Jay-Z, Odd Future Developing Shows For Adult Swim

OFWGKTA and Hov are reportedly in talks to bring new programming to Cartoon Network.

Odd Future and Jay-Z are venturing into the animated realm. According to several sources, the rap acts have ironed out business deals with Cartoon Network to set up projects with Adult Swim.

Hov performed last night at Adult Swim's annual upfront party, which took place at New York City's Roseland Ballroom. While he didn't announce the deal, Adweek reports that he was set to reveal that he inked a development deal with Adult Swim for an original animated series. The deal is said to be complete, and would mark his first venture into television production and development.

Meanwhile, plans of OFWGKTA's show came to light in March 2011, when they revealed their upcoming project in their Billboard cover story. The show, which is currently in development, is described as a mixture of Jackass and Chappelle's Show.

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  • Kenneth Thomas

    Nothing they make will be better than the Boondocks.

  • Lsn22s

    Damn...i used to love smokin L's and watchin adult swim late at night, I can only imagine what Jay-Z plans on putting together...honestly never saw this coming lol...pretty damn cool tho

  • CS


  • stefanurqelle

    Jay z making a cartoon, maybe ill watch it. Odd future? I am already sick of these dudes and dont even know who they are. They are obnoxious and obscene for the sake of being obscene. Not in a good way, they are trying too hard. When you got white dudes in movies putting firecrackers in their asses for laughs I don't know what these dudes can do to top that. Eatin roaches and throwin up? Nah, ill pass on that. The hype surrounding these dudes had me curious and after giving them a chance I can't say that they are anything other than an embarrassment to hip hop. You wanna make good music and do the gags okay fine but keep them separate. Their music just doesnt balance out to me. Who knows maybe I am just too detached from what the youth are into now. I am not sold on it.

    • Ryan MacQueston

      you're right, they are trying too hard. But they are a lot better then the majority of new "commercial" music this half of the decade... not really a fan though, only heard a few shit's & I get the feeling they havent paid shit for dues

    • Chicity

      I totally agree!!..100%

  • Anonymous

    I cant see Jayz making a show that fits in with the Adult Swim lineup.

  • jo

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