Lil B Responds To Rhymefest's Claims That He Needs A "Dad In His Life”

The Based God also clarifies that he was just kidding when he posted tweets about sexually assaulting Kanye West.

Rhymefest tweeted that after listening to a Lil’ B song, “Homeboy needs a dad in his life.” In an interview with CNN, the Based God responded to Fest’s observation, noting that he in fact could use a father figure in his life but taking a snide jab at the Chicago, Illinois rapper.

“I'm going to say, who is Rhymefest? So he needs to work on promoting and marketing himself, because I don't know him,” he said. “But what I feel about his comment is that it's true, I needed a father figure in my life, but I'm not complaining about that. What do you mean, I need that? Tell Rhymefest I'm very happy. Tell Rhymefest I actually wake up and I'm happy, and I'm positive and I love people. Ask Rhymefest, does he feel the same way?”

Lil’ B also spoke on his graphic tweets about sexually assaulting Kanye West, downplaying the comments as a joke. “You know, really, it's just my jokes. I have a funny sense of humor. If I was a comedian and I was up on stage, people would think that's funny, because I'm a funny comedian. I'm an entertainer,” he said. “Throughout the years I feel if God promotes me to stay alive and have more years to live on Earth, which I pray and I would love to, people are going to see my personality, and they're going to see more of me and be able to understand me more.”

And as for his haters? “They're just not paying attention fully, and I forgive them. Not everybody has time to pay attention fully, or not everybody has the time to read a book,” he continued. “Some people refuse to read books, and I'm just an unread book. Open me!”

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  • Anonymous

    Tell me, why does every Lil B article get more comments than the ones about Rhymefest? Ahh, I get yall are the true hip hop supporters.

  • Melvin II

    LIL' B..............BORING,BITCH MADE BUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • iddle

    so everyone is ignoring the bit where lil b post tweets about sexually assaulting ye?? WTF?

  • Ali

    Wow, with Drake now openly admitting he is Gay I am curious to see how it will affect Lil B's album release, at least the Gay people have a real gay rapper to bump instead of this bitch.

  • G5

    Could you possibly make up any bigger of a lie. Wow I know people dick ride artist but to create stories about rhymefest just to defend someone you dont know is crazy. You should be writing childrens books cause you have a great imagination. LOL.

  • G5

    Its funny that lil b would bring up popularity when rhymfest has sold way more records than him and has a grammy and ran for political office. Dumb nighaz like little b should think before they speak.

    • Anonymous

      2 flopped records, a grammy from Kanye West's song, and lost a city council election. Rhymefest is a fail.

  • ha

    Fest shits on this guy... that's all.

  • Ryan MacQueston

    this kids a fucking retard... Rhymefest is fucking light years beyond this kid. I'll take 'Blue Collar' over this faggots life

  • Anonymous

    fuck marketing, rap about real shit

  • Vegard Møller

    WELL PLAYED, LIL B. WELL PLAYED! You're still a horrible rapper though...

  • lil b the homo

    i youtubed this dude, cause the only time i saw dude before was when he got snuffed by some dude and just sat there and didnt do shit back, and to his music: GARBAGE.. all i listend to was the charlie sheen song or some shit, and smh.. how the fuck does this dude have a movement.. a bunch of tenny boppers, i bet you any amount of money.. that shit was strait trash, i refuse to listen to another verse from dude again period

  • RhymefestElQueer

    Rhymefest is a better rapper, but he's also the bigger douchebag. Get real, how is he gonna get mad when someone says that they don't know who he is? Shit if it weren't for that gayfish Kanye, literally no one would know who he is. He also hasn't done shit since 2005 and all he's known for is winning a grammy off of a Kanye West song he helped write, a failure of an album (which the only single featured kanye), and rapping the intro of crankyankers(lmao). Lil B didn't even diss him, and what he said was real though. He obviously not happy, this nigga is in his mid 30s trying to twitter diss a 20 year old he started shit with after reading a cnn article. Sit the fuck down somewhere rhymefest and try to pick up your career where it left off, if you can't find it ask kanye lmao. Kanye lol.

    • HI

      This kid is a moron, when did Rhymefest get mad at Lil B for saying he didn't know him? Hell you talkin about? Lil B said he didn't know him IN RESPONSE to what Rhymefest said, you jackass. AND, Fest's first album is bananas, are you slow?

    • Yup

      Rhymefest didn't get mad because someone said "who is rhymefest?" he just said what everybody with half a brain says about lil b..."dude needs guidance". But lil b tried turning the tables by bringing up promotion and marketing tactics (something Lil B known for), but he doesn't know (or didn't) that Rhymefest is more interested in promoting more serious issues of our culture and life through politics and could careless about trying to capitalize through self degredation and lack of class. Lil B is no comedian. He's trying to be the next Weird Al, but he's not clever. It's just effortless ramblings over beats. He doesn't seem to realize he's making a mockery of himself more than anyone.

    • RhymefestElQueer

      Lmao you know it's true. Shit I acknowledged he can rap better, it don't matter he still sitting around career-less lol. Kanye lol.

    • Anonymous

      shut up. rhymefest is a far better rapper than lil b and that's all that matters.

  • Philip Carpenter-Powell

    Rhymefest really didn't say anything that bad about Lil B. Lil B agreed with him then tried to make light of him talking about "who is Rhymefest". He's trying to talk shit and be the bigger man at the same time if that's even possible. But he doesn't want it with Rhymefest he would embarras him.

  • Errol AstonmartinMusic Hurtt

    sounds like another rapper who didnt make it hating on someone's they sound like bitches forreal...even if u dont like his music(i dont), let him eat...

  • Anonymous

    lil b is whack as fuck. i youtubed one of his songs to see what all the fuss was about, i thought it was a joke. WTF is happening.

  • Atl2Trill

    Rhymefest needs to end this dumbfuck Lil B's career.

  • trooth

    OMG OMG BASED GOD ...YOUR SO BASED...RYHMEFEST IS JEALOUS OF YOU.... let me he another back pack rapper who sucks but you guys think he's good cuz he's "underground" he's not wavy..he's not based..and he's a laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaame swag swag whoop whoop swag swag whoop whoop lil b rawest rapper alive

  • FuckinFag

    he doesnt need a dad in his life, he needs a gun in his eye. BANG!

  • Google is Good

    Anyone who said "who is Rhymefest" please stop listening to HipHop music.

  • Anonymous

    Lil B has a lower IQ than Peter Griffin.

  • Based

    Lil B is the smartest rapper out. without question

  • Jose Vasquez

    Maybe this will finally give way to a beef between Rhymefest and Lil B. Rhymefest would ruin his career. Rhymefest should take him on the challenge, seeing Lil B will do anything. One lame rapper down.

  • dega

    Lil B can say whatever he wants. I don't care what he says, end of the day his music is still garbage. If he made better music he wouldn't have to use media to act out and get listeners.

  • Mr Flamboyant

    Did Lil B fuck Rhymefest's girl or something? On a serious note, I find that comment from Rhymefest to be... uh... quite ironic when: 1. Rhymefest was/is negligent in taking care of his seed. 2. Rhymefest did his kid's moms so dirty on top of not taking care of the said seed. 3. Rhymefest beats women. Each one. And I know of two at the very least. (Jordan shrug) What's that Jigga line? Oh yeah... "Don't make me expose you to dudes who don't know you" Nothing personal. But it's hilarious to have a nigga say this about someone he doesn't know just because he doesn't like what the other nigga does. And no I'm not a Lil B fan. (now is Lil B gay? Heck I don't know...rather I don't care. Dude has comedic value...)

    • Hater_deluxe

      you are delusional. rhymefest is a really talented artist. he could easily end lil b's career, just like he did so many other upstarts doing his tenure at scribble jam. lil b, has no respect for the craft and the people that built the foundation. i really like to see rhymefest put this kid in a body bag. the thing about it is he's a grown up and he probably is already over it.

    • ^^^Idiot

      I would love to read these articles you got all of this inside info from please give us links or shut your fagy mouth.

  • Zack Stevens

    I am gay & I Love Lil B, he gives us hope!


    fuck rhymefest #BASESD

  • $$mike

  • TherealbasedGOD

    Heys guys it is me's the real lil b this came to me while cookin's in the lab, stay based guys: Bitches on my dick cuz i look like snoopy I cant even front man i feel real droopy no im not poopy and u cant do me bitch i said im snoopy and i will fuck ur girl...swag....swag Ellen Swag

  • Ddot

    I should stop reading these articles...everytime this guy does or says anything, it is an insult to humanity. Someone please shoot him in the face.

  • Anonymous

    I read the Lil B book. It's stupid.

  • trooth

    rhymefest just mad cuz lil b fucked his bitch....and don't start on the grammy shit...theres alot of wack mother fuckers that won a grammy..not say rhymefest is wack but he is a bitch for taking a shot at lil b. if u don't like the based god then keep it to urself.

  • Obi Patrick

    Rhymefest does need a father in his life, because it this rate he's gonna end up getting disciplined with a smack in his face if he keeps this gay ass happy campaign going, I mean the "Lil" in his name says it all...

  • Paris Hilton

    Lol Rhymefest is nice and all.. but you can't get mad at Lil B's response. Rhymefest really didn't need to say ish about Lil B at all. Plus Lil B does have a better market than him, sorry. Rather you like him or not you all know him.

  • Angel Xavier De Peña

    Who the fuck is Rhymefest?

  • Anonymous

    Who is Rhymefest lil b asks? He only has a grammy from his work with Kanye West and wrote the Jesus Walks song....And ran for public office in his city. What have you done so far lil b? What have you done?

  • David Huh Wat you gone b a parrer and not know rhymefest?....dude been runnin for office n some more shit.... gay mufuckas always make it everyone elses burden to accept them....fuck you fag

  • Anonymous

    for some reason i keep commenting on these dumb ass articles. rhymefests dope, and your not, your an unread book of complete shit.

  • Bitch Mob Repper

    Thank you Based God please have sex with my girlfriend now

  • BasedGoddess

    Lmao @ "Who is Rhymefest?". I don't see his point in commenting on Lil B's music? Maybe it makes him feel better since Lil B is more known? Hmm..

    • jadakiss88

      First Mr. Flamboyant save the tough talk for your homeboys. Ya'll young niggas love talking tough over the internet. What you cussing suppose to scare me? Lame niggas Second, try Souljah Slim, T-Rock, Big Gee, Jody Breeze, Juvenile, UTP, Big KRIT, you speaking to UGK Alumni grew up in the home of Scarface homie so really I know what hiphop is. Third, Lil B is going over my head by saying what? "Bitchmob" Respect the Bitch....? All he talk about is thug shit and he don't even sound comfortable spitting that bullshit. This dude can't rap? What ingenious lyric is he spitting that is to complex for a nigga that grew up listening to GUESS WHO Jadakiss (top five dead or alive PERIOD)I guess you simple niggas think real hard about what this dude saying. This dude is wack and the fact that 85% of the posters are supporting this trash proves my point. This shit would have never road behind a Too Short track, a Facemob track, not even behind a Busy Bee track and thats back in the 70's you little young ass nigga!!! You know nothing about hiphop. To each is on you right to bad ya'll lames choosing to listen to faggots. Matter of fact I rather listen to 50Tyson and that nigga don't rap. And Curren$y?Dude,are you serious?Now I know that there is no hope for the future of America.Lemme say this loud and clear so you lil ones can hear over all the bullshit and bass.Ahem,THE MAJORITY OF THE MUSIC TODAY HAS NO LYRICAL CONTENT BESIDES FUCKIN HO'S AND SELLING DRUGS.RAP WAS BUILT ON STORYTELLING AND THESE ANKLEBITERS GETTING RICH OFF OF RESPECT THE BITCH AND WHAT THAT THANG SMELL LIKE..THIS JUST PROVES THAT EVERYONE DOESNT NEED TO CONSUME DRUGS AND GET BEHIND THE MIC!!!If you think Lil B is in any way,shape,form or fashion related to hip hop,you need a serious brain check.... Don't worry I still got that Bridge in New York can sell you we got leasing options and everything. LMAO!!!

    • Lee

      Lil B's going over all you dudes heads, look at all these people queuing up to hate... he's gonna surprise you and you guys will be the ones looking retarded. Just wait.

    • Mr Flamboyant

      Stop. Just stop. Hip Hop ain't dying, you dumb bitch. It's just the stuff that's major play on the radio and clubs. If you don't like what that is, don't listen to the radio and stop going to the clubs. Oh and don't watch BET and whatever MTV channel that plays music videos of the stuff that is for the radio now. Why isn't hip hop dying, you ask foolishly? Here's a reason or two: elZHi, Evidence, Random Axe, Kool G Rap, Blu, Detroit Hip Hop scene in general, Bun B, Cool Kids, Prodigy of Mobb Deep, The Alchemist, Raekwon, Wu-Tang, Nas, Blaq Poet, Preemo, Statik Selektah, Freddie Gibbs, Self-Scientific, Curren$y, Pete Rock, Smiff-N-Wessun, Camp Lo, Large Pro, Pusha T... Man that's just a few reasons or two. Go get stuff that you like and bump it. To each his own. But hip hop ain't dying nor is it dead. Now do some dudes fall off? Yes indeed (see Jeezy, Young). But come on, man... Stop running up on niggas with all that wack shit.

    • jadakiss88

      Lil B is known because he cries for attention by calling himself gay terms and making gay comments. Entertainment more like a Minstrel Show!!! Lil B is the reason hip hop is DYING. He's not trying to be an individual he just want to get attention by upping his shock value. Listen dude. You really have an opportunity that alot of cats don't because they refuse to conform to what RAP music represent (a bunch of fake ass losers with money that are bigger slaves than they care to know). Lil B' needs to get it together. I even tried to listen to this dudes mixtape COMPLETE TRASH!!! If you think Lil B' is tight I got a bridge in New York I can sell you. Plus two Lambo's and Bougatti!!! Holla at your boy!! But seriously Lil B stop with the tom foolery because honestly your only hurting yourself. Rhymefest had a point you need a Father Figure. And the reason you an unread book is because you transparent and people can see through your act. Either step your game up or fall down ten flights of steps.

  • Jay

    This guy is hilarious. He can't be serious with his awful music.

  • Shady 2.0.

    who the fuck is Lil B ?? i mean Rhymefest one of the best mc's out there...but this Lil B who is he ??

  • Anonymous

    This should generate 242 comments by the end of the day.

  • basedd

    all hail based god

  • Lil B

    Swag Winning Sheen Winning Ellen DeGeneres Swag Swag Based God Swag

  • kennyken

    i know rhymefest, but who the fuck is lil b?

  • Mohamed Adem


  • People

    His 15 minutes are just about up. tic toc, tic toc, tic toc.. The clock is about strike 12:00 for this little cinderella BITCH!

  • Anonymous

    thank you, based god!

  • Suicide

    Lil B should use me

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