Nelly Planning to Release Sixth Album This Year

Nelly revealed that he's planning a new album for a release later this year.

Earlier today, Nelly hit NBC's "The Today Show" to promote his newest project, an fitness DVD series called Celebrity Sweat. During his interview, the St. Louis rapper said that he is planning to follow-up his fifth album 5.0 with an all-new LP.

According to, Nelly said that he plans to release his sixth album later this year. Although he didn't reveal too many details about his next project, he did hint that he has big plans for a major cross-over track for the LP.

"I’ll hopefully have a new album coming out at the end of this year," he explained. "I’m going back in. The last album 5.0 was phenomenal—‘Just a Dream,’ 4 million and things...Hopefully, I have something real big planned. I don’t want to give it away."

Most recently, Nelly linked up with Keri Hilson for her song titled "Lose Control," off her latest album No Boys Allowed.

The full interview with Nelly can be seen below.

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  • Nico 3

    4 million digital downloads of Just a Dream? If that's true, that's impressive. That said, your wackness isn't a dream. Open the doors for some new talent instead.

  • 187nellysballsack

    this guy is the wackest rapper ever!!!!!!!!period no maxipad



  • Anonymous

    Country Grammar and and other club hits thats about it.

  • AudioAssassin Mcmillan

    country grammar was the shyt, but you really can't say that nelly is wack b/c he aint all that lyrical, he makes club bangers

    • Anonymous

      Country Grammar was dope as fuck. Good beats on every song and good rhymes for the most part. But Nellyville was disappointing, just had alright singles like "#1" and "Hot in Herre". Everything since then was trash.

  • dogg

    check this out, if u like it share it

  • Anonymous

    YOUR last cd was a major flop. Don't blame record company next turn around. People have loss interest with you. It happens to the best.

  • The MG

    Oh great. (sarcasm)

  • Samuel Bowden

    Nelly, this year instead of saying an album and then relesing it late the next year, live to your promise, massive nelly fan, andd you actually rip most songs up, admittedly you have some bad ones, but loving the comeback, keep it up :)

  • Jesus

    Great. Macho man died and now Rap takes another head shot... guys we need a doctor i dont think itll survive another fucking "just a dream" shit

  • Mr Flamboyant

    What was the name of that Jadakiss track? The one where Havoc sampled...I think Mindwave? Fashawn has a song on Boy Meets World as well... I think it's number 8. Matter fact, Juelz has a cut on his first solo LP that samples that one Usher cut... Damnit. What's the name of those songs? I know it answers this question in my name to this news of Nelly dropping another LP. It's what I wanna tell him right now. Oh yeah. WHY? Dagnabit. I knew I'd figure that ish out. Yo, Nelly. You were wack when you sold units. You're wack now. No one wants to listen to an older nigga say that mess you do now. They wanna listen to Soulja Boy and the "racks on racks on racks" itch-bays say that stuff now. Just go count your money, enjoy life, bone Ashanti, and leave music alone. You've raped the culture long enough as it is. F*** rap. Hip hop for me off top... - Raekwon

    • Anonymous

      Sheeit Nelly has moved more units in a lifetime then your favorite rappers ever will. Fuck the both of you.

    • Anonymous

      Country Grammar was pretty dope. Don't front. But since then Nelly's been trash.

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