J. Cole Explains Single Delay, Taps Jay-Z For Roc Nation Debut

The North Carolina rapper reveals that his single features a Kanye West sample and that Jay-Z will appear on his new album.

J. Cole’s first single off his upcoming Roc Nation debut is ready to go, but he’s got to clear a Kanye West sample before releasing the track. The Fayetteville, North Carolina native recently explained during a UStream chat that he’s waiting on the issue to be resolved and he’ll be good to go.

“I just have to update y’all on the single. We said it’d come out this week. It’s ready to go, it’s mixed and mastered, it’s just the sample clearance,” he said, noting that he encountered a similar issue with “Who Dat,” of which he’ll release the original version this summer.

“Now, the single I’m about to put out - which I love to death and I really wish I could have put it out before Memorial Day Miami because it’s such a theme song for this shit - the thing is, I sampled a Kanye West song. When y’all hear how I did the sample, it’s so great. I love it. But I sampled the song, and the problem is, there’s like five writers on the song that he gave credit to and got publishing on the song,” he continued. “Everything happens for a reason. Just pray that as soon as it clears, we’re gonna put it out. [...] I can’t wait ‘til y’all hear the sample and the original and how I did it. Nobody obviously thought to flip it like that, or even would have heard that part.”

As for his debut album, he says it’s completed and has a release date, though he’s hoping to put it out on a different date. “I just finished the album. I’ll probably still be working and changing stuff up until the moment they tell me I got to turn it in,” he said. “I kinda got a date now, but I’m not really satisfied with it. I’ll give y’all... it’s a two-part album title.” 

The 15-track album will also feature a collaboration with Jay-Z. “I did the song for Jay. Finally. Finally, finally. It’s fucking crazy,” said Cole, who hopes to put out his sophomore album shortly after his debut. “[I’m] probably about 70 percent of the second album. I’m tryna drop two in a year. I’m tryna come back like eight, nine months after. I ain’t really tell them yet.”

In the meantime, Cole will hit the road with Rihanna this summer, working on a non-mixtape project with Kendrick Lamar and crafting beats for Wale. “Me and Kendrick Lamar, it’s not a mixtape. It’s too good to be called a mixtape,” he said. “That’s my goal. When I’m on the road for the next two months on the Rihanna [tour], is to do straight beats on the bus. Kendrick’s my top priority, and then Wale, too. I been telling my nigga Fab I’ve been going to give something to him for so long. I’m slackin’ bad. My nigga Fab.”

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  • Queen Tee

    FINALLY we have a RELEASE DATE for J. Cole’s anticipated CD! His ALBUM, Cole World: The Sideline Story Will be in-stores September 27th, 2011 Until the you can buy the single “Workout” on iTunes: http://bit.ly/jBEukn or check out “Cole Summer” viral videos: http://bit.ly/poVAcW

  • Damn

    After hearing it, I kinda wish they didn't clear the sample lol

  • J Cole Fan

    These writers need to go ahead and clear the sample. Cole World

  • phraynkhp

    if u think hip hop is dead shut ur dumb ass up and go read a dub step blog or sumthin cuz we still lovin this shit over here.............. odd future, JETS, j cole, Taylor gang, cool kids, pac div, wale, lupe, big sean, cyhi, freddie gibbs, killa kyleon, stalley, emilo rojas, cory gunz, jay electronica, kendrick lamar, BIG KRIT and lil b are all new artist maken Quality hip hop if u dont like any of these artist ur prolly old as fuck and unwilling to listen to anything new....get over it this is a new fuckin generation and hip hop aint goin nowhere..... btw fuck hip hop good music has no bounds fuck genres and fuck everyone on this site bunch of pussies

  • Angel Xavier De Peña

    I'd rather hear a Joe Budden/J. Cole collab before I hear some whack Fabolous collab.

    • This Dude

      You are the biggest dick rider of Joe Budden and Slaughterhouse ever. I think they're tight, but Joe Budden isn't the greatest thing to ever touch the mic. Stop acting like he is. Stop dick Riding. We get it, you like Joe Budden, it's too bad you look like a Gay Puerto Rican fairy. Bitch.

  • Anonymous

    Does J Cole ever look where hes going? Hes always looking away from shit in every pic he takes...This dude must bump into walls and shit a lot.

  • Anonymous

    smh you niggas are something else. . J Cole never dropped an album, and he built his way up. . He's makin money, makin excellent music. . what are you niggas doin with ya life. .

    • Anonymous

      Some people are fans who criticize him for his actions that are really questionable sometimes. Nothing wrong with that, you don't have to dickride everything he does and can still like his music.

  • Anonymous

    gay cole looool

  • Anonymous

    this shit bout to be a classic

  • Jose Vasquez

    Kanye West Sample=Good Single and Good Way to Start off an album.

    • Anonymous

      Dreams was something else. That shit was greatness in every sense of the word.

    • Anonymous

      How do you clear a sample of a song that uses a sample from somebody else? This should be interesting.

    • Anonymous

      true one of the game best single dreams kanye produced, and that was what...the 3rd song I think on the documentary lp

  • So Icy Boi!

    YO! Chek out mah new singles "I Don't Give a Fuck" with SO ICY GANG & "Runaway" http://www.myspace.com/soicygangor/music

  • Anonymous

    jcole get in wit banks yo or atleast send a beat that would be ill

  • So Icy Boi!

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  • kristing

    Finally J. Cole is making some progress, 2 years ago we thought he would take off after the Jigga album from the movie. Hey, if your a rapper looking to get more fans to help their career grow visit http://www.ibuildfans.com

  • BigDan

    "I’m tryna drop two in a year. I’m tryna come back like eight, nine months after. I ain’t really tell them yet.”" You did tell them. Matter of fact they told you that's how its going to be. Roc Nation has not done anything yet. Heck, Wale just left. As it stands now, its going to be the same model as Rocafella. We're an entire record label, but we only have one artist that's really popping, so if we want to show revenue every year, then we need to have our one popping artist dropping every year. That said, J Cole, take a week off, go to the Bahamas or something and go reflect. You have the potential to be the next biggest thing and with your mic skills, you could do something big, while doing that's not being done right now. Nicki Minaj and Drake are new artists that did it big, but I wouldn't even call what NM is doing right now, hip hop. So make sure that album is a classic, but make sure you can get the radio play. Think DMX. Roc Nation is yours.

    • Anonymous

      DMX was pretty much the worst example you could write here.

    • Errol Schulz

      if he thought like dmx, he'd be smoking crack right now making shit music. You can't even compare what J. Cole does to DMX. They're in different leagues lyrically, musically, evrything.

  • pienman

    that's word right there son! indeed kill the game cole....no blanket indeed:

  • R.C.

    damn its alot of hatin goin on right now. give this man hs props. he's one of the reasons i got excited about hip hop again. he's speaking truth on the mic. his beats are dope to me. 2face, get up, farewell, losing my balance, etc. i can go on and on about how many classic tracks j.cole has without an album out. all 3 of his mixtapes are classics in my opinion. i think its taking him a long time with the album because he's a perfectionist and he really wants to make a classic album. alot of rappers been throwin the term "classic" around for the last 5-6 years and their albums have not stood the test of time. be real. when is the last time an official undeniable classic hip hop dropped? ima say kanye's college dropout. even tho i think mbdtf is a musical classic but everybody didnt agree. cole had to build his buzz and show he can hold his own weight. i hope he drops a classic and receive that coveted 5 mics and xxl. fuck you haters.

  • ?

    How many articles does this guy need to keep telling people his album ain't ready? This is like the fifth update in the last 2 weeks.

  • ron


    • Anonymous

      Tyler the Creator and little buzz? LMAO! Tyler got the biggest buzz and his sales were disappointing as fuck. Don't let me take about Joell, that nigga sold 100 copies outta his car. I think J. Cole will sell much more.

    • 93

      If tyler the creator joell ortiz nd saigon can sell more than 14k with little buzz im sure cole can do more than that

    • Anonymous

      Stfu cause u know as soon as the official 1st single drops your punk ass will be one of the 400 ppl to comment on the shit. U stupid if u really believe what u just said

  • Gamble

    Everyone QUIT your BITCHING, if you dont like him cuz he's too kanye west or cuz he's sampling other artists' songs then why are you even on here or even bother listening to his music. Gat a Fucking life and anyone that says they aint gonna support Cole's music cuz its taking too damn long is a fuckin liar. Every single mutherfucker on this forum or on any J.Cole forum is gonna buy the debut album on the first day. That's the reason you all log on to any Cole related article, cuz you like his music and you'll support it no matter what. So STFU and wait patiently til it drops, cuz we all know damn well that ya'll are gonna cop it. Go listen to some Black Hippy (Kendrick Lamar, Ab-Soul, Schoolboy Q, and Jay Rock) while the album drops..you wont regret it.

  • Anonymous

    Damn, so these new kids sample from other hip hop beats now? Hip hop really is dead.

    • i forgot a name

      oh and did u know that madlib sampled planet rock for a track on skyzoo's corner store classics mixtape? but yeah, your probably right.....hip hop is dead *in a sarcastic tone*

    • do ur homework

      ^^^Yep. Dj Premier, just blaze, 9th wonder, khyrsis, alchemist, black milk......and thats just off the top. wanna keep complaining about hip hop being dead

    • uhhhh

      like one of the best producers of all time ? DJ Premier

    • Anonymous

      Name one then. Most producers from the era before bling music took over had unwritten rules to sampling. and sampling other producers beats was a no no....so see if u can name one other than diddy/swizz beats.

    • here we go

      Dont start with that "hip hop is dead" bullshit again. 2011, let it go. There is plenty of hip hop in the underground of rap that u can listen to so stop your bitching. Also dont act like even YOUR favorite producers has never sampled from another hip hop record either.

  • Anonymous

    Comes out the same day as Crooked I's.

    • Crooked I

      hahaha your so funny............................................................................................................................................NOT!! #OKBYE!


    of YOUR operation is a universal RETARD. i want to see howlong it takes YOU to figure out what i'm talking about

    • Spit it out

      Hey douchebag, not everyone feels like guessing so why dont u just come right out and say what you wanna to say.

  • yugang

    J. Cole needs to put on his first album before talking about putting out 2 in one like like x did in 1998. After the first album actually comes out what i really want afterwards is his collaborative effort w/ kendrick lamar more than he sophomore lp. I also want Jay Electronica to be the top priority of Roc Nation right after j. cole gets off his first album to so we can finally hear/get an album from HIM.

  • Anonymous

    Cole says "I just finished the album. I’ll probably still be working and changing stuff up until the moment they tell me I got to turn it in". Cole ALSO says “[I’m] probably about 70 percent of the second album." I dunno man! it doesnt sound solid to me. when u turn your album in, you have to get it approved and then they give you a date. if you are continuously working on it, that means they are gonna have to approve it again again and again until you stop turning different versions in.

    • @anonymous

      Well damn son, he aint that bad of a producer. talking bout not trying to sound like a hater. He aint that great of a producer but u didnt have to go in on him like that. Give the nigga time he'll eventually fine-tune his shit. Sheesh!

    • huh

      Maybe you don't check on Cole's moves a lot but half his debut aint produced by him. His got NO I.D., Danja Handz, Brian Kidd and Shea Taylor all producing for his album. Jim Jonsin also said they were in the studio recently again. So I'm sure Cole knows they needs to be a balance between his beats and other producers.

    • Anonymous

      Yep. I don't wanna sound like a hater He's a talented Mc but as a producer he sucks. He makes one good beat out of 40 he makes. And I think he's in denial. Anyone can loop four bars of drums and chop notes and hit it.. But it dont always make sense.. Like how he chopped up Erykah badu's "didn't Cha know" .. Cole sampled the intro thinking it's a live band... When it's actually sampled from Tarika blue. Dude is still an amateur. Not being a hater but it's real. His shit sounds like it belongs in the top 46 spot on the "east coast" genre of the "instrumentals" section on sound click. If he just shuts up.. Let just blaze give him a track.. Kanye one.. Pete rock one.. Premo one.. All the producers he's always around one .that's it.. Someone gonna reply saying somewhat like "he tryna be legendary by doing everything" shut the fuck up Michael sucked harder than pookie on a crack pipe thinking he was gon be Barry bonds and shit... But he was god body wearing that bulls jersey... Cole.. Stick to the mic and give us something solid nigggggrrrraaaahhh

  • Anonymous

    shoouldve had a track wit NAS datd be ILL

  • Anonymous

    Why don't he get OFF Kanye's dick! We see Kanye's influence in your music! Cool! But Kanye is STILL doing it! Be J.Cole!!! Most of his beats sound like Kanye's earlier beats. Cole can SPIT but I hear TOO MUCH Kanye influence in his music. Now we waiting on a Kanye sample clearance? Come on, son!

  • NJ

    Looks like it's finally coming, my guess would be around November, can't wait to hear what he's been cooking up.

  • hghgh

    Why don't you release your first album before u talk about your 2nd album. enough with all the delays and bullshits.. I ain't buying your album if you keep treating it like detox..

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