Phife Dawg To Release EP, Single Before Sophomore LP

The Five-Foot Assassin elaborates on his upcoming projects.

Phife Dawg previously revealed plans to drop his sophomore solo album Songs in the Key of Phife Volume 1: Cheryl's Big Son (Elma's Grandson), but he’s got a few surprises in store prior to its release. The ATCQ member intends to put out an eight-track EP titled Songs in the Key of Phife, The EP: 8 is Enuff!, and already has an idea of his sophomore album’s first single.

The EP: 8 is Enuff!, like the television show. The reason why I named it that is because in hip-hop, a lot of times, we tend to have ADD,” he told Karmaloop. “So you don’t want to give them too much, give ‘em a little bit at a time, and then you beat them over the head with the full-length, which is Songs in the Key of Life: Cheryl’s Big Son."

He also explained that the EP mirrors his timeline. "Reason being, it’s been eight years since I’ve been in the booth, eight years recording and producing, eight years total going through health issues which had me not even thinking about music, and eight songs plus bonus cuts on the EP," he said. "Being that the rap industry has A.D.D., you can’t  give them too much when you’ve been gone for a whole decade and change."

Before the full-length follow-up to 2000's Ventilation: Da LP hits stores, the Queens, New York native plans on dropping its first single “Sole Game” if all goes according to plan. “Hopefully, the first single will be this joint called ‘Sole Game.’ If it’s not logical, I’d understand. But that’s one of my favorite records,” he said, spitting a verse from the track.

“Basically, the song is my ode to sneakers. I’m just a fanatic like that. Growing up in New York, you had to stay fresh, and you had to earn whatever it is that you were trying to get. My parents wasn’t giving me nothing unless I came home with A’s and B’s, and unfortunately, that didn’t always happen.”

Phife’s EP and LP are expected to hit stores later this year.

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