J. Cole Promises "No More Hold Up" On Debut Album

J. Cole explains why his album has been held up, promising that there will be "no more hold up." Cole also gives his take on privacy and why being "all on Twitter" is not important to him.

While attending the BET Awards Nominations event, Roc Nation's J. Cole spoke on the hold up for his long delayed but highly anticipated album and on the importance he places on being a private person. 

The emcee discussed reasons for not releasing his album yet, explaining that it took time to select the right single. He also made it a point to say that fans won't have to wait much longer. 

"Now it's time," he said in a press conference. "I always had the material for the album. The hold-up was always picking the right single. I think we knew that there was so much on the line and the potential that I had so we were kind of hesitant...[Now,] there's no more hold up."

When asked why he isn't as visible as some other artists due to being "secretive," Cole placed an emphasis on maintaining a mystique. 

"I'm a private person," he said. "I was never really big on being on Ustream everyday, all on Twitter, telling you the newest joke I heard, or, 'I hate this commercial,' or, 'I love it.' I just never thought those things were important. I like the mystique."

True to this, Cole wouldn't reveal the latest single's title or any finalized release date for his debut. 



  • J Cole Fan

    Good things come in time.

  • FxF

    Can't wait for Cole's long awaited debut! But I believe the longer he holds off, the more it will hurt him, unless he has some mainstream single up his sleeve (pray he dosent). Not only does it seem to have slowed his momentum down as far as hype goes in the underground, but the expectations are so HIGH now, it feels like if it ain't a "classic", It's a let down. Cole just can't win.

  • James S

    I respect the way Cole carries himself, he doesn't seem like a corny dude at all, I respect the hell out of his hustle too. He kinda reminds me of Jay in his demeanor and in his work ethic, and to me it seems like he had that before they worked together too, so the relationship kinda makes sense. Either way, if Cole's album isn't the BOMB, I'll be amply surprised. Def gonna cop it.

  • Vincent Byronic Hero Salamatino

    Actually he is acting just like Jay-Z. Jay has always had a mystique around him and so has Kanye. Maybe that's just the way Hov raises his emcees to being secret little occult figures. Bunch of fuccin weirdos that make amazing music

  • Seriously

    Whatever man. I believe that Jay is pissed off bc of your shenaigans. Man up and release the album. Quit fucking around and drop it. You hold yourself to some high prestige. Prove it then. I've been impressed by your joints, but :PLEASE don't bullshit your fan base. Either you're in it to win it or you're not Cole. I'm tired of waiting. I'm getting interested in folk like Odd Future bc they have have a less opportunity but are rocking it out. Get it together! DOn't be another Tru Life, Jae Millz, Papoose. or what have you. Hip Hop is evolving. I'm not going to waste another moment repping "another rapper" that could have been. Seriously...!!!!

    • Anonymous

      what do you think this article is about. this is the most he do rite now, besides single.. release date... you know what your right


    whats good with DARK NITE {420}

  • Cole World

    look to all yall niggas talkin shit,this is the future of rap no doubt. talkin bout how aint nobody talkin bout him,biiitcchhh where im from everybody talkin bout him,n i aint even from NC. his the realest out there and the dopest rapper.those who really know the guy will understand him n shiet it dont bother me,atleast its comin already. and also cant wait for him to drop some out with kendrick lamar

  • Anonymous

    GET HOOKED ON THAT RAP ON CRACK http://www.youtube.com/user/305ilovemia#p/a/u/0/T40-BKejctU GET LACED BY DA COCAINE LACED GAWD

  • yugang

    He said that his album is going to be really emotional. In fact I think theres even a song on abortion. I'm gonna Wait for the album before i judge, as the rest of you should do as well!

  • Vincent Finney II


  • Anonymous

    There goes the next Papoose.

  • Anonymous

    Yall need go c a cole concert yall know what real music is and how much he put it into his music he moves the crowd, u wanna go c fat ross not move on stage w 100 otha niggas standin there w towels n tryin fuck bitches they couldn get in real life? learn somethin yall

  • Anonymous

    j.cole mixtapes r better than half the rappers out there.. yall like rick ross, wale, its the same beats with lame raps bout they money. J.cole got an old soul n yall hate on his lyrics n yall seem to forget his beats is nice n niggas already fuckin w him beat wise. kendrick lamar is a monster but yall wouldn know go listen to lil b haters. cole album gone b fire, yall swear songs yal heard gone b on his album he chillen he let his work sell its self yall want him on the tv n twitter like fab is he twiters when he takes a shit.

  • chris

    Only think that might save him is "in the morning" that song had a good amount of buzz, i just have a bad feeling his album is going to be a bit disappointing. Kind of like wale, hes a great rapper but his taste in production and hooks isnt that great, he has lots of boring songs. Hope jay is involved in this im worried that j cole doesnt know anything but rap. Also, some of the singles for the album came out a while ago if ive heard half his songs on the album already its not worth buying. Lastly, i heard he has barely any collabos thats ok but i think a good part of making albums good is having the right collabos, especially on singles.

  • chris

    I think hes takin too long with his album, that last mixtape might have been too much should have waited till after the album, i love j cole i still have been checkin on him but i think the average person has forgot about him now

  • jay z

    he is killing his own buzz,if he dnt keep the people updated they gon forget bout him..he should get on more interviews, freestyle videos....a day of j cole shit iono.somethin..

  • Jamel Jhuntdaprodigy Hunter

    This nigga Cole doesn't understand. By keeping a low as hell profile he's not adding to the "mystique" he's deflating his own buzz. FNL boosted his buzz up way high, and now it's half a year later and u mean to tell me this nigga took all this time just to get a single out. No one is talking about him right now, for someone with a communications major he's marketing himself horribly. I'm a major J. Cole fan myself, but this is getting on my nerves now

    • Vincent Byronic Hero Salamatino

      I hear you man, but honestly I called this shit a year ago once Drake's album came out and everybody was looking at J. Cole like he had next. There's just something about him that bothers me like he don't care enough. And we can already tell that once his album does drop it's gonna take 3 more years to get the sophomore album.

  • specific date?

    im a fan of his music i have all this nigga mixtapes but i feel like if/when he drops his album it wont sell well.

  • lyrykal

    this nicca cole bout to recieve more hate than drake got when TML dropped, he panicking and shit with the first single, he need to call drake and be like yo can u drop a hook on this beat cuz im lost and i can't make music all i do is rap to rap.

    • Vincent Byronic Hero Salamatino

      Nah i think the dude meant that me makes lyrical ass songs that don't have any conceptual structure. Like for instance Canibus, and Papoose are undoubted lyrical monster but they can't structure a song the way Drake does to make that shit hot.

    • slik

      "he just raps to rap"..go listen to watered-down ross or lil b..fuck off unintelligent person

    • Anonymous

      What is up with this dumb shit about rapping about rap? thats all u think he does? WOW "Do u listen to music or do u just skim through it"

  • Anonymous

    "i like the mystique" then why the fuck do you have more interviews than SONGS nigga? j cole is a corn ball and a boring rapper. he's not on twitter all day though, that's cool. but he has no mystique. he's a corny kid dropping corny music.

    • Faggot

      He has a fairly large catalog of songs, you fuck. Just because you haven't heard them all doesn't mean they don't exist. Also, I'd rather listen to an artist who can paint a picture with their lyrics and concepts then someone who puts out 5000000 songs just because. You go listen to your Lil B And Lil Wayne,you bitch.



  • Angel Xavier De Peña

    Cole is WHACCCKKKKK Joe Budden >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    • slik

      he's taking it up the ass in his pic..he's fucking gay just like the music he listens to..no offense to gay's or the only decent rapper he might like, joe budden..but he aint shit compared to COLE!

    • G($)

      Joe Budden is fuckin sick, but J. Cole would shit on him. Kinda like how J. Cole is sick, but Jay Electronica, Lupe, and Shad K would slaughter him.


      nah he caught me fucking his girl in his fav chair

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, you look mad sad in your facebook pic...Did some dude break your heart recently? You know Joe Buddens music is known to cause depression as well? We're here for you Angel...Talk to us.

    • Anonymous

      why do you live such a negative life? all you ever do is talk down about someone. go get laid man. jesus

  • yawn

    j cole will fucking flop just like that faggot nigga wale. j cole can't make a hit. he has no personality. he's not that good of rapper. he's not that dope of a producer. jay-z knows the kid doesn't have the star power it takes to move units. so he will keep j cole on ice. he's not polished. he wasn't ready out the gate. if he was ready out the gate, his album woulda dropped after blueprint 3. it's now years later, and he's still waiting. he's not original, he's not interesting. and he's not especially nice on the mic. how many mixtapes he dropped? song after song, but nothing sticks. oversaturated before his debut even dropped. where's the artist development? roc nation is a joke of a label. where's the product? jay gonna drop his next album before j cole or jay electronica, BET THAT.

  • Guest

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oYdMlQQljLw&feature=related Money Over EVerything - Barton Block

  • Isizah

    American Real N.I.G.G.A...YouTube!!

  • Devin Williams

    Lets get it Cole everything out now is waaaaaaaaaack juice

  • jason

    This dude is the modern day Tupac.

    • slik

      100% agreed son...fuck these hating ass bitches..they dont know shit about real music

    • Anonymous

      You niggas always talking about his actions outside the music, because you can't deny the greatness his music posesses.

    • Faggot

      This Angel guy is dick riding Joe Budden so hard right now, and the dude isn't even the best on Slaughterhouse.

    • Anonymous

      /\ you need to work the stand up comedy circuit man....that shit was hilarious. name one time where tupac got punched in the eye on camera and then went on ustream afterwards with an icepack crying about. never compare hoe budden to tupac ever again.

    • Angel Xavier De Peña

      That would be Joe Budden sir

    • Anonymous

      c'mon son.


    here we go with the album done shit well drop it then make a new video we got to do something damn jay help your boy out damn


      what? everybody know that smart guy lets not act like this dude just sign the papers last week for his record deal

    • Anonymous

      You have to drop singles first then promote those singles. First Single drops next week!

  • Untitled

    This is album is gonna be huge.......whenever it drops

  • Anonymous

    THe still on the video looks scary

  • 23

    One thing about Cole is that he's a perfectionist which is not only a strength, but also a weakness.

  • Enlightened

    You really want us to believe the album was done but it's just taking months and months to choose the single...from songs that are already done? Ok, I get it now

  • Bob

    Less interview more music please. Thanks.

  • Anonymous

    acid da savage produced by j cole http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9IFuE-ebcoI

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