Swizz Beatz Claims Jay-Z Sounds "Hungry" On "Watch The Throne"

The super-producer also shared that video cameras filmed their studio sessions for potential future release.

Swizz Beatz previously revealed that he linked up with Jay-Z and Kanye West to record for their upcoming Watch the Throne LP. The super-producer explains that while in the studio, Hov stepped his lyrical game up on the project as if he’s never made a dollar off of rap music.

“He just did that recently. Jay is on another planet right now. I was just working with him and Kanye on they album, and I got to vibe with Jay on some other things. I’ll let him tell you about it. But he just lyrically stepped it up like he didn’t make it into hip-hop yet,” he told BBC Radio 1xtra’s DJ Semtex. “I was like, man, you sound hungry like you didn’t make a dollar yet. And that’s the key to maintaining staying hungry and maintain staying dedicated to the craft.”

That same dedication is what inspires Swizzy, though he’s learned to vary his interests so he doesn’t burn out. “That’s why I do so many things outside of music, because I’m just doing beats, beats, beats, my love for it is not going to be the same. I have to switch it up a little bit and go design over here with Christian Louboutin or go design with Reebok or go design with Aston Martin. Just do different things or go teach at NYU or do philanthropic work or go be with my family. I have to do these different things to keep it all balanced.”

And while they were in the studio, Swizz claimed that there were video cameras on site to capture the magic, and that much of the music was created without any conversation.

“That’s like working with my brothers. I know Kanye for a long time, I know Jay for even longer. To watch Kanye grow to the point of being an amazing, respected artist, and watching Jay-Z, already being a respected artist, advance his craft and to get all of us in the studio, it wasn’t really no talking It was like you know what you had to do and you know what you had to do and I know what I’m here to do,” he said. “It wasn’t really no talking. It was just history being made and the good part is that I seen the video camera around so the world will one day get to see these vibes.”

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  • Bilal A. Siddique

    bugs life lookin nigga.

  • Anonymous

    Y'all keep fuckin around and think Hov is chillin and he gonna fuck around and light these youngins up....he too clever and witty with them words

  • J. Cole sez

    he sounds hungry cuz I'm writing most of his shit..and nigga IM STARVING!

  • Anonymous

    I wish Lil Wayne funky ass would go ahead and drop this Carter IV bullshit so Watch the Throne can drop. He holdin shit up! You already know Jay on the marketing tip. He keeps holding it...and he gonna get everybody else release dates on young money fucked off....then they'll get dropped cause they had to compete with Jeezy and Nas coming out in the same quarter or some shit. DROP THE DAMN ALBUM ALREADY WAYNE!!!

  • weswes

    who gives a fuck who out do's who on these verses.. just enjoy the history here...

  • blackO

    I would never say Ye is a better rapper than Jay but in my opinion he got him on quiet a few songs: 1)Young Jezzy (I put on) Ye's verse on the original had more swag than Jay's on the remix 2) TI (Swagger) Ye's verse was better that Jay, and on Monster Ye's verse was better. Just my opinion, I still like Jay though just given Ye his props though

  • black ops

    how he smashed alicia keys, i dont know

  • black ops

    yo swizz beats is a ugly nigga

  • somejackass89

    Kanye and Jay are two of the best out there right now despite what anyone says. This album has the potential to be a fucking classic IF they step their shit up. Kanye's last album was dope as hell, Jay's was pretty bad. If they're on the same page with their shit and go full force with it there's no reason this album should fail. I guess we'll see though.

  • Anonymous

    Since this album is unfloppable, it should be super lyrical... I mean why not? You have an unlimited budget, One of the two is also a producer and the other is top 5 goat. They're the ones that committed to a full LP so I hope to hear multiple verses from J. Cole and Jay Electronica. Personally I wish Kanye would stay behind the boards and only contribute a few verses.

  • nixnox

    Right, I'll believe it when hear it swizzy

  • Jesus

    hm lets face it. Lyrically he tries to keep up with Ye. if he thinks Ye out did him he'll go back and record with more lyrics. its been proof since their first song together. Diamonds remix was ill because of Jay and Hate was ill cuz of Ye. soo im kind glad we have our Collab albums im checkin for this and the Em&Royce one

    • Nico Grey

      comachonvargas ok loook at the lyrics listen too the whole album song by song the way they are arrange on the album listen to the story and you would see the entendres those are not just double their like triple entendres

    • Brandon Q. James

      Since we're talking American Gangster, let me point out No Hook. I'm so fa sho, it's no facade Stay outta trouble, momma said, as momma sighed Her fear her youngest son be a victim of homicide But I gotta get you outta here momma, or I'mma die ...inside And either way, you lose me momma so let loose of me Not only the lines, but how he said the words and put them together. That shit is amazing. Both artists are great, but Jay is better.

    • comachonvargas

      Swiz/Lsn 'Godzilla, king kong, lochness, goblin, ghoul. zombie with no conscience' are you really going to say Jay took it when he is rapping cornball lines like that? Kanye's 'do the rap and the track triple double no assist' line killed Jay's entire verse. And then Jay says 'Im so appalled I might buy the mall just to show niggas how much more I have in store'... please... tell yourself whatever you want but there is know way Jay is killing kanye And I have listened to AG plenty... you know what song stands out? Ignorant Shit. THAT is how Jay used to flow slick and use double entendres and the reason is that song was recorded back in the Black Album days... that CD is highly overrated anyways though because Jay manipulated the 'American Gangster' theme to rap about the same shit he always has really: being a coke dealer And comparing Ye/Jay based on what they rap about? I got news for ya... neither of them say a whole lot besides how good they are, how much cash they have, how many 'black birds are riding with they dilingers' [wow jay], or how they would rather be 'overrated than underpaid' [sums up Jay completely]. But you are right about them being arrogant assholes though ONE

    • Lsn22s

      I think I have to disagree here...I honestly don't feel like Ye has EVER outshined Jay lyrically...I liked Jay's verses on Monster and So Appalled more than Ye....and even on Run This Town (the example EVERYBODY uses) if you break down Jay's verses he KILLED that shit while Ye basically rapped about nothing...i will agree that Jay has made some stuff I think could be better, but Ye better than Jay lyrically GTFOH!!! Personally i like their music/lyrics for different reasons, I do not hold Kanye to the same lyrical standard as Jay because it wouldn't be fair, they just don't rap the same anyways...they are both arrogant assholes (which I think is great, actually) but they are arrogant for different reasons and express it differently, Ye is funnier/more charismatic than Jay on the mic, but Jay is waaaaaaaay colder....

    • Anonymous

      Did you fools listen to American Gangster? I bet ya didn't get all the double entendres. Too much for whack minds to comprehend.

    • swizzy

      if u think kanye is better then jay lyrically then ur an idiot smh

    • comachonvargas

      Ye has been outdoing Jay lately no doubt, and its not like Ye is spitting mind-blowing lyrics either... Jay has fallen off significantly since Black Album, and his recent features [Monster/So Appalled] are kind of pathetic... leave it to Jay to use Kanye as his measuring stick after he dogged him by trying to prop up Bleek/Sigel when Ye first signed to the Roc... Jay stays trying to prove he is the best... too bad he could never be with GODSON still around

    • Countdown

      if Jay can't keep up with Kanye, thats an enormous fall off!!!

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