Nicki Minaj Serves As "Principal For A Day" At Chicago High School

The Harajuku Barbie dropped by the high school after they won the "Get MotivatED Challenge."

Nicki Minaj headed back to school yesterday to act as “Principal for the Day” at Chicago’s Collins Academy High School. The Young Money rapper made the academic cameo after the 400 students won the Get MotivatED Challenge in an attempt to boost daily attendance.

During her visit to the Chi, she honored three students with $10,000 college scholarships, teamed up with MTV News’ Sway to address the student body and taught an English class.

“I am a young, female mogul before I am an artist. As a business woman there isn’t a single day where I don’t use my education or acquire new knowledge to ensure my success,” she said to the students. “Regardless of where you are today, with education you can take yourself where you want to be. That’s why I am working with the Get Schooled Foundation. They are finding innovative and exciting ways to bring that message to schools like the Collins Academy.”

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  • mcmastermind

    She look like something out of the fifth element. If she doesn't stop fucking her hair, she gonna be as bald as Wiz's girlfriend lmao.

  • mr. nasty

    i would of loved to get sent to the principals office and smack dat ass while she hops her big ass on my schlong

  • D

    there is nothing wrong with nicki minaj telling kids to go to school as a nicki fan she tells us this all the time and she always gives us get advice she actually talks to us like on the phone personally ..she a true role model to me *shrugs*

  • Anonymous

    Who the fuck invites someone like Nicki Minaj to a high school? People will think she's everything hip hop has to fofer.

  • Jose Vasquez

    You wonder why our education system is a laughing stock around the world. We don't take shit seriously. Its all about recognition and no substance. Seriously, what other purpose would exist by having Snooki and Nicki Minaj speak at schools. In the other hand, I guess you could always have fantasy fetishes of you being a student fucking your hot principal.

  • huh?

    i know there are some crappy schools out there that doesn't educate children very well, but wow! this has got to be the most retarded on yet.

  • Tyrannical T

    That would be one day I'd run wild trying to get sent to the principals office

  • solwq

    Snooki speaking at colleges, and Nicki at the High Schools. Maybe tomorrow really is the end of the world ha.

  • Anonymous

    this bitch probably didnt even finish highschool

  • Sensaye252

    Wow. America is a fucking disaster. It's really starting to feel like Hip-Hop is being used as a tool to totally destroy young urban America. I'm sure there's gonna be plenty of ignorant motherfuckers sayin' "Stop hatin' man, she's got a fat ass!!"...but any of you who have a Daughter knows that as a Parent nowadays, you're competing against a media monster that is constantly trying to turn your kid into a fuckin' skank. 'Hip-Hop' has totally betrayed it's roots and become the monster that it used to fight against.

    • EddieMurrrphy

      pretty thoroughly on point post man. it really hurts to be aware and be sensitive to justice in the world nowadays, because there fuckin is none to be found. and its especially hard for a hip hop head truly attached to the culture, we have seen this beautiful thing spin outta control and fall apart harder and faster than rosie o'donnell's new show. (hopefully) i live deep out in the country and i rep everything from Word...Life to Balance to It's A Big Daddy Thang to Live & let Die to everything west coast and down south from all eras in hip hop. and i goota bang this shit in front of rednecks, that earns me my stripes getting faggot ass stare downs every time i drive down the fuckin road. i used to be proud of our little thing we had, now my 12 yr. old wants to call people mr. flinestone and get her bed rocked everytime her phone rings

  • Ddot

    Ok kids, today we're gonna learn how a talentless skank can make it this country...first lesson: sex sells. It doesn't matter how much you suck, if you show your big ass, you could make big bucks. Don't learn about science and math and all that bullshit...there's no fuckin' money in that...act like a skank, and make up terrible rhymes. That's real success children.

  • Anonymous

    Damn steven j horowitz, you need to get off her dick already, you write articles this bitch every time she tweets or farts and always start them the same with "The Harajuku Barbie", like fuck off with that shit, you are a terrible writer.

  • Thriller

    BITCH, please u work 4 the Devil then u work 4 Universal then u work 4 Cashmoney then u work 4 Youngmoney...Pause..Ho u don't hav any money u just hav more than regular working folk...U R nooooo Mogul..God I hope she reads this!!!

  • Mec-One

    She said she's a mogal ..... LOL .... gtfoh

  • Jay Gonzalez Rojas

    nicki is sexy as fuck...

  • kennyken

    damn i bet those boys got on their sunday's best today!

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