B.G. Describes Relationship With Grand Hustle, Says He's Pushing For Hot Boyz Album

The former Hot Boyz member says he was one inspiration for T.I. and says he wants to release a Hot Boyz reunion album.

B.G. is one example of a rapper who's made the tumultuous trips back and forth between labels both major and independent. The former Hot Boyz group member cut ties with T.I.'s Grand Hustle Records in 2009, but seems to have fond memories of the label's founder. He spoke highly of his first meetings with T.I. before signing to Grand Hustle.

"T.I. was like, I was one of the reasons he [started rapping]," B.G. told Mikey T and Hip Hop Weekly. "He was like, 'I used to be just sitting in the trap just bumping all your shit.' I had put out six solo albums under Cash Money before [T.I. and I] even had our deal…So I was like, 'Damn.'"

Although fellow Hot Boyz member Turk is doing a 14-year prison bid because of charges related to weapon possession, B.G. says he still would like to see the group do a reunion album.

"All of us say, 'We ready.' The whole world wants it, the whole world wants to see it. It's a business move. Me and Baby talk all the time. Me and Lil Weezy, that'll always be my little brother. Me and Juve, I don't know, we don't really talk like that."

B.G. is gearing up to release his mixtape, Money Side Murda Side II.


  • Brain

    "B.G. is gearing up to release his mixtape, Money Side Murda Side II" Really??? That's what he's calling his newest project? Dumbass nigga!


    chopper city-classic chopper city in the ghetto-classic

  • gnigga/pleeze

    i remember b.g. in the source back in the day sayin he'd only do the reunion album if it was called "we did it for the money" i guess now that wayne is on top of the world that changes everything. and listen to him diss the shit out of baby and wayne on his song "fuck u" off his living legend album


      yall do no b.g is back on CMR juve said he awlready got paid for a new hot boys album

    • tonyT

      I see that B.G. now realizes Baby and Slim are better business than him. B.G. and Juvie were hating strong on Cash Money, sued Cash Money for dirty business practices, won the lawsuit and got paid. I quess they done spent all the lawsuit money now and want to use Cash Money again. If Juvie and B.G.'s labels were making money, they would talking about "I told you so" about them making Cash Money Records. The fact is this, Cash Money made it with and without them, Mannie Fresh included. It's always 90% of your business and 10% talent.

  • graysonapollo

    this reunion coming soon, and of course juve and B.G. want to do it...money..but wayne said with twsita in burn this city...im hotter than a motherfucking hot boyz reunion....plus read the last article dx had on juvy, he says wayne's his top rapper..crazy shit yo

  • J

    Of course he's pushing for a Hot Boyz album...he needs that money! I bet Juvey wants it to happen, too!

  • idntknowbut

    This interview should have lasted 2 mins... B>G takes to long to talk... but he a real dude and i respect him .. bump all his music. Cash money aint ganna do the album anytime soon. Baby aint hungry when he is he ganna do the project!

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