Eminem, Royce Da 5'9" Talk Lack Of Dr. Dre Beats On Collabo EP

Bad and Evil discuss Dre's absence on their LP.

While Eminem and Royce Da 5'9" have raised considerable excitement with their reunion and the subsequent announcement of their upcoming EP, Hell: The Sequel, there has also been a collaborator noticeably absent from the project: Dr. Dre.

Shady and Royce sat down with MTV's "RapFix Live" to discuss Dre's absence. "I think Dre is, like, really cracking down on getting Detox finished, so I think he's more so focused on that," said Eminem.

"I really didn't say anything to Dre till kinda like the last minute. We didn't really say anything to anybody about what was going on because we weren't sure what was going to happen with it," continued Em. "It wasn't like I said, 'Yo, Dre, can we get a beat for this project that we're workin' on?' Because it wasn't really necessarily a project yet."

Royce added that the duo didn't really reach out to any producers in particular - that they were "just cuttin' random." The album features production from Havoc, Sid Roams, Bangladesh, Mr. Porter, DJ Khalil and Supa Dups.

Eminem and Dre's collaborative history is well-documented, but Royce has worked with the renowned beatsmith as well, writing "The Message" for Dre's 2001. He was also featured on "The Way I Be Pimpin'," an early version of the song that would later become "Xxplosive."

Watch the interview below:


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    dr dre will take 5 years to do one beat lmao dr dre DETOX on the way in the year 2020 . LMAO eminem go back to Slim shady lp album and listen . thats when he was his best

  • Kendall Walters

    oh shit dre working on detox!! LOL

  • sampson

    Unfortunately Detox will probably be the next Chinese Democracy.

  • bawse

    good lookin em, gettin ya man sum chips 4real

  • dreisaconman

    he is not dropping detox he is just strining people along to keep himselves relevant. so he keep sellings his headphones, cars and anything else he can put his name on. he waited too long and hr knows it... and he or no other beat makee can live up to this kind of hype. so he bullshit drops some junk he and there. as long as he keeps his fan in limbo he can continue to sell his headphones. but after hr drop this junk he knows he name is mud and he wont be able to sell shit any more. fuck dre its all a con.

  • triple77

    fuckin watch..detox will finally drop then the world ends the next day

  • Hypestyle

    Dre has become like the Axl Rose of Hip hop.. he's painted himself into a corner with the Detox project. "One should endeavor to not let the perfect become the enemy of the good", Dre' would do well to take heed to that statement. "The Perfect Hip Hop Album" is an obsession that goes beyond anything rational. You can't just plan to create a classic. The public response determines that. "Thriller" was not birthed of a formula. His ultra-perfectionism has hobbled most of the artists he has signed over the years. Only Eminem and 50 have had success beyond one album, and plenty of people "never" got to drop their LPs after a big-deal announcement of them on the roster. Artists have the right to expect that their albums can come out. You can't keep them on the label forever without putting out product. The Teena Marie vs. Motown case established that precedent.

  • Evan Nielson

    Fuck Dre. He's so obsessed about how the public will criticize every last snare and hi-hat that he takes 2 years to produce one fucking song. And the funny thing is, when it drops it's nothing awe inspiring. Get off your throne Doctor. Dr. Dre is becoming one of the rare cases where I would say time to put out quantity over fucking quality. Stop being so god damn critical. Dude just needs to start getting shit out there. His perfectionism will be his downfall (music wise). I used to be a huge fan, but this shit has gotten so ridiculous over the past few years.

    • Kyle Sandiland

      Why don't you keep your bitch opinions to yourself faggot? Shut your fucking mouth. I think Dre is a piece of shit. But you sound like a fucking fag, I hate cunts like you who talk shit but can't back it up. I would fucking bust your head open if you came around me talking that faggot shit, I'd fucking beat your boyfriend too faggot

    • Anonymous

      Agreed completely,this is why his songs he's been trying to put out sound out dated,and why its taken so damn long to put out this album. Also why u never got to see Rakim or Eve ever put an album out under aftermath-also prob why Nas never signed on,it takes too damn long to put out anything with this guy. Ever realize most of Eminem's tracks on his albums were produced by the Bass brothers or Mr.Porter- Relapse was all Dre except for one track and that album was a piece of crap

  • Guest

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=koN-yF4ySQs&feature=related Skywalker - Barton Block

  • noahc313

    i take this as good news one Dre joint would have been cool though, and i agree with whomever else is wondering where is Black Milk? I think Em don't like fucking with him or something

  • That Nigga In His Basement

    When will you ignorant mindless brainwashed DRONES understand?! This practically proves Eminem and Royce's loyalty to the secret demon worshipping society known as The Deeznikasfelohf! They have sacrificed Dr. Dre to the evil Elite higher ups who fed his soul to the evil flying demon panther basket weaving spacecowboy, Tyerdufdeezfahgs! The signs are so obvious in their evil words! Eminem says "I really didn't say anything to Dre till kinda like the last minute." I had to do a term paper at the last minute last night! Shit had me fuckin sleepy! Sleepy rhymes with Creepy. Royce has a creepy ass mug! I mean look at that shit! Nigga looks like someone tried to flatten his head and it stretched out. It is too OBVIOUS that they're loyal demon worshipping tyrants that only want to brainwash you all! These are pure facts! My research is flawless! Open your eyes, you mindless sheep! WAKE UP!

  • Baller16

    Really... i just want Em to produce the tracks. that would be sick

  • kash

    This album could easily have had Black Milk producing on it. We all know Black's beats sound amazing with Royce spitting over them but Eminem would have taken it to another level.

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    Say what you want about Em, but he made it happen. all these collab albums we are promised (Nas/Az, Jay/Kanye, Luda/Usher, Wayne/(Insert name here)) but em actually delivered for Royce when he had no reeason to financially.

  • Anonymous

    cause you didn't have the money to pay the ghost producres nor the 10 years to wait

  • iGotBitchesCuz

    These faggots Eminem & Royce Da Moist Buttwipe are obviously gonna flop BIG TIME with their super gay EP. Lil B will PWN these sad excuses of rappers with his "IM GAY" album!! BITCH MOB MIXTAPE already out! Download that shit! Salute the BITCH! Omg! BasedGod! Omg! Swag!

  • Ed0n

    Dre has taken a lot of credit over shit that he hasn't even produced. Yeah, I do know what the hell is a producer. The guy who fucking puts all the fucking instruments together, makes other people play them and mixes. I see it like this: Still D.R.E's piano was made by Scott Storch and the whole actual beat is only the piano that you hear over and over. What instrument did Dre play? LOL Dre just fucking added some drums (anybody can play drums) and mixed it. And about the bass and the sound effects, lol I don't even wanna start with that shit. My point is that Detox will be LOL. People making beats for him and writing shit for him? It's not fucking hard to write rhymes: beats, streets, heat, needs, please, tits, increase, with these, did cheat. Anybody can add some motherfucking drums on a piano instrumental. Anybody can write simple rhymes. I love Dr. Dre and what he has done for HipHop but what the fuck he has to give anymore? 'Need A Doctor' was fucking lame and 'Kush' was alright but what the fuck? The guy is 50 and something LOL! And the music video is so whack. All the people are frozen and Dre and Snoop be rapping like there was an actual party going on. I'm exited about this LP. I just wonder why the fuck Eminem won't put a FREE Shady 2.0 mixtape. Imagine: a free Shady 2.0 mixtape. It would have 14-18 songs from Shady Records' artists. Image how many people would actually downfuckingload it. Millions! Why to give people a free Shady 2.0 mixtape? The answer: It would fucking increase for example Yelawolf's album sales, Slaughterhouse's album sales and maybe even Eminem's. Slaughterhouse won't even make 300k in the first week and I hope I'm wrong in this case. I'd really want to see them go gold in the first week. LOL And Yelawolf won't probably even make 200k in the first week. The same thing with him; I'd like to see him go gold in the first week even though it's impossible. The cover art for this LP looks fucking amazing by the way!

  • Anonymous

    Uh... because Dre fucking sucks? Steroid addict melon head who's son killed himself and hasn't made his own beat in well over a decade? Stop paying attention to Dre and hip-hop's collective IQ rises 10 points tomorrow.

  • Tyrannical T

    I think Em made that joke about what he should do with his hands cuz Royce was tweeking out with his foot haha

  • L-Boogie

    Em & Royce should get 9th Wonder, Alchemist, DJ Premier

  • Anonymous

    DAMN! so the message was written by royce and produced by Lord Finesse. does dre actually create any of his own original work.

    • Anonymous

      Dre's more of an audio engineer these days...You cant deny that Dre has the cleanest/best sounding mixes on any beat hes involved with...Whether he made it or not.

  • Eyes

    Dre is the greatest, dopest, lengendary, incredible, amazing......... MIXER of all time. LOL! Thats about all he does!

  • Rachael Misek

    Evil keep doing your thing. When I really see a physical copy of Detox in my hands..then it will be real. Havoc is the brother to chaos! lol!!!!!

  • casper21

    I'm tired of this detox bullshit, I don't wanna hear about it anymore. Dre was what, 2 or 3 songs away back in December. This will go down as one of the worst jobs of handling an album and promoting an album that the world has waited on.

  • Anonymous

    You never get nothing from Dre but a million excuses. I've heard people praise him like the socalled God of music which eminem benefited from emensely, but has'nt dropped nothing substantail in over a decade, all hype and media. He should be producing material even if it does'nt go platium, there's ways to go out in this game, but Dr Dre has no love for the music game, only the business which some times you can hardly blame him

  • Anonymous

    i dont think dr dre even MAKES beats anymore. i dont think dre is even into doing music anymore honestly. seems like hes doing detox cuz he has to. dre never wrote his raps, and now hes getting inferior producers to produce his songs (i need a doctor). em is still hungry, and he loves making music. dre been busy with his headphones. all of dres shit lately sounds soulless. like he doesnt wanna rap, like he doesnt wanna be seen. like he doesnt wanna be dre. take how dre was delivering verses on 2001 to any verse he's dropped the past cpl years. his heart aint in it man. much love to the doc hes a giant but i dont think the EP will suffer without a dre beat. it woulda been cool if slim and royce hooked back up with the bass brothers tho.

  • A-v Vyas

    ppl hype Dre up wayyy too much... i understand his chemistry w/ Em, but lately almost all his beats are sub-par compared to his true potential.. he had a few good joints on Relapse, but his production is too cliche... heavy snares, deep piano keys, etc... if there's any producer this EP is LACKing, it's gotta be Alchemist.

  • O

    Maybe Dre just doesn't make good beats anymore .. ya .

  • Joshua Young

    wat the fuck was em doin with his hands lol

  • Anonymous

    Glad that he doesn't contribute any beats, he has been whack for years and destroyed OB4CL Pt. II with his terrible beats.

    • beatrixkid

      your kidding right? you should put the sarcasm symbol after statements like that so we know your kidding.

    • Anonymous

      lol no shit. "Catalina" and "About Me"'s beats r the wackest ones in that album. big disappointment by Dre

  • Vincent Byronic Hero Salamatino

    I honestly don't give a fucc that Dre doesn't have a beat on this album, he didn't have a beat on Recovery and had like one beat on Relapse. Em is just as good as a produce as Dre is nowadays.

  • wolfman

    Why do I get the feeling he's really trying to downplay this whole release. We get it... it's not an LP, and it's not going to feature Dr. Dre.. So fucking what. Put a Slim Shady spin on that shit. Eminem never needed club banger beats to make a hit, why does he think he needs them now.

  • EddieMurrrphy

    I would just like to say that Sid Roams being on this project is exciting news to hear. they are a great production duo they come equipped w/ the illest beats. I guarantee that track will be fire and hard as fuck. i mean nasty. should open peoples eyes up more to sid roams.

    • EddieMurrrphy

      Bacon N Cheese or Swine N Cheddar is my favorite beat by them together, (joey chavez got a few solo instrumental albums he been around for a while and has many classic tracks), Big Twins and Prodigy are a destructive combo

    • I'm At Work And Bored

      yeah, Sid Roams dope. That's Joey Chavez & Bravo. I just don't get it man, Still no Alchemist beat? Other emcees are dying to get a ALC track and Em is like... Nah, Al. I don't need your beats, just stay behind the turntable and spin my records, hahaha.

    • Anonymous

      WAT!? sid roams got a beat on here!? fuck yeah. so gritty. prodigy makes so many producers hot. he got the best ear for beats in the business. never raps on weak beats, and breaks producers when he rhymes on their shit. em is a big mobb fan he probably been keeping up with p's shit. em and royce over sid roams. damn kid. hope they blow the fuck up.

    • foreigner


    • wolfman

      good lookin out! i can't remember much of them, but that Fly High beat is sooo nicce.

  • james

    no dj premier, no dr dre? besides havoc this production list is a fcking joke... next!

  • Real Talk

    Real hip hop is coming back alive

    • dockevoc

      it never died...there have always been garbage pop artists watering down hip hop but real mc's have never stopped spitting

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