Slaughterhouse Speaks On Shady Records Debut

The fearsome foursome gives an update on the project, which they hope to have in stores by the end of the year.

While in Detroit, Michigan for a cameo in Royce Da 5’9” and Eminem’s upcoming video for "Fast Lane," super group Slaughterhouse has revealed new information regarding their Shady Records debut. The collective, consisting of Royce, Joell Ortiz, Joe Budden and Crooked I, explained that they were happy to have time to record their upcoming LP, which they hope to have in stores by Christmas. 

“We just getting started. We’re not going to rush it. We was behind the 8-ball with the last album. We had to get it done in six days,” Royce told MTV News’ Sway. “So just having an opportunity where time is not an issue, budget’s not an issue, we just gonna go in there and knock it out.”

In comparison to their eponymous 2009 debut, they haven’t varied their approach. “I wouldn’t say the concept has changed so much. Same things that we all have in common, the same things that the group was comprised from are still intact,” added Budden. “Still a very lyrical group, very capable group, very hungry, passionate - just animals. And we have one of the best animals now supporting us.”

The group, recording for the album while in the D, is slated to have Eminem’s stamp of approval. “I run everything by him, just ‘cause I trust his ear. And he has OCD, so he’ll nitpick my song apart,” said Nickel Nine. “So even with my solo stuff, anything I do, I try to run it by him. So he is like an A&R, I guess.”

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  • Tom Kinnebrew

    If they did the last album in 6 days I can't even imagine how dope this one will be.

  • CZR(626)

    Real Hip Hop at its finest Ssutt Ssutt #COBeazy! Follow me on TWITTER @CZR24 For exclusive Slaughterhouse News #OKBYE

  • CZR(626)

    I see a couple of haters in here its koo there's always gonna be haters part of life. Anyways people gotta do they Hip Hop 101 research before they start criticising them on the real Crooked I will destroy your favorite rapper I guarantee you. Why Do you think Em signed this group, to take over this rap shit. Ain't nobody fucking with them. So stop bitching and get use to seeing them cause they ain't going nowhere any time soon. Slaughterhouse!!!

  • truth

    im tired of hearin bout slobberhouse these niggas havent done jack shit in the music industry yet act like they the greatest to ever touch a mic.gtfoh..and another thing stfu with this whole"if u dont like slobberhouse go back to listenin to fake rappers like wayne nd ross" jus bcuz we dont like a certain rapper/rap group does not mean we listen to bubble gum shit like that

  • piggface

    finally some dope ass lyrical mcs getting shine

  • the watcher

    why so much hate on slaughterhouse? ya'll fearing they GOING to turn mainstream just coz they got a big labels backing, but how about atleast waiting till the project drops to critique it? damn.. people just like bit**in.. aint no denying this group is fire, first album was dope,and the 2nd will be even better

  • Anonymous

    Sure ya'll aren't thinking of Joell's straight BREASTS? Son can wolf down them White Castle, I'll say that.

  • Anonymous

    NO. These were trash then and are trash now. Joell hasn't done shit worthwhile since half his first album; Royce is lifetime mediocrity and the other two aren't even that. LAUGHTERHOUSE is pure ** hype ** by dipshit battlerap nerds. Eminem picking them up is hopeless and only gives false hope for their inevitable FAILURE. Nobody cares about LAUGHTERHOUSE and nobody should. RANDOM AXE >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    • Anonymous

      Please take a gun, fill it with bullets, point it at your head, and pull the trigger faggot.

    • ItsTheTruth

      Do yourself a favor and get a copy of Joe Budden's Mood Muzik 4 and if you aint feelin that then go listen to the fake niggas like ross and weezy. And just cuz you don't understand what they spit and that shit goes over your head, that doesnt make them "hype". That just makes you ignorant.

  • dac

    fuck a yr ago a video of SLAUGHTERHOUSE like this and yall mafukcers woulda been creamin in your for some reason since the SHADY deal with Em yall mafuckas hatin hard on them SLAUGHTERHOUSE Boys...i dont get it...and their first album wasnt that bad it was for the Hip-Hop Heads not you mainstream CSD/souljabitchboy/lil b-otch listenin ass bitches

  • BunchOfSuckaz

    Are you serious with the endless side way's comments?! This group deserves the excitement surrounding their super union.. I've listened to these dudes their whole carreers. All of them are straight beast.

  • Al Boogie

    Check Out Tony Pro-Cold World Video..On The Tube For Some Real 313 HipHop...M.T.P. Records ...Takin Over This Year .. Ya Hear...!!!

  • Graham Conselyea

    Four fucking retards: Royce Da' 59 IQ is Em's AFFIRMATIVE ACTION charity case. Joell Ortiz is a stone loser except maybe in a White Castle eating contest. Budden ** is ** LAUGHTERHOUSE. Who's a Crooked I? now RANDOM AXE is a motherfucking group.

  • Kyrie Philbrook

    Joe Budden is the G.O.A.T.

  • slruim

    Haha, Crooked doesn't get a mic. Is he like the group bitch? because in everything ive seen them together he almost never gets to talk (unless spoken to) or he is always in the back.....

  • Ears

    Does Royce ever NOT mention Em???????

    • Anonymous

      That's one thing I've never liked about Royce. He's always mentioning Eminem's name. He sounds like a slave trying to get approval from his master. Royce: "Yassuh, boss. Anything you say, boss. Can I live in the big house now, boss?"

    • Anonymous

      Haze STFU Royce mentions him constantly I never speak about my boss Joell Ortiz, Crooked I, Joe Budden barely if EVER speak about Eminem

    • H4ZE

      eminem is his boss. of course they gonna be mentionin him alot dumbass

  • Anonymous

    yawn, still makin excuses for the last album bein a frisbee nickle smh

  • Hopit


  • nibs

    That's a coincidence. I only thought the album was great for about 6 days.

    • Anonymous

      Butthurt groupie defending anything about his idols, identifying himself with their success while he hasn't had anything that deserves to be called success by himself. Not everybody likes your favorite aritst, get the fuck over it.

    • yup

      another irrelevant asshole who decides to hate on an individual for accomplishing things in life...i don't hear your music, see your paintings, watch your movies...aka worthless

  • Anonymous

    Royce might dethrone Elzhi for the spot of the biggest dickrider.

  • A-v Vyas

    this lp's gonna be phenomenal... instant classic that'll set the standards for this era.. provided it gets the marketing it deserves, cuz these dudes deserve their shine.

  • daddyfatsax

    royce is always talking about how they had to do the last album in six days..

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