Alley Boy Talks Beef With Yung L.A., Upcoming Projects

The Atlanta native explains why he filmed himself throwing fists at Yung.

Former Grand Hustle signee Alley Boy sparked a beef with Yung L.A. after the rapper tattooed a duck on his face, the same symbol used as the logo for his new label home Duct Tape Entertainment. Even after L.A. covered the tattoo, Alley took offense, videotaping him and his crew beating on L.A. for the disrespect.

Now, Alley Boy is speaking out on the incident, explaining why he decided to make the beef physical. “L.A. disrespected me. And it wasn’t about the tattoo at all,” he told The Fader. “What happened in the video, that wasn’t a set up. I just so happened to be there and he came over there. He’s coming out of a bathroom. He knew I was there. I saw him when he went in the bathroom, that’s when I was like, ‘He must think we cool.’ So I was like, Imma beat this motherfucker’s ass.”

Alley claims that L.A. also showed disrespect by posting a defiant video on WorldStarHipHop. “My buddies, they knew about it, but it wasn’t no thing planned. It was nothing like that. Period,” he continued. “I was just like, Imma a beat his ass for talking his shit to me. They didn’t really want me to do it. But I was like, I don’t care, he disrespected me. L.A. saying I asked him to take the logo out his face and he put a video out on World Star saying, ‘Fuck what they said. I got goons behind me.’ Oh really? You really gonna go there with me, and you know me? There was more behind it all than the tattoo, that’s what it was.”

Putting the controversy in the past, Alley is focusing on recording two new mixtapes, one of which is titled The Definition of Fuck Shit 2 that will be hosted by DJ Holiday. He recently hit the studio with Killer Mike for the project, which he hopes to release in June.

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  • Belize

    all these niggas mad ghey

  • Anonymous

    Despite the stupid shit that Alley Boy talking about I like his music. But on the real that was some petty shit to be beefin about, but Alley Boy did say there was more to it. Oh well just stop the dumb shit and get money!! Fuck it i'm high im just ramblin now. PEACE TO ALL!!!

  • MarsKG

    It's sad how stupid niggas snitch on themselves and try to blame someone's even worse when niggas feel like people are suppose to say something to them when they pass by. Who the fuck are you...? Obama? No...Oprah...not by miles. You just a dude wit a weak label making outdated music. Get real...

  • MarsKG

    No point whatsoever. It's a tat of a duck, and a nigga talking shit about nothing. Who cares....grow up...

  • Ark

    I really don't understand why he didn't just laugh it off. If he knew LA didn't have goons behind him, why go through all the trouble? You'd think grown men could just come together and talk things out. This is school ground antics right here.

  • Austin Byrd

    Haha, the Definition of Fuck Shit. Um... ok 4 real tho, this cat shouldn't be suprised when cops bust his ass for assault, being that he video taped it and all. After that he'll be sayin, "Man them ho ass niggaz snitched on me n shit... oh wait, I forgot I video taped it for publicity" haha

  • Slick

    who the hell are these two?

  • Louis Creativity Guthrie

    fuq duck boy allley

  • Anonymous

    Cant wait to hear "the definition of fuck shit 2"...Should be a lyrical gems dropped on there to stimulate the mind and make you think deep.

  • Poetic Assasin

    2011 and Black people still can't call each other and work things out -- nah, we have to be on camera and on websites displaying our ignorance...

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