Ja Rule Weighs In On Nicki Minaj vs. Lil' Kim

Ja Rule speaks on Nicki and Kim's beef and discusses the failed super-group with Jay-Z and DMX.

With his days as a free man dwindling, Ja Rule's kicked his promotion schedule for his seventh and eighth albums The Renaissance Project and Pain is Love 2 into high gear. The former Murder Inc. star recently caught up with the.LIFE Files TV to discuss his long-awaited return to rap.

During the interview, Ja weighed in on Nicki Minaj and Lil' Kim's extended feud. No stranger to high profile beefs himself, Ja said that he thinks rappers are far more susceptible to feuding with each other because of the competitive nature of rap music. Ultimately, he believes that the two artists can work it out in the end. 

"I think it's terrible, man," he said. "I like Nicki, I know Kim. It's fucked up that artists in Hip Hop go through that shit, because artists in pop and R&B and other genres..don't go through that shit...[Kenny Chesney vs. Garth Brooks,] you don't get that shit. You don't have to disrespect another artist's creativity...to better yourself or get ahead as an artist. I think Nicki and Kim, they can resolve that."

Speaking of beef, Ja also spoke on his failed super-group Murder Inc. with Jay-Z and former foe DMX. He said that the group ultimately never really took off because some of the members' egos.

"We tried to put [the Murder Inc. group] together, but it didn't pan out," he said. "I think egos got in the way of that whole situation. But you've got to understand that that's Hip Hop, too. Niggas are competitive. I think [DMX] and Jay[-Z] were so competitive [that]...real talk, we couldn't even get [them] in the same room because of their competitive natures and what they had been through before that [with]...the legendary battle that they had on the pool tables up in Uptown with the guns out." 

The full interview can be seen below.

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  • eminemfan1993

    Ja can talk because he has / or had feuds with 50 cent, eminem, D12, Obie Trice and Dr Dre. He woulddefenly loose against eminem LOL

  • genocide_cutter

    shut up ja rule

  • Ski

    I think Ja Rule was running neck and neck in his battle with 50. His critical error came when he mentioned Em's daughter Haley in Loose Change. All of a sudden he has Em lyrically assaulting him and later Dre goin all off on him. Having those juggernauts against is a sure way to fall off.

  • Edi Kajmolli

    duse tried to come out like a hard 2pac type and he got destroyed nd now he's on that "cant we all just get along" shit. Bird

  • Edi Kajmolli

    worrry bout your own careeer ja you got bodied by 50 and Em

  • S. Perrotta

    Had Irv handled Murder Inc. better, Ja wouldn't have faded as quickly... When he got the pop/hardcore balance right - the dude was a juggernaut...

  • roc

    real life fantasy is dope!! dont sleep on ja

  • chea

    Ja's got somethin up his sleeve... im pullin for him. chyeA!

  • Anonymous

    I wouldn't say Ja lost the battle but the hate was overwhelming and he bought it hook, line and sinker. You cannot beat the stans which were 50s biggest supporters once he got signed at that particular time to aftermath/shady which lead to the biggest boycott in hip hop's history!

  • Anonymous


  • gettin it

    man... I love black women.. or maybe its cause they love me? idk but either way i'm gettin it in... i used to look up black chicks/white dicks in the search engine on spankwire and thought it was weird cuz I was spankin it to black chicks but when i get to talkin bout it turns out i got a few friends that are into the same shit! and its crazy cause they get play from mostly black girls as well... idk why it is man...

  • Rick Ross the Bawse

    Niggas sayin Ja lost his beef to 50. Niggas 50 in the same boat. Ross destroyed his lame ass career. Now that nigga ain't had a hot song in a minute while Rozay all over the airwaves. 50 in the same situation Ja was 7 years ago. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • DJ Game

    Real talk, I was waiting for the Mirror to drop. Now I'm just going to download his 2 new albums. I fuck with Ja.

  • Anonymous

    Stuart Little lookin' motherfucker

  • Anonymous

    What could have been was a phenomanon(Jay JA DMX, Murder Ink)but niggaz could'nt put there egos in check, with Jays business savvy mind and all, I can only think it was mostly DMXs crazy crack head self that did'nt make that hip hop history, I will not be watching the throne..

  • Lupe Espinoza

    Watz poppin yall! Check my muzik, jus lookin for honest opinionz. Comment, Like, Subscribe, watever. Thanx!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sZEpxcZqvhw

  • Anonymous

    Who the fuck cares what Ja thinks?? didn't this motherfucka get crushed too?? who the fuck is he now??

    • Anonymous

      Everyone not from the suburbs knows that Ja rule won this beef On the mics and in the streets Just look what Ja done to 50 First ja rule fucked him up outside atlanta club After that 50 cent and his people wanted to give revange so they went to the hit factory"jas studio" But when fifty got in Ja rule stabbed him and got his ass crawled on the flor again and 3 weeks later 50 got shoot .. and another thing After 50 got stabbed He snitched on Murda incs label head irv gotti, Maybe people were jumping on the new guys dick "Snitchy cent" back in the day But now people knows that 50 was a fake ass nigga who took jas style when he made the candy shop

  • amp

    words of wisdom: "It's fucked up that artists in Hip Hop go through that shit, because artists in pop and R&B and other genres..don't go through that shit... You don't have to disrespect another artist's creativity...to better yourself or get ahead as an artist."

  • Anonymous

    I was feelin that video budget Ja was speakin on. Good shit!!!!!! SMO

  • Anonymous

    I was not a Ja fan but I respected what he did because regardless of what went down Ja left his imprint on the game like his style or not. With that said that was a great interview I feel that Ja was speakin from the heart. Who knows what would have happened if Ja, Jay, and X had of hooked up on wax. God bless all!!!!

  • Meat Man

    Beef in hip hop is damaging, but the beef between lil kim and nicki can be resolved by licking their asses. When women are angry just need to eat their butts to keep them calm or things will get worse. We as men need to step up and do this deed for these women. As for the male rappers, they need to lose the ego and stop all of this hate

    • Anonymous

      haha its true both them screen names is gay

    • Up North

      This is Up North, and I approve the top two messages

    • EddieMurrrphy

      look at these two fools gay ass screen names

    • Mr Flamboyant

      Not only do women, fine women, need their butts ate... they need to be sexed to the highest degree with a high quality stroke; preferably by a hung studmuffin such as I. Not only will I volunteer my call of duty to please such booty as Nicki Minaj, I also will knock down Kim just to show I do too care for the less attractive at times and further promote equal opportunity with all women getting the time of their lives in order to put a cease to this beef between females in Hip Hop. So to Meat Man (nh), I not only agree with your thesis but I intend to act upon it. And you rap niggas, cool the f out and go sit your asses down. Word.

  • Kenny Chesney vs. Garth Brooks

    Beef in Hip-Hop, is more damaging then any other genre of music. Rappers diss each other directly on the mic. The fans of hip-hop and rappers, we must tone down the hate towards each others. Rest In Peace M-Bone.

    • dac

      if all the whack rappers like CSD/SOULJABITCH/LIL B-OTCH/GUCCI MANE/ WAKA FLOCKA FAGGOTS/RICK ROSS/YOUNG JEEZY...just STOPPED rappin there wouldnt be hate and beef and diss tracks...just sayin

  • Anonymous


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