Nas Talks New Album, Raising Children

Nas gives a few details about his upcoming tenth LP and the benefits of being a parent.

Although fans may be bummed that Nas's Lost Tapes 2 won't be seeing the light of day anytime soon, the QB emcee is making it up to his fans with his impending tenth solo LP. Now, The Boombox has caught up with Nas to discuss his upcoming project. Although he had few details to give about the release, he did reveal that he is looking to reunite with frequent collaborator Salaam Remi on the album.

"I'm working on a solo album," he said. "I'm very excited about that. [I don't have a title] to share with the people yet. The producer list on the record is probably gonna be people I worked with in the past like Salaam Remi and some new producers as well...There's nothing that gives me the charge that I get making music. I do a lot of other things on the low, but I'm mostly proud of the music. "

Nas also discussed the joys of parenthood. He said that he loves being able to discuss Hip Hop with his older daughter, and that he's excited to see his youngest son beginning to walk and talk now.

"My kids are my everything," he said. "I got the best kids in the whole world. My daughter is at the age where she can call me up and tell me what she thinks about Beyonce's new video and what she thinks about Wiz Khalifa and we can talk about it all. My son is walking and talking and he's no joke. I got the best kids in the world. I walk around everyday very blessed."

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  • The MG

    God, are you people deaf or what? Pretty much every beat Salaam made for Nas has ranged from good to great. Here are some of Salaam's best: What Goes Around Get Down Made You Look Nazareth Savage Sekou Story Street's Disciple War Thief's Theme Who Killed It? Now here's what I want you fools to do. Clean out all that wax in your ears, put on some headphones and listen to the songs I listed (and I mean listen). Just because Salaam doesn't make the same beats as The Runners, Lex Luger, Drumma Boy, Justice League, or any other producers that were made for you to "bump in your car" or "play at the club" with their overplayed synthesizers that sound like alarm-clocks, doesn't mean he's a wack producer. Everyone has their different styles and Salaam's got a very unique style. It's just you idiots are too dumb to realize it. I don't even know if I'm listening to the same Salaam Remi you guys call wack. His beats fits Nas' style of rapping. Seeing Nas automatically switch to one of the producers listed above makes his music sound off-putting (ex. "I'm On"). Again, it may sound good at a club, but when you listen to it alone, it's like "WTF am I listening to? And Salaam has made other great beats for other artists, like the Fugees (Fu-Gee-La, Nappy Heads Remix), Imi Kamoze (Here Comes the Hostepper), Amy Winehouse's album, Jazmine Sullivan (Bust Your Windows), Jurassic 5, Lil Flip, and others. It's like I said earlier, if TI or Ross snuck in a Salaam beat on their album without you guys realizing it, and you guys are enjoying it like you do all their other songs, then basically, he's got you. Here's the part where I quote Jay: "Do you fools listen to music or do you just skim through it?"

  • luv 4 music

    Nas continue to do great things. I'm excited for the new album!

  • Insightfool

    In the words of Bart Scott... CAN'T WAIT!

  • pienman

    the homie nas is at the pennacle of success jus a legend & still spittin...dude done had his fair drama! looking forward to the new LP

  • oskamadison

    To all you cats shittin' on Salaam Remi: do y'all realize that THIS is the cat that did "Made You Look"? One of the hardest Hip-Hop records ever. Let's not forget "Theif's Theme", the forefather to the song "Hip-Hop Is Dead". Can't forget "Poison" from Stillmatic. OK, new album? Cool. I don't care about the concept, just give me a banger. And is it too much to ask for that album with Premier before my kids go to college? (My oldest in the 3rd grade.)

    • oskamadison

      One producer I would like to hear Nas hook up with is Don Cannon. Dude's a beast. I think Nas' best joint was It Was Written.

    • Anonymous

      I think some people like M-Phazes, Illmind, Marco Polo, Statik Selektah, Just Blaze, Jake One and Nicolay would be great for Nas. L.E.S. should be on every album, dude made some of the BEST Nas tracks of all time. Aside from the obvious classics, I think that Hip Hop Is Dead was his best album production-wise. That shit was well-rounded and great the whole way through.

    • oskamadison

      @ Enlightened 1. I was never mad at Nas for rockin' over a Timbaland joint. I was mad at him for rockin' over a corny Timbaland joint. Since you mentioned Hov, if Timbo would have hit Nas with some shit like It's Hot, Snoopy Track, Hola Hovito or Dirt Off Your Shoulders, I could have lived with that. Maybe Tim did submit joints like that and Nas being Nas, turned them down. 2. I don't care who does Nas' production as long as the shit is bangin', be it in the club, in the car or sittin' in my living room eatin some Cap'n Crunch. 3. OK, dig, I may fit your criteria due to the fact that I'm a 30-something NC resident that was born and raised in NJ. I've seen almost every era of Hip-Hop come and go. Naturally, I may lean more towards those "boom-bap" producers due to the era I came up in but I do respect southern producers such as DJ Toomp, Organized Noise and Jazze Pha. "Elitist" implies that I turn my nose up at everything that's not East Coast/boom bap and that is not the case.

    • loloft

      got yourself a gun was a pretty hard beat and nas bodied that shit.. idk

    • Enlightened

      Oskamadison, I can't say if you're one of the "Hip-Hop elitists" that I'm talking about but I'll tell you who they are and you decide. They are the ones who criticized and dogged Nas for rapping over a Timbaland beat, while meanwhile Jay-Z was reaching for the crown and getting rich by doing the same thing. They are the ones who only want to see Nas rap over beats by Premier, LES, Pete Rock, or now Salaam Remi and all those guys, but think it's blasphemous to even consider him getting beats from some new fresh blood like Justice League, Drumma Boy, The Runners, etc. They are the ones who think production is superior just because it is boom-bap, sample-based and worship people like Premier and 9th Wonder, but never acknowledged classic producers like Beats by the Pound, Mannie Fresh and DJ Paul and Juicy J even when they were at their peaks and running the game. I don't know if you fit those categories, but that's the people I'm talking about

    • Enlightened

      How can Nas be a great lyricist but only be made for certain kind of beats? That makes no sense. A great lyricist can rap over anything. Again I ask, did he not MURDER that Lil' Jon beat on "Quick to Back Down?" Was Lil' Jon not the hottest producer in the game then? What's wrong with wanting to hear him on sounds that are hot today? Again, when Jay-Z does it, everybody rides his dick. Everybody don't wanna listen to Nas in a dark ass room with a joint lit, reminiscing about shit. What's wrong with that nigga rockin a party every now and then? Remember how "If I Ruled The World" bumped in the club? Nigga everybody would hit the floor and he still was talking about some real shit.

    • oskamadison

      @Enlightened 1. That will-i-am recycled Hip-Hop Is Dead was some bullshit (but there was even a reason for that) but Thief's Theme, in my equally humble opinion was not. I could give a damn what shit everyone else is "ridin' around in their cars bumpin'". Theif's Theme was some hard, gutter shit to ME. 2. You're exactly right. Made You Look is straight for what it is...a classic, despite the fact that lyrically, it's some the laziest shit Nas ever did but with a track like that, all he had to do was show up. BTW, I say that as a day one, Live at the BBQ, copped every joint except Nastradamus fan. 3. Lean Back vs. Made You Look. I'll take Made You Look before you could finish the question. Lean Back was indeed a hot beat but, again in my humble opinion, it ain't fuckin' with Made You Look or even Theif's Theme for that matter. Now, Enlightened, enlighten me. What makes me on of those "Hip-Hop elitists"?

    • Anonymous

      You are completely wrong. Nas isn't made for those hard banger beats. A drumline with a soul sample is much better for him. All his more melodic tracks are his best. I don't know why you want someone like Nas to make music that you can bump in your whip, there are TONS of other rappers who supply music for that shit.

    • Anonymous

      enlightened change your name ive read a couple of your posts n your the furthest thing from enlightened

    • Enlightened

      Yes we realize that, and in my humble opinion "Thief's Theme" and "Hip-Hop is Dead" beat was some bullshit! You act like you heard niggas riding around in their car bumping that shit. No, you didn't! That shit didn't make me wanna nod my head And "Made You Look" was straight for what it was, but one of the hardest ever? Nigga please. Ask any Nas fan to name his favorite Nas songs ever and that song is going to be well down the list. Compare those beats to something like Terror Squad "Lean Back." Or would you hip-hop elitists say, "that was commercial?" Now, that was one of the hardest beats ever and as soon as you heard it, you had to nod your head, move or do something. Nas would murder beats like that and make a classic that everybody could bump.

  • Primevida Vida @Primevida @DJEEZS @WSCTRadio @theamarigroup”

  • Anonymous

    probably boring beats and good lyrics. for pete sake's get rid of those boring producers Nas.

    • loud

      Nas has the ability to work with who he wants and has worked with underground producers...such as NO ID in the past. Nas is very capable of making choices. Nas has not lasted all the years by luck. His talent outweighs any beat.

    • loud

      @Doubl Negative: Nas has surpassed the potential that ILMATIC promised years ago. Nas has surpassed all his negative critics as well. For Nas' purist fans to continue to want him to revive the ILLMATIC moment is not showing GROWTH for such a creatively gifted artist like Nas. Do you really believe that Nas does not have creative freedom on a major? How many artists do you know could have created the lyrical content on Nas' "Untitled" album without having creative freedom? Do not mistake the Lost Tapes 2 situation with Nas NOT having creative freedom…Lost Tapes had to do with Nas’ contract obligations. Lost Tapes 2 is not a part of his 3 album deal. Nas is one of the few artists in the industry who has a lot of creative sovereignty.

    • Doubl Negative

      I'm sure Nas would like to work with credible, underground producers like Doom, Oh No and Madlib, but when Ghostface went down that route on his Fishscale LPs, those albums failed financially. Nas needs to abandon Def Jam and join an indie, where he'll have the creative freedom to produce an album in the spirit of Illmatic and fulfill the potential that album promised.

  • R.C.

    can't wait to hear a new Nas album but let's be real salaam remi hasnt really gave Nas any jewels in the past, i mean had a couple dope joints but nothin spectacular. he was dope on the fugees "the score" album tho. Nas please get the illmatic crew together (pete rock, large professor, premiere, q-tip)for this album. new producers like 40, kanye, black milk, no i.d., big krit, and j.cole would also bring some classics your way. and for a title please think about "Trillmatic" lol...a end of a trilogy. this comin from a real hiphop head. Illmatic my fave hip hop album and Nas one of top 5 mc's of all time. i just wanna see u drop another classic. thats all lol

  • donnie mack

    "The producer list on the record is probably gonna be people I worked with in the past like Salaam Remi and some new producers as well..." Did y'all read that, or you just saw Salaam's name and started key punching?

  • T.o. Kgamanyane

    The fact that Salam has been in the game foe eva doesnt justify mediocre beats!!! the are better producers in new york..

  • T.o. Kgamanyane


    • Enlightened

      No he's not he's being real. The point all you niggas is missing is that the criticism over his beats are coming from FANS. Not haters. Not niggas who say he can't rap. If his true fans are the ones saying it then niggas should pay attention

    • Max

      Fuck you ToK.nas is the best there is

    • suggamatic

      fuck, you're dumb.

  • Anonymous

    AA we are tired of ur collaboration with Salaam!! y not try Pete-Rock,Black-Milk,Jake-One,Large_pro,Alch,Havoc,Primo,,or just give new york state of Mind deep poetry !!To me its seems like u r stingy Nas.. invest in Beats for once in ur life!!!..whts the point of good lyrics over shitty beats!!

  • Na's beats

    Let’s Go Esco Money over Bullsh*t Thief’s Theme Made U Look Live Ni**a Rap NY State of Mind 2 One Love Nas Is Like Affirmative Action Ether 2nd Childhood Ur The Man Enough said

    • Enlightened

      Comachonvargas, I agree with most of that. Actually "I Am" production is only "underrated" because a lot of people (the hip-hop elitists) considered it commercial. That might be the most well rounded album to me production wise that he ever had. Lost Tapes - great production. People aren't complaining about early Nas beats. I think his beats were fine all the way up through God Son, which was cool to me. After that...down hill. Again, this is the best lyricist ever to me and one of my 2 favorite rappers along with Pac. I have no reason to hate on this dude. An artist of his caliber should be making EPIC shit. Not niche shit that only his real fans can bump.

    • comachonvargas

      Enlightened If you truly believe Nas is the best lyricist ever [and he is], then maybe you should credit Nas' beat selection more than you do. I am convinced that Nas chooses beats that highlight his skills as a lyricist, and since he has undeniably succeeded in that regard, what is so wrong with the beats he chooses? You ask me? Illmatic production was perfect... IWW production was excellent [message, street dreams, watch dem niggas, if i ruled the world, take it in blood, live nigga rap, affirmative action, black girl lost, shootouts... weakest production might be nas is coming by dre oddly enough]... I am production is very underrated [ny state of mind pt II, hate me now, nas is like, you won't see me tonight, life is what you make it, undying love]... Nastradamus was his weakest but still had some decent tracks [project windows, come get me, even Nastradamus production was tight]... Stillmatic was pretty much perfect except for smoking [intro beat challenges dynasty intro for best Ive heard]... godson was excellent [get down, made u look, revolutionary warfare, last real nigga alive], Streets Disciple prob should have been one disc but plenty of good production [message to the feds, thiefs theme, just a moment, sekou story, reason, getting married, war], HHID was stellar [money over bs, still dreaming, hold down tha block, let there be light, black republicans, can't forget about you], Untitled was good [slave and the master, fried chicken, hero, black president], and Distant relatives was phenomenal [if you get down to it every track is very well produced... tribal warfare might be the exception] Oh yeah and lost tapes? Classic Nas really near his illmatic status... my way, you gotta love it, fetus, no ideas original, blaze a 50, black zombie, purple People need to realize that Nas chooses beats that sound good for him and him alone... and in that regard he is very good at picking beats Don't get me wrong... Nas should really link up with 9th wonder and statik selektah... those guys have the premo production style that really suits Esco

    • Enlightened

      Enough said?? LMAO You pick 12 tracks over the span of like a 15 year period and say enough said? Nigga what about the other 85 or so beats he put on albums during that time. Nigga if you have to pick 12 over the course of that many albums you're proving the opposite point. And this is coming from somebody who feels like LINE FOR LINE NAS IS THE BEST LYRICIST EVER. I really believe that. But you trippin with that shit. I don't even like Jay-Z, but start naming his best beats over the same 15 year period and see what you come up with

  • The MG

    LOL, I come back a day later and people are still dissing Salaam. I bet you if someone like T.I., Rick Ross or Lil Wayne was rapping over those same exact beats, then they would be like "That beat goes hard!" But for some strange reason, since it's Nas, they're quick to diss and call his beats wack. FOH

    • Enlightened

      Name some Salaam Remi hip-hop tracks that "go hard." You say people don't know Salaam Remi's musical history. THAT'S BECAUSE RAPPERS DON'T FUCK WITH HIM. What other rappers fuck with him? Just because you can produce music don't mean you can do hip-hop. Like I said, that nigga did Amy Winehouse "Back to Black" and I don't give a fuck what nobody say, that's one of the best albums so far this century, BUT THAT AIN'T HIP-HOP. We'll never hear T.I., Ross or Wayne on them beats because they pick good beats. Period.

    • Hex

      Actually, Salaam Remi actually is wack as fuck. No disrespect towards Nas but the dude is a fucking joke when it comes to chopping samples and making sounds. L.E.S. is a way better producer, Nas should stick with him as his go-to guy for beats. And then he should go get Premier, Pete Rock, RZA, ALC, Jay Elec, Black Milk, Buckwild, Extra P, and go make a classic. Hell, maybe working with Nas for the first time in forever will reignite half these guys' excitement about making beats again.

    • now is this good

      Co-sign they only have a problem because it is Nas. They don't even know Salaam Remi's music history. They just repeat what they heard some one else say about Nas' beats.

  • hellrazor

    nas is and always will be one of the greatest MCs. too bad def jam is fuckin shortsighted otherwise lost tapes 2 would have blessed the eardrums of rap fans by now.

  • nasdaq

    nas is not under pressure his last two albums were classic nigger & distant relatives. shit read the reviews on this site. nas stay ahead of the game. ya'll niggas is lame. and salaam remi is dope what goes around, get down, made u look, zone out, seku story, thiefs theme. u can't stop us now. nas is god bow down demons.

    • Enlightened

      Hex, on point explanation. For real. No more needs to said on that

    • Hex

      What you need to understand about Salaam Remi is that most of his output SOUNDS dope but he straight sucks at actually chopping samples. "Get Down," which may be his best beat, is basically the sampled melody taken completely in tact from the original song. He didn't even bother to switch up the drums. LOL fuck Salaam Remi.

  • Anonymous

    Ayo, the brother is "Stillmatic" I crawled up out of that grave, wiping the dirt, cleaning my shirt They thought I'll make another "Illmatic" But it's always forward I'm moving Never backwards stupid here's another classic

  • Jeremy Orr

    Listen to that you young hooligans...we call that maturation!! cant stay young & dumb forever.. #oldnwise

  • Anonymous

    @now is this good. You said: Salaam Remi has produced music for some of the biggest names in music NOT just hip hop. He has also scored and produced for some of the biggest movies in Hollywood. Do you people even know Salaam Remi's resume? THAT'S THE PROBLEM NIGGA. Get a hip-hop producer. You wouldn't go to Rodney Jerkins or Quincy Jones for a hip-hop album. You got young niggas like The Runners, Drummer Boy, etc. who bringing the hard hip-hop. Fuck somebody who specializes in "all types of music and Hollywood scores." He needs tight HIP-HOP beats to rap to

    • now is this good

      Listen Nas is a REAL artist. He is not just subjected to working with the same generic hip hop producers. Nas is beyond the bullshit and his range as an artist is endless. Hip hop fans don't even by music...they steal it. Fortunately as a hip hop fan/Nas fan I respect the fact that he has evolved as a great artist and continues to creat timeless music. For this reason, I will continue to purchase music by artists like Nas who are aware that their gift is endless and not just boxed in to one category.

  • Truth

    For those who don't know - Hip Hip is Dead went Platinum and untitled went Gold. DISTANT RELATIVES is critically acclaimed and still selling major, before his world tour that ended resently and had began in January, Distant Relatives was in the 800k range. And, durng the tour they dropped 3 videos to the album. Not only did Distant Relatives have more substance and banging beats then any other album of 2010. But, it was top 10 of all music albums of the year - SO THAT PROVES THAT NAS IS MORE THEN RELAVENT. SO STOP BEING A FOLLOWER WITH THE DEF, DUMB AND BLIND! NAS SAID IT ON THE NEW MOBB DEEP 'DAWG SHIT' "MY MONEY'S UP!"

  • Enlightened

    To all y'all saying Nas' beats haven't been bullshit lately, get the fuck outta here. How the fuck he gon' come back with the same beat as a single twice on 2 different albums (That Thief's Theme shit)? Especially when the beat sucked the first time! Come on, niggas like Salaam Remi do what they do, but they have a niche. Hell, he did half of Amy Winehouse's album, which was a classic. But real niggas want to hear Nas one time on some new-school beats, kickin some of that real-school shit. Are y'all really gon' compare Nas' beat selection to somebody like Rick Ross and say Nas' can stand up? Say what you want about Ross, but that nigga comes with some of the hardest beats. Imagine Nas spitting over some of that production. Are y'all gon' say that when he hooked up with Lil' Jon some years back and did "Quick to Back Down" that that shit wasn't absolutely bananas! I think Nas is always nervous because people crucify him for doing it, like when he got with Timbaland back in the days. But when Jay-Z or somebody does it, it's cool. FUCK THAT NAS. Get some beats that bitches can bounce they ass to in the strip club, that knock in niggas cars, and show these muthafuckas WHO THE BEST LYRICIST EVER IS. Or else fuck it, just let HAVOC do half of the album and keep it QB.


      @Hex What upper hand does Rick Ross have over Nas? Does Rick Ross produce beats because he damn sure ain't on Nas' level when it comes to talent. You fools are jokes, go listen to Ross' producer beats and leave Nas' creativity to live on.

    • rob

      @Hex Nas shits on Ross overall...Ross will never last in this game for 2 decades and be as lyically gifted as Nas. You niggas that try to compare Ross production to Nas won't purchase the album anyway. GTFOH!

    • comachonvargas

      HEX you are very right that Ross gets ill beats... but people need to start placing less emphasis on production and more on lyrics... I honestly think Nas chooses some beats that most artists wouldn't specifically to showcase his mind boggling abilities as a lyricist... and despite his choices he more than any other person embodies what it means to be a classic hip hop artist... but yes he could use some straight banging JUSTICE league beats... he sounds RIDICULOUS on usual suspects with Ross too... but seriously makes a great point about replay value... Nas' music is like wine because of his LYRICS... Ross gets beats like Aston Martin Music but when it comes to creating a cohesive album with substantive lyrics that stand the test of time where is he is? Nowhere to be found... All on all I agree with you but a persistent criticism of Nas for his beat selection is misplaced when he puts so much into his lyrics and others drop garbage lyrics but escape criticism because they hop on a hot beat ONE

    • Hex

      @seriouslywhatisit? LOL, fuck that, you're gonna tell me you honestly think Nas has consistently better production on his albums than Ross does? Fuck outta here duke. The production on "Untitled" was HORRIBLE(except for QB Get the Money which is a classic). The last time Nas got an album with ill beats front to back, it was "Hip Hop is Dead," and before that, "It was Written." Have you heard the beats on Ross' last two albums? Most of Ross' detractors would admit that some of the Justice League beats on the albums shit on some producers' careers. Don't get all snobbish because he said Ross has the upper hand over Nas at something, which he actually does.

    • seriouslywhatisit?

      Nas can stand up to Rick Ross in his sleep. Ross ain't got shit on Nasir Jones. You niggas thing a fucking beat means shit when you have created music that is timeless/classic. Nas has creativity running in his blood. Nas was born to do classic music. Who the fuck is gone to play Ross' BMF 10 years from now? Nas is a grown ass man and making music "a bitch can bounce her ass to" at this point in his career is beneath him.

  • Anonymous

    Nas' seemingly bad beat selection is one of hip hop's biggest rumors. Especially Hip Hop Is Dead showed that.

  • Complaining should be banned

    I wish Nas would tell the few people who complain about his beats to "SHUT THE FUCK UP!" All the haters do is repeatedly complain, that makes you wonder do they actually listen to Nas' albums or are they on some repetitive BULLSHIT. It's the same people who listen to the bullshit beats played on the radio and be bopping their heads to that garbage. Nas continue to be you CLASSIC because the haters will hate regardless, it's in their DNA.

  • Anonymous

    it's cool Nas, go do your thing with the new producers in the rap game....but i always prefer u to go back to the producers of your first album, like Primo, Pete Rock, Large Professor, Q-Tip, and L.E.S. :P lol

  • The Ice Cold Phenom

    Nas' album is already off to a bad start if Salaam Remi is his top candidate for production. It may be safe to assume that instead of Hip Hop being dead, we should revise it to "Nas' Hip Hop Career Is Dead."

    • Please

      Can you do better than Salaam Remi? Do you even know what you are talking about or are you following the haters who say the same things about Nas' beat selections? Are you referring to the same Salaam Remi that created 'Made You Look' and 'Thief Theme'? By the way Nas career ain't dead maybe it's your ears and mind that needs reviving.

  • J

    Remi ain't bad but Nas needs somethin new. I'm not saying get Lex Lugar but working with 9th Wonder or somethin would be a good look.

  • Anonymous

    whens that Premo n Nas Album gonna drop?

  • Anonymous


  • ShowTime NY

    Looking forward to that next album. I would like to see what he can do with a movie and or a book.

  • BRu

    SMDH @ some of the kids that post on these C-Sections...If ya'll don't think Nas understands what type of pressure he is under, ya'll are delusional! He's been in the game 20 years! His last 3 studio albums (SD, HHID & Nigger) were disappointing would admit that if u a real nigga! And if he drops a 4th consecutive disappointment, he might get dropped! Expect a classic album from Nas. While he is lazy at times, stubborn as well...when the pressure is on...he's the 1 nigga left that can drop a bonafide classic...Not Jigga, Not Em...NAS!

    • now is this good

      Nas last three albums were NOT disappointments...SD went platinum, HHID & Untitled debuted at #1 on the billboard charts and received gold plaques. Nas is not worried about being dropped. He about to sign another major contract. I do agree that Nas is the only artist out of the three that can drop another classic but NOT due to presurre but because he see it is time to remind the doubters again that he is NASTY NAS!

  • Real Talk

    He said he was gona fuck with Dj Premier on an album.. Now he back to Salam Remi. I guess Salam needs that Def Jam money

    • now is this good

      Salaam Remi has produced music for some of the biggest names in music NOT just hip hop. He has also scored and produced for some of the biggest movies in Hollywood. Do you people even know Salaam Remi's resume?

  • Nas Hater

    Hold up haters, i'll beat u too it: 1. Beat selection is wack (pretending i never heard of money over bullshit, one love, made u look, or any of the premo tracks) 2. he married kelis 3.takvoer was all true (because jay said it was) 4. Can't sell worth shit (despite despite 5 plat albums and 4 gold albums) 5. Nastradamus was wack (even though it kills my fav rappers worst album) 6.He did song with bravehearts (i'll forget about young gunz and bleek) 7.not really a thug/in mafia (raekwon, jay, kool g rap were) 8.Not relevant (even though your favortie MC always claims him as a influence)

    • Nas Hater

      It was satire annonymous lol

    • Stuizdaman

      What the fuck are you talking about? Retard..

    • Anonymous

      wow not really a thug?? so you have to be a thug to be a good rapper ? FUCK OUTTA HERE you stupid bitch and of course nas is not relevant(for me it is) when your gay ass listens to wiz khalifa , lil wayne or soulja boy

    • lol

      Correction Nas has 7 platinum+ plaques and 2 gold+ plaques. Agree, Nas haters are the worst and are so misinformed to the truth.

    • Santoselhelper

      Word. Nas haters are a joke, you can still enjoy 90s hip-hop without being on these new cats dicks all the time.

  • Anonymous

    Nas = GOAT. Salaam produced The N, Made You Look and Get Down (!), so that's always a good choice.

    • Anonymous

      thank you. i don't understand what the beef is with salaam when he has produced some of his best tracks. goes to show u that once the crowd says something (nas' beats are wack) the crowd won't change their mind no matter what

  • rick

    No salaam please!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I don't think there is a better MC than Nas. He don't make pop music but he's still goes gold. Beat Selection aside he's the best.

  • The MG

    Can't wait for the new album. Nice to see that Nas still gets Salaam Remi on the boards. Salaam's a very underrated producer. Don't know why everyone sleeps on him so much. It's also great to see that Nas has a good relationship with his children.

  • HiCee420

    One thing I respect about Esco is that he always does him. He might be wishy washy as shit but he's always true to himself.

  • Jesus

    GO NASTY ON US NAS. no more Kelis bossy shit. do your classic shit. not your "Odd Future is the best" shit. if you do. i will personally go out and buy every single Cd of yours again. im talkin Retail 15.99 not Amazon 6.50

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