will.i.am To Release Upcoming Solo Album "Black Einstein"

The Black Eyed Peas co-founder's fourth solo album takes a bold title, as will follows up 2007's "Songs About Girls."

Black Eyed Peas co-founder will.i.am is back to pursuing his solo career. As the multi-platinum veteran Hip Hop-turned-Pop outfit goes on recording hiatus, the Los Angeles, California producer/singer/emcee has announced plans to release a project called Black Einstein.

This will be the fourth official solo project for the onetime Ruthless Records artist. In 2001, will kicked off his solo career with BBE Beat Generation Series release Lost Change, which featured Planet Asia and Mykill Miers. Most recently, in 2007, the Grammy Award-winning producer released Songs About Girls on Interscope Records, which featured Snoop Dogg.

Black Einstein has yet to have a release date announced. BEP band-mate Fergie is who notified the press of will's plans, explaining to HollywoodScoop.com.



  • Tyler Fassbender

    WiilL! I see your comment up there^what pic are youu talkinn about? The girl, or the photo of you? Idk. Idc. Ill support you all the way. Ive been the biggest fan of Black Eyed Peas since I was 5 or 6. When Elephunk came out, i knew it changed my life in a way. And it did. You and the Peas have inspired me more than youd think. Im pursuing music, to live the life, and get the experience, of The Black Eyed Peas. Cant wait for Black Einstein. ANd i know Fergie's tryin to have a baby, but i think just for me...you should talk to her, try to get her back for round 2 of The Dutchess.

  • cano

    i hate this motherfucker. he thinks hes the smartest man alive. hes like the black bono he needs to shut the hell up cuz him and the black eyed pees suck.

  • Jesus

    Woke up this morning things werent feeling right i said i wanna make a nchange man i wanna fight Obama walked up and said "Yes we can" i said "i wanna ride your nuts cuz i think your the man" Chorus Dickriding obama obama now were dick riding obama obama DICKRIDING dickriding for the staights dickriding for the gays dickriding for tomorrow dickriding for today dickriding for america dickriding for Iraq its okay to ride that dick just as long as its Baracks and now were Chorus 2

  • Entiregg

    I DON'T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT THIS if this gonna be another electro shit.

  • Anonymous

    I'll be checking for this. I liked Songs About Girls so i'm expecting good things from this cd.

  • callmeahater

    every time this dude does something... i hate him just a little bit more... he never fails... black einstein?? really??

  • Club Langer

    He should call it 'Retirement'

  • Anthony Moreno - AOM

    If you're reading this, Will Adams, make some great, real Hip Hop! I mean, I like that your group is about positive music, but I think there's too much party music. You should explore all of the other territory Hip Hop has (like Jazz and Soul). I'm an MC myself and I enjoyed "Songs About Girls" and all of your early material. Hopefully you appeal more to the male crowd (more of the Hip Hop lovers)

  • Rachael Misek

    sounds interesting.

  • correction

    He should call it short black gay motherfucker.

  • So Icy Boi!

    Chek out mah debut single “Runaway” (produced by me). swag Im mo talented den yo fav rappa. lmao http://www.myspace.com/soicygangor/music

  • Anonymous

    i hope the name of the album won't be referring to himself

  • c_milton

    How d'you go from straight hip hop with Planet Asia to all this electropop bullshit? I fucks with 1998-2000 BEP, Hell I even like 'Let's Get Retarded' but everything else is piss poor. Kim Hill > Fergie.

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