Eminem Wins Six Billboard Music Awards

As Billboard magazine honors music's top selling acts Sunday night, an absent Eminem ties Justin Bieber for the top honors.

Unless you’re counting host Ken Jeong’s decision to dress as Flavor Flav and then crawl under Nas’ legs, Eminem offered the biggest Hip Hop presence at Sunday night’s Billboard Music Awards. It should be noted that Em didn’t actually attend the mostly Pop affair, which was dominated by the likes of Justin Bieber, Beyonce and Britney Spears.

Eminem tied Bieber for the most awards at six wins. Out of 46 award categories, Shady took home nods for Top Artist, Top Male Artist, Top Rap Artist, Top Billboard 200 Album [Recovery], Top Rap Album and Top Rap Song [“Love The Way You Lie” ].

While the selection process by the National Acacemy of Recording Arts and Sciences has recently come under fire for their more subjective methods used for selecting Grammy Award winners, Billboard stated, “all finalists and winners were determined by a combination of chart performances.” The eligibility period for nominations ran from February 28, 2010 through March 1, 2011. The amount of their respective awards reflected the strength of Eminem and Bieber’s current sales. To date, Em’s Recovery has sold over 3.8 million copies, while Bieber’s My World 2.0 has moved over 2.7 million units.

Notable performers Sunday night were Cee-Lo Green, Beyonce, Mary J. Blige and Lil Wayne, and Rihanna and Nicki Minaj, who both featured Britney Spears as a guest performer.


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  • EminemFan

    eminems thinking to lady gaga " WTF? " lmao , congratz em you deserved the awards :D

  • thewind

    eminems prbly like "damn i guess niggas werent lying when they said acid stays in your spine and can make you randomly hallucinate at any time"


    Love the picture with Eminem and Gaga. He looking like "Get me off the same stage as this bitch."

  • Killar

    Fuck eminem and Fuck mtv for promoting whack artist

  • jim schwartzbauer

    Wheres Drake, Wheres nicki minaj, wheres kanye west, wheres, Chris brown, wheres lupe fiasco and where the fuck is LIL WAYNE at. I could at 20 more real rappers that should be at these shows and get these awards. im so sick of these b.s award shows, and these b.s music groups. how can some one win award from a song / cd that come out over a year and half ago.

    • smh

      its called the BILLBOARD AWARDS...no other rapper dominated the charts, sold records and had the amount of digital downloads eminem had.....looking at your list ..lupe is the only way i would say has talent

    • Anonymous

      relax cause you didnt even name good rappers. Lupe drake kanye and wayne are all nice, but for real if we talkin real rappers we gotta name wale jay and some others, em nice too

  • deadboy90


  • Anonymous

    No Kanye at all lol

  • Anonymous

    Where the fuck was Kanye? Can't seriously tell me there was any better album last year.

  • Brendon Silver

    Eminem won best artist of the year out of everyone NICE DUDE!!! DETROIT WHAT

  • Fat joe

    Ofc this Muthafucka wins 90 % of his fans is some mtv watching bitches. Eminem is a clown I know that Eminem is from 8 mile but i come from a school when we were battleling on the streets with guns out These niggaz would put you under pressure We were batteling like this " I don't walk or starve livin thuglife" i dont think eminem would be able to stand that " Hi my name is eminem and i eat eminems and i eat you" the Street niggaz would reach for the gat and like SHUT THE FUCK UP it would be a shut the fuck up of top . I just think em is a clown.Why do we call eminem the best when he only puts out clown shit "hi my name is " We made you" cleanin out my closet" Comeon that's not my favorite rapper man Let's compare him to 2pac or H.O.V Let's take eminem to sing a song like it's a hard knocked life = Still dope w if we take jay z to do a song like We made you =? THEY WOULD LAUGH THE SHIT OUT OF THIS GUY No disrespect it's my opinion ... Em is a male bitch Who talks about killin his mother,. I know im gonna get alot of hate from you mtv bitches But i don't give a shit what you say

  • Rachael Misek

    Congradulations Eminem, your last three CD's are LIVING PROOF that MIRACLES do happen and you are a CHAMPION to many people. I hope all is WELL.

  • 2da9nthPower

    You know what?I'm actually happy that Eminem won all those awards. I'm happy that he basically represented Hip-Hop as a whole at the award show(even though he wasn't really there). I'm glad to see him succeed because of where he came from and by no means am I an Eminem fan. Just because I respect him, doesn't mean Im a stan.

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