Wiz Khalifa Says He Has No Hard Feelings When It Comes To Kanye West

Rapper Wiz Khalifa reveals that he has no beef with Kanye West, hints at being with Amber Rose forever.

Only days after it was revealed that rapper Wiz Khalifa was dating Amber Rose, model and former girlfriend of Kanye West, rumors began to run rampant in regards to Wiz’ relationship with West.

But in a recent interview with the UK’s VOICE Online Wiz revealed that he has no issues with West, a rapper who he has never even met.

“No, (it doesn’t bother me) at all,” Wiz explained to the VOICE Online when asked if he’s bothered by the fact that Rose dated West. “You can’t judge a person by who they were with before. If I’d done that, I would’ve missed out on a great person. There are tons of people who were with somebody and then went on to be with somebody else who they really found love with…There’s no relationship and no negativity because I’ve never met (Kanye). If I do ever meet him, I’ll be nice and cool, as I always am, and hopefully he’ll be the same way.”

Wiz went on to explain that he has no time for the negativity brought on because of his relationship with Rose.

“We’re grownups. And he’s older than I am, so I would absolutely expect him to act in a mature way. I ain’t tripping on anything like that,” said Wiz. “I’ve got so much that I wanna do. I can’t let my goals be tainted with anything negative.”

Lastly, Wiz addressed the seriousness of his relationship with Rose by stating that she would be “the last girl I’m ever gonna be with.”

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  • Anonymous

    Amber knows a sucker when she sees one. She used Kanye to get on then found the next sucker to keep her in the spotlight. The real question is. Who will be the next sucker she fucks with.

  • Kels

    LMFAO at these comments! You guys are hilarious. I'm a female and I can respect the guys comments who called Amber "sloppy seconds" " a ho" or "ugly" because so many idiotic men think that males aren't allowed to say that about a "hot" chick unless they're gay and that's just retarded! Amber is nothing but a nasty whore and it's sad that these industry men go for females like her. Kanye is such a wimp and made her famous for nothing. Why do these rich entertainment men foolishly make these hos famous and buy them luxurious items? She wouldn’t be with Wiz if he didn’t have money and it’s obvious because she’s always all up in the camera when they’re at events together. I swear, people are so damn stupid. How could he love a ghetto, shallow, uneducated loser? Oh I forgot, he’s one himself.

  • dr phil!!!

    “the last girl I’m ever gonna be with.” There you go. Wiz Khalifa is coming out the closet next week its "this is the first man im ever gonna be with"

  • Anonymous

    HELLLLLLOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! paging mr sherman hemsley... your gf is BALD HEADED wearing blue lipstick like WTF!?!?!?!

  • uuuuuuhhhh....

    Yeah obviously any man that feels love for a woman is a HUGE FUCKING FAGGOT. LOL he loves a girl WHAT A HOMO. But yeah, okay it does look kinda bad to hop from one rapper to another.

  • Ivan Geigerman

    who cares??? As soon as Wiz Khalifa's 15 minutes are up, she'll be fucking(NOT DATING) the next one on the top of the charts. Think I'm wrong, just wait.......

    • ultraULTRA

      exactly who care if wiz has beef or not?, kanye doesn't obviously. This is the only thing keeping Wiz relevant is dating kanyes ex?? LOL

  • dj who?

    Amber Rose IS F**KIN BANGING!!!! thats how women need to look... Its what i call "the perfect thick" Kanye can get a grip of different women why should he care... & if he does then poor guy...

  • Anonymous

    Another famous rapper's groupie/ sloppy seconds???? I would want to build my own groupie up.

  • Azhar

    LMAO...Philly stand up...Amber must got dat bomb.. she got young Khalifa gone! Lmfao...its cool he'll wake up soon enuff he still a young dude.. but damn homie it's spose to be pimp or die..put the bong down dude and get it together.. but big ups to Amber for using what she got I aint mad at her...

  • Anonymous

    oh my god it's gonna be so fucking funny when this motherfucker ends up with mad STDS and his dumbass tat of her name on his hand MORON

  • yup (you all are lame)

    sloppy seconds? dude your current wife or girlfriend is probably someone's sloppy seconds...you are probably some girl's sloppy seconds...stop hating on the damn dude...if the shit doesn't work out...it doesn't work it out...shit dread...smh

  • Kane

    Wiz is an idiot for this. You don't scoop up a next man's girl like that - Especially Kanye's ex - in this industry. That's just fucking low man. I'd be so vexed if I were Kanye right now. Little new artist trying to make these moves - no respect. Wiz dones'nt even feel bad about it - probably cause his head is so fucking clouded in marijuana smoke he doesn't know his real emotions. It is what it is. It's a joke. Wiz should break it off with Amber and fucking appologize. He's a good kid, but he can go face the natural consequences of his actions.

  • JON

    she is a stripper/porn star/groupie/escort.....you can have her

  • Anonymous

    Man ever since this nigga Wiz signed to Atlantic he been hella 2 faced. WTF Wiz? You said you wouldn't change your sound and you did. You said you was a pimp my nigga, remember "I don't love em, I don't chase em I duck em". Now you so far up this groupie bitch ass you commenting on shit dealing with Kanye every other week. Kanye is a emotional ass nigga but that's who he is. You not Wiz. We don't expect to see you in ever blog talking about Kanye and Amber. You letting this bitch take all your shine. I don't even hear you talking about your music anymore, everything is about Amber and Kanye. WTF. Somebody in your camp needs to get you back to earth cause your sound is shit right now and your character is changing. Fucking rappers.

  • Hmm

    I like Wiz and he showed a lot of maturity here, but being with this girl will not end well, lol. I believe Kanye made a song about chicks like these...

  • Hah

    All i know is yall was talking about how hot she was when she was with yeezy now she with wiz and yall fuckin hating get a life faggot bloggers..

  • Anonymous

    "i aint sayin she a gold digga, but she aint messin with no broke nigga." ironically i believe mr. west himself said that. yep kanye did say that.

  • D'sean Randolph

    personally i wouldnt date amber if i had the chance regardless cuz im not really into white girls...yal still some haters tho

  • D'sean Randolph

    theres alot of hatin ass niggas on this feed rii now!!! yal knw damn well if rose came at yal yu wud cuff n a heartbeat so foh, fuckn frauds

  • Gabriel Rodriguez

    can u say sloppy seconds?? "Yeezy re-upholstered my p***y"

  • trooth

    damn wiz you need to chill on all that reefer....your so fuckin brain dead you dating a mix between rupaul and a smirf

  • Omnom

    When did George Costanza start wearing blue lipstick?

  • whowho

    This nigga is a complete joke. Why isnt Too Short schoolin' this lame nigga. You fell in love with a hoe, she only fucks with you because you have a good ass job; nerd!

  • Mr Flamboyant

    LOL at this nigga... Boy aren't you gonna look like this biggest stick of shit when the bottom falls out of this one. Unbelievable. I hope for the best...but...uh...yeah.

  • Anonymous

    p.s. if i was wiz id go for halle berry, she still single right? milf

  • Anonymous

    she looks like a fuckin alien, there's better celeb pussy out there bro

  • Anonymous

    amber rose looks like the last shit i took, brown and smooth.

  • Hubert Jubberman

    I just want to punch Wiz in his faggot ass face!

  • seville

    really cant say shit about it in my opinion. she might do things to make her look ho-ish in public but she might also be treating wiz like a king and suckin the color out of him in their own personal life. why else would kanye seem do bummed and put out 808s? mustve been that good.

    • J.Walker

      Huh? That album had nothing to do with Rose. :/ 808's was made out of morning after the passing of Kanye's Mother Donda West earlier that year. Hence why half of the album was dedicated to her. Learn your hip-hop history fellas... smh

    • Anonymous

      he's talking about after ye and amber rose broke up you fucking moron

    • Anonymous

      what are you talking about 808s for? that shit was like 3 yrs ago, way before wiz was with her or even had a chance with her

  • Truthenola

    Ghostface should sit this lil baige crayon down and tell him how it is ,. talking all dis love ish , come on now,. ?!?

  • Anonymous

    Man I'm sorry but I could never date a girl with that dumb looking bald head. Looks ugly as shit.

  • Lol

    This paperweight is about to look dumb as fuck in a few months to a year when she starts "dating" the next new mc. Shes a leech that lives off of other peoples fame to create her own. These rappers need to leave these strippers alone.

  • DL Dub

    She might be the last girl for you dude, but uh, trust you aint the last guy for her. But you'll learn.

  • Anonymous

    this dude could be banging different college chicks every day but he wants to spend the rest of his life with kanyes bald ex girlfriend

  • breezy

    @ mike twain what about ICE T he did the same shit, talked like a pimp then married a hoe! nigga this music shit is strait general hospital none of these dudes is fuckin like they say they are or they would be dead..... why you think fab didnt do love and hip-hop? cuz he's john jackson at home not fab and he didnt want people to see its all image, not saying he aint hood, but its image!

    • BigRizz

      nah bro. CoCo aint another rappers ex, plus CoCo had a hustle modeling before she met Ice. I think Ice T did it better than Wiz. Ice-T is older and wanted a wife to hustle with him daily. Wiz is younger and could of ran through universities all over. Ice-T= O.G Wiz= sprung

    • Anonymous

      He didn't marry another rappers sloppy seconds!!!

    • pico presi

      Naw man. Ice T and Coco married the game "2..gether.." haha. Ice pimpin that bitch puttin her out there to fetch "HIS" scratch ya digg?? plus that ice t already had long fetti and proly bump bitches with coco and take em down "2..gether..". Its holy Maccaroni, not holy matramoni..

  • Anonymous

    never mind i thought he was talking about amber being a he

  • Anonymous

    LOL last girl he will ever be with? yeah right as soon as he falls off she will be on the the next one

  • Anonymous

    We’re grownups. And he’s older than I am, so I would absolutely expect him to act in a mature way. I ain’t tripping on anything like that,” said Wiz. “I’ve got so much that I wanna do. I can’t let my goals be tainted with anything negative ^^^ hmmm whats wrong with this sentence

  • kennyken

    wiz is getting pimped...just my opinion. she seems to be suspect.

  • Anonymous

    wiz look like a young george jefferson, he wouldnt have shit if he wasnt making that music lol which he is so i cant hate. but amber rose wit that blue lipstick???? i aint feelin that

  • Gunn Starr

    that last statement pretty much showed the level of his maturity. That being said-had he chosen anyone but her (with waht has publicly been immortalized about her)-ppl might have seen it as potential relationship for life. but hey-either way it doesnt affect anyone but them

    • 905

      Well said...high school kids say that kind of shit when they have their first "serious relationship", but you can't blame him for being immature he is fairly young after all.

  • Mike Twain

    I love how Wiz talks all this pimp shit, then he turns a hoe to a housewife like he got blinded by the first piece of fly celebrity pussy. He's simpin! reverbnation.com/miketwain - I spit the truth!

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