaye252

    Not to sound like a conspiracy theorist, but seriously, what the fuck is going on here? I don't get it. First of all, why is everybody even being asked about Odtjiaakwa or whatever the fuck their name is? Secondly, why is everyone saying "Well...I haven't really heard them....but they're really dope". How is it that nobody has really heard these niggas, but they're the most popular artists in the game all of a sudden out of nowhere? I live in NY...and I know that where I live, nobody listens to these dudes. I'm everywhere too. The streets, the barbershops, the clubs, the hip-hop spots...and I DON'T EVER HEAR THESE NIGGAS. Where exactly in the country are these niggas bein' bumped and becoming so popular? This shit is almost like a joke or an experiment the industry is doing to see how popular an artist can get without actually having any material or some shit.

    • J-Byrd

      Hipsters and people that hate God are their major fanbase....at least everyone i know that likes them falls in that category.I am not a fan of them

    • Yup

      It's the internet age we live in. You don't necessarily have to have a hot buzz "in the streets" to market yourself anymore. Me personally, have heard about one a half songs from these guys. Not that big a deal to me. But I've seen 40 articles written about them and their "movement"...especially being on this site as of late. Anyway, they're purely internet buzz. If they got mixtapes people only heard it from websites like this and Datpiff.com. Nobody's bumpin that shit in their whip. It's all being played at home off the computer. It's commented about on the computer. It's talked about on the computer. It's rated on the computer. It's marketed on the computer. That's where the whole shit stems from...them being "socially awkward" and broadcasted through the internet. And as we all half the world's on the computer nowadays. Bullshit news spreads all day. And they've caught the wave and here they are. Ready to...do whatever the fuck they supposed to be doing. I guess making good music. Ha!

    • Anonymous

      Check youtube...youre obviously on the internet so use your fingers and go over there. If you didnt notice already...The only people blowing up these days are doing it all thru the internet. Nobody actually goes out and hustles mixtapes and shit like that. They get massive views on youtube and when the record labels see that they have a huge online following go ahead and sign em.

    • g

      Long story short..the internet. They have developed a gigantic buzz with a computer-centric approach, releasing TONS of free music, posting tons of videos, and by having a large presence on social networking sites (twitter, tumblr).I think that approach is a big reason why people are so intrigued by them. It makes sense that people maybe caught one song online (Yonkers) or something like that and haven't really listened through a major catalog of their work. The music isn't going to necessarily find you, you would have to find it.

    • i AGREE

      c/s.. i never hear anything about these niggas either. Outside of the internet, i have yet to hear somebody mention odd future.

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