Rick Ross Explains Inspiration Behind Meek Mill's "Tupac Back"

The Teflon Don and Wale shared that some listeners don't even know who Tupac is.

Rick Ross scored another smash with his feature on Meek Mill’s “Tupac Back,” paying homage to the fallen legend. The Maybach Music Group leader explained that the record was conceived as a tribute to ‘Pac and the impact he had on the game.

“[It was] really paying homage to Tupac. Sitting in the studio, a lot of times I think of different approaches and I think of different artists and that’s what the vibe was of that record,” Ross told MTV2’s Sucker Free. “Tupac was such a huge influence on the musical level as well as outside of music. A lot of times, I be thinking if Pac was alive, he’d be in politics now.” 

MMG member Wale added that the younger generation might not know about his legacy unless they do their research. “It’s been 15, 16 years since he died. That means if you’re 20, you really don’t connect unless you do your history,” he said. 

Rozay echoed his sentiments, stating that he was shocked by how many people don’t even know who he is. “That surprised me most with the record. We put the record out, I was surprised how many people was asking, who is Tupac? On Twitter, on the blog, who is Tupac?” he said. “There are some people that the only people that they familiar with is Wayne and newer,” said Wale. “That’s it. Not even Block is Hot Wayne.”

Ross added, “I’m a firm believer that if you gon’ play basketball, you need to know who Jordan is.”

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  • 3pac kamaru shaku

    Nicki minaj you are my future wife.. My 3pac

  • Nico 3

    Ross and his pals are doing this strictly for affiliation sake. Mention a perceived legend's name and just maybe 20 more copies get sold. At some point, I think it has to stop, even though there's nothing wrong with doing it. It's just a little desperate, because everybody knows who Pac was. There's nothing more to learn about him that couldn't be discovered by just going back and listening to the old music. That's what it's there for.

  • Grandson

    Ok lets put things into perspective here. Has anybody listened to "Tupac Back"? Does it really sound like a record that is paying homage to him? But I can understand part of what he and especially wale was saying. There are alot of so called hip hop fans that do not do their history. Alot of fans are fickle in a sense. But this song is not a song that would make me wanna listen to Pac if i didnt know who he was. Plus if you are a true fan of hip hop, this song should piss you off. Because there are so many influencial figures in hip hop that came before 2pac that dont get tribute records unlike nas who did one about rakim. So instead of choosing a grandmaster flash or slick rick to name a few, The artist picked is one with the biggest buzz ever in the game. My brother is 12 and knows a Pac record.

  • Anthony Hernandez

    i dont like ross but gotta respect him for the 2pac love

  • Nico 3

    I think it's the other way around.

  • Anonymous

    This fool has no idea what Pac would be doin right now if he was alive, fact of the matter is he's gone, and his legacy lives strong without this dudes "validation". If they played that poor excuse of a song in front of Pac and said it homage, com on man this dude has a huge EGO if he thinks he has the right to inform people of tupac. If you havent heard of Pac then hip hop doesnt need you.

  • C.O.B

    first thing first, the g.o.a.t TUPAC SHAKUR didn't like the cops. Tupac is known worldwide more then this fat fuck,drake and wayne put together


    pac gets played multiple times a day on my radio ya fuckin lames. pac was and always will be the greatest to ever do it and if u think hes over rated then u are just fuckin retarded and dont actually listen to the music u just listen for a hot beat. pac spit the realeast shit to ever come out of any rappers mouth. what made pac so great that these lil kids dont understand is that he was down with the poor & middle class man, he didnt act all high n mighty and flash his jewelery and money like u see all these rap arstists doing today, he was the voice of the people he spoke for the people that had no say to all the rich people in power. pac spoke for the average everyday man and we believed in him so much that it got him killed. he was a modern day black jesus straight up. R.I.P. to Tupac, the greatest to ever do it

    • nate

      Real talk, 2pac was more than an artist. Bless hi soul.

    • u fucking moron

      did u just call him a modern day jesus?? wtf is wrong with you... ppl say eminem has stans...

    • truthman76

      Pac did flash jewlrey and money. he said come to death row while he was flashing stacks, Pac was confused and didnt know whether he wanted to be good or bad , straight or gay. his life was tragic. RIP tupac

  • rick ross is scum

    ross is lying again just like he always does. of course everyone knows tupac unless he talking about the kids born yesterday that bump tupac back. everything that comes out this dudes mouth is a lie, rick ross doesnt even know who he is anymore his whole life is a lie litterally. we dont believe u officer ricky u need more people!!

  • Anonymous

    fuck the fat fuck and wale, they have nothig inn commen with tupac would hate this bitches

  • Rishercolin@yahoo.com

    Yup, I know of this Tupac he speaks of. Now I know the lame rational to this even LAMER trend. I'm the LAST to be the grammar police on here but Officer Ricky..... For future reference.... Any thoughts after the qualifier "I be thinking" are pretty much mute.

  • AudioAssassin Mcmillan


  • Andezchicago


  • ASHS

    RICK ROSS INTERVIEW "so if it was one night and me and meek were just chilling n shit n he like yo we should make a song bout pac na'mean he a legend n shit n his name big like that round the world when we drop this shit we gonn sell like crazy na'mean n meek was like man ross u are the next pac fo real damn i sat back n thought about it for a second and was like he right im the next pac for real doe bawseeeeeeee"

  • anthology

    of course he would get tweets and messages about ppl not knowing pac. most of his fans are kids. its a sad world too cuz of all the other shit he pumps in his records. :[

  • BlazeDatIshUp

    Why is this fake, fat fuck even allowed to mention Pac's name... All these artists just mention 2Pac's name for publicity and shit... It's almost the same way crooked ass diddy mentions Big's name for his own personal gain... It's a damn shame... I do agree that folks should know who people like 2Pac, Big, Rakim, KRS and others are, but I just hate when fake fucks like him are the ones who are saying this....

    • urBETTERjudgment

      well be glad he said it cause no one else is saying it. he may be fat anad a cop or whatever but he is making a valid point. 20 and under are sorta wondering what the big deal was about Pac cause they just hear the name sometimes but now maybe they'll pick up makeaveli and listen and learn like the song said.

  • sfd

    You ignoramuses talk like being a cop is a bad thing. I doubt Mario Puzo did any of the shit that he wrote about in "The Godfather". Ross just tells a story.

  • chunker

    ross is fucking five o, if pac was alive he would be disgusted that this fat clown even sayin his name. i also fear for meek millz after signing with this fake peice of shit. what are you thinkin man i used to listen to your shit until you signed with ross aka carol city copper. .

  • umm

    who the fuck doesn't know who Tupac is?

  • Jesus

    Fuck pac. ima record a song "Macho Man Back" and imaa get Shawty Lo on it to go "oooohhhhh Yeeeeaaaaahhhh" but no seriously. stfu people. hes saying the littler pop kids dont know who pac is. so that 8 year old white kid who is listening to rap or the black kid. or the asian community... haa whatever. just know this was about respect. im glad Wale didnt make that song tho. cuz those are already tired it wasnt disrespect. it was expanding. Rick Ross is showing respect. fuckin Joell Ortiz can do Pun and some other nigga can do B.I.G i think they have the right to bite an idea and make it there own. enough said get over it. Tupac is dead. has been for 15 years. besides. him and B.I.G both be mad overrated.

  • black gretzky

    If Pac were alive i'm sure he'd tell Ross to eff off with that bullshit song.

    • UrBetterJudgement

      well it would be pointless to make a 2pac back song if he had never left so what else would he have to say.

  • dmize-one

    ross has a strait flow, but that shit gets old quick... and all this jockin other people (meech, larry hoover, pac, noriega, etc) just makes me not want to fuck with ross at all.. garuntee if pac was around ross would be catchin hit em up pt. 2... fuck this wack ass nigga

  • Sasuke

    Tupac=overrated. That is all.

    • osn412

      I can tell yall n166as from brooklyn. do your math. 1. tupac got wayyyy more songs then biggie. 2. listen to all of biggies tracks exclusives and all and u can not tell me that biggie dont use the same lines over and over

    • Anonymous

      Who give a fuck about radio play anyway? I don't think I am the only one that doesn't listen to the radio anymore. Digital CD or nothing. Radio Sucks unless you want to hear the same MF's every hour on the hour every day.

    • West89

      True. Dudes should be able to admit it now. The only Tupac song that gets played on the radio is Dear Mama and that's only on Mothers Day. B.I.G. got hits for days and can still rock a party.

  • gamma11

    rick ross was prolly one of the cops he shot at on Halloween... nigga bullshittin if he think he touchin any lyrics pac wrote... if pac went off on biggie in hit em up id hate to hear what hed have to say about this faggot... he doesnt understand pac... pac was a thinker, the only thing ross is thinking is that he wants some more twinkies for his fatass

  • shakrsbreath

    You know why you don't mess with CO's or cops that go bad. Because if they ever get caught they know the #1 rule of the system. The first to snitch gets the best deal. When cops or CO's get caught they tell or plead guilty. If they don't the case was built around one of them who did. So if Ross ever gets caught doing anything that looks like he's going to get time you might want to lawyer up if you smoked a blunt with this dude. He's a great story teller. By the time he finishes that blunt will be 10 pounds.

  • Geko

    Iz it me or iz wale disrespecting rick ross.

  • HiCee420

    Interesting take. I can def understand how the younger generation doesn't know who Tupac is. Rap is so much about what's going on right now that there is really no need to go back. When I was coming up it was all about Pac, Tribe, Wu, Mobb Deep, BIG, Jay, Nas, etc. I never went back and listened to Whodini or Grand Master Flash. No disrespect to the old school but I just couldn't relate and I think that's how it may be for the youngins now a days. The struggle is different today than it was in 1996.

  • Dr. Bumba Shakur


  • Anonymous

    get your dumb ass outta here u made the record to create this media buzz not because ppl dont know who tupac is

  • block aid

    If it is true and these little kids hanging out on twitter dont know who Pac is but follow ross, then that shit is unacceptable. I think we are soon going to get to a point though where people are going to start coming up, maybe kids born after 95' to 97ish who hate on or completely ignore the classic shit. I just graduated last year, im 18 and people in my age group, people born 89 to 92 were heavy heavy into pac, big, L, pun, X, nas , jay so on and so forth but just watch in a few years or maybe sooner junior high kids are going to be talking all types of nonsense "tupac and all those other old motherfuckers are lame as hell 'insert lame 2015 rapper name here' is running shit now, B.I.G and them died like 65 years ago, forget about their old asses"

  • AnonymousUser

    Is this track a direct answer to Maino's "Biggie is Back" track? http://www.hiphopdx.com/index/singles/id.14786/title.maino-biggie-is-back

  • Anonymous

    I think the songs pretty hot. Seriously I am a huge pac fan, its just nice to hear a track where he getting repped hard, and the beat goes hard. I wasnt a huge fan of Ross, but this track and im a boss are good tracks to me..ill ride it in my whip or just put it on playin ball.

    • Anonymous

      You can't be a huge Pac fan. If you were you would know Pac wouldn't have ever fucked with Fake ass ross. Ever ever.

  • REALone

    Rick Ross sounds really stupid now. Nigga, saying you had to introduce 2 Pac to the youth, is like someone introducing you to the Temptations or Beatles. Ross, you just tried to diss 2 Pac on the low and you just lost a fan. 50 Cents ate you alive, just like 2 Pac did Biggie azz.

  • aarontodavis

    yea i agree w/most dis song aint much to brag about. I mean, atleast Ross was tryna pay homage but it didnt work...He did make sense w/Tupac comparison to Jordan even tho I dnt think Pac was the GOAT.

    • dmize-one

      i dont know why you try making yourself the ultimate authority on hip-hop, but man you are failing.. krs and pac are up there with the best ever but no one rapper has the claim to best ever... its all about the listeners personal preference... and im gonna challenge you to that 5 they did better or 20 they never touched bullshit.. ITS ALL YOUR OPINON... (these mcs are just for the sake of argument, like i said there is NO best.. just a bunch of the elite) gimme 20 pac tracks nas cant touch.. come on now.. ill be waitin.. gimme 20 krs-one tracks jay-z cant touch... point is your talkin outta your ass home boy.. im gonna hope cause its friday and you were sippin thats why you got a lil rekless... you aint the end all be all of hip-hop, thats your opinon.. end of story...

    • Sharksbreath

      Trust me. I'm a huge Biggie fan but he's the most overrated rapper ever. Its not that he wasn't great. It's that there are more rappers with a better catalog. You would have to listen to this shit from the very first rap song ever played to know it. If you came along in 1990 you won't know. It's like asking someone who's the greatest RNB artists and they never listened to Stevie Wonder or Marvin Gaye. They tell you it's R Kelly or T Pain. Now how can I have a serious conversation with you about RnB if you haven't gone back through Stevie's catalog.

    • sharksbreath

      You might like someone better but they can't match those two dudes. Don't even start with the biggie shit. I can name 20 rappers with a better catalog than him.

    • sharksbreath

      The two greatest are Pac and KRS. No one can go song for song subject for subject with those two. No one. It's not an opinion. It's a fact. Put anyone up. You can't. From the streets to raising up black women to black women that are bitches to black power, history and knowledge of self to club. No one can go song for song. No one. End of story. If you think they can you don't know rap. Any rapper you bring. Every song they made I can show you 5 they did better or 20 your artists never touched.

  • JFranks

    Who the hell never heard of Pac. And Im pretty sure Pac would be shaking his head a at bullshit like "tupac back"


    @HAHA nobodys even talkin about Nas...and yo dum ass probably rollin around in a wheelchair with spinners on it huh?...lmao..tha truth is coming back!!!!

  • king

    damn why do people hate? if u dont like ross dont listen to his music or interviews, keep it movin

  • king

    damn why do people hate? if u dont like ross dont listen to his music or interviews..keep it movin

  • king

    damn...why do people hate

  • Crate&Vinyl

    www.crateandvinyl.net Fresh Design, Clothing and Dj Gear.

  • HaHa

    You extreme pac fans make me laugh. I can guarantee if he was still alive you would be hating on him, times change and you need to move with them hes gone and aint coming back, musics changed get use to it or go shutdown your computer and go back to tapes. Bet if nas died after illmatic all of you would be saying how amazing he was but now go to his article and he's a sellout? artists need to keep moving with the times and the charts or they die out. If pac was alive he would move with the times, stop getting so touchy and emotional over pac.

    • sharksbreath

      That would be Biggie. Not Pac. Which is why I say I can name 20 rappers better than Biggie. Biggie is NY and they miss him. They get emotional because if you go song for song he's not even in the top 20. Besides that you know nothing about rap. The difference between the rappers you like Probably a Wiz fan is that these rappers today try to be commercial. The fans used to make a song commercial. Now it's the other way around.

    • Anonymous

      Last time I checked Nas is still well respected. What world do you live in?

  • Anonymous

    second coming !! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L9gXTm40qfc

  • This fat fucking parasite

    Ross added, “I’m a firm believer that if you gon’ play basketball, you need to know who Jordan is.” Ya, and I, like many others, am a firm believer that if you steal someone's name, at least acknowledge it and pay some tribute. Fuckin' fat ass.

  • Jose Vasquez

    Shit, I'm 20 and I probably know more Tupac than any of those two fucks that just tried to defend that horrible supposed "homage" to one of the most influential MCs of all time. These people are so fucking delusional to the point where someone needs to get touched up a little.

    • Jesus

      Internet Thuggin yo. Rick Ross is a fake yes. but guess what internet Doughboy. your like him. now go get in a fight with a train cuz it said "woooooot" to your woman dumbshit

  • Anonymous

    Tupac wouldve smacked the shit outta Rick Ross' fake ass. He went at Biggie for doing the same shit Rick Ross does with his minstrel show music.


    Oh yeah, we kno it ain't tru cause if 2PAC was back yalls asses would be deceased!!!


    Another evil,soulselling,heartless,assclown...talkin bout PAC Bitch don't even hav 1 quater of the heart PAC has..Dum Ass sittin in a wheelchair wit spinners on it..lmao & can't stop


    LOL thats a fucking shame!!

  • murkdabeat.com

    seriously who dont know who pac is?

  • EWAY

    If Tupac was alive he'd be calling you a FAT FUCKER!

  • Rick Ross the Bawse

    Rozay wit another hit. Sad that some niggas ain't even familiar wit Pac's work. Luckily Rozay bringin it back. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Omar Osgood


    • Jose Vasquez

      I think some Soulja Boy ass bitches asked those questions. Some people don't even know who KRS, Big Daddy Kane, or Big L is. It's really sad.

  • Vegard Møller

    EVERYONE knows about Tupac. WTF?

  • Kendall Walters

    this confirms that only morons listen to rick ross

  • Anonymous

    stupid ass shit from rick ross mouth as usual "if you gonna play basketball you need to know who jordan is" everyone knows who michael jordan is, including my grandma if you listen to rap music and dont now who tupac is but you listen to rick ross, meek mill, or wale just go kill yourself now!!

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