Blu Makes "No York" Available For Purchase

UPDATE: Blu has finally made his delayed album available for purchase.

Los Angeles, California emcee/producer Blu is at work on his major label debut. Titled No York, the Sire/Warner Brothers Records release is expected this summer. A site, believed to be created by the rapper, lays out the project's 17 tracks in order. On his Twitter, Blu is now promoting the site.

If accurate, No York features longtime collaborator Exile, as well as veteran emcee/producer Edan, along with peers Pac Div, Jack Davey and U-N-I. Wu-Tang Clan's U-God is also believed to be featured on two songs.

A representative from the label said that they "could not confirm or deny" the information.

1. "Doin' Nothing" featuring U-God

2. "Everything OK" featuring Jack Davey

3. "Super Dooper U"

4. "Above Crenshaw" featuring Cashus King

5. "Everybody Nose"

6. "SLNGBNGrs"

7. "Tag's" featuring Exile

8. "Hours"

9. "Annie Hall" featuring Tiombre Lockhart

10. "Spring Summer Fall Jimetta Rose"

11. "Down To Earth" featuring Donel Smokes, Dubble O and Definitive

12. "My Sunshine"

13. "Ronald Morgan" featuring Edan

14. "Jazmine"

15. "And The Jazzmen"

16. "Keep Ush Inn"

17. "Doin' Something" featuring Pac Div, U-N-I, Ayo Marie, The Davis and U-God

[June 1]

UPDATE: After tossing out free copies of his oft-delayed project No York into the crowd at Rock the Bells 2011, Blu has made the album available for purchase on

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  • Anonymous

    Are there production credits floating around out there for this? A lot of the weirder stuff sounds like Flying Lotus but it'd be nice to know for sure.

  • Dead Wrong

    You can actually watch him perform some songs from No York here

  • Anon

    I was just talking to my boy that the tracks like SLNGBNGRS which are very electronic, are actually using jazz chords and structures. Like jazz for the new age! Word up.

  • Potato_with_Jive

    I respect Blu and my favorites are still Below the Heavens, HerFavoriteColour & Jonson and Johnson. But people expect him to do Below The Heavens 2 and he's just over it. So I can completely understand him going a whole different route on the production of No York. Very unconventional but i gotta admit it grew on me. Now I like the weirder tracks on it. The Edan track is classic boom bap funk as expected but tracks like Above Crenshaw and SLNGBNGRS which sounded noisy at first are the ones I gravitate to the most. Its the fuzz and distortion. He's expanding the sound for sure. Respect. Simply put "Ni**as want my old sh!t? Buy my old album!"

    • Bilal

      couldn't agree more. people need to stop expecting an artist to put out stuff that's similar to or exactly the same as his/her old shit. experimentation and pushing boundaries are key.

  • dark man x

    just saw blu last sunday in Pomona. He makes good music. But sometimes his beats are unconventional.

  • TheRealDeal

    I just started listening to Blu like 2 weeks ago, and he is crazy good!

  • Almar

    Recently discovered Blu's Music about 6 months ago(I know), and since then i been bumpin the shit out of Below The Heavens and Her Favourite Colour. great artist.

  • ark

    I'm a huge fan of Blu, but NoYork! is up there with Lasers as the wackest shit I've heard this year. Lyrics are on point for the most part, but the beats are flat out terrible.

  • Alallday

    Look I dont even care what the tracklist is, nor do I care whose on it. I just want it. The mixtape reissue was cool, but I need some new Blu!!!! #Drunken Man From Alabama that listens to real hiphop and does not say bo' ya'll or yewhaw......what ever the hell that means

  • Anonymous

    Below the heavens is one of my favorite albums. Can't wait for this one.

  • Mondee

    The album is called 'No York' but he has U-God on it. lol

    • Anonymous

      The album is called "No York" because Blu said that he gets comparisons saying that he has a "New York Sound" when he thinks it's a West Coast sound. It's no disrespect to New York, nor does it mean that he can't collab with New York artists on it...

  • Anonymous

    A rapper giving us 17 tracks hopefully they're all quality can't wait

  • Anonymous

    Blu is Jesus while lil b is Harold camping.

  • Dinooo

    MAnn if you guys dont know who Edan is............................... ur cant believe they are collaborating

  • Mike Meraz

    Shaping up to be a classic. Can't wait. Your My Boy BLU!! haha

  • 18sense.

    you guys are about a month late on this.

  • aniggnigg

    it's good to see hiphopdx keep up with underground talents that dont ever get their spotlight due to pollution on the radio. Blu your amazing

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