Mobb Deep & Nas To Collaborate On Full-Length LP, Says Havoc

Exclusive: Havoc says fans can expect a Mobb Deep and Nas album and explains why performing "The Infamous" in its entirety at Rock the Bells presents a new challenge for the duo.

One of the surprises announced during last night's Rock the Bells press conference was that Havoc and Prodigy would be performing Mobb Deep's The Infamous album in its entirety, joining a list of acts that includes Nas, Lauryn Hill and Souls of Mischief, to name a few. This news broke as Mobb Deep continues to work on new material after Prodigy's recent release from prison. Havoc sat down with us to talk about joining the Rock the Bells lineup and broke exclusive news to HipHopDX by saying, "We're going to do a Mobb Deep and Nas album."

When asked what fans can expect from Mobb Deep's renewed relationship with Nas, following their "Dog Shit" release, Havoc said that fans can expect, "an album from it."

"We’re gonna do a Mobb Deep and Nas album. It hasn’t begun but we tipped the iceberg a little bit with the 'Dog Shit.' I think as we was working, doing songs back and forth with Nas recently, I think it was just a mutual thought, like, 'Yo, let’s make a fucking album.' Everybody was like, 'Yeah, that would be dope. Fuck it, what we waiting for? Let’s do it.'"

The trio will have time to record over the summer as all three have decided to join the Rock the Bells tour. Like Mobb Deep, Nas will also perform an album in its entirety. He is scheduled to perform Illmatic. For Mobb Deep, this tour will bring about some exciting new challenges, as Havoc explained.

"We’re going to be performing the whole Infamous album, which is new for us. It’s going to be a challenge at the same time. We’re really looking forward to that and to seeing what the fans have to say about that."

While Mobb Deep could have selected to perform without doing an album in its entirety, Havoc explained that they selected to perform Infamous for a specific reason.

"We really wanted to perform something that got us to where we are today. We wanted people to experience what we went through at that time while making it. We want the whole crowd to experience what we went through so they can be like, 'Wow, that’s why they’re here now.'"

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  • Martin Røste

    Wow, I just got an erection......

  • Jose Vasquez

    Yea, finally some good hip hop news.

  • Bowski

    This would be dope if it actually ever happens. QB artists are still a threat & still have a legitimate lane in the industry. Like most comments on here, I would love to see a Nas/AZ colab LP soon. I'll keep my fingers crossed for this news though.

  • Kota

    Would rather get that Nas/AZ album first and maybe a Nas/Mobb ep

  • zdelorean88

    It's not like P forgot how to rhyme he just went a different route. How many times has a Prodigy line been sampled as a hook? Probably more than any other MC. Ill Bill and Vinnie just used some current Prodigy stuff on their album. Give me ALC, Sid Roams produced Prodigy and Ill Bill album.

  • yay

    i dont give it fuck if it flops im still getting it fuck you little new school niggas that think this album will suck

  • Anonymous

    I can tell you now thats gonna flop SUPER HARD!!! There is NO demand for Mobb Deep and Nas.... NONE!!! DONT DO IT!! PLEASE!!! YOU WILL LOSE MONEY!!!

  • Anonymous

    I'm not too excited about this. AZ >>>>>>>>>>>> Mobb Deep. There are universes between him and them nowadays. Also, Nas is in a whole nother mind state when you compare it to the street kid he was back then, he moved on to greater things. We're talking about Nas, a once in a lifetime talent. Prodigy is P, just antother dumb street rapper who's stuck in the past. Still laughing my ass off about those 40 pushing niggas acting like they're some 16 year old school drop outs.

    • Brandon M

      Ahahahaha. AZ is no where near Mobb Deep. Maybe as a collaborator with Nas but Mobb Deep has way more classic material under their belt. And AZ is retiring after his next album anyways.


    dogshit was hot...this is great news finally the queens connection is for nas selecting the mobb to do an album with is a great choice with p coming fresh out da box

  • Anonymous

    No premier colabo, No Lost Tape 2, No AZ/Nas collaboration Lp, what a fucking let down on such an imperative career move for Nas

  • blackula

    I don't know about this. Nas is a funny guy. He's been pressured for the last decade to do a collab with either AZ or Preemo, but decides on Mobb Deep? It'd be dope, but a lotta times Nas says whatever he's thinking and doesn't follow through. I'd like to hear his point of view on this.

  • Sensaye252

    I been waitin' for this for decades. I'll have to see it to believe it though, 'cause you know how it is when niggas make a couple songs together and get overexcited, drunk, and high, and start talkin' that 'Lets' make a whole album!' shit.

  • Anonymous

    this could work or turn out to be a disaster. question is what would they tak about?

  • NaSty

    Imagine "The Set Up" from It Was Written, in one album in 2011. that would murder all of the pop shit it one fell swoop

  • Snypez

    Real SHIT...i mean this could go good...but something's missing...and his name is AZ.....nigga dis shit would be colossal if they put AZ on wit it...AZ,Nas,Prodigy, and Hav....fuckin nuts!

  • Mr Flamboyant

    I called this one weeks ago. I was thinking it would be more of a Prodigy/Nas collab album with Hav and ALC on the boards strictly...but of course this will do. However... Gotta see this pan out cause Nas is also the one who pissed the entire world off with the Nas/Preemo LP and refuses to get with Preem to get this shit done. Lord knows we won't speak on the Nas/AZ collab even before that one. Take this at face value and keep it movin'...

    • bklynsfynest2000

      you called it son! I was waiting for that nas/preemo album and that hasnt seen the light of day. the same is said for the Nas/AZ album which I will go on record to say would be bananas if it was to ever be recored. I guess a Mobb deep/nas album would be alright but seriously nothing them 3 gonna drop gonna top what a Nas/preemo album could and would be.

  • Anonymous

    a Nas/Havoc album okay but not a Mobb Deep/Nas album

  • Crash2k11

    Damn stop the negativity. lets see where it goes. It could be or not be. But Come On Rock the Bells 2011 is one for the ages. And for yall wanting to hear nasty nas. Come on my dude has grown and moved on. he dont have to talk about that gangsta shit no more. Same wit the mobb.

  • Anonymous

    if mobb switiched to politics instead of gangtsta shit I'd be down witih new stuff but I don't see that happening

  • kayel18

    Man as much as i would love for this to happen, i think Havoc was just dreaming out loud. Remember when Nas said he was doing a full album with Premo?

    • ianfwjekfn

      Ya, don't take me wrong, Nas is my 2nd fav rapper and Mobb Deep is one of my favorite duo's and I'd love to hear this happen, it'd be #1 on my most anticipated, but some things are too good to be true and Nas is just lazy as fuck.. But if this does happen omg

    • Doubl Negative

      I was just gonna type the thing homie.

  • nuc

    yes! i love the mobb when they are in the qb gully state. the further they are from g uint and 50, and the more ties they keep with the 90s era... the more i love them stay true qb album news is exciting!

  • kennyken

    man please don't flop! yall need to make that money. money will be made off this jew.

  • ok stop the bull

    It amazes me the lack of reading people actually do on believe when someone states it was a thought as to be factual. Havoc is just dreaming at this point. Nas has even stated to Sway of MTV that he is concentrating on his solo work and is not sure about doing any more music with Mobb Deep.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, Nas would outdo the Mobb without even trying.

    • Anonymous

      I like Prodigy and bought most of his music, but compared to Nas? LMAO!!! It ain't even fair.

    • Cage

      @truth - you must be on something stronger than crack... Prodigy is cool, but he cant fuck wit Nas... Not back then, not now... It's a losing argument, but you're entitled to your opinion... No matter how suspect it is lol...

    • Anonymous

      ^^^ Maybe, just maybe, you could make that argument before imfamous, but now you sound liek a Nas hater

    • truthspeaks

      @Cage. Nas out rap the mobb. What kind of crack are you smoking Prodigy ia wayy better than Nas.I would rather a mobb deep album without Nas wack ass to ruin it

    • Cage

      ^^ True Story... Plus i'm not sure about hearing Nas outrap the Mobb for a whole album... it wouldnt seem fair..

  • Omecca

    I thought everyone would be HAPPY!?!?!?! Nas on some killer production, and Prodigy wanting to solidify himself next to Nas. Havoc (as usual) will provide some great production. This should be great for 2011!

    • Anonymous

      Co-Sign! Niggas complaining before any of that shit has seen the light of day. Ya should appreciate that LEGENDS are working together. I'm sure Prodigy is going to step his game up to make to please the heads. GREAT news, first Rock The Bells and now this. 2011 is one of the best years in hip hop in a long ass time! Now my hopes are high that Nas is going to work with AZ (who hasn't lost a step btw, maybe the best flow of all time). HIP HOP!!!

  • amp

    rock the bells is gonna be dooooooooooope!!!!

  • hesh

    nas is cool but mob deep kind of fell off... i mean prodigy? man like 10 years ago hell yea but now? GIVE IT UP SON!

  • dockevoc

    This will never happen. Ever.

  • Anonymous

    Great idea.And also put Raekwon on it! We all know there is some heavy history between these artists.

    • NJ

      Now Rae and Mobb Deep, that would be a good LP, get Havoc and Alchemist to produce it, would be hot, but Nas as well? I'm not convinced.

  • NJ

    Mobb Deep will have to find something to rap about if this is to work, back in 95 I would have been all for it but now....not so sure.

  • Ben

    Mobb Deep doing 'The Infamous' at Rock the Bells....Excellent Mobb Deep and Nas doing an album in 2011....not a good idea at all

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