Rick Ross Speaks On Maybach Music Group's Latest Additions, Stalley & Teedra Moses

Rapper Rick Ross gives his thoughts on Teedra Moses and Stalley, explains why he brought them to Maybach Music Group.

Over the past year or so Miami rapper Rick Ross has steadily added new artists to his label Maybach Music Group (MMG) with singer Teedra Moses and Ohio rapper Stalley being the latest artists to join the label. In an interview with MTV2, Ross spoke on why exactly he signed MMG’s latest additions.

Referring to Moses as his “Anita Baker” Ross explained that on top of her voice he was also very impressed by the singer’s songwriting skills.

“I been a fan of Teedra Moses since six years ago. She was on TVT and she released an album. And ever since then I just kinda followed her,” Ross explained. “I found out, I got word she was in Miami so I got in touch with her and I wanted to sit down with her because she’s also a great writer. She wrote a lot of records with Raphael Saadiq who I worked with on my last album and I’m a huge fan of his sound. So we sat down and we talked about the possibility of her working and writing R&B records with other R&B artists I know as well as you know what’s her situation. So we made it happen.”

When asked about Stalley, Ross shared that the rapper has a vibe that reminds him of some of Hip Hop’s more classic rappers.

“He’s a dope new emcee to the game and he’s real deep man. He puts me in a space of some of the more classic emcee’s with his message,” said Ross when asked about Stalley. “And when I sat down and I talked to him and I was like ‘What’s some of your dreams?’ He surprised me with a lot of his answers. One of the biggest was once you get empowered, once you get in it what’s one of the first things you gonna do. I love to know your motivation. He told me ‘I’mma buy a farm.’ He said ‘I just want space so I can just [look]’ and I was like ‘that’s dope.’”



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  • Dessalines Isaac

    Are you a 12 year old or just a G-unit Stan?

  • Dessalines Isaac

    Ricky Rozay makes music for Black folks and we appreciate that. If you don't like it then dont listen, go find your own musical-cultural art form to listen to.

  • WestCoast

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vXKOM6LaHZw we killin it - barton block

  • Guest

    http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002071691340 Skywalker - Barton Block

  • AktarDro

    Hold tite the fam (Maybach music)

  • nykallday

    Stalley w/ Maybach???? Weird. Total opposites. Worried about him and Spitta being on Warner. Not so much K.R.I.T. on def jam cause he does all of his own shit. I dunno what dame dash is doing...over a year ago he had all of these names doing his independent thing.

  • Arcy P.

    I mean I can't wait for some Wale and Pill but not too sure if i want to hear Wale on a Lex Luger type beat, the Pharrell type beats didn't suit him on his debut LP

    • Eddy.

      Listen to the album, theres a Wale track produced by Lex and it's one of the best Wale tracks to date. Ross has a lot of smooth classy production ties which will suit Wale down to the ground too.

  • Arcy P.

    honestly, what's all the hype over Rick Ross anyways? everybody keep sayin' how amazing Teflon Don was so I went and copped it and it's actually quite boring. beats are pretty average and lyrics are below average. am I missing something?

  • Anonymous

    maybach music takin over the game!!!!

  • jeffrocentric

    stalley and wale aren't good fits for this maybach unit. it doesn't make sense. get that stalley lincoln way nights tape if you don't have it. fire. http://shinyglasshouses.wordpress.com

  • mazin

    ok, I wanna buy a farm and a zoo and grow a beard..ricky ross, do i get signed? lol

  • ballordie


    • Anonymous

      I guess the companies figure that if Ross and Gucci are able to sell albums, more people will buy their products, especially aiming towards the black community. But if they didn't sell, I'm sure they would file a lawsuit. They both suck by the way.

    • Anonymous

      what about gucci man? i wonder what gucci thinks about they way that jailbird represent them

    • Jose Vasquez

      damn, Rick Ross has been infringing the shit out of everything it seems.

    • yup

      We don't know. That was the whole point of bringing it up. And it's already been thought about. You don't need to get hostile. I know you're use to seeing a lot of hate thrown around here, but all I'm asking is a serious question about what seems to be yet another rapper blantently disregarding the laws written prohibiting copywrite/trademark infringement. Rick Ross ain't the first to do so, probably won't be the last either.

  • Heat357

    I know I'm off topic but does anyone know of any new Eminem and Royce leaks? I have fastlane and I'm on everything. Am I missing any?

  • yup

    Though I am not a fan of what Ross represents I do admit I understand why so many people enjoy it. That being said I never understood why he chose Maybach as the name of his label. Before somebody blasts me for saying such a thing let me elaborate. Maybach is a trademark for the Maybach-Mercedez company. In other words, he's trying to establish a company by using somebody else's trademark. Isn't that trademark infringement? I know he has Maybach Music Group, which is in itself a completely different company from the Maybach Mercedez, but he uses the same logo. That's definetely infringement. Come on now, somebody gotta know this. This is the music BUSINESS and if no one has the balls or the knowledge to bring this to a halt Ricky can be in a bit of a jam when the original trademark holders come staking a claim of what he's made by using a piece of their brand for his own financial gain.

    • Yup

      @anonymous...lol. Yeah, he is quite the rip off. But still, unless he has some behind the scenes deal going on for the company he can get in a lot of trouble. I'm no lawyer so I don't know the law that well but I'm pretty sure that Maybach Mercedez can afford to get some that do. And I'm pretty sure those lawyers will have a result in the form of a court ruling different from the ones that represented the real Rick Ross.

    • Anonymous

      dont be surprised, as we know this is the same guy who stole his name and image from another man, he thinks hes freeway ricky ross, biggie, big meech, larry hoover, tupac, john gotti, he cant come up with anything on his own

    • T-Boye Doe

      Yeah, I was saying the same thing; it is similar to when the brand manager of "Cristal" the company distance stated themselves from rappers who spoke about the liquor in their songs. Because they felt it was hurting it's image. Ross is going to have a huge problem with Mercedes, because of his notorious (make-believe) image

  • Rick Ross the Bawse

    Rozay makin bawse moves, more than all you niggas favorite rappers! Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    LOL rick ross signed stalley because he is going to buy a farm and give him discount beef, eggs, milk, and chicken

    • Anonymous

      it's not really that not, it actually all sounds the same these days from what i've heard, all lex luger shit even if lex didnt produce it

    • Mook

      I find it funny when dudes like you clown on ross being fat but you can't say shit about his music cause u know it's hot lol

  • QiD Ent

    New song...listen & leave feedback. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tsXS644RUXg

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