Yelawolf Reveals First Single Off Shady Debut

The Alabama boy checks in from the studio with Chamillionaire and CyHi Da Prynce to share the news.

Yelawolf's Shady Records Radioactive is on the way, but he's dropping info ahead of its release. The Alabama native has revealed that the album's first single will be titled "Gangster of Love" and will feature G.O.O.D. Music's CyHi Da Prynce.

"My three little things today are rapping, skateboarding and Jack Daniels," he told 3 Little Digs. "Those are my three little things today. I let CyHi come in and partake in, it’s called ‘Gangster of Love.’ This is my first official, for real for real single shit.”

Yela has been hard at work on his Shady debut, most recently revealing that he enlisted label head Eminem to contribute beats to the album. "He was just excited man, which made me even more excited about it,” he said. “So we set up some time to work for Marshall to get in and do some production on it and do some arrangements, of course, for music. Kind of to coach the album. I get besides myself thinking really thinking of having him to really go to for advice on how to structure records and just whatever possible. Just using the genius. He’s psyched.”

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  • indaghetto

    Yelawolf - Radioactive (tracklist) 1- Gadsden 2- Old Mossberg 3- I'm Drunk as Hell (Feat Busta Rhymes & T.Barker) 4- Catfish 5- Yellow Canaries (Feat Gucci Mane) 6- Rock N' Roll 7- Through The Night (Feat Eminem) 8- Double Effect 9- Gangster of Love (Feat Cyhi Da Prince) 10- Rider of the Storm 11- Box Chevy 4 (Feat Rittz the Rapper) 12- Sad Nightmares (Feat Tech N9ne) 13- Sleeping Awake 14- Fast Life (Feat Chamillionaire & T.Barker) 15- Radioactive (Feat Big Boi) 16- Simple Man 17- Alabama to Compton (Feat Kendrick Lamar & Game) 18- Chainsaw (Feat Slaughterhouse)

  • John-Boy

    Yelawolf is the caucasian Gucci Mane. Just slightly more talented.

  • Anonymous


  • Rachael Misek

    yep awesome things makes me tingle!

  • Anonymous

    cant wait for this yela brings heat!!

  • Anonymous

    Chamillioanire? About time someone with buzz hooks up with good artists instead of the typical wayne drake t-pain jay z gucci blah blah blah. People should just do them. nice pics yela

  • Anonymous

    2 of the sickest newcomers on 1 song! hell yeah.... fuck shady though..all bout yela Eminem didnt even find this guy

  • slruim

    Cashis must be feeling pretty down about himself....

  • sedayeat

    dis guy is gonna go pop like eminem

  • Tommy

    He sound like Nick-at-night on 93blx. That overly annunciation ass donkey sounding light night radio host from Mobile.

  • jmahal

    Man, cmon this kindergarten introductions. Who the hell asking all these green ass questions. I wanna hear the science behind the "music." Dude asking the questions making the environment all awkward. Come in ask some interesting track questions, edit any comments or mannerisms that stand out and make these people personality's hype the track up. I couldn't watch through all those dodo, not doo doo, but DODO ass awkward moments.


    how long has been on shady? how long has J.COLE been on rocnation? *biggie voice* see what i mean

    • Humpy

      trill niggas gotta fetch that coffee like aint none been done

    • hahaha

      same, cept im at work at a major label and your fetching someones coffee at target.


      you do know rappers be dropping two albums a year nowdays? im at work you commenting on my shit so its you who need to do something

    • thisrere

      how many times are you going to bitch about peoples albums when they are or aren't coming out. This isn't the 90's dood ,so people don't just throw an album out there, they take time to make sure their investment is going to have a return or they owe money to their label. When are you going to get off the message boards and do something yourself? gtfo here

  • dtp229

    Yela's Album Will Have The Same Power As 50 Cent's Get Rich Or Die Tryin' Album Type Vibe I Believe & Think So

  • Isizah

    American Real N.I.G.G.A...YouTube!!!

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