B.o.B. At Work On Sophomore Album With Mentor Jim Jonsin, With Few Features

With Bruno Mars, and voices from Weezer and Paramore on Bobby Ray's first three '10 singles, album #2 may have more solo identity.

Atlantic Records star B.o.B. struck a gold album in 2010's Adventures of Bobby Ray. The Decatur, Georgia emcee/singer is already at work on his sophomore effort.

At work with B.o.B.'s mentor and founder of Rebel Rock Music, Florida's Jim Jonsin, the Florida producer provided details of the studio sessions to RapUp.com. Among other tidbits of information Jonsin provided, he noted that while B.o.B. found success on his debut with singles assisted by Bruno Mars, Hayley Williams and Rivers Cuomo, this go-round may be different. “I don’t think he’s doing as many features. I think most of his singles will be him and he just wants the fans to hear a lot more of him on this album. It’s gonna be incredible.”

There is no word yet on B.o.B.'s sophomore album's title or release date. To read more about the album's sound, visit RapUp.com.


  • Dustin6595

    to me B.o.B is not Pop, neither is Lupe Fiasco, both The Adventures of Bobby Ray and Lasers were not pop albums in my opinion. B.o.B and Lupe put a lot of heart in there lyrics, the lyrics weren't poppy, the majority of beats on the Adventures of Bobby Ray weren't poppy, and the Hooks weren't poppy with the exception of Nothing on You. Airplanes was far from a poppy song, it had a deep message, they're was good lyrical content, the hook was catchy, but it wasn't designed to be, its not a club song, its a song with heart. Just because a white chick from a alternative band sings the hook doesn't make it poppy, shes has a good voice and I thoroughly enjoyed the album. If you want to complain about pop or go around calling people mainstream/pop and sellouts,look at Drake or Nicki Minaj, but leave B.o.B. and Lupe Fiasco out of it. Call it what you will i thought The Adventures of Bobby Ray was a 4.5/5 star album, I could listen to every track without even thinking of skipping. Look, I listen to Nas, 2Pac, Rakim, Immortal Technique, Outkast, and early Eminem, so I most definitely don't listen to pop, but I will listen to whatever sounds good to me, and B.o.B. and Lupe Fiasco sound good to me, but are not pop music, there real rappers with real shit to talk about. I'm definitely looking forward to B.o.B.s Sophomore album.

    • lankaistai

      Adventures of bobby ray had a few good songs like past my shades and the kids.Overall that was one poppy album, a disappointment to hiphop. Lasers was yet another poppy album.I just hope that lupe's next album will have a hiphop feel to it, he is an excellent rapper

    • Zach

      You really couldn't be more wrong. Coming from a huge Lupe fan and someone who likes B.o.B's mixtape work, The Adventures of Bobby Ray and Lasers are shitty POP albums. Both have a few good songs that are the artists' visions, but overall the albums suffered form Atlantic's desire to have every rapper be a pop sensation. They have pop beats (Nothin' On You, The Show Goes On), pop hooks (Magic, I Don't Wanna Care Right Now), and production from Alex da Kid. Both albums had about four or five good songs, and were whack pop songs outside of that. Both were sellout albums forced on the artists by Atlantic, and both have potential to do much better.

  • Jesus

    i bought the Adventures with bobby ay. i loved Magic and i liked Don't let me fall. only two good singles. all the other songs were ill. like The Kids and Ghost in the machine. oh and Past My Shades. he gave a pop effort to his last Cd. now drop some Andre 3000 shit to see why people compared you

  • Zach

    This album has potential. Didn't like The Adventures of Bobby Ray, but B.o.B is a hella talented dude and could put out a solid album.

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