Wiz Khalifa Talks Curren$y And Internet Haters In New Interview

Wiz Khalifa says fellow rapper Curren$y is ahead of the game, addresses critics of his music.

During a recent trip to London, Pittsburgh rapper Wiz Khalifa met up with producer Ski Beatz for an in-depth interview with Soul Culture TV. In his interview, he addressed fellow rapper Curren$y, becoming a better artist and dealing with negativity.

When asked about Curren$y, Wiz Khalifa explained that a lot of people have yet to “get” the rapper.

“Curren$y is like ahead of me I feel. I feel like that,” he explained. “I feel like Spitta is ahead of the fuckin’ game. People are gonna get it later though and when they do they’ll be like ‘holy shit.’ We’re just lucky enough to understand it now.”

With three studio albums behind him, the Pittsburgh rapper shared that he feels like he’s now at a point where he’s beginning to become more creative and lyrical with his music.

“I feel myself getting better lyrically. More creative as far as songwriting and sequencing and just placing stuff the right way. 'Cause sometimes it’s not even what you say, it’s where you say it at,” he added.

Lastly, Wiz gave his thoughts on the negativity his music and persona sometimes get on the internet.

“Some people have no respect, too. You’ve gotta respect somebody’s grind who works hard. You can’t have your own personal attachment to it,” he explained. “I don’t make the type of music for everybody, or you might not like me or what I do but you’ve gotta understand what I work towards and where I’m at now and you can’t take that from me because nobody just handed it to me.”

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  • Chad

    Why ya'll FOOLS gotta hate on people in grindmode ?? It ein't like none of them are forcing "YOU" to listen to their music. Be real & grow !! It's a shame your mommas didn't teach ya'll to appreciate. Quit on the hating. S/O to Wiz, $pitta & Ski B -- Hope to work with ya'll someday. Until then, Just.Enjoy.This.Shit #T.G.O.D Representing TGOD/JETS_AFRICA !

  • smh

    the word hater was one of the worst things to happen to rap.... u gotta earn ur respect thru ur music not thru some sorry ass interview... ppl not likin ur shit shouldnt bother u if u a real MC it obviously gets under his skin

  • Jose Vasquez

    So if I don't like Rolling Papers, which was absolute shit, I'm a hater? Damn, thought it was a free country.

  • Mook

    I wanna hear Wiz on a Ski beat ASAP

    • SkipDillenger

      Listen to "Scaling The Building" on Ski's album *24 Hour Karate School*. The should suffice.

  • eyensteyn

    dude fell off... it aint that we dont get it its that he dont even rhyme half the time.. .aint nobody hatin if they checking for ya muzic.. and that shit on the radio is wack!!! its like he took all the corniest most outdated slang, put it together and made a hook: "i ait gon flex, i aint gon front, im gon stunt, ill roll up, ill roll up..."- gayness its a shame cuz he used to go hard... he think hes snoop or some shit now and that shit aint right.. you can be cool but that dont mean u can rhyme good... it doesnt take a genius to see that your words dont rhyme!

    • G5

      Thank you my dude for speaking the real. I was Taylor'd like a mug before he dropped rolling papers but after that the sound quality went through the floor. I don't know what Wiz was thinking but I hope Curren$y don't do that cause his shit is always tight. No need to fuck up a solid catalog.

  • internet hater


  • Jose Vasquez

    I hate how everyone is labeled a hater if they don't respect someone's hustle. If you put weak ass shit out, than what the fuck do you expect?

    • Michael Zayas

      they call you a hater if you odnt ride dicks

    • demo

      cant have an opinion else u a hater

    • HHH

      He said it in the interview, his music aint for everyone. You saying it's "weak ass shit" makes you a hater because you're clearly attaching yourself to his music. Take your emotional ass out of the equation, if you don't like the music then that's because it aint even meant to cater to you... Simp.

  • Dylan

    Maybe people hate because they completely can't rap for squat. Even if they have a phone to read off of. *cough* Drake and Wiz *cough*

  • Rob Johnson

    i like Wiz...Rolling Papers was boring and (minus When im Gone and Rooftops) corny as hell...hope he gets right back to it

  • Anonymous

    wiz is a real dude, i respect his hustle, wish he would spit over some wu style beats

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Is Wiz Khalifa wearing pink lipstick in the pic on the front page?

  • Anonymous

    Anyone else noticed that besides Lupe and the white boy every rapper that sells more than gold is gay. Drake. Kanye. Wiz. I give it to you homo's you will spend that money.

    • OP is dumb

      This is why people need to stop listening to Vinnie Paz or Immortal Technique which use the word "faggot" more than they talk about women. Suck my dick through a glory hole? Is that real hip hop nowadays? Also many old school rappers went beyond gold so I guess Nas, Biggie and Tupac were homosexuals as well. SMH

    • ^^^^^


    • @ the 2nd reply aka Anonymous 2

      Ye isn't gay, he's good as fuck, I agree that Lil Wayne is a faggot though, he needs to drop off the face of the earth.

    • Anonymous

      King James didnt write the Bible idiot....He rewrote it to fit his agenda at the time. Thats why I dont read that shit. Read the original Bible or the Koran...Both lead you to God.

    • Anonymous

      King James (the Christian Bible author) was a faggot!!!!! Look it up!!! THAT IS WHY BLACKS REPRODUCE FASTER! THAT WHITES!!!

    • Anonymous

      Unless you established yourself in the industry 5-10 yrs ago at least you have to at least look like you could be gay to blow up these days. Just look at the nba/movies/tv/commercials and everywhere you look. The industry is shoving that accept homosexuality bullshit down everybodys throats like its vitamins and shit. So you know the new artists have to cater to that rainbow crowd to please the homosexual record execs before they get funding to release their albums.

    • Anonymous

      Drake isn't gay. He is just white suburb soft!!!!! Their is a big difference!!!!! Kanye and Lil Wayne are gay!!!!

    • ^^^^awww

      is someone butthurt, did he get one too many dicks jammed in his ass? Be a hater and keep gargling ball sacks while getting fucked in the butt, you faggot. But i do agree that WIZ sucks, you're still a queer though.

  • Anonymous

    This burb ass nigga. This the type of dude someone would bring to the hood and he would get sucker punched the second he opened his mouth. Pow. Why you bring this nut ass nigga down here. Do that shit again and we gon whip your ass.

    • Demonic

      Why do mufuckas from the slums think they're so tough? Just because your father is a crackhead piece of shit, and your mother is a 2 dollar ho, and you grew up with roaches and rats for toys doesn't make you tough. It just means your father is a crackhead piece of shit, and your mother is a raggedy, fuck mouth 2 dollar ho... fuck the ghetto, and everybody from there.

  • Green

    PS rolling papers is not an original name for an album who gives a shit who really thought of it first thats gay to even debate it.

  • Green

    Ive never listened to Wiz simply because i could smell the poser bull shit from a mile away. Jay-z, Jada Kiss, and Busta Rymes all had multiple hits their whole career and never sold out and they still get respect. These new dudes just totally abandon their styles for the money which is okay to each is own but do not call your self creative and say that your a hip hop artist. You are a pop R&B artist. As a rapper you should understand you have to constantly earn respect if you want it throughout your stay in this game. Crying and calling people haters is just a cop out.

  • Wiz is right..

    Curren$y is insanely better than him, hopefully when he does get put on, he doesn't turn into a fuck up like Wiz, but then again i can't see Curren$y selling out. can't wait for Weekend at Burnies.

  • Indeed

    In real life tho, Curren$y is THAT NIGGA. Son's albums be hot front 2 back...

  • Mac Miller

    Hey guys! Its ya boy Mac Miller! Hahahaha, I just dropped an ep a few weeks ago called on and on! Go pick it up hahahaha! I see you Wiz Khalifa, keep doing your thing homie! Hahahaha Mac Miller

    • Lil Wayne

      I need you guys to review this verse that Lil Twist ghost wrote for me. Lil Wayne I Be Yeah Lil Wayne is Me I'm with Birdman, he is my Daddy I kiss him And he kisses Me I am a goblin I put a mask on then he has sex with me because i let him What ya'll think? I'm telling you Twist got some talent, look out for him slimes.

    • Kanye West

      Hey Taylor ima let you finish, but this is the best list of comments of all time, of all time. also. i am very mean to you

    • Taylor Swift

      I wanna thank god and my family....

    • Lil B

      I AM GAY, swag

    • Jesus

      best list of comments ever. guess which one i am [:

    • Beanie Sigel

      Ay yo I just want to take the time and apologize to Jay, I'm sorry big homie, I just wanted to sell more then 10,000 copies of my cd's in the first month so I needed the publicity. While I'm at it, Ye and Drake, sorry for talking shit about you guys too, you guys have more talent in your finger nail, then I do in my whole body. Bleek, I also said somethings to you that I shouldn't have said. Now can we all start making music again so I can finally buy a pair of shoes?

    • Memphis Bleek

      Yo Game! Been awhile my dooood! Yo, for real...can I crash at your crib for a lil bit? My key aint working at Jays crib and hes out on tour right now.

    • Wiz Weed Connect

      yo i be rippin off these gay niggas for some stress all day.

    • The Game

      Nigga you guys are getting attention. i know i already did a gay faggot song with Wiz but lets get Curren$y or maybe this Mak Miller. or miller's Mom on a track to see if i get more lame ass poppy fans SUUUU WOOOOOO & TAYLOR GANG

    • Mac Miller's Mom

      Mac please call me, men keep calling and asking for you saying they are your boyfriends? whats going on son?

    • Wiz Khalifa

      Wiz Khalifa here, I just dropped by to say I suck. Taylor Gang or You Ain't Gay.

  • Anonymous

    No one has to respect anyones grind

  • Anonymous

    wiz secretly wishes he was curren$y, he already stole his whole image from him

  • Anonymous

    wiz khalifa overrated, a 10 year old could rap better than him



  • Hot Cube

    This nigga got a face like an African bullfrog.

  • BigGhost

    Apology to Wiz Khalifa - Ayo whattup son. This the nigga that been "talkin greasy" bout you nahmean. Ayo first off a nigga jus wanna say sorry you went n took the nigga Stars bait like that on the radio nahmean. You kinda a moron for that tho b. The nigga put a water gun to ya head n you got down on ya knees for the nigga. But I get it son. P-Tone aint mad at you like that. You was thinkin the nigga had a real gun aimed at you n you jus panicked namsayin. But he played you b. Nigga basically pulled out his didick n said "ayo you can get high by suckin on this shit right here Wiz...how bout a little peck? Jussa peck Wiz". N you did it son. You gave the nigga a peck. Next thing you kno you straight blowin the nigga pa. N that was it son. Nigga jus zipped up n left u there to deal wit whatever namsayin. The nigga had you in his jail cell n convinced you to put on a wig n dress for him nahmeans. He threw a quarter on the ground n asked you to pick the shit up n you bent over for the nigga son. He straight plugged you son. The nigga straight brokebacked you wit the spit on his hand move n you got straight violated b. No offense son but we all seen how the shit went down namsayin. See you gotta realize you a dolphin nigga swimmin wit sharks son. N you a fragile lookin nigga to begin wit nahmean. You the type a nigga that might break ya arm from beatin a egg too fast namsayin. Ya shit can snap on you at any minute g. Son you cant even do a push up without worryin bout ya elbows poppin out n ya chest breakin in half. Word bond. You slap a nigga five n you gotta 50/50 chance of ya wrist snappin like a chick o stick on you son. You a malnourished nigga nahmean. You like a human stick figure fam. You look like you made of tree branches namsayin. You cant even go outside on a windy day son. You need a nigga holdin the kite string tied to ya just to walk outside in case the breeze pick up my nigga. N you a soft nigga to top all that off nahmean. You like a human loofah son. You softer than pasta noodles b. You got shampoo blood my nigga. Nahmean. Lets jus be straightforward bout the situation son. N you talkin all that G shit when you barely even F son. You all the way confused nahmean. You a cinnabon nigga son. You softer than a sack of vaginas nigga. Aint nobody takin you serious as a G namsayin. Ayo a nigga jus tryin to help you right now son. Come on pa. Ya catalog fucked up too son. How you gon have a song called G'ed Up son? What the G stand for son? Gummi wormed? Glamored? Where we gon draw the line my nigga? You jus gave Bruno Mars n Chris Brown the green light to call theyselves Gs now too son. We gon have to deal wit Katy Perry callin herself a G thanks to you son. That shit aint kosher my nigga. They gon be like ayo if that skinny swamp nigga wit the lullabies in his catalog callin hisself G it should be aight then namsayin. Nobody tellin THAT mutant nigga he aint a G so it should be open season then nahmean. Aint nothin gangsta bout you like that Wiz. Come on pa. Nigga you couldnt be less gangster if you started rockin rhinestone bikinis. Nigga you could start rockin murses n a feather boa n ya ass would still be at the same level of G that you already was son. Thats cos you at the very lowest level of G already. Which is not G. Nahmean. Gangstas dont try to wife another high profile niggas leftovers my nigga. Gangstas dont only weigh triple they birth weight by the time they grown ass men son. Gangstas dont make soft nigga instruction manuals like Roll Up n expect regular niggas to consider them Gs pa. N even if you was gangsta youd be like the low calorie version b. Youd be diet gangster or sum shit. Youd be gangsta lite or sum shit like that Wiz. Namsayin. But on the really real you more jus like gangster free namsayin. No disrespect tho nahmean. But I dont get you son. Somebody need to send you back to Middle Earth or wherever you came from son cos you aint fittin in wit humans nigga. You look like one the aliens from Men In Black son. Namsayin. You look like a stretched out Lil Wayne b. But its all love Wiz. Ayo I see you jus tryin to make a livin son. You makin wack moves n shit but at least you payin ya bills namsayin. Dignity aint eybodys thing son. You aint gotta be worried bout all that Wiz. Do you. Anyhow the god jus hopin you accept his apologies nahmean. It took a lot for a nigga to swallow his pride like this son. Hope you appreciate that. N yo cop that Shaolin Vs Wu Tang joint my nig. Shit is fire son. Aight peace.

    • Anonymous

      Ghostface fan for life now... Word son.

    • Jesus

      lmao comment of the day Nahmean. haa I could see Ghostface saying all this shit to Whiz. and him just standing there taking it like Kanye's Leftover

    • Anonymous

      /\ Did you just finish your speak and spell session in the tinted windows class?

    • BellyOfDaBeast

      nigga shut yo gay ass up nigga.. smh this nigga wrote his gay lifetime story and shit nigga you should do movies for ellen degeneres you bitch ass fish ass nigga..

    • Anonymous

      Wanna know how to keep hip hop fans from learning the secret to immortal life? Write it in a book...Those muh fuckas are dumb as hell.

    • LA


    • really

      Ain't no one gonna read this "Star Wars introduction length" comment nigga. And stop imposin' as Ghostface fag! You probably pull your pants all the way to your ankles to pee when you're in a mens public restroom.

  • Anonymous

    Wiz Khalifa has to take baths...The water stream from shower heads knocks him off his feet everytime.

  • AlreadyDiddy

    Wiz already pulled a Drake on us. But can we as discerning hip hop fans recognize that there is a divergence of the studio album rapper and the mixtape rapper. We must first become aware of this and appreciate the two. That way both crowds can be satisfied without hating the other....

  • Psyber

    wiz we hatin on u now cuz u a sell out. how the FUCK u gonna put out Rolling Papers and call it more "creative and lyrical"?!?! LESS SINGING AND MORE RAPPING, U WAS FINE UNTIL U DID THAT ALBUM SON. DONT PULL NO DRAKE ON US.

    • Vann Digital Networks

      Exactly why Im hatin on him. Used to fuck with him until he put that "Black and Yellow" bullshit out. He sho as hell aint come no better with "Roll Up" either. Im like this: Wanna appeal to the masses??? Look for this kinda shit to happen. Other than that, Wiz needa sit his crybaby ass down...Dont nobody wanna hear that bullshit he cryin about

    • Anonymous

      Curren$y... You didn't sellout yet!!! (key word is "yet"!!)

    • Joey Ogoley


    • Wiz Khalifa & Curren$y

      Your hatin' was the fuel for this shit.

  • Anonymous

    Wiz Khalifa has never been able to walk against the wind his entire life. He's small.

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