Eminem Details How Jay-Z's "Renegade" Originally Featured Royce Da 5'9"

Em tells MTV News that the track was initially a collaboration between him and Nickel Nine.

In 2001, Jay-Z released “Renegade” featuring Eminem off of The Blueprint, serving as one of the standout cuts from the album. But what most listeners may not know is that the record was originally a collaboration between him and Slaughterhouse member Royce Da 5’9”.

Em, who produced the cut, recorded the track with Nickel Nine before passing it off to Jay. “That record was actually made... We were starting to make that record. It was a situation where Jay had called me and I had another record that I wanted to present to him,” he told MTV News’ Sway. “At the time, we were recording on two-inch reels. What happened was there was a beat that I had an idea for me and Jay to do a song together. But the reel with the beat on it was in L.A., and I was in Detroit and Jay was on a deadline.” 

Instead of whipping up a new beat, Em took out Royce’s verse to make room for Jay. “I kind of approached Jay like, ‘Yo what about this record? I already have this, it’s already here.’ And he was working a deadline. He was working on a real short window of time to get it done, so that was kind of how that record came about,” he continued. “I actually sent him the track and he put his verses on there and sent it back and I mixed it.”

Em and Royce are currently prepping the release of their collaboration as Bad Meets Evil titled Hell: The Sequel, dropping June 14th.

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  • Objective Hater

    To hell with this culture vulture.

  • Anonymous

    should of left royce on the original.Fuck jay z

  • Omecca

    This is REALLY how the conversation went down.... Em: Royce, I got some good news and some bad news. Royce: What's up man? Em: Well, the good news is I released the Renegade song and it's on Jay-Z's new album. Royce: What?!? Hell yes! No more living in my mom's basement and sneaking girls in. What's the bad news? Em: Yeah, um...since I'm EMINEM and he's Jay, well...we replaced your verse with his... Royce: WTF..........DAMN! Later in the same day................. Em: Jay, I got some good news and I got some bad news. Jay: What's good? Em: I got a hot beat for your new album and it's fire! Jay: Yup! It's the ROC! (starts to dance in front of his occult symbol on his dining room floor) So....what's the bad news? Em: It's featuring Royce the 5'9. Jay: WHO????????????????????

  • kjhkl

    why not have added jay to it and leave royce on it

  • Anonymous


  • Lemony Snicket

    HipHopDx is on the Shady/Aftermath payroll.

    • haha

      i love it when ppl bitch about this everytime when young moneys on here just as much... why the hell wouldnt they cover news about the top selling rapper of all time?

  • G3kbeats.com

    Both are good. I like the Jay-z version better. g3kbeats.com | RENEGADES

  • you idiots

    You guys complaining about this old info, yea most everyone knew em did the track with royce first, but open your fuckin eyes, it's a recent interview with eminem with him explaining it in his own words that's why it made it on hhdx....buncha babies you are

  • ok pal

    i've known about this shit since the twin towers were still standing

  • TJAY 848

    JIM JONES "848" SWAGGA JACKIN "TRUE STORY... CLICK LINK BELOW" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vj8coCBu6dU IAMTJAY.COM

  • HipHop

    This just goes to show how great Hov is...he took a track that already had Eminem's insane verses on and still dropped straight fire...

    • Anonymous

      nah no way...Jays verse was way better than Royces...dont get me wrong, royce was above average but still...the first time i heard this song with jay on it i got shivers....the first time i heard the royce version it didnt hit as hard...just saying

    • Vincent Byronic Hero Salamatino

      This is the worse song to prove how hot Hov is because 3 people rapped on that beat and Jay had the 3rd hottest verse Royce and Em killed it way more. Jay to me is still a top 2 emcee of all time just saying.

  • real shit

    this is why u fuckin immature shitheads are destroyin hip hop.... anytime a major artist puts out a song or theres news about a big hip hop artist u dumbasses immediately either say why u hate it or talk about why he sucks compared to ur favorite artist... just listen to the damn music if u call urself a rap fan then u should respect all rap music in some sorta way doesnt mean u gotta buy everyones shit but damn... why u care so damn much about who the best is or who destroys who just pick ur own favorite rapper... u think ppl who liked rolling stones back in the day just always talked shit about led zeppelin.. fuck no they just enjoyed the damn music and thats why they were dominant cuz ppl werent so immature... who the fuck cares if u think someones better then somebody else not like that shits gonna change wat rappers i like

    • not at all

      my favorite rappers are rakim and eminem so i could care less if ppl dont like them... im mad cuz hip hops gonna keep goin down the drain with this shit keepin up.. and give me a break.. ppl do not bitch about the best rock bands half as much as rappers get outta here with that shit

    • tonyRaj

      you sound like you mad because another person doesn't like your favorite rapper. just like nobody can change your mind about who you like, you can't change people's minds either. you are basically trying to do the same thing you are accusing other people of doing. just because someone likes another rapper better than yours, it doesn't make them dumb. by the way, rock stars do debate on who plays instruments and sings better, so come back to reality.

  • Julius Jefferson

    This was fucking discovered like a century ago.

  • Jarrett David Grimes

    SOMEBODY obviously cleaned this track up... The Blueprint version is CLASSIC. Renegade got Eminem A LOT of respect at the time. People call him one of the G.O.A.T.s all day NOW, but some people still looked at him like a gimmick/fad 10 years ago. This was one of the highlights of Em's career. Em had the masses, but this track solidified his spot amongst the best MCs. Jay did him a HUGE favor. Jay was already viewed as one of the Best MC's. This track prolly hurt him more than it helped, lol. This was like literally the very 1st time he was outshined on a track. 8th grade... Good Times...

    • Sjoerd

      Lol @ NY... It's ok to hate on Eminem because he's white because I'm white.

    • Anonymous

      Jarrett we all already knew that...your just as bad as hiphopdx you fagget

    • NY

      Why are they considered to be the best, above average rappers but nothing more. Em gets way too much credit, Encore, Relapse & Recovery were all horrible albums, Jay-Z had three good albums, Reasonable Doubt, Blueprint & Black Album not great albums just good. To make a great album it means going through without skipping and neither one has done that. Eminem has the more radio play (because he's white and a gimmick, I'm white and I can tell he's only popular cause of being white). If a black guy released Slim Shady LP or Marshall Mathers LP it would be forgotten about, Jay-Z has a lot of Biggie fans listening to him because of Biggie's mainstream success and how Big would support him. Too many people think it's good just because it came from one of these two but in fact they haven't put out a decent album in years.

    • murdermitten

      i wouldnt say jay did em a favor i mean if nething em probly got him a shit ton of more records sold by goin on the blueprint.... helped both MCs out

  • anti-ball licker

    Please, get off JayZ's balls!!! Royce is nicer than that jerkoff...

  • Andezchicago


  • Sjoerd Thelosen

    Wow, the beat on the Blueprint renegade version is sooo much better than this childish tune, seems like Jay (or his people probably) did Em a huge favor.

    • Anonymous

      fuck off sjoerd...you stupid fool...

    • Sjoerd Thelosen

      Right, thanks, missed that.. I was more interested in listening to the track than reading the article thoroughly. Anyway, you gotta admit that the difference between the two renegades is huge.

    • Slip

      you do know that eminem produced the jay ze version aswel

  • Anonymous

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y9mCVcRWHqY this guy is sayin somethin real positive ...dope as love

  • Tits Williams

    Even lesser known fact: Before recording the track with royce, em had originally planned to do the track with 50 Tyson, but 50 T couldn't get cleared by his label.

  • tom

    Come to the conclusion that hhdx 'journalists' don't really know hiphop history....this is mad old

  • Rachael Misek

    Hip hop is starting to seem like the land of whatever-we-say-when-we-say it. NO reality. This record or this song was going to be here, but then it went there...like Puff the Magic Dragon, who knows it disappears into thin air! Seems all rather schidzophranic to me...like there is no actual logic behind all this, which is total poppycock considering you can't get a deal with knowing someone and having a lawyer. I get sick of this crap after awhile.

  • Anonymous

    fucking stans bitching why they made an article about this, the article is about how the track actually happened... ya'll sound like 12 year olds

    • Rass Kass

      Oh my, what a fucking idiot you are, There was absolutely zero new information in this article, we already know how the track actually happened, some of you posters are really stupid.

  • Newz 2 Me

    Thanks for the exclusive news DX! I can't wait for tomorrow's headline: Details emerge on 50 Cent's original unreleased debut album "Power of the Dollar", recorded in 2000. LOL

  • ts5000

    how come royce wasn't on renegade too? renegade jay-z featuring eminem & royce da 5'9" would've been better em & jay should do another song together on jay's next album

  • ts5000

    why r they releasin an EP instead of an LP i know they can record enough material to make it one

    • eggtree

      they said they did that cause its more of a compilation of tracks they did when they got back in the studio together and there was no real concept or focus matter of it that albums have

  • Mike Leezy

    Damn, I wonder how Royce verse sounded??

    • jojoforeal

      dude the song is embedded in the article above. pretty tight, but i'm feeling jayz's collabo more.

  • Ben

    Why does Eminem still have to talk about this? God damn fans are dumb as fuck.

    • Fools

      Actually it is not the fans fault that DX is talking about shit that is a decade old, the info in this artile is pretty much common knowledge to any hiphop fan, we did not choose for DX to re-cover this.

  • Anonymous

    this video is making firefox crash about half way through.

  • Jess Devitt

    alright, DX, this is getting ridiculous. A hip hop site shouldve been known this. its pretty common knowledge, in fact, the track in question actually leaked about 10 years ago on royce's "build and destroy" tape. fuckin onion head bastards

  • dmize-one

    personally i was feelin the jay/em renegade more.. and im a big fan of all three... just my personal thoughts..

  • Jonel 'Shaq Deisel' Howard

    Not really news HipHopDX...I'm sure alot of us knew about this already. Em did it for exposure reasons which is understandable, and I feel Royce's was better...only because I do not like Jay-Z

  • casper21

    you'd think that after hearing Em's verses, Jay could come up with something to outshine him, but no.

    • The_truth

      I think its pretty impressive that in that short time Jay had verses that compete with the verses that Em wrote in his own sweet time and with input from Royce.... Just saying

  • Geez

    DX, you are a buch of stupid fucks, I'm surprised you didn't list the original in with the singles & call it a new track.

  • noahc313

    OMG this news is only like 10 years old

  • aarontodavis

    Jay's verse > Royce's verse..guess im being a lil biased cuz Jay-Z is one of my favorite rappers but 1st time I heard Renegade it was mind blowing...like da beat and da way Jay-Z and Em came in on their verses was remarkable..Renegade is truly one of da best rap songs ever made & too all those ppl saying Em had da better verse I ask, when does Eminem not have da best verse on a song?

    • Willy

      What about Dead Wrong? Is Biggie not considered one of the greatest of all time? Of have I been mis-reading every hip-hop fan for the last 15 years? I'm pretty sure Eminem went hard on that track. As for Slaughterhouse "bodying" Eminem.... I must be listening to different tracks than those who say that...

    • Anonymous

      lol...snoop is wack as fuck...lol

    • hahah

      ya dude i guess snoop doggs wack as fuck too right.... ur a fuckin idiot

    • casper21

      I think there's some truth to that, but it's also not completely true. I read an interview with Nas this past year where he was pretty open about not wanting an Em verse specifically because he thought Em bodied Jay on renegade, he doesn't want to be shown up on his own record. But honestly, it's not worth looking into that deeply, no of us know Em or any mainstream talented emcees, so we can't know why he never worked with any prior to just recently.

    • Anonymous

      anonymous: coz fucking sign! so true em is dope but he has been shown up by royce and slaughterhouse BADLY recently.. he was pretty tight on session one 2nd to royce, but on 2.0 boys every1 cept yela bodied him

    • Anonymous

      How bout the last what 7 songs he's done with Royce and the 2 songs he's done with Slaughterhouse Em only shines on collabs with wack fucks thats why he only ever features wack fucks until recently look at his career, Jay is the only rapper who is skilled before 2011 that Em has done a song with all his other features are wack fucks like Dre, 50 Cent, D12, GUNIT etc soon as he started doin collabs with skilled MCs like Royce he started gettin bodied every track

  • Ben Levine

    Anyone notice how Royce's Verse and Eminem's Dead Wrong verse have a LOT in common?

  • BigDickJohnson

    THERE SPITTING ABOUT THE SAME FUCKING SHIT (eminem is).. only thing difference is Royce's verses. No difference really Jay an Royce held there own. Both are dope. an ROYCE GET EMS DICK OUT YOUR MOUTH.. like goddamn.

  • Ears

    The original wasnt bad at all.

  • Anonymous

    Stop with the Royce Da 59 IQ shit already. Em's feeling guilty over Proof's death doesn't mean this retard deserved to resurrected in 2011.

    • eggtree

      royce will body your favorite rapper any day and has resurrected his career on his own fag boy


      Wow dude...Nickle is nice. I'm glad he's getting time in the spotlight with the Bad Meets Evil EP and Slaughterhouse. It's well-deserved.

  • daddyfatsax

    no shit hiphopdx fuck you

  • Daniel Heap

    Sounds like bullshit to me. Royce certainly never felt like that was the case. The original renegede BEFO Hova. On a side note did ya'll know that Eminem and Royce were friends again now? If it wasn't for it being mentioned on this site daily I'd never have even known. And I wish Royce would get Ems dick out of his mouth.

  • mcmastermind

    I've known this for years.

  • Anonymous

    mmm interesting em and royce definitely seem more laid back, hope that reflects in their ep.

  • Michael Lundquist

    No the original was not better (It was good though). Stop it. And Jay-Z was equal to Em. They both had 2 stellare verses on that track. The only reason so many people say Em killed Jay is because Nas said it in Ether, and people are unable to form their own opinions...

    • Willy

      @ Macbeth Were we listening to the same Renegade track? How were Eminems verses not "real life shit"? At the time of that recording he WAS a media scapegoat. Everything he stated in those verses was truth. Eminem was on a whole other level on that track.

    • insanemacbeth

      i will say the following: i don't believe that EM murked JAY, on his own sh*t. content-wise, EM was being SLIM SHADY, witty...but somewhat caricature-sh; whilst JAY-Z was spittin' some real life sh*t! cadence-wise, EMINEM did take JAY; JAY is more about flow. EMINEM has various complex cadences. the last point? the general consensus was that EMINEM did murder JAY, on 'RENEGADE'...in which as someone here posted, NAS just echoed that sentiment!

    • Anonymous

      second coming http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L9gXTm40qfc

    • Michael Lundquist

      That's revisionist and y'all know it. Stop being Stans. I Em's music as much as next hip-hop fan, and he did his thing on Renegade, but so did Jay.

    • Mike

      Em murdered Jay. Everyone thought that before Nas said anything. I like Royce better then Jay normally but I like the version of this song better with Jay.

    • Anon

      I gotta go with khordkutta. I'm 25 and even I remember hearing Jay's verse and thinking, "damn, em killed him on his own album". I dunno why people are so in love with Jay that they can't just admit that he wasn't on his game on that track

    • khordkutta

      Well then lets just say this, the circles i ran in, the sites i viewed, predominately said em killed jay before esco said it. Im a 39 year old west coaster. I have purchased most of Js CDs and I own maybe two EM CDs. Lets just chalk it up to that, we ran in different circles.

    • beezlebud

      FUCK OUTTA HERE Nobody was sayin Em murdered Jay until Nas said the shit, I think Jays a fuckin cornball but truth is truth n no muthafucka said that shit back in the day until Esco ethered him as for the other argument goin on here bout who is iller over-all as an MC its real simple Royce>>>Jay Z>>>Eminem

    • Anonymous

      on the track em killed jay on it over all royce would murder jay period most people would see different cuz most are jay riders dont get me wrong ima jay fan myself to a certain extent but royce comes harder than jay anyday just reconize real when i see it jay just a follower em killed that track just lkie he do with anyone thats on the same track with em listen pay attention

    • ......

      @Peasants YOU'RE a fucking idiot. everybody was saying Em out shined Jay on Renegade before Nas

    • ultraULTRA

      actually em verse was better because he had the proper flow to the beat(which he produced) but i do agree, that jay was a MUCH better fit for the song than royce, lyrically jay-z is superior

    • Peasants

      @khordkutta your an idiot. Nobody was saying that before Nas. And the only reason Nas said it was cuz jay said nas had the worst verse on Ochie Wallie or whatever that songs called..

    • khordkutta

      You must be too young to remember, the reason NAS said it, is because he was echoing what everybody else was sayin. Nickel should have been left on it.

  • IT

    Damn you fuckers are ASSHOLES. The average age of commenters on this site has got to be 15 or something. Who the fuck cares if the story isn't brand new. I didn't know this shit and I'm glad DX posted it. I'm sure many other readers weren't aware of this. It's not like DX decided to post this particular story over another "newer" one. It's not taking anything away from current news but you fucking children are so quick to slander every damn thing. Chill out with this bitch behavior in every damn thread.

    • Curtis75Black

      Look for the original on Youtube. You'll find it. This was basically common knowledge to a fan of Hip Hop. Em didn't even change his verses.

    • AnonymousUser

      I knew about the original as well. But that's not that point. Royce & Em are putting out an EP. I think it's totally relevant for them to reminisce on something like the old Renegade track. People be bitching too much.

    • Anonymous

      your obviously a mainstream rap fan then n not apart of Hip Hop culture son coz anyone who is a part of Hip Hop n who has been listenin to Royce more than a couple of months KNOWS THIS SHIT ALREADY

  • ka0as

    renegades is way better with royce, he is the only one that can stand his own on a track with em

  • Kenneth Thomas

    How is this news?

  • b v

    no shit knew this a decade agooooo

  • J

    most people know this already

  • prew0z

    are you kidding me... this is news. There has been a leaked version of this song since the original. Get it together dx. This shit is old as hell.

  • I'm At Work And Bored

    Original version of Renegade with Royce was way better.

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