Busta Rhymes Is Reportedly A Free Agent

According to Chris Lighty, the rap veteran has severed ties with Universal Motown and is currently without a major label deal.

Busta Rhymes last released his 2009 album Back on My B.S. via Universal Motown Records, but he is now a free agent. According to Chris Lighty, Bus-A-Buss has reportedly severed ties with the label and will most likely release his new album on his shingle Conglomerate Records.

Speaking with XXLMag.com, the music industry veteran, who just launched his A&R website PleaseListenToMyDemo.com, doesn’t think artists need a label to get radio play. “We have Uncle Murda right now, he has a record on Hot 97 and he isn’t signed. Guess what? Busta Rhymes isn’t signed right now either,” he laughed.

The Brooklyn, New York rapper’s previous release featured the singles “Respect My Conglomerate” featuring Lil Wayne and Jadakiss and “Arab Money” featuring Ron Browz. Despite spawning hits, the album failed to meet expectations, becoming his first album that did not break the 500,000 sales mark.

Busta is currently working on his upcoming album E.L.E. 2, which will feature production from DJ Premier and DJ Scratch. The album will also be narrated by Chris Rock.

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  • Ok Entertainment

    am MD/CEO of OK ENTERTAINMENT l will lake our to work together 2348059554631 l have good Artiste with me.

  • Anon

    He should get back with Shady/Aftermath.

  • Nico 3

    What sucked for him was they didn't make anymore sequels to Shaft. I'm sure if worst comes to worst, he can sign with E1.

  • callmeah8r

    fk busta busta... ever since that dude cut his dreads he been on the same shit as every other wack commercial rapper... he can rap fast ill give him that... but as far as givin hip hop somethin edgy n new... that busta died a long time ago...

  • BoogieAbernathy

    BUSTA give your fans serveral J.DILLA tracks too. i excused you last album cuz of the fallout with jimmy lovine and you had to rush the BACK ON MY BS album!

  • Anonymous

    glad he got premier and dj scratch , check busta older albums , scratch did most of the bangers

  • Bob Banda

    On B.O.M.B, busta was really on some wack bullshit,only a few songs were worth listening to like, we want in, give em what they asking for, decisions,shoot the moon

  • Bowski

    Well the way Busta hustles he'll have no problem finding a new label. He's the most consistent/hardest working rapper ever, that was until he dropped the "Back on my B.S" album, which was his worst album ever in my opinion. Lately he's seemed to have found that old Bus-A-Bus flow, & as long as he stays futuristic with his sound instead of dumbing it down like he did on that "Back on my B.S" album, he'll be just fine. Grown man raps for real.

  • Anonymous

    Busta should go to STRANGE MUSIC.....hell no young money that would be gay az fuck..shady record i wouldnt mind but Strange Would be sicc TECH N9NE JAYROCK BROTHA LYNCH!!SICC

  • Gemstar

    Busta is underrated by most, but if you really look at the body of work, creativity, impeccable flow, and unique brand you gotta give him props. I think the indy route is the best way to go now, especially for an artist like Busta who has a fanbase that will still support without having to be mindlessly led by major label marketing and Top 40 Radio promotion.

  • ka-as

    he would go to shady records before young money no doubt it would be unreal

  • Lil Wayne

    hes going to young money trust...like it or not...so is chris brown...

  • Anonymous

    More and more artists seem to desire that non major cause, even lupe wanted it. Now busta is in the leagues of chamillionaire and tech n9ne. Its not an easy road but eventually you generate your own buzz like tech has done these past years

  • Anonymous

    the recent shit hes been releasin has been hot, and every album i can listen to from him except back on my b.s. im sure busta heard what people were sayin, and is gonna release some dope shit this time around.

  • Tony

    Just don't go to DefJam, or with Death Row, you'll be alrite.

  • yeabuddy

    Thats the best pic yall could find of Busta?? lmao

  • Keezie

    He sounds like he's getting back to the Busta we all love. He lost me when he signed to Aftermath & started rhyming about how he sold drugs in front of Poncho's Deli on every other song. Busta was one of the most creative people in Hip Hop along side Missy Elliot at one point. Remember when he had us all rocking to that Night Rider beat?

  • abc

    i hope that a tribe called quest come back for their last album that is still on their contract and busta rhymes goes back to being busta rhymes like he was back in the good ol days where music was actually good

  • Anonymous

    I see Busta in a lot of YMCMB videos !

  • Dion

    I agree totally with the comment above. Busta is a straight up has been for real.



  • Anonymous

    one thing abotu busta rhymes is beat selection is second to non. Back on my b.s. and it ain't safe no more where hsi only weak efforts. everything else is sold. The coming is a near classic and big ban is on fo the top 10-15 albums in the last 10 yers or so.

  • Jose Vasquez

    If he doesn't join a label, he might as well just stick with featuring on albums if he wants to lay low. Shit, start you're own shit up in the NY, G-Unit is being held by one person in Lloyd Banks and a slacker in 50 Cent.

  • DMAX

    Well if it takes this to get the classic I have always wanted from busta....then let it be.

  • Poetic Assasin

    he's been sayin he's a free agent for a min - guess it's finally official... Busta has been in the game for so long, with all that money and jewelry he flaunts u wud think he would have his own situation and be able to put out albums whenever he feels like it through his own website/itunes/paypal... I don't get it. he's an old rapper, he's not gunna gain 1million more fans, his core base is his core base - just put out good music poeticassasin.wordpress.com

    • Anonymous

      I agree, busta is trying too hard to appeal to a new market. But at least he ain't slick rick, he just uses the excuse of "Iam waiting for a more mature market to open up" to not drop an album cause he is lazy.

  • chalice

    The real incredible music that Busta should of put out in these last couple of years were released through mixtapes, then Back On My BS came and was a diapointment. I hope Busta with Scratch and DJ premeir will bang out a grmey but diverse album as Busta is known for

  • Aaron B. Baldwin

    Top 200 Album Sales(Top 5 Hip Hop/R&B) Wiz Khalifa (one the the hottest new school rappers)is #25 with 402,000, not even GOLD yet. So new school rappers selling way more?..relative to what?

  • why me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    wish i had bustas money when i was in jail to keep the goons happy my ass still hurts so very bad ...........................boo hoo hoo

  • Anonymous

    since he is indipendent and has full creative control he will drop a dope album , considering production will come from premo and scratch you can't shit on their tracks

  • Anonymous

    Busta Rhymes is one of legends of the fall offs. Ironic that he made that song. He's just not compelling anymore. His last album was absolute butt. Busta is entertaining as hell in interviews.

  • kennyken

    i think as long as you can continue to be creative, show the young generation a better path, then keep it coming. why retire as if hiphop is like sports. i can understand retiring from sports in mid 30's or early 40's, but hiphop? this is music, right?

  • Mook

    I wouldn't consider Busta a legend but he def changed the game with his style...but i think its time for him to retire...him and jay

    • Anonymous

      A very dum argument..how is Busta gonna step down for these youngnz, they make music and don't say anything?

    • shone jones

      @mook Jay still sells tons of records. So that ends that argument.

    • yup

      Dawg, how can you not consider Busta a legend? He's got hit's from over 20 years ago and he's still relevent to this day. Shit, have you heard "Look at me Now"?! Who you think made that track hot?! CB?! Wayne?!

    • Mook

      New rappers are selling way more than the older rappers and they run the billboard charts so now what?

    • shone jones

      Never mind wanted the older rappers stepping down, how about the newer ones STEPPING UP?

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