Snoop Dogg Released From Probation Early

Tha Doggfather is off the hook after serving only 49 months of his 60-month probation order.

Snoop Dogg has been on probation for almost five years after he was arrested in Los Angeles, California for drugs and gun possession. Originally sentenced to 60 months of probation in 2007, the judge has ended his probation early, cutting him loose after serving 49 months of the order.

According to, Snoop is "pleased" with the judge's decision. The probation stems from Snoop's arrest outside of NBC Studios in 2006, when policemen allegedly found marijuana, cocaine and a firearm in his car.

His probation prevented him from traveling and touring around the world. In 2007, he was denied entry to Australia, whose officials claimed that he "isn't the sort of bloke" that should be in their country.

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  • Brandon Payne

    Damn man, I've been on Intense Probation 3 times and ALL three times I violated and went to prison 2 of them cause I would rather just did the time than follow their Rules for 5 years feel me, u can do 5 years of them being up your ass telling what u and cannot do and pisstests and paying their fees and bs or do 2 years in prison.. no question do the time and get it over with my dude, but anyways my question is this how has he been smoking weed so publicly all this time and not gotten violated? and They definitely would've been pissin him especially since it was a drug charge he was on probation for? I wonder what his suspended sentence was.. this is a little weird seeing that he has been very visible smokin weed and shit and he hasn't failed his piss tests or been violated and on top of that He even got released Early.. from someone whos been stuck in the justice system and spent most of his life in prison this does seem strange to me

  • Tony Steward

    Good to see Snoop out of the system. 49 months is a long time for anything. 60 months of felony probation doesn't sound like a snitch. It sounds like a good lawyer and a guilty plea mixed with something called a "joint suspension". One false move would've meant 60 months in prison. Step your legal game up. I wouldn't accept prison for a little bit a weed, coke, and a pistol. He wasn't moving weight, he was getting loaded and got caught with a thump thump. We all know Snoop has cats that will do that for him so he was leaking on the burner issue. Good to see him free though.

  • S. Knight

    Because he is a snitch

  • TJAY 848


  • anon

    yo t-ro u forgot he's prob illuminati which is also why he can get away with that shit. stupid ass niggaz...snitch this, illuminati that HA

  • T-RO

    Oh and i forgot, he prob is a snitch... Nobody else can get away with that shit

    • Anonymous

      t-ro can go die. all you fuckin bitch ass haters do is claim every rapper is a snitch when they get arrested. EVERYBODY claimed t.i was a snitch. now your callin SNOOP DOGG a snitch? come on nigga. get your shit straight.

    • t-ro is another ignorant black man

      and t-ro is a strait bitch for claiming snoop is a snitch with absolutelt nothing to back that up... you do realize california was just ordered to release 33,000 inmates from custody to relieve some pressure on the state budget?? nah, your ignorant ass dont pay attention to the news, you would rather assume dude is a snitch.. you do realize the word "nigger" derived from the word "ignorant" right?? probably not..

  • T-RO

    I didnt even realize he was on probation still... So he can go on a Comedy Central Roast and toke up? Can i do that if im on probation? lol

  • Anonymous

    Honestly, my eyebrows raised a little bit when the report said he got caught with some blow... he is known as a total smoker, but what the hell weed smoker you know look that skinny???? with the amount of munchies I get? no way I could look like that if i wasnt twistin the pipe or at least rackin up some gaggers.... jeez

  • Anonymous

    you know he gonna get caught with that weed again

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