Lil Wayne Speaks About "How To Love" As A Transition Record For His Career

Weezy F. tells MTV's Sway about how the new Detail-produced record will take his show and his sound to a more universal place.

In a new interview with MTV's Sway Calloway, New Orleans, Louisiana emcee Lil Wayne spoke about the impact of his new Detail-produced single "How To Love." Released online last week, Weezy explained, "I feel that ['How To Love'] will take me to a place that I've never been musically."

Projecting to 2013, Lil Wayne said this likely inclusion from Tha Carter IV will transition his next career conquest. The emcee looked two years ahead, and spoke to the perspective of his fans. "If I'm still tourin', you'll know when you come to a Lil Wayne show [that you will see] some of the best Rap, [you will] get guitar, [you will] get some singin', [you will] get some dancin', [you will] get some old school music, and [you] will get to go to a show tonight."

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MTV is expected to release more from the interview soon.


  • JD

    Check out this music video we made for Wayne’s How to Love song!

  • no ceilings proved dat da nigga da best rite now

    since all yall complainin n shit bout da man not being da best rapper alive den who is it

  • Paul David

    Okay, first of all Lil Wayne is a sellout for this. Sure, Em did this with Recovery, but it was a LOT doper than this shit. I mean, "Tunechi" raps about being a Blood 24/7, yet you're making songs like this?! It just amazes me that people actually think Wayne's "ABC rap" is genius. I bet that in 5 years, he will have fallen off, Young Money will destroy itself as a label, and everyone related to it's careers will be over...

  • John-Boy

    It amazes how emotional people get when someone disses Lil Wayne. We as hiphop fans have every right to comment on whether or not we like someone. If we think Wayne is garbage (BTW, he is) we have a right to come on here aned say so. It doesn't make us haters, it simply means that our ears work and we hear all the B.S. he spits.

  • Matt Tompkins

    lol at the use of brackets to decipher the slurred "IMGONNINA"

  • KMac

    HATERS,HATERS. I'm not s super wayne fan, but it's amazing how much everyone hates. He sales more records than any of your favorite rappers (unless Em is your favorite). So that's the name of the game, Wayne can SPIT HANDS DOWN. Just because YOU don't like his style of rap dosen't mean he is garbage.

    • Anonymous

      Actually it does...Whether you like him or not it's YOUR opinion. And if you dont like him then in YOUR opinion he is garbage. And if you do love him then YOU think hes the greatest ever. Not everybody likes the same thing.

  • Anonymous

    Point is. Wayne isnt even in the top 20 rappers of all time. So stop talking about him like hes in the same league with the greats. Hes pure trash.

  • NastyNas4Life

    LOL @ the pic, wayne with a guitar..oh pleaaseee, the dude can't even spit and doesn't even know how to play the guitar!

  • niggawhat

    If Wayne dosent start sippin syrup were all fucked...

  • datruth916cali

    yall niggaz spend yall time hatin on one of the most successful niggaz to touch a mic.. wayne is in cruise control, and just enjoying the fruits of his labor.. Its a lose lose for weezy, dude got nothing more to prove..Just trying new sh*t..If he was spittin about dope, u would be saying he a fake gangsta too..

    • Brandon Cypress

      Anonymous??? You stay that way and Die that way..Those aren't stupid glasses.. they are hater blockers....That;s why you are invinsible to me...If you were educated as much as you think you are you wouldn't be mouthing off like a child on the internet..Now go sit in a corner and think about what you said...Befor you get internet slapped...

    • Anonymous

      @ Brandon - Speaking of libraries....You should go to your local library and check out a book on proper grammar/spelling. P.S.- When you get home from the library with the book you NEED. Look in a mirror and slap yourself with that book for wearing those stupid ass sunglasses.

    • Brandon Cypress

      Exactly!!! i like your comment these guys/gals up here just have no perspective of life outside of their neighborhood..They dont know what people go threw to get where they are..It 2011 and people still ignorent..Thats because they're dumb.. Hating is a uncurible diesease..once you got it its there forever..This site is infected...with a bunch of hating ass folks with no goals in life..Probley at the library on the internet b/c they dont have a cmputer..Broke ass haters. .JUST JUMP OFF A BRIDGE!

    • Jose Vasquez

      It's too bad he can't spit dope. I think he has the fruit thing going for him.

    • Yeah man

      You said it perfect...Hes enjoying the FRUITS of his labor. Dude is fruity as hell.

  • NY

    You'll get bad singing, rapping, no old school music cause Lil Wayne was considered a below average rapper even when he started. Guitar playing that most likely will not be him even playing and most of all you won't get hip hop. He acts as if "How to Love" is some game changing song when in reality it's a bad song with a bad beat and bad singing. Thanks Lil Wayne for ruining hip hop culture and ruining music that I love. Still looking for something like the Golden Era of Hip Hop ('88-'95) but hip hop is being lead in the wrong direction with this no talent joke.

    • NY

      @Matt Is Fight the Power too intellectual for you? What's wrong with making music with a message and what's wrong with boom bap because it sounds like you only listened to G-Funk and by the way '88-'95 is basically universally accepted as the golden age of hip hop.

    • Anonymous

      @Matt - Of course you wouldnt like the fight the power type of music...You are the power they were rapping about.

    • Matt Tompkins

      88-95??? So you want stagnant boom-bap bullshit? Seriously, that stupid-ass comment only gets redeemed if you were implying 3 years of G-Funk, Regulator shit. Fuck the Fight The Power/Public Enemy rebel shit. (although I must admit that HiiiPower goes hard)

  • Thank you Weezy F Baby

    Lil Wayne motivated me to clean my life up and stay away from crime. I dont ever want to go to jail and catch whatever homosexual virus he caught while in the bing.

  • Jose Vasquez

    Hate to say it, but I think Lil Wayne experienced Anal Rape at Rikers. I really didn't want to bring it up, but someone had to. It's an epidemic to small guys going to jail. We have to stop this madness!!!!!!! Big ups to the Boondocks

  • D'sean Randolph

    Well it doesnt matter what he does now because he has immortalized himself as a legend whether ppl like it or not, he can put out garbage for the rest of his career n ppl will eat it up. Y? because at some point everyone (hip hop heads included n if yu say otherwise yu is one lying muhfucka)was feelin his movement. He is just wayne now n will be forever great whether you like it or not.

  • So Icy Boi!

    Listen to mah new smooth single "In the Morning" Featuring So Icy Gang Produced by me. swag


    Only Carter 2 was good, i trashed all those other Carter albums

  • Jose Vasquez

    Jail sure did change him... HAHAHAHA.

    • hellrazor

      he got the idea for the song while reminiscing on his nights in riker's. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA. that nigga keeps gettin gayer by the minute

  • Anonymous

    Can't see him as a legitimate singer


    YO! Chek out mah new singles "I Don't Give a Fuck" with SO ICY GANG & "Runaway"

  • anonymous

    transitional record indeed...from the self proclaimed "best rapper alive" into a washed up has been.

    • WayneStan

      wayne iz liek the best rapper alive dood. The fck u talkn bout has been nigga! Nigga iz bttr than ever. On a more serious note. I could not agree more. He is making shit for 16 year old white girls. They eat this shit UP, and he knows it.

    • NY

      @Anonymous So where was the line drawn cause he's been putting out shit for years and somehow still gets love. The average listener needs to be more educated about hip hop because you're one of those ignorant listener that think this garbage is good or was good.

    • lil gayne

      @anonymous haha well put this dude gets way too much love for all the ridiculous shit he's put out.

    • Anonymous

      kiss my left nut.

    • Fuckallyallniggas

      Nigga you are truly a bitch real talk

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