50 Cent Completes Wireless Headphone Deal With TV Goods

After terminating his Sleek Audio partnership, 50 Cent finalizes a deal with the same parent company to bring SMS Wireless headphones to market.

In 2011, 50 Cent entered, exited and reentered the wireless headphone market through his partnership with the company TV Goods. 50’s initial foray into the personal electronics market came in January, when he announced a partnership with TV Goods to launch their high-end Sleek By 50 line of wireless headphones. During the spring his brand licensing agreement with Sleek’s parent company, TV Goods, was nullified due to 50 signing a previous agreement.

Now it appears all parties have worked out the necessary paperwork, as Fif has put his stamp on the SMS line of headphones, which are also distributed by TV Goods. The product will be marketed via infomercials and a designated website. According to a press release issued by TV Goods, production has already begun and the SMS line is expected to be sold by the third quarter of 2011.

“I am glad that we have finalized the TV Goods deal, so I can now focus my energy on finalizing the product and getting it to market ASAP,” 50 Cent said via released statement. “TV Goods will enhance my marketing strategy with television and the Internet and I plan to also promote the product in music videos, TV, radio, through social networking, and movies.”

There coming out third quarter SMS audio by 50 RT @youngmoesart: @50cent when are ur headphones dropping man gotta cop me a pair17 hours ago via UberSocial Favorite Retweet Reply

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  • phadiga

    Lets bullshit and party, lets bullshit and party...!!!!!!!

  • raoul

    Too many people here are suffering from the PHD syndrome. Get a life! 5 million people following - 1 million buy the album, the rest download it illegaly. There is you answer.

  • Jay

    U can sell movies, headphones,condoms,sodas but forget about music cause you are done...can u explain why you got 5 million people who follow your ass on twitter but can't buy your records??? explain that to me

    • lol

      that fact that white people hate 50 so much is only gonna make black people like him more, i.e. Kanye West, Mike Vick, Tiger...all he needs is a hit lmao, but it seems to be harder for him now.

    • Scotty Curtis

      Haha I applaud to that!!!

  • clm

    Infomercials? I wonder how they're gon' be? I think Dre & 50 are in a whole diff. Market. About 200$ for cheapest Beats.

  • Anonymous

    I am starting to think 50 cent is not a good business man because all his investments is not making any sense nor money...he sold his vitamin water for 400 million and that was the last business adventure that made him money..lol..albums flops, movies flops 50 just be a radion personality and hang it up..

  • Shane

    Remember when 'In Da Club' was a huge hit? I remember hooking up with this chick and that song came on when I nearly had my whole fist in her! Now, whenever I hear that song, that' all I can think about - that loose chick almost taking my whole fist! Might pick up a pair of his headphones for a laugh.

  • Anonymous

    eat a dick. cheap ass headphones.

  • Anonymous

    Killing what game

  • CastleGreySkull

    Why do people not give 50 credit for killin the the game... The G-Unit General is so smart that it's not funny.. I know Game and Young Buck, especially Young Buck, are kickin themselves for not being smart enough to stay part of The G-Unit Fam.....

  • Jason Smith

    i'm a BUSINESS, maaaan!!!

  • Jose Vasquez

    That's funny. Thought he was going to drop it because of Beats by Dre. Glad he went ahead with it, enough dick riding.

  • jesterdxxl

    50 is way ahead of Diddy & Jay as a business man

  • Killacliff

    the real boss fuck the co

  • Really???????

    It's all the people behind the scenes making his "business" moves Not this dumb ass "There" coming out third quarter SMH I'm sure a lot of successful businessmen don't know the difference between "there" and "they're" Companies cash in on his celebrity. That's all. He's not a businessman. He's a spokesperson

    • Joao Victor Reis

      yeah, and bill gates, warren buffet and donald trump made their fortunes without any business advisor.. dont be a retard...

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