Beanie Sigel Publicly Apologizes To Jay-Z

After a few years of putting Roc-A-Fella and his former affiliate Hov on blast, Beans apologizes for his words and actions.

After firing shots at former affiliate Jay-Z, Beanie Sigel has recognized the errors of his ways. The Philadelphia, Pennsylvania native has publicly apologized to Hov for badmouthing him in the press, speaking to about his past mistakes.

“What Mike Epps say? ‘Gangstas fuck up too,’” he said. “Whatever I felt this dude Jay did wrong to me, it can’t outweigh the one thing he did do for me – he gave me an opportunity. Dude gave me an opportunity. A lot of people don’t get opportunities. He gave me that. That outweighs everything. I need that in black and white. I got caught in the moment and put my feelings out there. I should have never done that.” 

Beans apparently let his situation with Roc-A-Fella get under his skin, prompting him to record an entire album’s worth of disses towards The Roc that will never see the light of day. “I was explaining the whole Roc-A-Fella shit and a lot of feelings were going to get hurt,” B. Sig said. “I was airing shit out. Just the homies could listen to that when they come into the studio. I couldn’t put that out. It wouldn’t sit right with me.” 

Their beef publicly emerged in October 2009 after Beans dissed Hov during a concert. Shortly thereafter, he released a diss track titled “What You Talkin Bout,” slandering Jigga in the press since then.

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  • mrnolvu

    It's kind of simple, Beanie did something we all do, HE GREW THE FUCK UP! I'm around Jay and Beainie's age, trust me Jay is a successful man with a beautiful wife and a kid, I KNOW IT'S HARD FOR YOU YOUNG CATS THAT ARE 25 AND UNDER BUT THAT'S WHAT LIFE IS ALL ABOUT! I said it before and will ask you Who's life would you rather have Jay or Beanie? Beanie finally woke and and said Why am I mad a nigga because he made it and I didn't? It's called Maturing, Beanie finally did it! You young cats full of testosterone are like, why the fuck is he bitchin out? But us cats who lived life and know what it's all about (having a family, money, success, hapinesss), know damn well Beanie was just hating on Jay for being happy. Hey if you think Jay is a sellout - cool, but the fool has what MOST (black, white, asian...) wants. Beanie finally grew up and realized he has to get his own and stop hating on others that have what they want!

  • Sigel's Career

    I guess somebody wants back in Def-Jam lmao. Too late now. Fallen off career is fallen off.

  • charlie hustle

    i think beanie realize going at hova is not gonna fix nothing.he thought that going at hova is gonna give him a buzz,i believe that beanie been wanting to go at hov since him and dame parted ways and he felt like he got left hanging.beanie needs to understand that u never go at the hands that feed u or help u.he burned his hova cant trust him.i believe that jay-z is always gonna have love for beans but he will never trust him.and any ways dont no body care,even the hiphop fans dont care today or the 99 2000s.beanie needs to find another career.your over beans.its nomore rockafella.u had a good run.good mc.but its a new day and age bro.

  • bklynsfynest2000

    we should have never even got to this point for beans to have to apologize. You got put on, fronted cash, given your own lane and you still messed all that up. beans has got raw talent but aside form that he in his 2nd childhood....jay was smart to let him dig his own grave and now thats exactly what happened. You even let 50 use you and where is he now? Yeah he get some props for finally apologizing but he get negative points cause you had to hit rock bottom just to admit you was wrong from the jump. Lesson learned here.....always be humble and real.....makes life much easier

  • Anonymous

    Watch the Throne - Elvis

  • Roos

    Sounds like he's looking for ANOTHER chance cuz his carrer is KA-PUT lol Beans has skills too so good luck to ya bro.

  • trillnigga

    Dont ever bite the dick that feeds you

  • Azhar

    I always thought that Sigel dissin Hov was corny.. If you in the game then shit keep ya mouth shut... In actuality lets look at the facts.. Hov put u on.. let you drop 4 solo cd's, 2 state prop cd's, do 2 movies, hooked u up with your own clothing line, gave you opportunity to be your own boss with your own label and crew. And what do u do bitch and moan about how he left you stuck. If I remember Jay and B came to your Trial and Jay was a character witness, but you bitch about He aint come visit you in prison and all that bullshit.. Your squad aint visit you either (Peedi, Young Guns, O and Sparks, Freeway)You a boss yet you moved like a soldier still wanted to be in the streets beating people up in Chinese Stores n shit. How many time in person or in rhyme did Jay tell he tryin to take from the streets to fame.. did you listen naw nigga.. instead you evading cops thru the streets of Philly throwin hammers out the window etc... At the end of the day grow up and stand on ya own 2..Like Hov said get off my lap.. And the other state prop dudes Peedi O and Sparks dissin Jay should be dissin Beans bcuz Beans put them niggas on he was they mans they boss.. And beans let them down not Jay.. and i'm a fan of Beans and Hov.. But keep it 100 on this 1 If i come from nothing to something and i go back to nothing its on me not the next man.. If u put me in a position to make money and i make but then i blow it I can't blame the man who showed me how to make money. FOH... shut up and make that killa music and spit dem killa bars that we love you for here in Philly playboy.


      I did'nt actually read much of your statement but let's face it, there ain't a million beanie sigel's out there!! I'll say alot of the good luck and success achieved during that decade was mutual on both parts

  • Sensaye252

    This nigga's ready to come out of time-out now 'cause his pockets are slim. I saw this comin' from a mile away. These fuckin' rappers get more and more pathetic everyday. Props to Jay for not respondin' to those Beans tracks. I hope he don't respond to the apology either. Let him mire in his misery, he had his opportunity like he said, now give someone else that opportunity. Beans can still make a career for himself, he's got a lot of fans. Besides, nigga if you such a gangster like you say in every line, then do some gangster shit and get paid.

  • theTruth

    basically this is what Beans said: " IM SORRY...I SAID THAT STUFF CUZ IM MAD IM BROKE..I NEED HELP..ROCAFELLA YALL" lol


    All this shit by dip set to Dame till Beans makes Jay Z the poster boy ganster 4 real... why ? Cuase he never went public crying like a bitch about anything...he moved in silence while creating hits. I am not a big fan of all the Jay Z material but I do respect his grind

  • Nico 3

    Jay must have loaned him some money.


    Its A "grown up man" thing to say that you whas wrong. Beanie killed that shit on the Dynasty album and I loved the track he did with Rae on OB4CL 2. But damn did 50 use u around that time and be all up in ya ear. Dissin Jay never helped anybody it only made Jay sell the same or more than last time LOL

  • Jon

    Dude is almost 40 and still wanna run the streets , crazy

    • I SEE NOW


    • Most

      Where else you gonna go? Some cats are street for real. That's where they feel at home, and where they belong. What makes people with milk on their breath always think they should be telling older people what to do? Get 40 first, then do your own thing...

    • .,""!


  • JAY

    Going at Hov was a mistake, why waste your time and energy dissing a nigga who ain't even reply??

  • Anonymous

    You are a bitch Beanie! I think you need money so you are now sucking jay z dick?

  • pop

    Jay will never respond, not directly anyway, only subliminally. You think Hov gonna mention beanie sigel name on record. This nigga strictly pop and lost all lyrical competativeness!!

  • Anonymous

    Hov won't even acknowledge him, this is why the beef started in the first place. Beanz made a wrong move but i can still relate to his situation. One diss track was valid to get your homez attention and air out what you were feeling at that particular period, because people don't remember Jay set the shit off with a freestyle. So stop clownin on beans because all people make mistakes and we all go through shit in life!!!

  • South Street

    It's good the Beans and Game are back on their meds. What you really know what schizo is about.

  • The Ice Cold Phenom

    Beanie should have done this a long time ago. Beanie mismanaged his own career and finances so that isn't Jay's fault. Dude got a great opportunity to work with Jay-Z and figured the fame and fortune would last forever. He shouldn't be upset with Jay-Z for that.

  • kennyken

    that's what these rappers have to realize, you have to get out here and get it on your own. i mean, jig gave him the opportunity...he was comfortable and ate off jigga, so when jigga pull the plug on the joint, everybody is upset...but i'm glad he came to terms, but i'd never fuck with jig again.

  • Slow Drag Babalu

    Stop crying pussy and Get. A. Job. Start washing cars if you have to but your career in show business is Over.

  • Anonymous

    jay got power, i know nigga tryin to get a deal, but no label wants him

  • Anonymous

    exactly, you dont remember jay feedin u??? ur whole fam????

  • crazypee81

    every1 has their own opinion on this particular matter but if u look back at this whole beef thing and analyze did beans have a real legitimate beef. bean gets signed to 1 of the top labels for that time period. beans was featured on a lot of records. beans own record allegedly sold 800k (well thats what the radio and internet reporting). then beans got himself his own label and crew state property. He does state property the movie, state property the clothing line which actually was popular in my hood. Allegedly Beans had 2 bentleys and 2 homes which means u had equity. Long story short beans had his own lane and fail to expand what he already had. U cant have beef with Jay-z who gave u the opportunity to be your own business man then get mad when you basically mismanaged ur finances and living beyond ur means. Beans was a millionaire not a multimillionaire but he had 7 figures. How u get mad at the person who teaches u how to cross the street tells u one day ok I taught u how to do this now ur on ur own. Beans cross the street but forgot to look both ways. SMH

  • Anonymous

    beans is broke gangsta dont pay the bills wants johnny law kno ur name u aint doint shit so let me kiss my rich friends ass

  • Jose Vasquez

    Beans still has his flow going for him. Need to do some tracks with Jadakiss or Sheek Louch.

  • Anonymous

    beans .acid da savage, prodigy ,

  • Bowski

    For real none of us will ever know the REAL reason behind their beef. I mean lets be for real if we were in Beans' shoes & you see your career bottoming out cos of the Rocafella split, the possibility of losing out on millions wouldn't you be upset? Wouldn't you wanna get at your boss if you find out that your'e about to loose your job? I can relate to Beans getting mad & going at Jay, but what Beans should've done was remember who Hov is. He should've realized that he was going overboard w/the whole issue. The public got tired of it, and I'm sure Beans realized that too. He should've done like Young Chris and just moved on, instead of allowing all that anger stunt his artistic growth. Now the damage has been done, he's probably Black-Balled in the industry, making it extremely difficult to secure anything with the majors. His baggage alone (being known for being a troulble maker, in & out of jail, & then throwing dirt at your former boss), C'mon man how many labels do you think will be breaking his doors down to sign him? At the end of the day this is how you feed your family, be smarter about your reactions man. On the other hand, I definitely support his apology; Whether Jay-Z reacts to it or not, at least Beans will now be able to say as a man, he realized his wrongs & attempted to mend it on his end. I definitely commend that.

    • Up North

      I can dig that. I think Beans was surrounded by the wrong people too. A bunch of cats who TRULY didn't give a fuck about him, just wanted some of that limelight by jumping on the Hov Hater bandwagon. It'll be interesting to see if Hov aknowledges Beans' apology.

  • Bob Banda

    I fuks with beans too but he looks real stupid and foolish right now, so eventually,jay Z 'check mated' him,but on the other hand, i will give him credit for being a man about it and apologising, way to go beans

  • Born2Win

    I don't know about yall but it seem like Beanie throwing up the red flag with this apology. It's like he knows the "Watch The Throne" album about to drop soon and Jay's gonna address him, so now he wanna say he's sorry. I fucks with Beans but he looking like a fool for this one. Be a man and stand by your word. Don't back peddle and take back all that was said now. All that apologizing and watch Hov still try to air him out on a record off the album. Which in all honestly is gonna make Beans look even worse bc Hov knows he got nothing to lose being that Beans already apologized. So now even if he gets dissed and tries to retaliate with a diss it won't hold no weight. This game and life in general is about strategy, consistency, and timing. Beans flaked on all 3 with this move.

    • Anonymous

      You mean checkered flag.

    • Born2Win

      @Up North I feel your point but at the same time if everything Beans was saying is true then why would he feel the need to apologize if he was the victim in that situation? Shouldn't Hov be the 1 apologizing? Maybe Beans felt the need to apologize for the shit he said and if thats the case then I agree with yall commending him for that bc at this point the beef shit is ran through and comes off gimmicky. But for him to say its bc he now realizes Hov gave him an opportunity is LAMEE. Like come on homie you couldn't realize that before due to whatever clouded ya judgement? I would've respected Beans more if he just would've let it die down a bit and not talk about it anymore. As a man he spoke his peace and said how he felt. But I think the real reason for the apology is bc he knows this "Watch The Throne" album gonna get a whole lot of publicity and the 1st single can possibly be a record Hov addresses him on (like Kanye's Monster track). And right now Beans knows whenever Hov does something these days its like the world is listening compared to just the hood and street niggas that he appeals to right now. Just IMO. I feel what yall saying though. Either way it seems as though Beans is taking the high road and being the bigger man but if Jay doesn't even acknowledge his apology and does decide to diss him then that apology isn't gonna last too long bc he not gonna let it die there. Beans gon go right back in the booth and record a diss record for Jay. Its a strategy game when you fuck with Jay in that way. And right now Beans is playing checkers while Jay's playing chess

    • Up North

      It takes more of a man to apologize than it does to keep being ignorant. Especially after all that shit Beans was talking. Hopefully Beans cleans himself up and gets around smarter, more productive people.

    • ckopp

      you mean 'white flag'

  • HHFan

    Like Michael Corleone said in the Godfather: "I'm not going to kill're out of the family business. That's your punishment...." I know a lot of young cats on this site (maybe 15-2?) think that beef shit is cool but war is expensive. Beans ran to 50, who once he figured out Jay didn't give a shit, stopped working with him. Now he's on an island by himself (remember he dissed Dash too).

  • Anonymous

    I hate to admit it but Beans fucked!!! I am NOT a Jay-z fan by a long shot and I have my reasons, but Beans bit the hand that fed him long ago!! This so called apology is some pitiful shit!!

  • Big Log

    Yo know what kill me with these nigga, the do all these dissing never thinking that it may get out of controll cause they are some real dunm ass nigga up there that follow this shit and try to live up too the bullshit, not know you dissing the nigga that put you on and its because your bullshit you lose everything, then one to blame the next nigga for the down fall, Gay ass nigga, fake ass fag,all these nigga are pussy, stay crying when things get hard nigga, if you a real G, you do what you got to do when shit hit the fan or the floor Bitch ass nigga Sigel

  • Anonymous

    "Illuminati got my mind soul and my body"

  • wordz

    Beans should be good , I was in Atlantic City not to long ago and was shooting craps w/beans..he was mad drunk but in the short time I was there he blew about $5k and I was down a G so I left ....20 hrs later he was in the same spot. He was real, and a funny ass dude....Ive always been a big fan and wish him luck bcuz he didnt help his situation much either but he was done wrong by HOV , just like Young Chris and Crakk...those 3 should of been multiple times platinum when the Roc was ontop...

  • chris


  • Anonymous

    Jay-Z is Top Dawg. Regardless how niggas hate!

  • ILL

    Dig a Hole....Burry Ya Self!

  • Malone

    Exactly... Couldn't have said the shit better myself. Sad for Beans tho, dude had a great run with the ROC no need for feelings. He should thanked Hov for working with what was obviously one of the most hard headed people in the game (business). Hov thought he could do what Puff did with BIG, flip a street nigga with bars!!!

  • Anonymous

    I was wondering how Sigel was gone respond to them bars Jay spit on "I'm A Monster": "...Everybody wanna know what my achilles heel is.. LOVE! I dont get enough of it. All I get is these vampires and blood suckers. All I see is these niggas I made millionnaires. Milling about, spilling there feelings in the air." That was an obvious jab at Sigel, and his song "Feel It In The Air", and it hit home, as Jay usually does, with very brief, but very potent bars. I don't know if Jay will accept his apology and reconcile, but as a fan of both, I would wanna see them do a surprise show how Jay and Nas did, and perform "Crew Love" (Roc-A-Fella til we die, as long as you and I keep it moving like a drive by..) and to top it off, Jay and Beans should make a "Coming of Age 3", just how Jay and Bleek was at odds on "Coming of Age 2".. "I don't know what's wrong with Bleek, it seems.. I'm like Keenan, picking up on the vibe, That he aint too happy, I can just see it in his eyes. I don't know if it's the chicks, or how we dividing the loot. Time to pay his ass a visit, before he decide to get cute.."

    • don't forget....

      "All these little bitches" "Burning they little bridges" obvious jab towards Sigel. Beans fucked himself, should have secured some shit before he went off talking so much shit to a lot of people that are hot in the game.

  • Wtf

    Money is gone so now you want to hop back on that mans dick. Get the fuck out of here beans. Don't bite the hand that feeds you.

  • da1

    This nigga Beanie Sigel is homeless.

  • Anonymous

    A guy who isn't able to get attention without mentioning another nigga all the time. GTFOH!!!


    Beans is fried. He had a opportunity and threw it away. I knew this dude was the triflin since the Blueprint when Jay said "Beans I aint tryin 2 change you just give you some game/ to make the transition from the street to the fame..." Obviously he was a knucklehead then and now he's a screw up - get a job!

  • hahaha

    Beans is only apologizing because he thought he had deals and was trying to get publicity i.e. dissing Drake when Thank Me Later was coming out, that didn't any response; dissing Kanye and Jay when MBDTF was coming out, that didn't get a response either. Talking a ton of shit got you nowhere Beans, he kept calling Kanye gay, yet there's a video of Beans on youtube cuddling up to Peedi Crak while peedi is freestyling, motherfucker even bites and pulls and Peedi's jersey with his mouth.

  • ts5000

    i thought beans is rollin with 50 cent now

    • yeah...

      it never went through, then he started talking about how he'd like to work with Ross and Fat Joe or some shit; why he all of a sudden wanted to work with two people that 50 cent still hates is confusing.

  • Anonymous

    beans was a bitter old man. glad he finally grew up. damage is irreparable though

  • k one

    I support sigel 100% on this!!

  • TheTruth

    Without Jay-Z, there would be no Beanie Sigel. Simple as that

  • Anonymous

    I had no problem with beanz airing shit out for a minute because that's what he does,it's his profession and it's the law of nature that the truth always finds away of getting out. But big homie did'nt seem to want to let that shit go. You have to put that garbage behind you at some point or another, everyman controls his own destiny. Jay will do him and you played your part to the fullest during that era, but everything is business with homez as you found out, "so you should keep shit moving too and get back to making them real joints

  • eh

    "The illuminati got my mind, soul and my body" Good for you beanie.

  • Anonymous

    Beans killed his career or wat was left after this episode... i cant bring myself to even click on a beanie song

  • PatersonPlayboy

    Finally!!! Good for lets get back to making that Real Gangsta Music!!!

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