Wiz Khalifa Earns Platinum Plaque For "Roll Up"

The Taylor Gang leader has hit another career milestone with his catchy single.

After earning gold certification for his pop single “Roll Up” on May 6th, Wiz Khalifa has crossed the platinum threshold. According to Rostrum Records CEO Benjy Grinberg, the Taylor Gang leader has a platinum plaque for the single after selling more than 1,000,000 units.

“As of today, ROLL UP has become another Platinum selling song for @realwizkhalifa. Congrats to the whole team!” he tweeted.

The single’s certification succeeds the success of his previous smash single “Black & Yellow,” which earned double-platinum status in February. Both tracks are included on his major label debut Rolling Papers, released this past March.

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    They need to get J. Cole on the Rolling Papers world tour 2011.

  • Anonymous

    Song still sucks,its so corny and it sounds like some horrible 1 hit wonder 1990s song everyone forgot

  • Jose Vasquez

    Next, they will say Rick Ross bought half, Lil Wayne bought a fourth, and fans bought the rest. I liked him when he released Air Born, but that ended quick.

  • mazin

    he is earning a plat plaq and lots of hate as well!!

  • aarontodavis

    I do agree w/most dat Wiz isnt really much above the gucci mane, wacka flocka and soulja boy level hip-hop (he definetly hasnt entered the Drake or J.Cole spot) but u gotta give him credit for his success..First major albulm and 2 of his singles have gon platinum.He's headed in da right direction

  • Tony Steward

    In the age of illegal downloads and bootleggers that are selling unauthorized mix tapes....a platinum song is huge. He obviously has a fan base and understands the method to having a successful career is creating songs that are catchy and women will like because they purchase music. Unlike you fake ass record critics that go on youtube and blast lil wayne for every song you think is real hip hop.

  • HM

    Wow people going real hard on this dude. Why everybody have to sound the same to be respected. Its sad that folks can't be themselves these days instead of being a cheap copy of something thats already out there. Theres rap and theres hip hop figure out your lane and stay in it. I like the lil niguh myself rap has always been this way its about whats fells good and what works for you.

    • ^

      Thats like saying a rock song is a rock song if theres guitars. Or if it just has shouting. rap doesn't always = hiphop

    • ...

      Well, not to be preachy, but Hip Hop is actually a culture, and Rap, as a music genre, is a part of it. So, if Rap is my 'lane', I guess Hip Hop is as well. I have nothing against Wiz, although he's not really my cup of tea, but dude - 'Why everybody have to sound the same to be respected. Its sad that folks can't be themselves these days instead of being a cheap copy of something thats already out there.' - you just described the man in these couple sentences.

  • Anonymous

    lol girls and wastemen are the only ppl who buy singles let alone albums these days, that explains this

  • Rocketfingers

    this song is trash juice only time i hear this is wen somebody blasting their radio, thats wen i turn my headphones on and start bumpin Covert Coupe that bbs flow

  • Anonymous

    I heard that song on the radio a few weeks ago and tried to make it thru the entire track. Couldnt do it...Shit was like homoerotic audio.

  • Lima

    roll up is one of the most generic pieces of shit I've ever heard. I can't listen to it all the way through

  • Anonymous

    who the fuck bought it??? idk ONE PERSON who has bought it or ever been caught bumpin that shit!!! what....

  • Anonymous

    Thats funny because Roll Up is one of the shittiest songs to come out this year.

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