Prodigy Explains Why He Respects Waka Flocka Flame & Soulja Boy

P also shares his love for Fred the Godson, Kid CuDi, Wiz Khalifa and more.

Prodigy recently spoke on new rappers in the game, explaining that he likes everyone from Wiz Khalifa and Kid CuDi to Waka Flocka Flame and Soulja Boy. During an interview with Vlad TV, the Mobb Deep member shares that he kept his finger on the pulse by watching BET and reading magazines while behind bars, keeping up with all the upstart spitters. 

“From what I’ve seen, I definitely like Wiz Khalifa, I like his whole little movement. I like what Kanye’s doing over there with the G.O.O.D. Music label, his new artists over there. A lot of dudes from the Freestyle Cipher, XXL, Kendrick Lamar, Big K.R.I.T., Fred The Godson,” he said. “There’s a lot of different people. There’s a lot of people doing they thing.”

The Queens, New York native defended rappers like Waka Flocka Flame and Soulja Boy, claiming that they’re taking it back to the essence. “You got Cory Gunz, French Montana, you got a lotta people that’s doing their thing and creating a buzz for themselves,” he said. “But a lot of people, they hate on a lot of new artists. They say, ‘We need to bring it back to the old school, we need to bring it back to that hardcore shit. These niggas is making these songs.’ To me, I like what they doing. I like Soulja Boy’s music, I like Waka Flocka’s music, I appreciate all of that. Because they’re being them. They having fun, they making money, they doing them.”

He likened their music to golden age groups. “It’s not lyrical or whatever, they doing them, just having fun. When I look at that, I compare it to like how rap started. The Sugar Hill Gang, the Cold Crush and all that. It was fun. It wasn’t really about being too lyrical,” he continued. “You really not saying nothing. And that’s how rap started. So that’s the essence of it. it’s just fun and just making your money and getting popular and repping your crew and where you’re fun and all of that.”

Now, he considers hip-hop a multi-tiered culture. “As rap progressed, people got more serious about the lyrics, about the production, about the thing as a whole. Now, you’ve got different levels of it. You’ve got the conscious rap, you’ve got the hardcore rap, you’ve got the party songs, you’ve got the strip club songs, you’ve got the different types of things. And that just shows the progression of this, it’s not just one thing,” he said. “We’re very unique. Rap music is very complex. You can’t hate on somebody for being different, because they’re doing something different than what you’re doing. They just doing they thing. That’s my answer to that. I respect these new dudes, I like what they doing. Kid CuDi, everybody. I like what they’re doing. Their shit is hot.”

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  • T.o. Kgamanyane

    I understand where P is comin from plus 'CULTURE IS DYNAMIC'.....

  • Anonymous

    At the end, I meant to say: '"Doing you" is not enough to get my vote...'

  • Anonymous

    Okay, so let me get this straight. Soulja Boy and Gucci Mane, both proven to be dubious non-lyrical retards are "doing them", and people are supposed to give them a pass regardless. So, let's say if two lowlifes like to dress like terrorists and each call theirselves with Taliban monikers, rap about nothing but killing christians and jews and promoting violence in their 'religion'... Should we give them a pass because their 'doing them'? I know I might be going a little overboard with this little example, but the bottom line is, if you call your self a rapper, or a hip hop artist, you're supposed to at least master the fundamentals of hip hop music. Soulja Boy and Gucci Mane DON'T KNOW HOW TO RAP. In all my life I have never heard a decent 16 bars relevant to whatever subject/topic they were talking about. Say if you're writing a love song, and you're talking about 'the one', the girl next door, or the perfect girl. If these guys rap about their 'ice', their cars, about sex, about drugs/smoking etc., than they're not being on-topic at all. Or say for instance, their label needs them to write a song about a recent environmental disaster. You can bet your bottom dollar that they two will NOT be able to come up with anything worthwhile, relevant, or on-topic... "Doing you" is get my vote. You have to be the complete package. Skilled, articulate, artistic & charismatic.

  • Obi Patrick

    I see where prodigy is coming from, "uniqueness" however he's missing the fact that they are poorly skilled at rapping, there's nothing wrong with doing "you" but if you're also a moron when it comes to rhyme skills then it does not make any difference at all

  • YSE

    Its straight and all that he has respect for these rappers because they are being true to themselves, but there is a difference between respecting somebody, and actually liking them. I don't believe one bit that he is feeling Soulja' and Waka as much as he says he does. They are, in my opinion, whack. BUT I DO RESPECT WHAT THEY DO. Atleast they arn't selling out and they continue to be real with them selves and they are just doing them, making music they like regardless if we like it or not. Mad RESPECT to them, but i still don't like their music.

  • Angel Xavier De Peña

    He likes Soulja Boy and Waka because he's not lyrical. Fucking trash. Joe Budden spilled all of this nigga's BLOOD ON THE WALL

  • achpe2

    Yall muggs know regardless of the Mobb's music, P been a ho for a minute. The many times he been robbed or punked, why do we still even listen to him. We only want music from P not advice. I am from the old school and I am sick and tired of these old school rappers trying to be young. Do you. The new heads will respect the old heads alot more with less hate and dope music.

  • Michael Zayas

    Who does P want to win the NBA finals?what does he think of the new McDonalds frozen lemonade?i think a lot of people besides myself want to know,please DX inform us of the next time P tries a soy shake!

  • there's no such thing as a hip hop classic...

    damn, do muthafukkaz jus use th enet to hate these days.... thats some fuk sht right there. niggaz need to get off that shit. its most older people tryna relive their youth by hating on the shit young people actually like these days. i mean danm nobody ever really appriciates the music of the previous generation when they are discovering the music of thier own. hip hop is diverse enough for u to find something to suite your tatse but damn enough with the hate already...thats whats really killing the culture!!!

    • Anonymous

      Why do you dumbfucks ALWAYS fuckin' resort to "hatin'" as the ONLY possible reason for a person criticizing something? Step your muthafuckin' comprehension game up and READ NIGGA, REEEEEEEEAD! Fuck it's frustrating how many of you morons there are out there. This music and all other media is dumbing you all the fuck down.

  • SweetKu$h


  • Bob Banda

    P is probably trying to win some mass appeal from souljahboy's fans for not looking like a hater, say the truth P, souljahboytell em does not know how to rap, he is a spade a spade P, Wacka is even better than souljahboy, and wacka is just an average rapper too

  • Damn Grandad

    This reminds me of that Boondocks episode where Thugnificent went to the radio station naming all the rappers he likes off a paper. ( ) P. Keep it thoro dunny you know damn well you don't like none of them niccas but your scared saying so won't help your career or what's left of it

  • Lk Wil Sun


    • Most

      Sugarhill never said ONE thing about "the struggle."Their legacy was straight up party rhymes like "Rappers Delight" and "Apache". Rappers Delight wasn't even their joint; they bit it off Grandmaster Caz. One of the biggest problems with hip hop is it was created in the 70's by cats who are now in their fifties, and made popular in the 80's by guys who are now in their forties... but being marketed to kids in their twenties who really don't know anything about it.

  • Anonymous

    Smartest thing I've heard a rapper say in a long time

  • Anonymous

    I don't care about this niggas opinions. He wants there money, because he's irrelevant, no need to explain that any further. He coulda left the rap game alone a long time ago. The right moment was after he released H.N.I.C. He did enough whack garbage music since then.

  • mcmastermind

    The reason we hate on those dudes is because that's all they play. If they played "real hip hop" artists as much as the artists today, then we wouldn't be talking so much shit. It's the fact that these guys are getting so much attention when there are extremely hungry cats that get no shine.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    well said!! i mean they all got there own lane.. but i dont like 90% of the rappers he named.. they wack as hell but the way he outs it is fine.. i dont listen to em so i dont hate on it.. theres too much hate these days

  • trooth

    this might be the first intelligent thing this niggas said in a minute.

  • Anonymous

    Back in the 80s we had chuck D on your telvision screens along with fresh prince, Queen Latifah, fatboys, LL cool J, Run Dmc and they all didn't sound like each other like these southern niggaz

    • Gemstar

      C'mon, fam. Seriously? Every region has formulaic, similiar sounding bullshit. And on the flip side, every region has artists that further the culture.

  • Anonymous

    but you also had gil-scott heron in the 70's sooooo.....

  • Gemstar

    I feel what P is saying. A lot of us older cats (especially) seem too salty about what's in the mainstream. I see people on here basically saying that the younger kids are brainwashed by these Top 40 rappers. I was a kid in the 80's when, like Prodigy said, there was a lot of non-lyrical, fun music too (yeah even during the Golden Era). I was young at the time but I still knew what was surface level entertainment and what music carried a message. I somehow discovered underground acts that weren't all on the radio and TV, and so can today's youth. At the end of the day, some shit just ain't for you, and what you like might not be for the next person. I personally think Waka's music is horrible, but I can't hate on this dude for working in the entertainment industry. I don't let the media raise my kids so I'm not going to blame rappers, actors, ball players, or any other entertainer for whatever's wrong with society. It my job to expose my kids to what I think is acceptable and hope they continue on that path when they get out the house. Hence, my daughter doesn't bump Soulja Boy, but she might hear J. Cole, or Outkast, or an old obscure Primo beat. It's all in how you percieve the culture and guide yourself and the youth accordingly.

  • Anonymous

    He know he is feelin J Cole. He just didnt want to say it cuz he is wit Jay. LOL

  • Anonymous

    When we say bring it back we don't mean Mc hammer and vanilla ICE

  • Nike Champ 718

    Also, you know this is some kiss ass sh*t because Prodigy is the same dude who said he didn't like Biggie at first, didn't like Wu at first, dissed Redman and Keith Murray, etc., ALL UNPROVOKED. Now he's vouching for these garbage ass dudes. Granted, P forgot how to rhyme years ago, but still, a non-rhyming Prodigy is better than Waka's and Soulja's best efforts at a lyric.

  • I'm At Work And Bored

    first the superhead book and now this. I'm a P fan but he needs to shut up and just go record that Mobb Deep album

  • Ozone

    You dudes hating on this man for speaking the truth is lame as hell. You lame as the rappers you calling lame. Do you support the Hiphop artist you like? Are you buying there CDs cant tell cuz they only selling a couple thousand records. At the end of the day they rapping about the same shit old school niggas was rapping about without the superior metaphors or punchlines. Wu tang, Jay-z mob deep Nas was all rapping about money,drugs, and fucking hoes they just put it in creative lyrics. Why the fuck should Waka and Soulja boy focus on lyrics for a club song dumbass? talking about they feeding that into the youth wtf you think the old rappers was doing they fed you that shit. Its hiphop and its subgenres different coast different sounds the only difference is the media is catering to one and thats how it always was when NY was hot you didnt here no South Artist getting play. So stop crying about hiphop dead shit and grow some balls get from behind ya computer and go buy there CD. If you that much of a fan join the street team help the artist get there music out. but you wont you will just sit behind a computer go to sites and hate on a artist you know shit about. Fucking Lames

    • Doble eM

      ^^^ word up. One of the biggest problems with today's hip-hop scene is all these lame ass herbs on the internet. The Golden Age came and went. It was great. But you can't expect a 20 year-old kid in 2011 to rap like Wu Tang Clan did in '94, cause times have changed!

  • Bandana P

    As much as hate Waka and all them, he was right about balance. The problem is, is that there is no balance being presented to the music consumers. Kids ONLY know about Wayne, Gucci, Wiz, etc. Hip Hop is being presented one way and people miss out on a lot of good music or even some knowledge in the form of rhymes.

    • Generallissimo M

      Nobody but a handful of nerds gives a fuck what a multi is. Nobody gives a fuck if a guy uses the same number of syllables in each bar. All people care about is if they like the way your song sounds. If your voice is boring, and your beats suck, nobody is going to buy your wack ass records, no matter how technically brilliant, and lyrically outstanding they are. People hate on Soulja Boy, but that kid makes records people like. You can say people are stupid, but so what? People listen to what they like, and nobody gives a fuck about a multi, or Kane, or Keith Murray, or any other rappers who haven't had a hit since the 90's.

    • Anonymous

      yep, the majority of the modern hiphop listeners dont even know what a multi is. If you don't know that you really are saying you dont know big daddy kane, rakim, canibus,ll cool j,empd,redman, keith murray etc etc.

  • jeffrocentric

    i have been listening to hiphop for nearly twenty years, and i love new and creative shit, but waka flacka just doesn't sound right. ten bucks says he struggles to recite the alphabet.

  • kirkseyrea

    people in america take this music thing a lil to hard...if you don't like someone, don't listen...ain't nobody forcing you to listen to it. if it's on the radio, turn it off. I'm pretty sure the artists you like have cd's in the store or just download it. just because you favorite artists or the so called "real hiphop artists" are not on the radio and tv anymore don't mean hip hop is dead. the only way to stop it is don't support it. but how many record companies gone listen to a small majority of people that don't like it. no need to get stress about what you see on tv or hear on the radio. it's only entertainment. can't force people to listen to what you listen too. listen to what you like and you be better off, believe that

    • Sensaye252

      Gemstar, like I said, thats true in theory. I take an active stance in fathering my child, and you sound like you do. But if you live in the hood like I do then look out your window fam. There ain't a lot of parents like us in the hood. 90% of these kids around here's parents dont know where the fuck they are or what theyre doing or what they're listening to. When I say Hip-Hop is the most valuable commodity in the hood, what I mean is it was something that was totally created in the hood that we had control of and were not only building on financially, but also socially. Now, the social aspect is totally eliminated from the equation. And the money is going back to the oppressors who sell the cars, the jewelry, the guns, and all the other shit these rappers are so proud to blow their money on. How is it that rappers nowadays make billions of dollars and the hood is in worse shape than ever? And then niggas are just cool with that shit because they dont wanna seem like they're 'hating'. That word is poisonous in the hood just like the word 'snitch', because it prevents motherfuckers from doing the right thing.

    • Gemstar

      @ Sensaye - Musical entertainment is "probably the best commodity in the hood"? I still say it's the parents. The community. I'm not sitting around waiting for "real Hip Hop" to "come back" and save my hood. That's on us, fam.

    • ruserious

      Sensaye252 are you being serious or just talking out your ass. Hiphop is the only genre that hates on other artist for creative differences ala BEEF. How many positive rappers rapping about positive shit in the golden era like Public Enemy. Pac was one of the few to have a balance in his raps and also speak on hood shit, the problem, the consequences and the solution the rest of that shit was just dudes rapping showing off there money talking about how gangsta they are yadda yadda. If you calling Waka Garbage is that based on what lyrics? Cuz as far as the club that shit is hot. Thats like if Nas do a club song like oochie wally and you compared that in the club to Waka Waka would shit on that song. Its not the same shit. Black folks are so critical over other black folks you cant be different in the black community because somebody will judge and hate. mostly like that up north. They expect everybody to rap like them talk like them act like them GTFOH Every ghetto is the same just different accents and zip codes.

    • Sensaye252

      See, that's the problem. Hip-Hop is different from every genre of music because the amount of influence it has on its listeners. Kids who grow up on Country music, or Jazz, or Rock aren't predominantly underpriveleged kids who are impressionable and desperate. Kids WORSHIP these rappers. If these rappers say it's cool to do something, kids will do it. If those same rappers told the kids to do POSITIVE things, they would do it. But to them, it's not worth losing one penny to make a positive difference in a kids life. And that shit is not respectable and should not be accepted. Look, I'm not saying that every rapper has to be positive. That's not realistic. But yo, every popular rapper is a negative influence. There is no balance. P is talkin' about "I like Wiz Khalifa's movement". What the fuck is his movement? Smoke as much weed as possible and fuck as many girls as you can? If you have a million bucks maybe you can live like that, but for the kids who are worshipping this dude, that's gonna cause disastrous situations for them. And I don't wanna hear this "Well, the Parents need to be the influence for these kids". We all know that's true in theory, but we also know that in the 'hood most of the Parents either aren't there or don't give a fuck, so we NEED Hip-Hop. It's probably the most valuable commodity the 'hood has, and it's being squandered. Then niggas like ya'll got the nerve to co-sign that shit because you're brainwashed just like the kids. One.

    • T.

      One of the best comments I've ever read on this site.

  • Anonymous

    mmmm having a over-amped Canibus on every track is just as bad as a waka flocka on every track. There needs to be balance. Iam not trying to piss on big l in death, but too many punchlines did not make for good storytelling.

  • Jose Vasquez

    I agree with him that there are different types of rapping styles, like hardcore, conscious, and club like songs. But as well all know, some artists are just shit.

    • Jose Vasquez

      I guess he's just appealing to the masses like Nas did last month. Deep down, they hate the shit but speaking out would be a bad career move, especially if you're under contract and not independent.

    • yup

      I'm with him respecting the multi-tiered hip hop culture that we have. But Soulja Boy?! Wiz Khalifa?! What happened to this dude: Yo, the lost page of a wild rhyme writin nigga P holds the pen tightly, explode nightly I count on one finger all y'all rap niggaz that excite me Y'all niggaz is trash rap - wanna fight me? You shook to death, take breaths and step lightly Y'all Little League niggaz is so bald they might be spent too much time with wifey, come out to play with the hard-headed, Infamous song torture Crack your knuckles, buckle up your pants tight Pull your hats down, let's get it on like papi bar fights My spiral book, hold the world's most lethal There's no cure, for what my pen do neither Bring the fever, y'all niggaz is the rap jesters While we was gone for a moment, y'all kept the crowd goin now move over bacon, time for som'in meatier Your shit's weak, your best song was mediocre Fuck a penis, how dare you entertain the thought that you could come out to challenge me in blood talk? Take a walk jerk this ain't Levert, Sweat and Johnny Gill This is rap for real, somethin you feel You catch a chill when you hear the Mobb bang through your stereo It's heavy metal for the black people, rock'n'roll but it's hip-hop though, my drug music It's thereapeutic to the user, you slam dance to it Prodigy-Allustrious

  • Binagwaho Bg Gakunju

    ONLY reason i agree with him is that they're making money. But artistically, their music isn't even worth being mentioned in the same conversation as any classic Hip Hop.

  • Anonymous

    who the fuck is prodigy? why is this nigga going around doing interviews tryna be like 50...nigga dont speak...make a decent song first!

  • Eyes

    He needs features from artist hotter than him right now. Sad.....

  • mazin

    if soulja boy and waka flocka came up when tupac nd biggie were alive, they woulda end up workin in a fast food the veterns still alive must take the game back and stand their ground nd say hip hop is back!!!

  • murdock

    they are doing them but the musics garbage aka trashola wacksauce bullshit.I love mobb Deep but i dont give a fuck them artists are wack as fuck!

  • jason

    Prodigy is 100% correct. You backpack nerds better take notice.

  • Reap

    Real talk. Rap has multiple styles and subgenres. We have to accept them and be openmind.

  • William Munnerlyn

    i agree with him 100%... i dnt even like soulja or waka but i dnt judge them becuz they're being themselves. ppl shouldnt call them out just becuz they aint lyrical. prodigy knows what he's talkin about 100%


    much luv to p on that yall take this music shit way to serious


    your wright P they be doing them and you and Hav got to get your mindstate back in '94 till '99 mode and DO YOU. We are Mobb Deep and we love everybody LOL

  • Crackkills

    Shut the fuck up and don't listen to these "wack rappers." All of yall sound like bitches that are dick deprived.

  • Anonymous

    Prodigy, what a dumbass monkey. Sugar Hill Gang had flow times a million past those dudes. And they didn't talk about hoes/drugs/swag and being a overall faggot. So no thank you for your lame ass shitty opinion.

  • Paul David

    He just lost all respect from me...I mean ALL respect.

  • Sensaye252

    This motherfucker acts like he's on dope now. I've been big fan of P and Mobb's music for almost 20 years, but P is whylin'. Look man, these young punk ass niggas don't care about you. You talkin' like you want them to invite you to their gay ass party, but you ain't gettin' a invitation, so why don't you just be grateful for the fanbase you got that made you who you are and satisfy them before you lose them too and be back in the streets with 'Ty Nitty' and the rest of the niggas that you dry snitched on in your little booklet.

    • Anonymous

      Yes. So many cats who had it like mobb deep want to jump on the band wagon. And your right it won't work. People who know mobb deep and respect/enjoy what they did in the past will not go for it at all. And they won't win anyone new. They either need to make some classics like the past, develop on that. Or get the fack out the game, BOIIII!

    • Anonymous

      word. these niggas should be focusing on the fans THEY DO HAVE. not trying to win new fans. it doesn't work. look at BLOOD MONEY. that lost the mobb more loyal fans than it gained. and now theyre right back at it, looking for the industry tit. stop trying to get these young niggas to respect you and keep you hot. thats not their job. do what mobb deep does. too many vets walking around like theyre a cpl features away from going plat. get real. yall will do okay on the charts and EAT like kings on tour. whats wrong with that. drop a classic album. you aint dropping a classic if its mobb deep and whoevers popping now, cuz the shit popping now is fucking candy corn and mobb should embrace being the other side of the coin.

  • Nike Champ 718

    It's sad that certain veterans that have been in the game for years and years are co-signing wack ass ni99as just to kiss ass and stay relevant. What's next, Kane and Rakim giving props to Wayne? What we need is the vets taking this sh*t back instead of worrying about being labeled as haters & all that bullsh*t.

    • PeoplePlease

      co-sign.... Everyone giving shout outs to the same types of artists who they diss on their records. From Krs-One cosigning Lil Wayne to Nas cosigning odd future, etc... It's just damn ridiculous like an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting where everyone is ego stroking each other...

    • Sensaye252

      For reala. As a fan, I feel like damn, I argued a million times in favor of you motherfuckers against hordes of dumb ass fans of these newjacks, now you're defending the dudes that I defended you against. These rappers though...none of 'em have any integrity or loyalty to anything. It's a sad reality as you get older when you realize these rappers aren't the stand-up guys you thought they were, but that's how it is. I guess we shouldn't expect them to be anything except money-hungry blood suckers.

  • BRu718

    Ya'll are wildin...Not once did he say that their style (Waka Flaka, Soulja Boy, etc) suits him...It suits them!! It's a different generation, things are more widespread! Most of the new stuff isn't Hip Hop... Kid Cudi isn't Hip Hop, neither is Waka, Soulja, half of Wayne's shit over the last 2-3 years isn't Hip's more like an alternative sub-genre. That's keeping it real...But don't hate on these young niggas getting money, and having fun doing so. You don't have to listen to them. I don't listen to them, therefore it doesn't bother me! They have their audience & I have the music I listen to (Nas, Mobb Deep, WU, Scarface, Freddie Gibbs, etc.)There can be room for both! Some of ya'll need to wake up and realize that

    • Cage

      That was expertly worded... Originally I didnt bark on him, but after reading that sensaye post I regret not doing so... P, you fuckin up lil nigga, email that dude sensaye for some guidance..

    • IDK

      @BRu718 - i agree with u (and Prodigy) on some aspects....but the thing is, these guys r thinking of themselves as hip hop. i agree that what they're making is more of a sub-genre of hip hop, but then they'll always still see themselves as real hip hop music, which is pure b.s. @Sensaye252 - i feel u 100%. that's straight up fact right there

    • Jose Vasquez

      I agree. By the way, calling someone a HATER is a bitch, or douche move in my eyes. It's used as the last resort to an argument, solidifying a false sense of winning an argument.

    • Thanks4ThaReal

      Damn Sensaye252, I just shed a tear reading that, realest shit I've read in a fuckin' minute. Props and respect. And fuck Prodigy, he was in jail talkin' mad shit about all kinds of actually talented rappers (including Slaughterhouse members Budden and Crooked I) but comes out giving props to these wack ass fuckers? Negro Please!

    • Sensaye252

      It bothers me because all the kids listen to 'em. And the kids don't have a choice because these wack ass rappers are on every radio station, every TV station, and every media outlet everywhere. It's not even so much that these new dudes are wack rappers, even though they are, but its that they're wack human beings that don't stand for anything and don't have anything good to say to the millions of kids listening to them. The responsibility that has come with being a Hip-Hop artist used to be a special and important thing because Hip-Hop is the main influence on our children in the 'hood. Now that responsibility is forgotten and it's all about 'getting your money'. They're breeding a bunch of shallow, money craving, mysogonystic, purp-sipping, kush-coughing fools and nobody cares because they're 'getting their money'. These rappers ain't sharing their money, so why are we applauding their riches so much? I don't get it. I'm supposed to be happy for this nigga because he's a millionaire and spends it all on tattoos, drugs, cars, 'scrippers', and guns? Fuck them. P compared these new artists to the Sugar Hill Gang and other old school artists, but there's a huge fuckin' difference. That difference is that those old school artists made positive and uplifting music, these new artists make the opposite of that. Don't let these cocksuckers convince you that there's nothing wrong with what they do just because you might be called a 'hater'. Nigga we need more 'haters'. The 'haters' seem to be the only ones who aren't fuckin' delusional.

    • ha

      Nah man... It's like Immortal Technique said. We need to bring it back to the golden age, when wack motherfuckers used to get thrown off stage!

  • Anonymous

    p been acting like a lil hoe since he got out the bing. now p loves everybody. i like arrogant "your shit sucks mobb deep shit is better" p way more. plus hav talking bout mobb tryin to work with wiz khalifa, and odd future. which leads me to believe these dumb ass niggas didnt learn from selling out last time out with g-unit. p talking too much, drop some music nigga. gossip book, lovey dove interviews, get real man. p was one of the last niggas i could count on for that REAL and he letting a nigga down right now for real. drop return of the mac part 2 and ill STFU.

  • t

    i love ps music but he had the nerve to diss all the other ny rappers and joe buddens music but give waka credit! cmon now son!!

  • Atl2Trill

    Prodigy is being political correct to gain the Waka and Soulja Boy fans.

    • Anonymous

      Word. what he needs to do is stop talking, and hopefully stop rapping. Don't you hate it when your parents are proved right kids, and your favorite rapper really is a joke.

  • Anonymous

    another day , another sell ouy

  • jesterdxxl

    P tryna get some recognition by co-signing youngsters he must be dropping a album or Mobb is... Don't get me wrong we all entitled to an opinion don't its disrespectful putting those names amongst Cold Cush!

  • hellrazor

    i think jail affected P's judgement.

  • dontgiveafuck.

    the only thing comin out of this midget's mouth since he got outta jail is BULLSHIT

  • Anonymous

    Of course he likes everybody. Hes out to kiss as many asses as possible to keep his career going. Hip hop money is getting tight people.

  • QiD Ent

    New song...listen & leave feedback.

  • Anonymous

    how is this dude gonna say he likes wiz khalifa, soulja boy, and waka flocka? prodigy you are breaking my heart man just stop doing all these interviews before you ruin your legacy more than you already have

  • ha

    Man Prodigy is buggin out. Don't speak about Cold Crush in the same sentence as those weak ass rappers. Hating on cats for being different is one thing... I hate on heads that are just ass. Being different and being garbage is not the same thing. In my opinion Cold Crush still shits on both Soulja Boy and Waka Flocka. The essence is not only about having fun, it's about the love for the craft that shows in your music. Both of these cats admit they don't give a fuck about hiphop.

  • RAF

    It wasn't Prodigy who said it, it was his G-Unit tattoo talkin.

  • Cage

    After reading the title I was gonna come in here and bark on this lil nigga... His delivery made sense though... I still cant bump that trash though, i dont care how much fun they havin

  • slapyobitchass

    It sounds like P been smokin too much kush, snortin too many lines or drinkin too much sizzurp. I respect P and the nigga is good but what the fuck is this nigga talkin bout. they may be gettin money but these new niggas hot garbage.

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