Gravediggaz Working On Reunion Album

The influential horrorcore group is reportedly back in the lab.

Horrorcore continues to make a comeback. Perhaps inspired by Odd Future's recent success, Gravediggaz are making their way back into the lab.

Shabazz The Disciple, who appeared on the group's song "Diary of a Madman," spoke to and revealed that the group is working on their next album.

"RZA had called me last March -- he's like 'Yo, it's Gravediggaz time,' " explained Shabazz. "I went down there; him and Frukwan (The Gatekeeper) already started on some songs. I went down there, did a couple of songs at his crib. Killah Priest was there. It was crazy 'cause me, Killah Priest, RZA and Frukwan was together in the studio. That was like '94 all over again."

Apparently, Prince Paul has yet to contribute to the project, but he is reportedly on board.

"With everybody's schedules, it's kinda difficult to get everybody in one room right now. But, in the near future, it'll pop off," continued Shabazz. "It's almost done though, RZA told me all we need to do is three more songs, and it's a wrap.

"It was like a family reunion. It was like being away from your brothers for a minute, like being locked up. Like, I did a little 10-15, being away from my family, then I came home and I'm back with my family," the rapper continued. "It's a great feeling, not only for us, but for Hip Hop itself, because Hip Hop is suffering a famine. So, we're gonna create that balance that ya'll love us for."

This would be the group's first release since 2001's Nightmare in A-Minor, and their first with involvement from all of the members (save the late Too Poetic) since 1997's The Pick, the Sickle and the Shovel.

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  • Isaac

    Get the Gravediggaz to the Gathering of the Juggalos FAST!

  • DrewDown91

    6FeetDeep/Niggamortis is one of my top five ALL TIME favorite albums. They put out the hardest tracks while dudes were bumpin Jodeci and other soft ass R&B laced bullshit. HIPHOPDX is right, ODD FUTURE prolly sparked this reunion, and sobeit. If they can get a GRAVEDIGGAZ-ODD FUTURE collabo it would be some ill shit. G to the R to the A to the V, E to the D to the I to the G, G to the A to the zig zag Z. . .

  • Bilderberg King

    Fist I'll assasinate em then I'll creamate em..take all of his fucking ashes and then evaporate em..creep thru the graveyard look for your tombstone..dig up your skeleton and stomp on your fucking try to haunt me nigga I any tyin to hear it...buck buck buck I'll give you ass a holy spirit..

  • Anonymous

    What shabazz went on to say (which wasn't mentioned in this aritcle) was that he has some unreleased Grym Reaper verses circa 1998 that may very well make their way on this album. Also, RZA has spoken to Prince Paul and he's on board as well, most likely in a very limited capacity.

  • Cide

    No Poetic (Grim Reaper), No Gravediggaz.

  • Cade Newell

    For those who know, they're back!

  • Pott Street

    This is what's up!!! Gravediggaz boiiiiiii! G

  • Anonymous

    oh snap! cant wait for a Gravediggaz reunion (R.I.P. Too Poetic aka Grym Reaper).....but then im also waiting for GZA's Liquid Swords II and another album that is supposed to be released before Liquid Swords II. any updates on that, RZA????

  • chris

    Fuck a inspired by Odd Future comeback, these motherfuckas are the reason Odd Future can even exist. Too fucking pumped for this shit.

  • DZO

    What about GZA's come back? You know Liquid Swords II? I guess he also has that comedy show to work on

  • Bowski

    Of course this is GREAT NEWS!!! If Tyler & his crew are being in anyway credited for Gravediggaz return, then so be it who cares after all Gravediggaz started it. Maybe they'll inspire that other wack-ass-horocore group "The Flatliners" who even w/star power (Russell's nephew) were only good for the 1 single. I dont know why people sleep/slept on their "The Pick, the Sickel, & the Shovel album, that joint was fire to me. I think ya'll need to go rediscover that gem. I didn't care so much for their Nightmare in A Minor album though, the beats were too generic for me, all in all I'm excited about this news though.

  • gimik313

    this is awesome news. i remember 6 feet deep was raw as fuck. didnt care to much for the pick the sickle n whatever the fuck else. i dont remember the actual name of the 2nd record. BUT ill say to say horrorcore/wicked shit is in the limelight cus of odd future is fucking stupid. icp, twiztid, esham, blaze, abk, king gordy n cats like that are the reason why. not fuckin tyler the creater. jus sayin

    • Brian

      What about Brotha Lynch, Doomsday, Tech N9ne, Evil Pimp, Three Six back w/ Lord Infamous, Gangsta Boo, Mars and many more...... Artists like these started the and have kept the Horrorcore alive for many years, odd future is just now getting into it, yea they're good but they got many years to catch up to these HEAVY HITTAS (if they can)real talk....

    • DennisColes

      seriously? dangerous mindz? night the earth cried? 12 jewels? da bomb? pit of snakez? repentance day? none of those sparked your interest bro? not even the dangerous mindz video or the night the earth cried joint? wow! you might have to re watch those again on youtube man...

  • Anonymous

    y'all remember Shabazz's verse on dairy of a Madman. Crazy shit.

  • Wu tang forever

    Am hyped for this gravediggaz were the shit they started this horrorcore shit canny wait to hear rza as the RZARECTOR nowhere to run to nowhere to hide ya best to stay inside!

  • Anonymous

    Too good to be true.

  • Doubl Negative

    6 Feet Deep (nee; "Niggamortis") is an over-looked album in the Wu-Tang canon. The original title of this LP was jettisoned for the US release, but that was an erroneous decision as Niggamortis better sums up the witty, macabre and subversive nature of the group. 6 Feet Deep's an inconspicuous, bland, generic title that doesn't serve Gravediggaz well and high lights the hypocrisy in the States when you can't use the 'N' word as an album title, even with the Ebonic spellin' "Nigga", but Quentin Tarantino, James Elroy and Scorsese can litter their work with this contentious word.

  • Hidden By Leaves

    Now THIS is news! RIP POETIC.


    Lookin forward to it. | IT IS WHAT IT IS

  • bluerazor

    without the Grim reaper it sounds iffy, but did'nt RZA just put off GZA LS2; The return of the shadow boxer because hes heavily involed in some hollywood movie projects

  • NY

    I like the idea of another Gravediggaz album and I want more of a 6 Feet Deep album and it sounds like they're trying for that by bringing in Shabazz & Killah Priest. The problem is no one can take the place of Poetic, R.I.P. Poetic & O.D.B. both Wu-Tang and Gravediggaz have taken some huge hits with their voice being absent on the album.

  • thisguy

    6 Feet Deep is a fuckin classic, never really listened to PSS tho. If this reunion is anything like 6 feet deep then I am on itttttt damn

  • mando

    fuckin awsome......r.i.p poetic

  • John Book

    I'm sorry, but Poetic was an essential part of the Gravediggaz and without him, it will not cut it for me. I'm a longtime fan of Shabazz The Disciple and his verse in "Diary" still holds up but... no. They might as well get Me Phi Me from the stockroom at Walmart somewhere and include him in this reunion too. Ice Cream Tee, sure, have her on for the ride.

    • NormanStorminFormin

      I feel you but I have to disagree for the fact that the entire Wu energy back then was raw and unscripted and was also part of the reason why it took off so can get ANY wu member with knowledge of self to "fill in" for poetic but your 10000% correct he can NEVER be replaced...

  • kennyken

    glad to know they're onboard again. i'm ready for a rza album though....i like that get high shit


    Gravediggaz album and the RZA involved again?? With those names included ..Priest in beast mode.. I cant wait

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