Madlib & Frank-N-Dank's Frank Nitt Team For "Medicine Show 9: Nittyville"

The Beat Konducta's latest series sparks things up with a longtime J. Dilla affiliate.

Oxnard, California producer/emcee Madlib (a/k/a Beat Konducta) is teaming with Detroit, Michigan emcee Frank Nitt for Medicine Show #9: Channel 85 Presents Nittyville. The Stones Throw Records release is the latest in Madlib's ongoing series, with Nitt, a longtime J. Dilla affiliate, hailing from Frank-N-Dank fame.

The 14 track release is expected on May 31, and features appearances from Oh No and MED. The tracklisting is as follows:

01. Nittyville (The Landing)
02. So Beautiful (Dues Paid)
03. Stageridin’
04. Smoke Theme for Dankery Harv
05. Jus’ Follow
06. The Exclusive (Bar Scene) (Feat. The Professionals)
07. Eyegotcha Madlib
08. Legalize It (Interlude)
09. Sunday Sinema
10. What Can U Tell Me (Feat. MED)
11. The Truth (Interlude)
12. Red Light Green
13. Go There
14. Set It Off (Feat. Prime)


  • Bowski

    Damn long time no hear from! I've been waiting for Frank-n-Dank to drop something ever since "European Vacation", that album was dope. I see Frank doing his thing now on the solo tip huh? With Madlib on the beats I got high hopes. Madlib just needs to chill a whole lot w/all dem damn skits right back to back. It kinda ruined it for me on Guilty's last album, spread dem skits out a bit b/w songs man, damn.....

  • So Icy Boi!

    YO! Chek out mah new singles "I Don't Give a Fuck" with SO ICY GANG & "Runaway"

  • kalim

    This is great they show the 14 tracks of Nitty ville, now we can choose are favorite song. very useful. kabbalah courses

  • So Icy Boi!

    Check out mah new singles “I DON’T GIVE A FUCK” (with So Icy Gang) & “RUNAWAY” … swag

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