Erick Sermon Talks Longevity, Collaborations With Rick Ross And Sheek Louch

During an interview with AllAccessDVD, Erick Sermon discusses being courted by a new generation of fans and laying down tracks with Sheek Louch and Rick Ross.

Erick Sermon says that despite not dropping a solo project since 2004’s Chilltown New York, there has been a heavy demand from younger fans for another E-Double project. During an interview with AllAccessDVD, the EPMD co-founder explained how he encountered a large number of younger fans while overseas on tour.

“I used to meet young kids in their twenties saying, ‘I’m not old but I like your stuff. Are you gonna come out soon?’” Sermon explained. “My audience was going from the Drake concert one week to watching EPMD the next month. Even with the difference in decades, someone was either telling them about EPMD or they were finding us themselves. And they loved it, so that was dope.”

Another factor working in the Green Eyed Bandit’s favor was the positive reception he got from recent tracks with the likes of Rick Ross [“Ain’t Me”] and Sheek Louch. Producer Rockwilder, who has been working with both Sermon and Redman since Sermon’s 1995’s Double Or Nothing album, gave Sheek Louch and Sermon different versions of the same track, “Dodge This.” Sheek and E-Double ended up collaborating based off both emcee’s familiarity with the track, and a recommendation from some of Sermon’s friends. As for Sermon’s recent collaboration with Rick Ross, the track was originally a collaboration with Vic Damone.

“Through the grapevine, when Rick did that record, it was a $40,000 verse,” Sermon added. “I don’t know if he knows because of how the companies went down. But we ended up paying like 40 grand for that verse at the time. I just revamped it by changing the beat and putting myself on it.”

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  • Anonymous

    ah,slick rick can't use that excuse of "Iam waiting for a mature market to open up" no more.

  • Anonymous

    That erick sermon why not track still bangs. I wonder if e still uses the w30 or mirage.

  • NY

    The reason people go from Drake to EPMD is that they finally discovered what real hip hop is. The only people who listen to Drake are the ones that are ignorant to the genre and think that Drake is actually good.

  • Archie Archibald

    hiphopbaby76 yo this made my day seeing this man right here....when you speak of LEGENDS, you have to put ERICK SERMON in there. been rocking him since his first solo tape.can't wait till he puts out more solo stuff.

    • Anonymous

      sorry I was tired, that was meant to be an reply to NY.

    • Anonymous

      Well there definitely is a market opening up after all the over saturation of weak mcs and prodcuers.Though I would'nt get excited if I was you, music is now targeted more than ever at the female demographic. Not that there's anything wrong with that to an extent... it just means more people sounding the same.

  • Jeff

    Yo, Erick! Love EPMD and your production skills. I'm 25 and was turned on to you guys from my pops. I stick to underground, keep the crossover!

    • Anonymous

      If you like his production skills you should listen to redman muddy waters. Or any of his albums iam 16 well almost 17.

  • Bowski

    E Dub came off on both songs w/Sheek & the other joint w/Rick Ross, and I'm definitely supporting any E Dub material. I have always been the biggest EPMD fan, and for me to hear E rocking like a youngin & putting dope material out definitely brings it back for me. Now 1 more EPMD dope album then I'll be able to totally go full circle. Keep up the good work E.

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